Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 14

Touhou Sunou Lust Growth-Arc


Something rare happened.

The intercom rang in the apartment Kokoro was living in.

Rather, because there was an old man with a good memory at the complex’s entrance, any strange religious solicitations and the like would be driven away.

In other words, someone with a legitimate reason had come seeking Kokoro.

“Pretending to be out……should be fine.”

Kokoro was currently not here as she went shopping. I was invited to go together with her, but I refused because it was troublesome.

“I guess getting a look at their faces should be enough……”

In the event that the visitors were Kokoro’s parents, I’m not particularly worried since I’ve already hypnotised them, but I’ll need to report on who came if it was someone else.

Thinking this, I closed the book I was reading, stood up and turned on the camera that was outside the entrance.



I admired the unexpected individual who appeared.

Surprisingly, the one who was there was Sunou.

Nervous, Sunou’s gaze restlessly shifted from left to right, holding her fingers together and watching the door as though wondering why there was no answer.

I couldn’t see the figures of anyone else.

“As usual, it’s that attire, huh. No, it seems to be more lightly dressed than normal.”

[Heh!!? This……demon!]

Turning on the mic switch, I talked to her.

It would appear that Sunou could not hide her surprise at the fact that I was in this apartment.

With a lighter version of her usual Gothic attire, she held a parasol in her right hand and a shopping bag in her left. As I thought, she had gone out by herself.

[You, why are you here!?]

“What’s wrong with me being in a place that I own? Incidentally, Kokoro isn’t here.”

[I know that already! If Kokoro-nee-san was here, then there’s no way you’d come out!]


I agreed with this statement on the surface.

“In any case, I’ll open the door, so come in.”

[No way! Why do I have to enter a house where only demon-san is—-]

“Well, when you return, Kokoro will-”

[All I have to do is come in, right!?]

Sharply turning her face away while folding her arms, Sunou’s cheeks swelled as she waited for me.

Unlocking the door, I welcomed Sunou. As I thought, she was alone.

“……excuse me.”

“Make yourself at home.”

Sunou glared in the face of my reply. Although I didn’t really do anything bad, I guess it can’t be helped.

Since she was familiar with the apartment’s layout, Sunou quickly walked towards the inner rooms. Rather than saying she’s been here before, it’s more accurate to say that she was a regular visitor.

Immediately after entering the living room, Sunou began to look around restlessly.

“You’re like a dog.”

“Hyah!! Please don’t just suddenly talk to me!”

This fellow’s really like a dog that can’t calm down. She’s restless.

Because of this, my mischievous spirit grew, resulting in me snatching the shopping bag that Sunou brought.

“What’s this?”

“Ah!! Please give that back!”

As I spoke while holding it up so as to to keep it away from Sunou, she reached out her arm and bounced around as though she were abiding the cliché.

Opening the bag, I peered into its contents.


With that, everything began to make sense. I made a slightly bitter smile.

“I see, so that’s what you came here for.”

“What are you talking about!?”

“Do you always have Kokoro buy books for you?”

What was in the bag was a book.

It’s likely that she has Kokoro constantly buying books for her. Because of her truancy, she probably doesn’t go out and do much shopping.

It is in this way that she and Kokoro had an almost sisterly relationship, and it was because of this that she asked me to perform counselling.

“Eh, Esper!?”

“Aren’t you the Esper? Rather, I remember Kokoro buying it because it didn’t suit her. So she bought it to give it to Sunou, huh.”

And then, this month I showed up. Because of this, it’s likely that Sunou wasn’t able to have Kokoro buy some for her as she had done every month.

“It’s fine to try hard and go shopping alone, but if you were to buy something by mistake-”

“Like I said, how do you know all of this!?”

“Sunou, the one you wanted was the [Monthly Series: I will become Messiah], right?”


“But the one you bought was [Monthly Series: I will become Mesiah], huh.”

“I-In terms of interpretation, Mesiah is also right!”

“If it’s the Plum Special Edition, then Mesiah doesn’t have it.”

She probably couldn’t ask the clerk so she bought something which seemed like it. And then, after noticing this, Sunou was not skilled enough in everyday matters to refund it.


Due to her vexation, Sunou’s eyes grew downcast as she trembled.

It’s likely that she felt disgraced by the fact that she was seen through by me, who she hated more than anything.

“I’m pretty sure, after Kokoro bought it, she put it somewhere……”


“I’ll find it for you so just wait a bit.”

“It’s……not a lie! Even though you’re a demon, it’s only at this sort of time that you-”

Sometimes it’s fine to be nice to her.

I was appropriately fishing around the room when I came upon a realisation.

“Right, it was Kokoro’s room.”

Heading towards Kokoro’s room, I opened the door.

For some reason, Sunou followed. Only half of her face peered from the door.

“Ah, demon! Don’t just enter Kokoro-nee-san’s room without permission!”

“There’s not really anything wrong with it. Besides, Kokoro usually doesn’t get angry.”

Unhesitatingly entering into the interior of Kokoro’s room, I began to search.

Even though I’ve ransacked Kokoro’s room, she’s a pervert who would rejoice the moment she knew it was I who did it. I have no idea what one needs to do to make her upset.

“Here, I found it.”

“Eh, really?”

Even though it was Kokoro’s room, there are many things here that awfully don’t suit her.

For example, this game board is likely-

“……Sunou. [The Rule is Easy].”

Without warning, I recited the keyword towards the approaching Sunou.

Although it was on a whim, it seems like I can kill time with this.

“Sunou, if you were going to play one of these games with me, which would you choose?”

“……this, one.”

The empty-eyed Sunou’s finger pointed out a single game.

Since she’s gonna go home as though escaping anyway, I may as well have her divert some of my boredom beforehand.

Releasing the hypnosis, I immediately offered to play a game.

In response to these words, Sunou confronted me with a bitter face.

“Kuh, why at this sort of time-?”

“It’s not like it’s fine to do it at just any time, right? Or is it that? Are you fine with stalling and keeping things as they are now?”

Looking from Sunou’s point of view, she should be thinking that the longer she takes, the deeper the wounds that will remain on Kokoro’s spirit.

Besides, she also understands that I’ll become even more familiar with games as time goes by.

“No, I’ll do it.”

“Ok, then which game should we play? Choose a game from the ones in this room.”


Stroking her chin, Sunou began to examine the games. The number of board games in Kokoro’s room were not large.

In the end, she reached the same answer as the one she gave while hypnotised.

“……this one.”

“Devil Lake, huh.”

Devil Lake.

From amongst the abundant number of demons sealed in the bottom of the lake, only one has been given the opportunity to revive. It is a competitive game that determines who is the single one that can cross the door into the human world.

Even though it’s a competition, they’re only trying to best each other, so there’s barely any fighting. The board face that we’d be advancing on had a Sugoroku format. Although there’s a need to train and level up in order to advance, there’s basically no fighting.

The choice was probably influenced by her bitter experience in the previous Necrocraft. Because she can’t be defeated, she feels that there won’t be any penalty games during the midst of the game, huh.

“For the time being, I’ll add some special rules again, but the game progression won’t change.”

While pretending to read the rule book, I inadvertently met Sunou’s eyes.

Although I can’t read her heart, I more or less understood what she wanted to say. That’s right, let’s give her a little bit of hope.

“Also, I’ll promise you this. I won’t cheat in this game at all.”

“……then it’ll be my victory.”

Sunou can see through lies. Hearing that I wouldn’t cheat, she felt triumphant.

If anything, her suffering from last time was due to the special rules.

“Well, if you win, I’ll grant one of your requests. Conversely, if I win, you understand what will happen, right?””

“Yeah, since I won’t lose.”

As though saying that she didn’t feel like she would lose in the slightest, she scoffed through her nose with a *humph*.

Really, she will only be acting like this at the start.

As the two of us proceeded with the preparations for the game, we finished opening the board.

“Now then, I will go first. Demon, hear me! Crawl out from the depths of this dusky lake!”

Sunou rolled the dice whilst screaming. Her piece frightfully advanced across the detour path.

“Ah, I see. Even if you take the shorter route, one can’t pass if their level is insufficient.”

“How’s this, Demon-san? I don’t mind if only Demon-san’s level is raised as a handicap.”

“No need. It’s not necessary.”

Since it’s not a fight, the turns switched without any abnormalities.

And then Sunou gathered the necessary points to achieve a level up.

“My tuurn! Demon, change the spirits in this land into power! Level up!”

Sunou declared a level up with a proud pose.

When you level up In Devil Lake, no only can you pass through more paths, but you also get an upgrade to the ability shown on the face of the rolled dice.

“I choose Progression Speed Plus, and……eh, what is this!?”

Upon seeing the level up item, Sunou got surprised. Even though this was a game she always played.

“Lust Plus 1—hey, what the……!!?”

The instant Sunou said this, her body jumped as she bended forward.

This is the special rule. At the time of level ups, her lust would increase. I’ve set it so that both her body and heart would transform into a bitch.

It’s likely that Sunou was perplexed by her sudden, slight fever.

“Y-You coward……!”

“It’s not really that cowardly, you just need to endure it. Unlike before, there’s nothing compelling you to do anything. Relax, it’ll be lifted after the game ends.”

“L-Let’s continue the game, hurry up!”

Just from a single point, Sunou’s cheeks were dyed red and her legs buckled inwards.

“Oh, I also levelled up. Rolling the dice, I get Lust Plus 1.”

Of course, this is all just talk.

Whether or not she understood this, Sunou reproachfully fixated her slightly feverish gaze upon me.

The game continued.

Although she endured it in the beginning, her breath had already grown disordered at level 1.

And when it became 2-

“Aah!! Aah……d-dice ro……ll.”

She even began to pant heavily. As though to show it off to me, she placed the dice in her mouth and rolled it.

Since this was my first time playing this game, I couldn’t quite catch up to Sunou’s pace. I’m lagging behind.

“When this finishes……when it finishes……!”

To Sunou, it’s likely that her last hope lies with the game’s end. I guess her trying to win even in this situation is her gamer’s spirit.

“You levelled up, huh Sunou.”

“I-I roll the dice, and……haa……lus-t-plus 1!! Aah, fuaaah!!”

Sunou began to slouch forward and, despite being in the midst of a game, started to masturbate. She wildly thrust her hand inside her skirt and began to fiddle around with her pussy.

Seeing this appearance, I began to snicker. Although it might already be fine to start assaulting her, but I have to play the game, so-

“After this—is just the goal–aaah, why can’t I cum!?”

I’ve made it so that Sunou would not be able to come through self-consolation. The appearance of her shaking her body without shame was quite comical.

After raising her level, all that’s left is to reach the goal. However, she didn’t even try to reach for the dice. She’s too busy trying to relieve herself.

“Here, the dice.”

“……aah, demon-san, I already can’t stand it anymore……n-no, the g-game!”

Since Sunou couldn’t move both of her hands, I placed the dice into her mouth.

As though she had planned this in advance, Sunou sucked on my fingers while taking the dice from me. She was trying to seduce me.

“Nngh, *smack*.”

“Go on, do your best.”

Sunou rolled the dice as though it had simply spilled out from her mouth.

“That’s the goal, huh.”

Without any sort of particularly big climax, Sunou won this game.

As expected, in terms of games, this one is mercilessly strong. Despite being horny, she can do what she needs to.

“W-With this—-”

“Then, as a last bonus, Lust Plus 5.”

“Lust Plus……5!!? Ah, kah……”

With a *tremble*, Sunou’s body rolled up and stiffened. It’s likely that she has yet to climax.

“Now then, this time was your win, huh. You really got me.”


“Well, let’s decide the punishment game: would that be Kokoro’s release? Or rather one of my secrets as a devil? In that case, I’ll only tell you one piece of information, but-”


“Ah, I forgot to say this, but the game continues until the punishment game is over.”

I opened my hands and shrugged my shoulders. I showed an atmosphere somewhat like resignation.


“Now then, what will you make me do?”

“W-we shall attend to each other……the vitality sleeping within your body—all of it is mine!”

As though she had burst, Sunou jumped into my chest.

When thinking about her image of “Lust”, then it has to be that.

“I am Succubus Sunou. Ravishing a vulgar demon such as you brings me no trouble.”

“Haha, I can’t win against that.”

Sprawling myself onto my back, I looked at the hunched-over Sunou. With seductive hand movements, she removed my clothes.

Come to think of it, this is Kokoro’s room, huh. Well, whatever.

“Haah……aah……your heart’s magical power is absolutely scrumptious.”

Sunou has completely become a Pseudo-Succubus. While running her tongue all over my body’s torso, she looked at me with her upturned eyes as if she were trying to observe my expression.

And then, as though teasing me, Sunous tongue gradually headed towards my lower body.

She removed both my pants’ zipper and even my trunks with just her mouth. She’s really skilled with her mouth, huh?

With a looming shake, my towering penis jumped out.

Although Sunou looked at my penis with round eyes of amazement, she immediately smiled before beginning to lick around it.

“Oh dear, what an impatient penis……that’s fine, just surrender all of yourself to me. I don’t care even if you die, after all.”

While her tongue crawled against my skin, Sunou watched me as though she were looking down at me.

And after smiling, she stood up and placed her hand inside her skirt.

As if trying to display it too me, Sunou gradually lowered her underwear. The underwear that appeared from within her skirt was already drenched.

“Now, this is your end, so firmly burn this, scene-……in your eeeeyyyess!!”

Sunou straddled my body, kneeling on top of me. Then she slowly lifted up her skirt and displayed her soaking wet pussy.

Gradually lowering her waist, she placed her vagina against my penis.

Since Sunou’s first sexual experience that happened not so long ago was quite cruel, I’ll help out by correcting my position so that it would enter smoothly.

“It’s here, it’s coming in……haaaaahn!!”

Having sex in the cowgirl position was better than expected.

Placing her hands against the floor, Sunou’s waist lowered even further. Whilst making a wet, *sloshing* sound, my penis entered inside Sunou’s pussy.

“Haa……aah, I’ll suck up the entirety of your dick for……you……haah……so-”

With extreme clumsiness, Sunou pushed upwards and bent herself over, thrusting her pelvis. Speaking in a lewd manner, whilst her performance was inept, ended up producing an arousing gap.

This is the part where I should just watch over Sunou’s effort, isn’t it?

“Come on, you’ve already hit your limit……aahh!! I have as well!! Aahh!!”

It seems that Sunou came several times whilst playing around with me. After masturbating that much and receiving the slight stimulation introduced from over here, it’s obvious that this would happen.

While supporting her waist with both hands so that her posture would not collapse, I also began to move so that we could reach the last spurt.

“Come on……you can’t bear it any longaaaaaah……such an impatient child……haaaaaaahhh!!”

“Yeah, I’m already at my limit.”

“Then let it out-aaahh!! Cum inside me nnnggh!!”

While watching Sunou who was playing around like a Succubus, I pierced into her from underneath as though to destroy her.

“Come ooon, more, mooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhnn!!”

Without suppressing my penis which headed towards its limits, I felt a splash that seemed as though it could reach the ceiling while ejaculating.

“Ah……haaaaahh……so, good.”

Collapsing onto my body, Sunou traced her index finger along my naked body. It tickles.

While our bodies were connected, languid fatigue deprived us of our energy.

“I have come back home, Master.”

It was at this point when Kokoro suddenly came back. It’s likely that she has finished shopping.

I’ll have to ask her to perform the clean up.

“Master–? Master–?”

The fact that she first began to search for me the moment she returned home was somewhat loveable. I’m in your room, you know.

Glancing at her room, Kokoro finally found the place where I was. Since Sunou was also together with me, she was slightly surprised as her eyes became round.


“Oh, Kokoro-nee-san, you’ve come home quite late……”

Right there, she bumped into Sunou whose Succubus Mode had yet to be removed.

Covering my body, Sunou hugged me as though to show off to Kokoro.

“I’m sorry, but your Master is still busy–he doesn’t have time to act as Kokoro-nee-san’s partner. Can nuisances please leave~?”

“So you’ve come to visit, Sunou-chan. Welcome.”

As though she wasn’t particularly surprised, Kokoro smiled before approaching us.

“Please take your time.”

Just like this, Kokoro stroked Sunou’s head, her eyes meeting mine before she stood up.

“Master, I will place the stuff that I have bought in the refrigerator. I also have to prepare for dinner.”


Without any particular discord, Kokoro left the room.

On the surface, anyway.


A pitiful *trickling* sound echoed. Sunou began to leak her piss.

Sunou’s mouth twitched, breaking out into a cold sweat due to fear.

I get it.

Although Kokoro was smiling earlier-

-her eyes weren’t smiling.

Unconsciously, my survival instincts activated as my penis grew erect.

Well, let’s ravish her one more time.

Caring not about Sunou who was still frozen in fear, I resumed my pistoning.


After the punishment game ended, Sunou regained her sanity.

Afterwards, she sat in the corner of the living room for a long time, shocked as she hugged her curled legs.

“Sunou-chan……I wonder what’s the matter with her?”

“Who knows?”

“Today is Sunou-chan’s favourite Meet Sauce Spaghetti, so shall we eat together? I’ve properly received the permission from uncle and the others back at home, so-”

Since Sunou has remained in that state even after the dinner’s preparation was complete, it was decided that she would be staying over tonight.

Well, since Kokoro, whom she had trusted that much, had suddenly become a subject of terror, the shock was likely quite big.

Incidentally, the fact that she had lost to the temptation and had sex was also probably shocking to her.

“Leave me alone.”

“Sunou-chan has yet to change clothes after having done that with Master. If you don’t clean yourself-”

Kokoro’s holding it together pretty well, huh.

She approached Sunou with a gentle smile. Yup, she’s no longer scary anymore. Kokoro’s probably forgiven her.

On the verge of tears, Sunou’s eyes met Kokoro’s gaze.

“……are you still mad?”

“There was nothing for me to get mad at Sunou-chan about in the first place.”


Sunou’s eyes filled with tears.

Yup, she’s angry.

“Kokoro, using my hands is annoying. Feed me.”

“Y-Yes! With pleasure!”

Kokoro vigorously looked backwards and drew closer to me with a quick pace.

For the time being, let’s improve her mood with a little bit of skin ship. It is here where the suggestion of feeling happiness when in contact with me becomes quite useful.

“Oi, Sunou. No matter how long you keep doing that, Kokoro probably won’t forgive you. Properly think about what you should do to get her to forgive you.”

“……even though you’re just a demon.”

Her rebellious spirit towards me has allowed Sunou to slightly rise back up.

Slowly walking to her seat, Sunou looked at her portion of spaghetti. Well, things should be alright with this.

“Oi, Kokoro. I told you to feed me, but you don’t have to go so far as doing mouth-to-mouth.”

“Mathaah, aahn. Aahn.”


“Demon bastard. You should be engulfed by the flames of twilight and fall into hell.”

Somehow or another, Sunou seems to be fine.

Anyway, let’s give today a passing mark. There were some places where I was careless.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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