Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 27

Seibu Rein Love-Juice Ointment-Arc

After listening to Rein’s next proposal, I thought of my own special method.

“[Defeat is Yours]”

I recited the hypnosis’ keywords, causing Rein to fall into a hypnotic trance.

Lying Rein, whose consciousness was hazy, on top of a long table, I placed my hand inside of her skirt and removed her panties.

First, although what she needed was semen, ejaculating the same way is boring.

“Having her in this doll-like state is sexy. However, what should I do with her?”

Although the method Rein spoke of wasn’t bad, it was dull just by itself.

There must be an interesting method.

“I’m pretty sure that we had a few condoms.”

After putting on the condom, I opened Rein’s crotch and inserted my finger inside of her vagina. It didn’t seem like it had gotten loose.

“You’re fine, right?”


Inserting my penis like this, I began to use Rein hard like a sex sleeve.

Perhaps still able to properly react even while unconscious, Rein’s cheeks began to burn bright red.

“Since I won’t be going deep inside of her vagina, it’s likely that it would be impossible to relieve her, though.”

While shaking my hips, I took out my phone and dialed a number.

Being handled violently, Rein trembled like a broken doll. Her powerless arms dangled as they protruded out from the sides of the desk.

As the sound of the phone dialing barely sounded, the person on the other end picked up.

“Kokoro, huh. I’ll be alright without lunch today. I’ll be late. No, it’s nothing, so-”

While I was on the phone, I began to ejaculate. Since I wasn’t holding back, it happened quite quickly. With a *twitch*, I could tell that the semen inside the condom was accumulating.

“That’s why, yeah. I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Ah, ah!”

Trying to suppress her body which began to burn up, Rein’s breath grew rough.

After putting on another condom, I inserted inside of her in a business-like manner.

“Now then, next is this number…………”

My expectations swelled towards the lively events that would occur from here after in this originally quiet classroom.

After finishing my second ejaculation, I implanted several suggestions onto Rein.

After dropping by the counselling room once, the preparations were completed.

“Do you understand, Rein? Up until now, I’ve been in the toilet. That’s why you will continue to wait here and pass the time a little.”

“Yes……I will, pass the time……”

After placing a suggestion that would appropriately remove any sense of discomfort, I made her regain her consciousness.

“10, now!”

“……ah, you came back.”

Regaining her sanity, Rein immediately spotted me. Her ability to respond after waking up is also good.

Sitting on a chair, I stifled my smile as I broke the ice and approached the topic.

“So, you have the next method, right?”

“……yup. For the time being, I want to try out various things, so-”

The reason why I asked once again about the facts from the start was because I recited the keywords during the middle of our conversation, and so this was something I did in order to lower her sense of incongruency.

Additionally, I personally wanted to hear this proposal once more from her mouth.

“What are we going to do?”

“Um, your semen is ready, right?”


“Then paint it on me.”

“Paint, you say? Where?”

“My pussy.”

Since Rein spoke this without any sense of shame, it could be said that she had a lot of nerve. However, I only found out about this recently.

On the inside, she was quite nervous. She’s only good at masking her facial expressions, but she’s actually agitated.

When she was in this state, her actions would become rushed, perhaps due to her panic.

Even right now, her eyes grew round due to the fact the she, herself, had uttered the word pussy before awkwardly turned away.

Since I was afraid of overly making fun of her, I confined myself to just smiling.

“I got it, it’s fine if I paint you with it, right?”


“Then spread your legs.”

When Rein became like this, she listened to me quite obediently. Rolling up her skirt while still seated, she showed me her damp panties.

I got on my knees, placing my fingers under Rein’s skirt and removed her panties.

While looking at Rein in her conscious state, I gradually removed them. Although she looks expressionless, she was ill-tempered.

“Not deep inside.”

“I know.”

After having her panties removed, Rein spread open both her legs.

I used both fingers to first push against her pubic mound and spread open her vagina.


Rein placed her hand against her mouth, muffled her voice and simply waited. She was desperately trying to suppress her body that was horny due to the suggestions.

The concept of being painted with semen was an idea that was very much like Rein.

Certainly, as long as the semen doesn’t reach the uterus, then her fears of getting pregnant would disappear. Since her libido would be relieved as long as semen is ingested inside of the body, the idea is theoretically sound.

“Hey, too strong.”

“Bear with it.”

Placing my fingers inside of the used condom, I scooped out some semen and inserted my finger into Rein’s vagina.

Although her vagina’s undulating interior massaged the tip of my finger, I forcefully pressed it down and painted it with semen.


When I suddenly looked upwards, I could see Rein, who was closing her eyes while looking as though she was feeling good.

Rein’s face flushed, as the strength in her shoulders relaxed to an extent like never before. It’s likely that there was an effect.

Rein’s thin, smooth legs were restlessly rubbing against my elbows. It was a ticklish sensation that felt as though my entire body was being rubbed against.



Upon pulling out my finger, it stretched out a thread of love juice from Rein’s vagina. There was not even a single drop of the scooped up semen on my finger.

Just from having my finger pulled out, Rein made a longing expression as she looked at me.

It still wasn’t enough.

Even though she was quite sexy, I still felt that it wasn’t enough.

It should be soon.


Rein raised her voice without thinking.

It’s likely that it was a development unexpected up until now.


Reflected in Rein’s eyes that had forgot to blink was the door.

From there, the sound of knocking could be heard.

“Excuse me~. Is anyone here~?”


With a *crash*, I made a noise.

“Ah, you’re in there, right? Open uppie!”

“Wait a sec!”

Rein was in a panic. But of course she was.

Her eyes were good. That’s why she should have noticed that the door wasn’t locked.

I unlocked the door beforehand.

And I’ve also placed a suggestion on the girl who was on the other side of the door to open the door if it’s unlocked.

I set us up in this position so that we could hide the instant that it opened. However, it seems that there was no point in doing so.

“What should we do?”

Rein’s expression warped to an extent that had never happened before. But of course. To her, being seen in this state was extremely bad.

“I’ll hide you.”

“Eh, wait a-!”

“You still there?”

“Wait a bit longer!”

I spread out the prepared sheet so that it would act as a blanket that covered Rein’s knees.

And then I showed her that I hid my figure. Although its hot in this season, I’ll endure it.

“Let’s go with this. As long as I’m not found, then it should be ok.”

“……I got it. We’ve no other choice but to do this, right?”

Rein nodded, as though having resolved herself. She’s really panicking, huh.

Even though we wouldn’t be noticed if I just stood up and acted as normal since her skirt was still on.

“Um, is something the matter?”

“Well, since there are students doing club activities during this time, it seems that it’s necessary for them to have a official application form so I’m patrolling around to help out with it.”

“I-I see.”

“Then, once again, I’m comin’ in! Ah, it’s Rei-Rei!”

After flinging the sliding door open, Mai’s figure appeared from within.

I expressly called Mai, who had already headed home, back here. Although I can’t place any suggestions on her over the phone, I was able to at least give her the order to go to the counselling room.

And then, after I finished implanting suggestions in the counselling room, I had her stand by outside of this room.

“Heeh~ So you’re in a club, huh.”

“No, I’m not. I’m just borrowing this room for a bit.”

Rein behaved just like usual. It’s likely that her inner thoughts weren’t that calm, though.

“Huh, a lap blanket? Are you cold?”

“Just a little.”

Rein’s hand, that was pressing down on the lap blanket was trembling. Well, that was but a matter of course.

However, due to the suggestions, it was impossible for Mai to notice me.

That’s why I felt like doing something mean.


“Hm? Say, Rei-Rei. How come you’re using a club room even though you’re not in a club?”

“T-That’s not what I meant–!! Besides, I’m fine since I’ve already gotten permission-”

Rein desperately tried to close her legs, but it was pointless.

While inside the lap blanket, I resumed the task of painting Rein with semen.

The outcome was greater than I expected. The inside of Rein’s vagina moved even quicker than before as it began to undulate in order to wring out the semen.

Although her quivering thighs pushed me down as though to attack me, the soft sensation contrarily pleased me.


“That’s why, go ho-”

“Say, I’ve got a little something on my mind.”


“Rei-Rei, are you on good terms with Book?”


In an instant, I broke out into a cold sweat. I ended up inserting my semen-coated finger all the way inside.

It’s likely that Rein was in a similar position. However, unlike me, her body grew exceptionally rigid, and she even squirted. It seems that the mental stimulation caused her to leap towards her climax.

However, what’s the meaning of this? The suggestion should be working correctly.

“W-Why did his name suddenly-?”

“Hmm~ Well, I dunno. Recently, you look like you’ve become friendly with Book, or rather Rei-Rei isn’t really alone with people much, right? Besides, since he’s a guy, I was a little interested.”

“There’s nothing special between us.”


Mai was unusually fired up, huh.

Perhaps, since I placed a suggestion that would make her not recognise me, it conversely caused her to be conscious of me? Upon thinking whether there was a defect in the hypnosis, nothing else but that comes to mind.

As I thought, there’s a need for improvement, huh.

For the time being, since it’s not like I was noticed, I resumed my task.

“!! Really!”

“Hm~m. Well, whatever.”

When I peeked through the lap blanket, I spotted Mai, disappointedly shaking her body.

It seems that she wasn’t fully convinced, huh. Her hair, softly swaying in accordance to her movements, represented her restlessness.

“Then, I’m gonna head home.”

“I-I see.”

“Say, Rei-Rei.”

Remarking that she would head home, Mai called out without a moment’s delay when Rein let down her guard.

In a certain sense, Mai was quite a powerful person with regards to interpersonal relations. If she were to gain negotiation skills, it seems as though she would turn into something unbelievable.

“Are you on Line? The one where you can chat.”

“Sort of. I’ve just installed it, though.”

“Well then, let’s register each other!”

Exploiting the chinks in Rein’s armour, Mai guided her with her talkative tongue. It’s likely that, after having come this far, Rein was unable to say no.

“I don’t use it much.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You only need to register it, anyway~ Do you know how to register?”

“Erm, I haven’t done it with anyone besides my family.”

“Then I’ll register it for you, kay? Lend me your phone-”

Mai reached out her hand.

While quite reluctant, Rein handed Mai her cell phone and let her operate it. It’s likely that she thought it would be bad if she clumsily refused and I ended up being seen.

If it was me, then I wouldn’t want her to do that. There is no telling what she would look through on her own.


Although I peeked at Mai’s face so that I wouldn’t be discovered, she’s focusing her eyes on that cell phone quite seriously, huh? Although she handled it quickly, I had no idea what she was doing.

I continued to use my finger to fiddle with the interior of Rein’s vagina, but I could tell that her vagina tightened with a squeak.

“Ok, I’ve registered you.”

“……I see.”

“Sorry I doubted you.”

This time, Mai placed her hand against the door and left the room.

“Later~ Scusie!”

After waving her hand to Rein, Mai closed the door and left. If she was acting according to the suggestions, then she should have thought that it was a trivial matter and would go home.

Now then, I-

“You really are-”

When I tried to stand up, my head got caught by Rein.

Even though she was under the suggestion not to cause harm to me, it still allows a certain amount of pain when we’re not having sex.

It hurts.

“It hurts.”

“You didn’t lock the door after you went to the toilet, did you? Although we’re really lucky that we weren’t found out, or rather, wouldn’t you normally stop?”


While continuing to hold me with one hand, Rein firmly locked the door this time.

I see. She ended up interpreting it as me forgetting to lock the door after I went to the toilet, huh.

“But I’ve finished painting it all.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It might have gotten a lot better.”



When I thought that Rein would release me from her hand, she suddenly pushed me on top of the desk.

After I got on top of the desk with my back laid flat, Rein straddled on top of me. Both of my wrists were held down by both of Rein’s hands that wouldn’t let go.

We in the same posture just like when I had raped Rein in her unconscious state earlier, just that our positions were reversed.

“What’s wrong? As expected, is it still not enough?”

“That too.”


“I won’t tell you the rest.”

Not telling, huh. Isn’t it just revenge for what I did in front of Mai earlier?

Being glared at by Rein, I was unable to move, almost as though my limbs were bound.

Taking this as a good thing, my pants were removed and my penis was exposed.

“You like being on top, huh.”

“Since I can use my own strength to go deep inside.”

Removing her skirt for some reason, Rein deliberately displayed her vagina. Grasping my penis with her hand, she applied it against our point of union.


Rein closed her eyes and suppressed her voice.

My penis entered inside her vagina, as though to pry it open. While making a moist sound, I could see myself gradually entering inside.

“This, perhaps did you do it like this so that I could see it?”

“What’s with that……!!”

I don’t know why, but it was certainly arousing to see the place where we were connected.

I was able to clearly ascertain a person’s reproductive parts in the cow girl position. Just from my penis going in and out, I could feel the reality of a foreign substance entering inside of a woman.


Rein’s entire body trembled as she exerted all her might in moving up and down. Rein’s hands, that were holding down my wrists, became even stronger.

I extended the hand that wasn’t being restrained and grabbed her chest from over her clothes.


“I’m pretty sure it was like this, right?”

Clumsily removing the buttons with one hand, I exposed her chest. Fortunately the hook was at the front, so I was also able to remove her bra.

If Rein moves in this state, then her chest would also gently sway accordingly.

So that it wouldn’t spill over, I strongly grasped that chest.

“Kyah, don’t grab them, haah!”

“Then please release your hand over here.”

“No……it’s a habit, so-”

If I remember right, Rein has a habit of grabbing stuff, huh. It seems that it would be fine even if it wasn’t my wrists, though.

Whatever the case, if she’s not letting go, all that means is that I’ll also keep holding on.

“Hyah, ngh!”

While having one of her breasts being groped, Rein did not stop her movements, nor her panting.

The breast that I wasn’t pressing against swayed, and love juice began to overflow from the point where my penis and her vagina were joined.

While receiving a damp sensation from my lower body, I also felt the insides of her vagina undulating as though to squeeze me dry.

Placing my hands on my lower body, I used my hand that was soaked with love juice to, once again, grab her chest.

And then, as though I were painting it, I massaged them.

“Aaah!! Hyaah!!”

My penis also firmly assaulted the places where Rein’s reaction seemed strong.

With her mouth constantly gaping wide open, Rein’s eyes grew teary as she started to become intoxicated by the pleasure.

Due to the suggestions, the pleasure that she obtained was higher than others. It’s likely that she no longer knows how many times she’s climaxed.

“Aaaaaaahh!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”

Rein’s pleasure was steadily becoming greater. Apparently, she was also unable to care about the drool that was spilling from her mouth. As long as I didn’t ejaculate inside of her vagina, there’s no way that she will feel relieved.

I was impressed that she could remain sane despite the fact that her thoughts were being greatly influenced by her body.

I tightly dug my fingers into her chest, to the extent that it was crushed under my grip, while I raised my hips and stabbed my penis so that it wouldn’t be separated from her depths.

And then, as though pouring all the strength of my body into it, I began to ejaculate. My semen surged, as if to directly spray itself into Rein’s womb.

“Ah……aagh, aaah……”

After Rein’s eyes opened wide at once as she accepted the ejaculation, she collapsed onto me due to the feelings of relief she obtained after being released from her lust.


And then, near my ears, Rein voiced her words of gratitude.

“Can I ask to do it one more time?”


Still collapsed on top of me, Rein didn’t move for a while.

I don’t know how much time had passed.

After a long silence had passed, we slowly stood up.


Without uttering a word, Rein picked up her fallen skirt and panties and put them back on.

While I also put on my thrown-away trousers, I noticed that the part where we were glued together was damp. It was the part where my Y-shirt was just touching against Rein’s chest.

It seems that there’s a need for me to go to the counselling room once more, huh.

“There’s even a mark on my hand……huh?”

Although I tried to take out my phone from my pocket, I noticed that my phone wasn’t there.

It was then that I understood that what I was searching for was in Rein’s hands.

“Rein, that’s my-”

“I know. So you haven’t installed it, either.”

For some reason, Rein began to mess around with my phone.

“That’s my cell, though.”

“We call them smart phones, now.”

“No, I know that.”

Rein spoke forcibly. She continued to fiddle with my phone.

Upon peeking from the side, it seems that she was apparently launching an app. Line?

Continuing to perform some troublesome operations for some reason, Rein returned my cell back to me after she operated it whilst glaring at her own.


“What did you do?”

“I’ve installed Line.”


Upon operating my phone, I found that there really was a new app installed onto it.

I received the incomprehensible message, “Hello”, from Rein.

Seemingly in a good mood, Rein showed me the message that she sent from her own phone.

“Since I was a little frustrated.”

Although it was only a little bit, Rein smiled. Although it was a smile that showed prudence, it was quite rare.

I wonder what she was frustrated about?

Was it that? She was frustrated because Mai found out that she doesn’t have any friends besides her family, or something? Even though she’s not that type of person.

She’s prideful in the weirdest of places, huh?

“I’ll send you a message through Line, so send me something back.”

“I don’t think that I’ll really use it much, though.”

“Is that a no?”

Rein cunningly cocked her head. What’s with this girl?

I wonder if her tension’s become strange due to having been weirdly given too much pleasure? Thinking about the after effects of the hypnosis, I’m a little worried.


“……well, fine.”

Even if it’s strange, I should listen to her requests for the time being. Her mood is good, so it’s not good to strangely agitate her.

However, as I’m not used to these things, I began to seriously worry about how to respond to her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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