Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 31

Touhou Sunou Regulation Uniform-Arc

I took a step inside of the middle school department, which I’ve never walked inside of before as I was part of the transferred-in group.

Being able to almost freely move inside of the school with my hypnotic ability was also a benefit of the Hypnotic Test.


“Now then, when I count to 10, you will wake up.”

“I will……wake up……yes.”

Brining Sunou, who was in a hypnotic trance, I arrived here.

While staggering with empty eyes, Sunou followed after me. She was unusually not wearing her gothic lolita attire, but a uniform. Since we’re in a school, that’s only natural.

However, since it had a base theme of black, there wasn’t really much change.

“10! Ok!”

“……? Eh, eeh!? Demon, eh!? Eh?!”

The instant Sunou woke up, her eyes were blinking in surprise and became confused.

The amount of incoming information was probably too much for her. Upon going to school after a long period of absence, she ended up walking in its corridors before she even noticed it. I was before her very eyes.

And all of the students who were currently walking in the hallways, without exception, were completely naked.

“Eh, eeh!!?”

For example, the middle school student who passed by our sides didn’t particularly care even though I was in front of their eyes. They were having a friendly chat with a similarly naked female friend while smiling like usual.

Even when they caught sight of me, they did not appear particularly concerned about this, or rather they favourably bowed towards me. When they slouched forward while completely naked, I can clearly tell the shape of their small chests, huh.

Rather than this, what she was concerned about was—

“Why are there only girls!?”

“All of the boys are in the gym.”

While her eyes were tearing up, Sunou asked me a question. I’m quite sadistic.

I set aside the men in the gymnasium. Although they won’t particularly be a hindrance since everyone is under the suggestion that being completely naked at school is normal, I was emotionally disgusted by them so I segregated them.

In the gymnasium, they were practicing a simply crafted martial arts. This was done to further deepen the suggestions under the pretense of raising their skills as vanguard fighters. Despite being crammers, all of the academy’s males possessed healthy flesh so they will probably become strong in a fight.

“Ah, Demon! You did this, didn’t you!?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“To think that you would lay your hands on everyone at school, even if you were to burn for a thousand years in the fires of hell…”

Sunou felt that she had become considerably talkative when she was conversing with me. Up until halfway, she was dancing nicely in the palm of my hands.

However, this time probably won’t go so well. There are school students in the surroundings.

Also, everyone without exception were looking at Sunou with strange eyes.


“Why are they looking at you—don’t you get it? Today, being naked at school is normal. You, who are wearing a uniform, is the one who’s strange.”

“T-That’s just the demon’s……”

“But right now, that’s common sense. Are you able to overturn that?”

Sunou swallowed the words that she was about to shout with a gulp. She was probably afraid of the strange eyes from the surroundings, as well as knowing that she couldn’t do anything about them.

“Oh yeah, if you move according to the school rules, then I don’t mind releasing everyone.”


“So you can’t, huh……hey, you there.”

“Hm? Ye~s?”

I stopped the girl who had passed by us. She was a girl who had an adorable pony tail.

The girl approached without holding any doubts towards my voice. Upon looking at her naked body, she had yet to develop pubic hair so her genitals were in plain view.

“Say, can you become a toilet for a moment?”

“Sure thing. Which one is it going to be?”


“Let’s see, then let’s go with the mouth.”

“O~k, ah~”

“W-Wait, what are you-?”

Ignoring Sunou’s words, I began to take off my trousers and trunks.

The surroundings were not concerned at all. That’s because it didn’t matter whether I wore clothes or I was naked.

Just like that, I crammed my penis inside of the passing girl’s mouth.


“The mouth’s a little small, huh. But make sure you drink it properly.”

“Feh, ih, iiiggh, nnbgghh!!”

Just like that, I carelessly soiled myself inside of the girl’s mouth.

Although semen would be fine, if I don’t hold back to a certain extent, then there would be no meaning to having Sunou here.

Although Sunou’s hands were trembling in the face of this situation, she wasn’t able to do anything.

“Nnkh, nngh……puhaah!! Mister, you let out too much. I thought that it wouldn’t all fit inside.”

“Haha, sorry. But I wanted to let out a bit more. Cause a certain someone wouldn’t listen to me, you see.”

“Yes? For the time being, you’re going to release more out, right?”

“Yeah, this time the vagina……though you might not get it if I say that, huh. I want to put my semen inside of your pussy.”


It was then that Sunou finally raised a voice of restraint.

Sunou brought her trembling hands forward, trying to aid a classmate she had never seen nor met before.

An expression of doubt surfaced on the girl’s face towards Sunou’s uniform as she looked between her and myself.


“Ah, yeah, that’s right, sorry. Since she’s already asked me, I think you’re done here.”

“Is, that so? Then, I’ll excuse myself.”

Leaving behind this remark, the girl went inside the classroom.

While showing a vulgar grin, I approached Sunou.

“It seems that you’ve finally realised your own position, huh?”

“I understand. The one who summoned you is me. I just have to do it, right?”

“Aah, I really should call that girl back—-”

“Please let me do it! I’ll listen to what you say, ok!!”

Sunou has a strong sense of responsibility, huh. She screamed, as though to say that, if she’s going to do it, then she might as well go through with it until the end.

As expected, however, her hesitation is strong.


While her whole body fidgeted restlessly, Sunou looked at the surroundings countless times.

Although she was always naked in front of me, she’s probably embarrassed to be naked in a public space. And right now, she was still drawing attention due to the absurdity of her being the only one wearing a uniform.

Without rushing, I carefully looked at her red face and whole body that was wearing those clothes. From here on, it will become nude.

Perhaps because she had already resigned herself, Sunou removed her uniform’s ribbon and dropped it onto the hallway. While holding down her chest so that I couldn’t see it, she clumsily undressed her Y-shirt, ultimately removing her hands when dropping her skirt.

After being left with her upper and lower undergarments, she desperately pressed down against her un-hidden skin. However, it was then that she became clumsy with her undressing, allowing me to easily glimpse at her nipples and genitals when she was flustered.

“I-It should be fine with this, right?”


Just this alone was sufficiently enjoyable, but obviously that’s not good enough.

“Did you know? There’s a penalty for when you violate the school regulations.”


“Naturally you will obey them, right?”


I took out a certain something that was inside of the bag I brought.

Just by seeing this item, Sunou she even forgot to blink as she grew surprised.

“For the precocious Sunou, it seems that you’ve immediately understood my intentions, huh.”

“T-There’s no way that I’d know!”

“Well then, I’ll tell you. This collar and lead will be fastened onto Sunou. For today, you will live inside of the school as my pet.”

I explained to Sunou, showing her the collar and lead that I brought.


“Should I put it on for you?”

“There’s no need to! I will not borrow the hands of a devil!”

Sunou’s eyes had already begun to grow moist. Even though she knows what to do, she probably never thought that she would actually have to do it.

Shutting her eyes tight, her trembling hands slowly put on the collar.

“Well then. Firstly, walking on two legs is prohibited.”

“I-I understand.”

“Also, you will properly speak your thoughts.”

“I under, stand. Demon should just fall to hell, kyah!!”

I was at a loss as to whether to prohibit her from speaking words, but this way’s is more fun.

I held the upper section of the lead, raising it so that it wouldn’t become slack as much as possible.

Just in case, I chose a soft collar as I didn’t really care if it came off by itself, but even so it was one that seemed painful, mentally affecting her.


Even though Sunou’s eyes became stern as she glared at me, she did not resist.

“Don’t worry. I’ve had the floors cleaned so that you’ll be fine even if you crawl around on all fours.”

Amongst the suggestions in the hypnotic test, there was a suggestion where one would be happy when the school is clean. That’s why, no matter which of this school’s students you looked at, they wouldn’t litter inside of the school. On the contrary, they would clean with fighting spirit that would put tradesmen to shame.

Because of this, there was a major clean up after the end of tests had finished. I panicked when the teachers said that they ordered the highest grade of wax at their own expense.

Personally, I believe that ultimately hypnotic effects is something that shouldn’t hinder one’s daily life. Because of this, in spite of the considerable expenses, we somehow finished the ordering without any further issues.

“Although I’m also somewhat fussy about cleanliness, it’s fine as long as it’s clean to the extent where I don’t mind walking barefoot.”

“That’s not the point! This is extremely humiliating……aah, everyone’s watching.”

Just as I told her, Sunou would immediately speak what she was thinking. It was cute when she shyly averted her gave every time her eyes met with the other female students.

Also, she is conscious of the fact that she is performing a sexual play with me. She was slightly aroused as her cheeks grew flushed.

But the humiliating part starts from now on.

“Now then, for the final finishing touch. I’ll put on a tail.”

“A tail……wait, what’s that!?”

It was a type of anal beads that had a bushy tail on the end. Since anything would work for the sensation on my end, I chose a soft and tiny one.

While still on all fours, Sunou saw the anal beads that I brought and became startled.

“I’ll put it on for you, so stay still.”

“I-Is something going into my butt again?”

Sunou became frightened like a kitten. She’s probably scared of the sensation of going crazy that she felt at that time.

Suddenly becoming motivated, I grasped Sunou’s butt and spread her anus to the sides.


Just from me turning towards her back, this girl was so startled that her shoulders looked like there had jumped away.

It was amusing how Sunou’s butt hole twitched, as though the movements were connect to her fear.

While suppressing my snicker, I placed the very first bead against Sunou’s anus.

“Ih……it’s cold……iiigh!”

Even though I was behind her back, I could tell that Sunou was clenching her teeth. Just from putting in a single piece, she gave me such an interesting reaction.

“Relax your strength. If you’re like that, it’s gonna hurt.”

“Then sto–gh……!! Don’t put it in so suddenly!!”

“Since I was in the middle of putting it inside, that can’t be called sudden, you know.”

The good part of doing it while she was talking was that I could properly tell her reactions.

However, seeing her figure while silently enduring it also wasn’t bad. She was startled by each and every bead that abruptly entered inside of her.

“Hey, turn your face this way-”

“I-Is it over?”

“-because this is the last one.”


Sunou’s eyes became teary as she gritted her teeth. Her reaction was exactly what I wanted.

I forced the last one in halfway, causing Sunou’s expression to fluctuate between pain and pleasure.

She’s probably remembering the pleasure from that anal sex, after all.


Sunou collapsed in the hallway, trying to catch her breath. She made a miserable face as her drool dribbled onto the floor.

Upon trying to smack Sunou’s tail, she arched backwards, returning to standing on all fours.


“Come on, we’re walking.”

“T-This is tyranny! Iih……even the one-winged gods still have mercy!!”

Sunou gradually lost her composure. All is according to my designs.

Because the anal beads themselves weren’t that big, the protruding tail’s part was considerably heavy. Just walking on all fours would cause it to sway from side to side, and end up stirring up her intestines.

I pulled the lead and began to stroll around the school.

Although Sunou also resisted, she properly followed while crawling on all fours.

“W-Walk more slowly!”

“Over there is Sunou’s class, right?”

Like this, I headed towards Sunou’s classroom. Even though she’s a truant, there’ll probably be some familiar faces over there.


“Excuse me.”

Ignoring Sunou’s interruption, I entered inside of the classroom.

The inside of the classroom similarly—no, there were even more naked female students than in the corridor.

The students who were having a friendly chat as usual, as well as the students who passed by me, all did not try to hide their breasts as they lived out their lives normally.


“Ah, sorry.”

I intentionally tried to obstruct the student who was walking down the path.

Without appearing particularly concerned, the girl who passed by apologised for touching me.

“No, I’m also to blame.”

While saying this, I began to insert my finger inside of the female student I bumped into.

This school was already at the point where I could do anything and it would be fine, even if I were to exaggeratedly shout that I was a king.

Perhaps, even if I was just passing by and fiddled with her vagina that still hasn’t had anything inside of it with students watching, there’d be no problem.

Naturally, I didn’t do this merely on a whim.


I did this in order to clearly explain this situation to Sunou.

Even if I were to insert my penis and ejaculate inside of this girl whose name I don’t even know, I won’t be blamed. This was that sort of place.

Upon turning around behind me, Sunou’s stern face glared at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hyah!! If you’re going to do it, then I……aaahh!”

No matter how severe she kept her face, she ended up gasping like a bitch when I pull the lead.

Even in such pathetic circumstances, even if her pride was torn asunder, she would properly act.

I should show respect towards this conduct.

“That’s right. I promised Sunou that the only one I would lay my hands on is you, huh.”

It’s exactly because of this that once again renewed my determination to thoroughly violate Sunou.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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