Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 34

Seibu Rein Reverse Sleep Rape-Arc

Kokoro’s warm hands gently tapped my shoulder.

“Master, please wake up.”


Upon waking up, Kokoro’s large breasts were directly above me.

She probably gave me a lap pillow. I felt a shaking even more gentle than before I fell asleep, the swaying akin to that of a cradle.

The ship probably stopped somewhere.

“Rather than somewhere, it’s our destination, huh.”

The sun was falling slightly. Just a bit longer, and it will already be evening.

Rousing my body, I gazed at the island which had a sandy beach devoid of people and lots of well-kept trees.

Since, as far as I could see, the island’s border couldn’t be seen, the island might be considerably spacious. In the centre, a house stood so tall that one could make it out even from here.

It’s a mansion. It actually exists, a mansion on an isolated island.

“A mysterious, and incomprehensible territory like this actually exists, huh?”

Sunou muttered beside me. I could more or less tell what she was thinking.

“How humiliating.”

“Oooh, Book woke up! Hurry up and get down here!”


Mai and Rein, who had already got off the ship, were standing around, waiting for us.

Rein has continued to be in a bad mood, huh. She was still angry about being molested in the car. Well, that’s the normal reaction,

We also immediately jumped off of the ship.

“My gratitude to the ground.”


And, as soon as I set foot on the island, there was a welcome greeting.

Several men and women dress in hotel-keeper attire faced us and bowed.

Along with the sailors, the number of people were the same as what I had heard in advance, huh.

“Who is the culprit……”

“Sunou-chan, that is impolite.”

“You must be tired from the long trip. I shall guide you, so please leave your luggage to the servants and follow me. I shall tell you about the particulars of this island after we enter the hotel.”

The leader, an elderly man, acted as a representative as he called out to us.

Without being instructed, the middle-aged lady maids refused our help as they brought our luggage from the ship.

“Wa, wah!!”

Admiring this prompt conduct, Mai’s eyes sparkled.

Rein slightly drew back in the face of the overly grandiose hotel man.

“Only you don’t change, huh.”

“What ever is the matter?”

Picking up my words, Kokoro showed a smile. She was unchanged.

Since the elderly man started walking, we casually followed after him.

Sunou’s curiosity took the forefront as she looked around with restless eyes. It was also even able to overcome her shyness.

“S-Say, mister.”

“Yes, how may I help you, Sunou-sama?”

“Are you able to use grappling techniques and stuff?”

“Grappling techniques……is it?”

Even though the composition was that of a footpath, it was firmly paved. So that one wouldn’t stray from the road, the trees were pruned to a certain extent.

“It is here.”

When the elderly man opened the door, we could see a mansion with an interior even more luxurious than I had imagined.

Is it possible for only us to reserve this whole place?


“What are you doing?”

“Rei-Rei, you should also try doing it! We are the supreme rulers of this country!”

“I, Sunou, am the lord of this mansion!”

“This will be your room.”

After walking for a while, we were first put up in 2 rooms where I and the others would sleep. The middle-aged lady maids also placed our luggage here.

After suitably looking it over, I turned my eyes towards the elderly man.

“Excuse me, I believe that I contacted you in advance, but-”

“Yes, we have received your call. You wish for everyone in the mansion to gather, correct?”

“That’s right.”

Thanks to my nap, my seasickness had been moderately relieved. I guess the medicine also worked its magic.

“Well then, everyone can go to your rooms for a while and get your things together.”


“Where is the toilet?”

“Toilet……is it? Upon exiting this room, turn right and it will be at the end of the hallway.”

“Or so he says.”

“Go out the room……right……end of the hallway-”

“Kokoro, let’s go.”

Only Kokoro and I once again followed the elderly man.

Since I cast the suggestions in advance, they were able to obediently separate from us, to the point that it was almost unnatural. Now the girls won’t leave this room except for when they need to go to the toilet.

So that we won’t be found out by chance, we also examined the room that we were guided to.

“……I guess it’s alright.”

“As I will also keep watch, it will be fine.”

If they’re just going to the toilet, then they won’t come here accidentally, huh.

This was probably the hotel’s break room or something. All of the hotelmen who had greeted us previously were standing by.

“Everyone is here, yes. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

“No, please do not mind it.”

“Since we’ll be socialising with each other on one island for the next several days, I want to test you all for a little bit.”

Saying this, I gave Kokoro the instructions.

Kokoro distributed the Hypnotic Test that we brought inside of our luggage.

“Here you go. Please do not open it yet.”

“My apologies. This is something of a strange hobby of mine. If you find it unpleasant, then-”

“No, absolutely not. By all means, please allow us to take it. As I believe that it is very important for your life from hereon that you are able to have trust in us. If it is just at the level of this test, then we will accept as many as you wish.”

Well, they probably won’t refuse since I said I wanted them to take it. I’m really saved.

After this, I’ll have Kokoro follow up on any potential irregulars. If push comes to shove, Rein will become our war potential.

“Now then, I will explain the method of how to take this test.”

After sweeping my gaze over everyone, I spoke in detail about the Hypnotic Test that was going to occur from now on.

Speaking from the conclusion, there weren’t any particular problems.

There’s probably no people here who possessed resistance towards this hypnosis. Even though I used caution to confirm their status, it ended with needless anxiety.

Since we weren’t at school, I did it just to be safe as there was an ever-so-slight possibility that it could happen.

“Now then, there aren’t any people besides everyone here on this island, correct?”

“Yes……those here are just you five guests, sir……”

The elderly man plainly explained.

Kokoro was half-listening to this while keeping watch outside.

“Now then, just as I said earlier, please do not worry about what your guests do for the next few days. Since it is something that your guests are doing, you mustn’t raise a complaint against nor concern yourself with it. However, the only exception to this is when you are called out to.”

“……yes……we will remember what we were told earlier.”

“Well then, after this, you will awaken and—-”

After putting the finishing touches, the hypnosis buzzer sounded, restoring the consciousness of the people in this room.

With this, even if I were to have sex or be naked inside of this mansion, they won’t mind it. The stage has been prepared.

After confirming the status of the hotelmen, I brought Kokoro and urged her to return with me to the first room.

“Even so, it’s quite interesting, huh.”


“Yeah, it’s interesting, this mansion.”

While walking, I recalled the information I heard from the earlier hypnosis.

It was because of the contents of this information that I took longer than expected.

Originally, I asked this in order to do whatever I wanted in this mansion, as well as to avoid any possible irregularities.

However, the information that came out of the owners’ mouths was more unexpected than I had imagined.

To begin with, this mansion was not a place where common sense could be applied.

Originally, this place was born as an isolated island that rich people used for entertainment.

For those said elites, there were some among them who were holding onto stress proportional to their positions. It seemed that the acts they took to relieve this stress was by far the most abnormal.

Of all things, apparently the guests who came previously brought along 10 naked women and made them live outside without saying a word. The things they were doing wasn’t that different from me, huh.

Besides that, they confined daughters of the wealthy in order to protect them, and bet big money on having them participate in inhumane games and the like.

Because of this, some of the hotelmen were doctors or helicopter pilots. As expected, it seems that they didn’t let anyone die.

However, what they were doing was already as dark as mud.

“Even without the suggestions, they’d probably just accept it, huh.”

“But Master doesn’t like that, right?”

“Yeah, being remembered in and of itself is what I don’t like. It’s precisely because of this that it’s fine as long as we give off the impression of a rich boy coming to the resort.”

Our male-female ratio was so peculiar that we appeared to be ordinary customers. Of course, I heard that about half were normal customers who ended their time normally. But of course.

“However, I guess I wanted to see the torture room just a little, though.”

“The one that they said was in the basement, correct? It’s a little scary.”

There were also facilities properly set up in order to appeal to those sorts of fetishes, to the point that they would be fully satisfied. I don’t really care about it, though.

Upon returning to the room, there were signs of people. As according to the suggestions, they stayed inside here.

“Suicidal Gambit! The instant blood is shed!”

“Ah, Book. ‘elcome back.”


Apparently the trio were playing a board game. One that Sunou brought with her.

Upon seeing Kokoro, Sunou smiled before looking at me and gritting her teeth.

Mai was the same as usual. It’s really wonderful that she could keep this condition up even in an unknown place.

Rein was……still made at me. Her eyes haven’t even met me, huh.

“Kokoro-nee-san! Right now, we’re playing the board game Santa VS Martians! Come to this side, the Santa side! I won’t let the demon pla……no, it’s ok as long as you’re with the Martians!”

Sunou instinctively rejected her act of ostracising others, huh. She’s kind in the strangest places. Or perhaps she has a trauma regarding this?

Upon planting my waist on the cushion, Mai, who was beside me, innocently linked her arms with mine.

“Yeah, Book! We’re the Martians, ya’know! Let’s do it!!”

“What’s Santa even doing in this?”

“Rein, I will lower divine punishment unto that heinous Demon Martian!”

“That’s right. I think that is necessary.”

Rein and Sunou have already become quite close, huh. It was unexpected for her to be attached to small things.

Mai pleasantly watched this. It seems that Rein, who normally exchanges single lines, was socialising quite considerably.

None of them felt fatigue from the long trip. All of them had tough mentalities.

The opposition was three people: Kokoro, Sunou, and Rein.

Although I don’t feel like using hypnosis, since I’m gonna do it anyway, I want to comfortably win and then have dinner.

Sleeping alone inside of an unfamiliar room is quite a difficult thing to do.

Especially since my eyes were still wide awake due to the excitement of the trip I felt during the day, they barely closed.


That’s why, even I, who was bad at getting up, immediately awoke today from the sounds.

After eating the dinner prepared by the hotelmen, we enjoyed the game that Sunou brought once again before finishing things up appropriately and deciding to sleep in our rooms.

Kokoro was also over there so they won’t stay up for long. They should fall asleep as soon as possible for tomorrow.


With a *clatter*, the sound of the door being shut quietly could be heard.

Considering the sound from earlier, I immediately understood what was going on. Someone had entered.

Softly, they approached me slowly so that their footsteps wouldn’t make any noise.

While keeping my eyes thinly opened, I continued to wait for the visitor. So long as we’re in this room without light, my fake-sleep won’t be found out.

With a *squirm*, someone entered inside of the bed.

Perhaps they did it so that they could instantly hide away when I woke up, but even so, that was quite reckless.



The additional bulge in the blanket gradually rose as it approached my face.

“You’re not, awake, right?”

The one who popped out from the blanket was Rein.

Coming to my room while I was asleep and slipping under my futon was an act that was quite unlike her.


Rein shook my body, testing to see if I would wake.

I didn’t react, deciding to stay asleep and unmoving.

I could anticipate to a certain extent that Rein would come here.

As she was pouting, I found an opportunity and sent her into heat. Although it didn’t show on her face, it was probably considerably painful.

The reason why she was avoiding me because she didn’t want to accelerate her lust, on top of simply being angry at me.


Rein’s words were thin, and somehow felt unsteady. Perhaps it would be best to say it had an uneasy atmosphere?

Perhaps she was embracing the unreasonableness that came from her having no choice but to rely on me, despite me having done such a thing and not apologising.


Rein stopped trying to wake me up and fell silent. She probably hasn’t given up. Her heat won’t subside even if she goes back, after all.

I thought about how to have fun with Rein. As well as having her rape me while I was half-asleep.


Rein suddenly crawled inside of the futon and began to move with a *rustle*. The bed cover largely swelled as the place around my legs became noisy.

“……please, stay asleep.”

I felt Rein’s fingers being placed on my hips. Apparently, she was removing my trousers.

Even removing my trunks, she made my lower half completely naked inside the futon.

“I’ll just lick it……”

The sensation of warm hands was transmitted to my penis.

It would seem that Rein came to the decision that she would take my semen while I was sleeping.

Although it was a choice that couldn’t be called clever even as flattery, she probably found it fairly unpleasant to ask me for it.

Rein’s fingers stroked the side of my penis. Slowly and so as not to wake me, her hand movements were almost like she was petting a puppy.




“……are you sleeping?”

I continued to feign sleep. Let’s observe just how far she can go, shall we?

I could tell that Rein’s hand was jerking off my penis. When my penis became erect, Rein raised her body to meet it.

From here, I was able to see Rein’s figure even through my thinly opened eyes. The fact that the summer sheets were thing really helped.

Rein’s figure was in pajamas that were covered by the sheets, her appearance resembling that of a child afraid of lightning.

While trembling in the face of my penis’s reaction, Rein desperately stroked me.

It seems that she was struggling against my penis that was enduring more than usual.


Because she didn’t know if or when I would wake up, Rein became panicked.


Perhaps, because of this, Rein suddenly opened her mouth wide and began to hold my penis inside it.


Pursing her lips, Rein used her tongue to suck my penis.

That appearance was like a child who wasn’t able to suck up a sherbet with a straw. It was very cute.

It should be time to give the child her reward soon.

“Bggh!! Nngh, nnnnnnnngh……*slurp*.”

It seems that Rein was surprised at the ejaculation that came without any notice whatsoever. Even so, she desperately suppressed her voice and sucked up the long-awaited semen.

Rein was also good at moving her tongue, appearing as though she instinctively knew where and how to stimulate me. Not only did it tickle, but it felt like I was being squeezed out.


It’s likely that she felt fatigue in the face of her body being released from her lust. Rein made a pleasant, pathetic voice as she became listless.

Now then, let’s get up now and……

“……it’s, it’s still fine, right?”

While whispering as though to persuade herself, Rein amazingly began to remove her pajamas pants.

And then, getting on top of my sleeping body, she began to rub my crotch. She was already wet, as love juice dripped down to her legs.

Even though her heat in and of itself was relieved, it seems that her tension had yet to calm down. Perhaps it’s a side effect from the suggestions?


Just like that, Rein pressed her crotch down and began to jerk off my penis.

Aroused by the service she was giving me, I ended up becoming erect.

I should ride with her sincerity here. At the very least, even if I woke up now, I should still let her finish in this aroused state up until the end.

“Haah, aaahh!!”

Rein started panting without regard. Thinking that I was asleep, she probably didn’t feel any embarrassment.

“……it’s going inside of me, right?”

Like this, Rein grabbed my erect penis and inserted it inside of her with deft hand movements.

With a *squelch*, the accepted penis was immediately made prey to the undulating folds. As though being welcomed, it seemed as though everything was being squeezed out.

“Ah, aaahh!!”

Somehow, I felt that Rein’s body was more into it than usual.

It’s possible that, to her, ravaging me while I was asleep had become a type of guilt. An immoral act was arousing her.

Precisely because she was a strong woman, the moment that Rein succumbed to this sort of immorality, the side of her that was a bitch might have become even bigger.


Indugling herself in the dark pleasure, Rein’s expression collapsed. That act in and of itself appeared to have sent her into depravity.

I couldn’t hide my arousal towards the fact that I was the one who made this happen.

This exhilaration headed towards my lower half as I ejaculated with all of my might.

“Hah……aah, aaaaaahh………!!! Haah……aaah……”

With her entire body languidly losing strength, Rein slowly lied on top of me.

“Is no more coming out?”

Facing me, who was asleep, she even spoke something akin to that of a seduction.

Thinking that it was nice not to be conscious of other people, Rein showed me another side of herself that was different than usual.

Amazingly, she finished by giving me a kiss on the cheek.



Separating her body, my penis came out of her vagina.

After this, Rein only fixed up the sheets without putting clothes back on my naked body.

Since I was sticky with love juice, I felt as though I would definitely catch a cold if I slept like this.



Like this, Rein amazingly didn’t leave the room, but began to sleep next to me.

Breathing peacefully while making a drowsy face as though she had followed things through to the end, she quickly fell sound asleep.

I wonder just how is this girl planning on explaining this in the morning when we wake up? Wait, since this is Rein we’re talking about here, I feel that she would keep her natural calm.


However, I can’t keep warm like this.

I thought that I would be forgiven if I, instead, used the hug-pillow which was slightly warm for summer for my sticky body, which was only being covered by a futon.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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