Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 37

Minami Mai Restrained Sleep Rape-Arc

After having been nursed back to health from her collapse, Mai remodelled Sunou’s sand castle and held a beach volleyball war before the sun fell.

If I were to give my personal impression, I’m tired.

Currently, it had become dinner time, and meals so luxurious that I couldn’t determine their value were lined up inside of the mansion.

“The tableware is probably expensive, huh.”

“Master, this may actually be caviar.”

“That was some sort of egg, right?”

Kokoro was at the long table, on my right side as she offered various types of assistance to me. As usual, when I moved my hand, she would reach for the soy sauce.

It’s really amazing that, even though she should have exhausted more stamina than me, she was in her usual condition, almost as though she wouldn’t break.


Rein was on my left side, munching on the dinner that she put in her mouth. Even though the amount she was eating was tremendous, the way that she ate was really beautiful. She placed a minimal amount in her mouth, and chewed firmly.

Those elegant mouth movements really makes me want to slam my penis inside of hit.


“Kokoro’s table manners are also elegant, huh. I like that you’ve been raised well.”


“Mm~m, delish! Thanks, chef!”

Mai wasn’t elegant, nor inelegant, but for now she properly expressed that it was tasty.

Upon looking at the gesture of her placing her hand against her cheek and her expression relaxing, the chef probably thought that he was in the culinary profession precisely because these sorts of people exist.

The women here all had toughness. Even though we played around and had sex that much, rather than keeling over, they were still energetic, and had room to romp about.


“What of it?”

Like a hamster, Sunou began to talk with food stuffed in her mouth.

This girl becomes excited like this when she eats delicious things. She was profusely wolfing down the food, rarely unable to control herself.

Certainly it’s delicious. I guess I should also stop looking at people and just eat.



“Erm, my apologies, but do you have seconds?”

“Yes, we do indeed.”

Rein appears to still be eating. Rather, seconds? This isn’t a Japanese inn, you know?

Since the hotelman didn’t seem particularly concerned, he’s probably working in this job because he is able to deal with these sorts of people well.

“Now that you mention it! We have fireworks! Let’s play with them after eating this!”

“Fireworks? Don’t we have to launch them or something?”

“Indeed. However, I would ask dear guests to get the ones that you can hold in your hands that they sell on the market. As long as you request it, we shall take care of the launching.”

What the hotelman brought was a bag of fireworks that were often seen at hardware stores.

Since coming to the resort, it was this instant that made me feel relieved that this was still Japan.

The beach at night was beautiful, but I thought that the darkness was quite ghastly.

I end up thinking that, if a huge creature emerged from the sea, then it wouldn’t be strange for it to swallow this island.

“The baptism of hellfire will transform into the lamp light of twilight!”

“Lamp light? What’s with that~?”

Sunou was gripping the fireworks in a dangerous manner. Putting it another way, one could say that she was the most merry.

Mai appeared to be in high spirits, but was still composed. Squatting in place, she was observing the surroundings.

“Sunou-chan, what colour should we use next?”

“I desire the red stained with blood!”

Rather than playing around, it felt more like Kokoro was looking after us.

As for me, I appropriately held a firework stick and lit it on fire.

“That one’s already gone, you know.”

Rein crouched beside me, handing me the new firework that she brought.

Without thinking, I received that firework.


“You’re kinda scatter brained, huh.”

“I guess there are times where that is so.”

In the shadows of the night, Rein’s softened expression was very beautiful.

Getting frustrated, I returned to the mundane task of gazing at the lights of the firework in my hand.

“I’m tired.”

“That so? You, aren’t you just unexpectedly bad with this sort of thing?”

“What do you mean ‘this sort of thing’?”

“Having fun in front of others.”

A strange interval opened up in my conversation with Rein.

Even though she wouldn’t have cared if I just kept silent, I opened my mouth.

“I also think that I’m not good at it.”

Rein and I had a relationship that was close to stoic sex friends. I desired that, and even Rein has accepted it.

Human relationships are so irritating.

No matter how twisted we make our relationship, we can connect as people before we’ve even realised it.

“That’s why, I thought that this trip was also something that couldn’t be helped.”

“I see.”

“I’m not good with Mai. Since I can’t win against her, that girl is strong. But I think that I’m glad that we became friends.”

By removing their hypnosis, I had them build a relationship regardless of their will. Personally, I have no interest in how they will turn out. Because, no matter what happens, it’ll be an element that I can use.

After staring at Mai with distant eyes, Rein looked up at the starry sky.

“Why did you talk about that to me?”

“No idea.”

From Rein’s point of view, I shouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she got along with Mai.

Or perhaps, even if the knowledge was locked via hypnosis, she might have been able to grasp it to a certain extent.

“Kokoro-san is really beautiful, and Sunou is so straightforward. As I thought, you gathered everyone, right?”


What? Why did this girl break out this story that brushes against the core of the matter like this?

Perhaps, was I being investigated?”

Upon feeling a little panic, I was further unable to ignore it.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Ah……well, thanks.”


“I’m glad that I came on this trip. I’m having fun.”


The fireworks in my hand disappeared along with those words.

The fireworks that Rein held also disappeared together, and our field of view turned pitch dark for just a moment.

It was only during this time that Rein made an expression as though she were laughing without a care.

I couldn’t see it very well.

“Rei-rei, Booook!! The night is still young, you know!”

“Hey, next! If you don’t use it quickly, then there won’t be any left!”


Pulled by Rein’s hand, I stood up.

Mai was waving her hand and calling out to us.

These girls don’t know what I’m doing. That’s why they can have fun like this.

Should I test it out a little?

After everything was over, when the lights of the mansion had gone out for a while, I had the hotelmen furnish one of the rooms.

It was the room that was said to be inside of this mansion, the torture room.

It was originally a place that was meant to satisfy the awful fetishes of the rich, but of course I was also one of those men who had such bad tastes.

“It feels nice.”

“Yes, it was adjusted according to Master’s request.”

Kokoro helped out with the preparations as according to my instructions. She doesn’t have a role this time, but even so I’m still thankful for the support.

“Now then, I will be in front of the room.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“To me, those words are my happiness, after all.”

On the contrary, I will have to follow up on this debt. She really is a good slave.

“Now then.”

I closely stared at Mai, who was stuck to the wall before my eyes.

Both arms were raised by tense chains, made so that the wouldn’t be able to move. Her clothes were also the ones that she wore today, deliberately all torn up.

It looked as though she was wearing rags, and all of her important places had become completely visible.

Even in this situation, Mai simply had her eyes closed as she quietly breathed in her sleep

“The reaction is-”


“Just as expected, huh.”

I leisurely grabbed her chest, massaging it as though to lift it up.

Mai did not react. She did not notice, almost as though she were asleep.

Even my hypnotism has disadvantages.

For example, I cannot use hypnosis to command sleeping people to remain asleep. If they were to be attacked or feel pain, then they would quickly wake up.

It is impossible to implant suggestions while they are sleeping. That has been confirmed through experiments.

That’s why, even if I were to rape her in her sleep, it would be impossible for her to stay sleeping.

“You’re not gonna wake up? If so, then I’m gonna put it in. You fine with that?”


“Since there’s no reply, I’ll just have sex like this.”

That’s why I had Mai pretend to be asleep through suggestions. I made her think that the events currently happening were just a dream.

Unlike normal dreams, she’ll remember what happened completely, but I think that in itself seems interesting.


“Hey, I’ve entered.”

Raising one of Mai’s legs, asleep and unmoving, I inserted my penis.

Like this, I began to piston and observed Mai’s reactions.

Although slight, Mai showed an expression of anguish as sweat flowed. Even so, she never opened her eyes.


This Mai had her normal conscious, unlike usual. Even though it was in a dream, I was curious about what she was thinking.

But this girl isn’t the only main dish.

“What……are you doing?”

I brought another woman to the torture room.

The chains attached to her arms sounded with a *clank*, asserting her existence.

“Morning, Rein.”

“You……what are you doing!?”

Rein glared at me with astonishment in her eyes. However, it appears that she immediately grasped the situation that she found herself in.

“This is……”

“Yeah, because I’d be troubled if you move around too much.”

Even like this, Rein’s body had a belt-shaped restraint tool attached to it. It suited my tastes, and was constructed so that the sections for the sexual parts would be completely visible, fulfilling the roles of both restrain and sexual desire.

If it were a normal person, then this would render their body unable to move.

Of course, there’s no way that such common sense would apply to Rein, so I used suggestions to make her body numb to a certain extent.

“M-My strength……”

“Don’t worry, I’ll also properly ravage you later.”

I resumed raping Mai.

Although the sleeping Mai didn’t pant, it was certain that her vagina was wet. It probably means that my careful development of her body up until now has been fruitful.

“Ravage, y-what are you saying!?”

“Isn’t it fine? Rein’s together with me so that you can get fucked by me, right?”

“T-That’s got nothing to do with it, right!?! My sickness-”

“Is that so? Well, not that it matters.”

Mai’s vagina tightened around my penis, as though to squeeze out sperm from it. It should be about time when she remembers the shape of this penis.

It appears that Rein still hasn’t grasped the situation. Or rather, it feels as though she can’t believe the sight in front of her.

“That’s not the problem!! Why are you violating Mai!?”

“That’s obvious. I just thought that I wanted to slam my d*ck inside of Mai.”

“Hah, don’t screw around!! I don’t understand what you’re saying!? What’s with these chains?! You, you’re not forcefully raping someone, right!?”

“Yeah, I’m raping her.”

Like this, heat seethed through my lower body and I began to ejaculate.

Sinking her body, Mai’s vagina firmly ate my trembling penis.


Rein could only raise a foolish voice and watch that scene.

When I removed my penis, semen steadily spilled from the insides of Mai’s vagina.

“See, even Mai wanted it. She properly climaxed. Look, her pussy is trembling so much that it’s funny, isn’t it?”

“You……you’re crazy!! I always thought you were, but I didn’t think you were an abnormal person who was at that level!!”

“Oh, how mortifying.”

I approached Rein.

Rein’s expression became severe to the extent that had never been seen before, glaring at me as though she would shoot me to death.

Step by step, I treaded firmly in this situation.

Indeed, Rein’s reaction when seeing my true nature was our actual relationship.

That’s why I wanted to fuck her once while she was in her original form, and so took actions under this thought.

“Now then, let’s enjoy this.”

Rein could not remove the restraints. I wonder how she, who has always lived strongly, will be reflected in this situation as the weak?

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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