Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 44

Academy Invisible Human-Arc

After sports class finished, I planted my waist on the chair in the changing room while only feelings of listlessness remained within me.

I disliked exercise, but this time I was on the verge of hating it. The fitness standard of this school, the male students in particular, had increased dramatically.

“It really is, isn’t it~!?”


The girls of the class were chatting in the changing room. Since each and everyone were talking about their own topics as they pleased, it was noisy.

This was the female changing room. This is also a benefit I received from the Hypnotic Test.

The contents of the suggestion were: you will not pay attention to what I do here, no matter what it is. It was something as simple as that.

“……it’s really crowded, huh.”

Even though they were in the changing rooms, the female students barely removed anything. Although they were changing, they were moving their hands underneath their jerseys, rusting as they didn’t show each other their bras or underwear despite being amongst girls.


Perhaps having noticed someone’s gaze, Rein looked around restlessly. She immediately stopped caring when she recognised my gaze, though.

Since even that Rein was changing clothes in the same manner, this way of doing so must be common sense.

“Well, just that would be boring, wouldn’t it?”

Since I knew about this last time, I changed my methods.

The female students stopped in front of their respective lockers and began changing.

“Right, right!? I totally get it!”

The girl who came first tossed off the top of her gym uniform in a normal manner. And then, of all things, she also removed the hook of the bra that she was wearing.

Through suggestions, I made it so that [When changing in the changing rooms, one must take off all the clothes they were wearing, and after idling around fully nude for a while, one will put on their change of clothes. Changing is to be done carefully, and takes a lot of time.]

Doing this, they wouldn’t be able to hide it with other clothes, and will naturally become completely naked.

Even though the female students are required to change their clothes in this manner, they do not hold any doubts. However, conversely, perhaps because exposing their nude bodies amongst girls was embarrassing, there was also the happy miscalculation of seeing their bashfulness.

The reason that it had become so crowded was due to the fact that everyone was fumbling around, causing the changing rooms to be packed with people.

“Ooh, ooh! I can kinda see it!”


Mai’s voice entered the changing room. She was probably delayed due to talking with her group of friends.

I looked long and hard at Mai. As the summer heat still hadn’t been resolved by this new term, her gym uniform was drenched with sweat. I could see the bra through her white gym tunic.

“It can’t be helped that the bloomers get stuffy, right?”

“Isn’t it fine as long as you don’t wear underwear?”

“No way, that’d be pretty bad, right?”


“I also think that’s pretty bad.”

Mai’s group of friends was comprised of four girls, including Mai herself.

The first was Mai. She needs no explanation.

“That so? Well, whatevs.”

The second is the girl called Mikumo.

Her motor skills were outstanding in spite of her short stature, even though she acted as she pleased. But since that part of her was able talk to everyone honestly and without restraint, she was quite sociable.

Approaching Mikumo, I groped around those small breasts over her gym clothes. I also put my thumb inside her bloomers. She really wasn’t wearing them, huh.



“It kinda tickles.”

If memory serves, Mikumo had a boyfriend that goes to the same school, huh? They can’t have sex due to the influence of the Hypnotic Test, but let’s have them continue to uphold a pure and clean relationship from here on.

“But you know, the guys have changed somehow ever since we entered September, right?”

“Aah, I thought so too!”

“They changed, you say?”


“No, I mean as a whole.”

The third was a girl named Shion. She was the essence of this group who directed it, and her style was also fairly good. Perhaps because she was well-attuned to fashion, she was the most stylish one among them. She was a strong-willed girl, and there are times where it feels like she looks down on boys.

According to a story I heard, she apparently has a university student as a boyfriend. Because they weren’t able to perform sexual activities during the summer break due to the suggestions, they aren’t necessarily still together now.

My tongue crawled along the nape of Shion’s neck. I smelled the pleasant aroma of sweat mixed together with a scen peculiar to women.

Although Shion appeared to have felt a slight chill, she didn’t escape.

“Shion, are you aiming for someone?”

“It’s a joke. I hate brats, after all. But isn’t it hilarious how they’ve changed their appearance? Take Saze, for example.”

“That really was surprising, right? Seriously.”

“I think that he’s pretty awesoooome!”

“Mikumo has a muscle fetish, after all~”

The fourth, Mana, was a stylish girl whose breasts were big even amongst her school year. She was probably the most popular amongst the boys.

I don’t know whether or not she has a boyfriend.

Incidentally, Saze is a boy in the same class. He was originally a fat guy, but he slimmed down extremely and became a brawny man, surprising the class.

This is probably the fault of the suggestion I placed, where the guys would play sports to shake off their lust whenever it sprung up. This would become even stronger for those with intense sexual desire.

Perhaps because of this influence, the other boys on average have become strong.

“Mana hasn’t gone out with old men since the start of this year, huh. I was really surprised when I first saw it, though.”

“Somehow~ I’ve lost my motivation after number 31. Since entering high school, just the thought of dating them is disgusting, and saying so is troublesome.”

“Both of them are great, They’d probably feel a chill, though.”

While muttering to myself, I clutched Mana’s chest. Perhaps because it was after exercising, but her breasts were awfully warm.

Noticing that she hasn’t even removed her top, Mana then tried to take off her bloomers, but I pulled up her bloomers so that it would dig into her, once again getting in her way.

“Hyah, mm!! What, what?”

“But you know, what I’m curious about is~ Mai, right?”

“Heh, me?”

Pointing at herself, Mai became agitated as to how the conversation had turned to herself.

Well, that’s because Mai intentionally avoids topics about love affairs.

“Rather, why Book?”

“Hey, stop it!”

Mai plainly furrowed her brow. Well, I can understand.

Inside of her mind, I’m just a classmate. It’s likely that Shion’s keen eyes had gathered that I was playing around with Mai.

That was a misunderstanding.

“No, well, teasing you like that is fun, see.”

As the female students abruptly gave out their own topics, I became slightly upset.

Perhaps Shion also knew about such an indifferent thing. She’s just messing around.

As payback for surprising me, I rolled up her gym uniform and licked all over her breasts. I smelled the nice aroma that was unique to women.

“Hyah!! ……err, well, see, Mai sometimes gets really cold when she looks at guys, right? Somehow, it’s kinda like you’re disgusted-”

“Um, that’s-”

“I thought that you found them boring, but maybe they were just in bad taste, huh~”

“Who’s Book?”

Stop this topic already.

Even Mikumo began to show interest. Even though this girl talks a lot with the guys in class, she doesn’t even remember half of their names, huh.

Since her breasts are small, I can’t do anything except twist her nipples, huh?

“It’s that guy from the transfers group, the one that Mai talks a lot with……though you probably don’t know if I say that, huh? You know, he’s the guy that lost against Rein at sports class today.”

“Aah, the one that Mai was talking to, right!? He looks reeeally gloomy, right!!?”

“Well, he’s part of the transfer group, see~ I don’t think I’d take that either.”

Shion made a wicked smile.

Although Mana also didn’t enter the conversation, she had taken her medicine so she was being quite nasty.

Mikumo didn’t have any ill-will, but that’s cause she’s like that.

“Don’t tell anyone, but he’s always reading books by himself. That’s pretty gross……hm?”

“Hey, Shion, isn’t that too mu—”

“Increased Sensitivity.”

“Agigh!! Igh, agh!!”

I took out my penis, and immediately entered inside after pulling down Shion’s bloomers.

I also spoke the trigger words to make her horny, so she probably won’t mind if I fuck her as I please.

Mai also tried to say something to Shion, but since I influenced Shion’s current situation, she stopped talking and became indifferent towards us.

Shion placed her hands against the wall of the changing room, unable to move an inch in the face of the pleasure of being pounded from behind.

“Higigh, igh!! Kyaahn!”

While spanking Shion’s butt, I forcefully continued pistoning.

“It’s like this. I like myself, but I don’t think that I’m cool.”

“Kyaaah!! Ah, aah!!”

“Don’t you think it would be nice to bear the child of such a guy if it’s just one time?”

While continuing my pistons, the trio who were no longer able to hold any interest towards Shion wordlessly began to change their clothes. Since the heart of their conversation has disappeared, they didn’t particularly have anything to talk about.

The condition of her vagina was normal. It has no good points to speak of.

However, in the face of this situation where our positions have reversed, where she was being raped by me who she made fun of, was arousing.

So much so that it makes me really glad that there are people like this.

Being able to enjoy a target with this sort of personality is also a happy miscalculation of my hypnosis.

“Aah, aah, hyaah!! Kyah……uh, aaaggh ahh!!”

As burning sensation surged through my penis, I ejaculated inside of Shion’s vagina as though to spit out said feeling.

Both of Shion’s legs trembled with a *wobble*, no longer able to move whilst her back was arched backwards.

The semen that overflowed spilled into the half-removed bloomer as though it were a saucer.

“Guess this should do it.”

“Igh, wai……”

“Come on, Shion, you need to hurry up and change. What’s wrong?”

Mai called out to Shion.

She was concerned about Shion collapsing after being released from me. The fact that she appeared indifferent towards my sperm was so absurd that it was unbearable.

Mana is somehow trying to quickly finish changing, huh? However, because of the suggestion to change clothes slowly, she’s actually quite slow.

“Don’t panic so much.”

“Kyah……huh? Ah……”

I hugged Mana from behind, making it so that she couldn’t move. Because her concern towards being immobilised by restraint disappeared, she just stood still on the spot.

Like this, I raised both of her breasts and massaged them.

Since it was the long-awaited bloomers, I’d suffer a loss if I didn’t enjoy it before the changed.


“Hyah!! Aaah!! It kinda tickleeesss!!”

Shion and Mana will probably be late for the next class.

“It really is a great view.”

Because of the suggestion to change clothes slowly, the gossiping girls’ changing in the female changing room still isn’t over yet.

With the top and bottom of their underwear still on, their hands were raised in the air without removing their gym uniforms. There were girls who also tried to remove everything below, forgetting their socks as they were bent over.

I’ll never get tired of each person removing clothes in their own way, and there was also a sense of immorality from looking at the girls in their natural state.

While ogling at the female changing room, I violated the chest with the greatest size. I believed that this was really luxurious.

For now, even if I ejaculated one more time, I should still be alright for time. To be quick, having Mana as my partner should be fine.

Driving my penis inside of Mana’s bloomers, I thought that it would be a shame that the two girls would be late. And I fucked her.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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