Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 45

Touhou Sunou Slave Stand-In-Arc

No matter how perfect, a person will definitely have a defect.

I unreservedly spent the night in the apartment, but I was slightly agitated by a sudden trouble.

Kokoro has caught a cold.

“How pathetic.”

“My utmost……apologies.”

Right now, Kokoro was in her room’s bed, coughing with a red face. While apologising over and over, she didn’t try to avert her gaze, even though it would be fine if she slept.

Bringing something to cool her head and some medicine, I took Kokoro’s temperature.

“I took notice of it in the morning, and headed to the hospital, but……”

“So that’s why there’s medicine, huh. But even so you shouldn’t be out working.”


Kokoro painfully lowered her eyes, and then once again coughing.

After wiping Kokoro’s sweat with a towel, I looked at the clock installed in the room.

It was already around 10 PM. Since I have school again tomorrow, I have to sleep soon, but-

“……what should I do?”


It appears that Kokoro closed her eyes and finally fell asleep. It’s pretty much the same as her collapsing.

To start with, this woman is the type who will keep her worries to herself and do her utmost until collapse. Since I needed to take care or she would break, even if she is a slave, this was mismanagement on my part.


“Delirious murmurings, huh.”

Without reading the atmosphere, I held carnal desire upon seeing the weakened Kokoro.

Although I thought that violating her like this would also be fun, it wasn’t advisable when considering the future.

That said, enduring was also tremendously irritating.

“Isn’t there a good way to……”

I thought about what I could do at this time, which had passed 10 PM.

It was then that suddenly I thought of something.

“I can still make it in time, right?”

Leaving Kokoro’s room, I began preparing for the sake of Kokoro who couldn’t move.

I believe I woke up earlier than usual that morning.


When my sluggish consciousness awakened, I understood that a different person than usual had come to wake me up inside my room.

“Sunou, what are you doing?”

“Fuah……good morning. Can’t you tell just by looking? This is why this demon is……it’s a morning blowjob.”


Getting on top of me in the bed, Sunou was licking my penis which had morning wood.

“I’m reluctant, but this is for Kokoro-nee-san, okay! It’s only for today, got it!!”

“I see, so you’ll be my slave in Kokoro’s place, right?

“That’s right, isn’t it natural for a slave to wake you up with a blowjob in the morning!? Even though you’re just a demon, are you doing this on purpose!? Making me do this sort of thing!?”

Sunou was irritated. She’s probably like me, in that we’re bad with mornings.

Kokoro has caught a cold. In that case, all I have to do is call for a replacement slave.

Last night, I called Sunou and, after explaining the circumstances, threatened her into being my slave for today only.

Of course, under the condition where she would be given the same slave knowledge that Kokoro has, the person herself dared to give her consent.

I didn’t order this. In other words, a slave from Sunou’s perspective has this sort of thinking. This is what they call a Mimidoshima.

(TL Note: Mimidoshima is a young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about sex.)

“Nnmgh, hamu……*smack*. Rea’y, za ‘orst!”

While complaining about unimportant things, Sunou hit my penis against the back of her cheeks, trying to promote ejaculation. It was like she was licking a large piece of candy.

“Well, it can’t be helped since you’re a slave.”

“Fai ‘ow tha’!”

“But you know, if you’re a slave then I kinda want you to fulfil my requests. For example, rub it with your breasts.”


After being surprised, Sunou released my penis from her mouth and then looked at her own chestal region.

Her attire today was of a Gothic make, yet was a little on the overly frilly side. Perhaps one might recognise it as a maid uniform.

“You Demon……is that really what you want from me?”

“It’s not decided that you can’t do it just because you’re not big, right?”

I caressed Sunou’s breasts from over her clothes.

Brushing off my hands, a vexed Sunou frustratedly placed her hands on her clothes.

“That’s right, you can’t disobey the Master.”

“……kuh, you better remember this!! A day will come when you will regret this barbarism! Kokoro-nee-san becoming like that is also the Demon’s fault, isn’t it!?”

She undressed the maid uniform nicely so that only the chest was exposed.

Sunou hatefully averted her gaze from my penis, fearfully bringing only her chest closer.

She has gotten used to giving blowjobs from the training up until now, but as expected she’s still scared because this is her first time with her breasts, huh?


With a *quiver*, the areola close to the breast touched the tip of my penis. The soft sensation of human skin was transmitted to me from my penis.

“Hey now, the morning won’t end like that, you know? Are you planning on making your lord late?”

“Shut up! Just wait a bit!! I’ll make you feel good right now!! Prepare yourself!”

Perhaps breaking through her doubts after touching it once, Sunou pressed her front against my penis and started rubbing it. She was desperately trying to squish her chest into the centre, but there wasn’t much effect.

“Haha, it’s like rubbing it against a board.”

“You can say that cause you’re only giving out orders and complaining!! You really are a terrible lord……”

“Don’t just rub it vertically, but do it diagonally as well.”


Sunou vexedly grit her teeth and moved according to my instructions.

In doing so, the bulges of her small chest would occasionally get caught, causing my penis to receive a sensation akin to being bumped against a sponge.

“It might be fun to do this with soap.”

“Wha-!? What are you making Kokoro-nee-san do all the time!? This De—”

“I’m gonna cum.”

It did not take that long for my morning wood to ejaculate.

My penis trembled, beating against Sunou’s chest countless times as semen splattered into Sunou’s face above.

“Kyaahh!! I-If you’re gonna let it out, then say so!!”

“I did say so.”

“I-It’s on my clothes!!”

Sunou desperately scooped up the semen that seemed as though it would fall from her face with her fingers.

Even if she does that, her clothes will definitely get soiled today. I can tell.

When I looked her up and down, Sunou appeared to have noticed my gaze.


When I thought about what Sunou was gonna do, she began to lick the semen gathered in her hands, lapping it up like a dog.

Really, it’s only this girl’s knowledge that’s lewd, huh.

Certaintly, that would make me happy. She is quite a capable slave.


“Nothing, I’m gonna get up. How is Kokoro’s condition?”

“She’s still sleeping. Kokoro-nee-san becoming like this is definitely because of the Demon’s curse……kyah!?”

Feelings of mischief sprung forth from somewhere inside me, and so I pulled Sunou’s legs as she stood up.

Making a *pomf* sound, Sunou fell onto the Japanese cushion that was left on the floor.

“What are you doing!?”

“Uh……my bad.”

I ended up apologising by reflex.

What flew into my eyes was just that shocking.

Sunou’s skirt was flipped up due to the impact of her body falling.

I was surprised at the fact that she was going commando underneath that skirt.

“Well aren’t you well prepared? I’m touched.”

“Shut up!!”

This was living proof that the slave knowledge was firmly embedded inside of Sunou. This girl feels that the happiness of her lord is her own happiness.

This is the result of her thinking about what she could do for this end and acting upon it.

Approaching the collapsed Sunou and holding her sides, I basically pretended that she was a princess as I lifted her up.

At first Sunou was stupified by this position, but immediately discerned its meaning and started acting violently.


“Just for now, shall we do it gently?”

Like this, I placed Sunou on the bed and thrust my head inside of Sunou’s skirt.

“Demon, what are you-!? Mmgh!?”

“Cunnilingus. So this the first time I’ve done it for Sunou, huh?”

“That’s not what I mean……!!?”

I inserted my tongue inside of Sunou’s vagina. Unlike a penis, the soft sensation granted a ticklish stimulus to the insides of her vagina.

The drawback was that I couldn’t see my partner’s face because of the skirt, but upon seeing both legs that she suppressed trembling, I was aroused just like usual.

Since I’ve was always done it with Sunou so that she would find it painful, doing things like this might be kind of refreshing.

“Like, I saaid!? If you do this kind of thing now……then school……!!?”

“I’ll take a break today. I’ve decided as such from the start.”

“Don’t blow on me……being absent from school……such a thing……”

Sunou tried to push my head with both hands, but rather than pushing it away, she moved it as though trying to rub herself against me.

Originally she should be angry, but right now she was in a good mood, and since I said I’d be gentle before hand, she should forgive me.

“You……if you’re absent from school, then Kokoro-nee-san would be sad, right!? Skipping school is unforgivable, after aaaall!!?”

“That’s right, then let’s keep this a secret from Kokoro.”

“Just, go to school!! Hyaaah!!”


Although I was being reprimanded for playing hooky by the truant Sunou, she did not try to stop this act.

The joy of being a slave in and of itself has been accepted by her body.

Like this, I gently licked all over the insides of her vagina, stroking the *twitching*, undulating vagina.

“Ah, aah……hyah!? Mmh!!”

Scooping up her clitoris with my tongue, I gently rolled it around.

After that, I aimed for the time when she lowered her guard and playfully bit it, granting her a large stimulus.

“Hyah!? Aaaaaaah!!!”

Although silent, Sunou convulsed with a *shiver* as she came.

At that, I finally removed my face from her vagina and decided to look at Sunou’s expression.

Normally it would be drenched with tears and drool, but today there was a sort of sweet feeling as she lost all strength. It was probably because something like the bliss of being a slave was swirling inside of her thoughts.

Undressing my trousers, I took out my penis and inserted inside of her like that.

“I’m putting it in.”


Sunou’s mouth trembled as it connected with mine, but it appears she had no will to resist.

Her vagina was also less tense than usual, swallowing my penis with a *squelch* as though accepting it.

Although the way that she normally pushes back is Sunou’s charm, though.

“Well, I guess sometimes is fine, huh.”


Without trying to make needless retorts, Sunou simply accepted sex as a slave.


Sunou stopped moving as she covered her face with both hands. She probably can’t look at me in the eye due to excessive embarrassment.

Also, it seems as though she couldn’t stomach the fact that she succumbed without any resistance.

“I really should have punched you after all.”

Bullying this girl is the only way to go.

When I headed towards the living room after things were over, I noticed that the kitchen before me was considerably disordered.

Apparently she was only preparing dishes.

“You don’t like it if it’s not freshly made, right Demon?”

“Well, anyone would prefer it fresh, right?”

Before I noticed it, Sunou overtook me and headed to the kitchen, proceeding to cook with the already prepared ingredients.

Her skill wasn’t that good. This is probably also because I’m usually watching Kokoro’s cooking. Since I don’t want things to become a disaster if I poked fun at her, I kept quiet.

“It’s done.”

“Pancakes, huh.”

The table was arranged for two people: Sunou and myself. It was steaming hot and freshly made.

It wasn’t bad, nor was it great. But, well, it looked tasty.

Sunou’s right hand had whipped cream, and her left held a tube of chocolate as she tried to cover my portion of pancakes with it.

“Should I write your name?”

“No, we’re eating together, right?”

“I see.”

Upon dribbling a handful of cream and chocolate in a single drip, Sunou was finished.


“What, you should be reserved with delicious calories-”

“Then why is yours completely soaked with it!? The pancakes have turned into just an ornament, you know!? And put some strawberries on mine as well!”

“You’re asking too much from your slave……ah!? That’s mine!! Don’t eat it!!”

With a *clatter*, the rush became quite far removed from the usual breakfast time.

I unhesitatingly seized Sunou’s pancakes, raising it to a location out of the reach of Sunou’s hands.

In opposition to this, she bounced up and down with a *hop*, almost as though this were a bread-eating competition.


“Good morning……”

It was at this time that Kokoro came out of her room in her pajamas.

Her body was still staggering, and her face was also red.

Sunou panicked and rushed to her.

“Please sleep, Kokoro-nee-san!!”


“No buts!! I’ll bring you some rice porridge later!”

“Hey, Kokoro. Sleep. This is an order.”

Sunou acted quickly. Stopping Kokoro from straining herself, she promptly returned her to her bed.

I also forcibly pushed Kokoro, emphasising that she shouldn’t leave her room.

After closing the door to her room, Sunou and my eyes met.

“For today only, let’s call a truce.”

“Yeah, I was also immature.”

A while after that, when we returned to the table, Sunou became meek.

Upon finishing our meal, Sunou properly began to clean up. Right now, she was washing up in the kitchen.

Unexpectedly, she might have done these sorts of things many times all by herself.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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