Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 47

Minami Mai Slave Stand-In-Arc

The night I took a break from school, I wasn’t unable to sleep, but the next morning I was very refreshed.

Perhaps because I was wide awake just when the sun appeared, I noticed the morning sun filtering through the window as I raised my body from the bed.


I wanted to get up, but my body, that was trying sit up, was caught by the blanket.


I was surprised by the unexpected impact, but I didn’t think about such trifles with my bad temper in the mornings.

Gathering my strength several times, I blew away the blanket, as though bursting it open.

After blowing it away, I identified the reason why it had been caught.


Mai was sleeping next to me.

Curling up her body like a cat, she was peacefully breathing as she slept soundly. The clothes she were was just a pajama top and panties, it was really slovenly.

“Shitty slave.”

Yesterday, Kokoro’s condition had yet to improve.

I remembered that this was why I chose Mai to be my slave today.

“She wasn’t here yesterday, right?”

I rang up Mai at night and, after having her prepare, she should have gone to sleep in the guest room as usual.

I did not tell her to sleep in the same bed as me.

This was probably related to a rule I made when she became a slave.

My slave feels joy by being with me.

Thinking under this basis, Mai obediently accepted that emotion and invaded my bed in the middle of the night.

“There’s no alarm clock here……”

I wonder just how she was planning on getting up today.

Upon looking at the clock, it was a little earlier than the time I usually woke up. If I continued to sleep like this, then I might also have not gone to school today.

“Oi, get up. Oi!”

With a *slap*, I smacked Mai’s cheeks.

Mai’s eyelids trembled, and swatted my hand away in displeasure. With a *mmmgh*, she grumpily went back to sleep.

Since it was a bit irritating, this time I pinched the her inner thigh.

“No, don’t brush it off. Wake up!”

“Ow!! Ow ow ow ow!! Don’t wanna~~……ah.”

After briefly struggling in bed, Mai’s eyes opened wide and looked at me.

And after that, perhaps because she instantly realised what happened today and what she did, she awkwardly laughed.


“Don’t ‘Ehehe’ me! Why are you here? If you’re a slave, then you should prepare yourself to wake up before me, right?”

“Um, I was warming the bed……will that work?”


Even if she makes a sly smile, I won’t forgive her.

Perhaps because she knew that her flirtatious glance didn’t work, she disappointedly heaved a sigh all of a sudden, before finally leaving the bed.

“Come on, get ready for breakfast.”

“Gotit~ Fuwawa.”

Mai stood up and lightly stretched her back. She exposed her skin from her pink pajamas and light blue underwear, crafting a suggestive angle.

“I can see your belly button.”

“Welp, now then, mornin’! Erm, Master? Book? Boo-ster?”

“Whatever’s easiest for you to say is fine.”

“Then Book, like always!”

Mai became noisy the moment she got up. I don’t think she has this sort of tension when she’s at home, though.

Anyway, she’s tremendously frank.

Despite being in the position of a slave, it was not like she was completely under my command. Her slavery was under the form where she could express her opinions to me and cleverly utilise ideas.

As it felt like she was more friendlier than usual, I couldn’t really tell the difference.

Well, we’ve also just started, so it’s not guaranteed that things will go on like this.

“Tada~h! Store-bought bread!”

“Are you serious?”

When I arrived at the dining table, there were several pieces of prepared sweet buns.

Although time-wise it is impossible to make meticulous preparations, even so, sweet bread is just…Sweet bread is something that can’t be made unless preparations are made a day in advance.

“Mai, you can cook, right?”

“Make do with this for the morning, plez! It was a little hard to psyche myself up.”

Mai rejected me by shaking one hand. Really, have the slave rules truly been instilled in her?

How should I say it, Mai is slightly outgoing, huh? In the first place, her hyper personality was something that she used in order to fit in with her surroundings. At her roots, this girl was more cold.

As expected, when sharing food, clothing, and shelter, it’s not enough, huh?

“Aww, geez!”

“I’ve got one hand left over, after all.”

When I touched Mai’s chest, she did not strongly refuse, but acted as though it was troublesome.

Although she felt happy, her original personality may have found it irritating, huh.

Perhaps, making her a slave turned her into the most troublesome type.

Mai’s chest fit nicely inside of my hand. Upon lifting it from below, the tender sensation of her soft breasts were naturally transmitted to me.

While using my hand to fiddle around with them like this, I dispelled my resentment for these sweet bread.

“They’re not meat buns.”

“I can’t see them as anything but food. This one is at the same level as the sweet bread.”

“So meeean……whoa!”

When I wondered just what Mai was doing, she reached out for my own chest, as though mirroring me.

“What’s this?”


Although it was impossible to squeeze it, having Mai’s thin fingers coiling around my chest wasn’t bad.

Having both of us using our free hands to rub each others’ chests was also quite a surreal sight.

Even though she had become a slave, it didn’t influence normal lessons.

Personally, fourth period’s History class was all about memorisation, and so wasn’t really interesting. The interest of the lesson was completely different when comparing the types where one memorised events and the types where one memorised symbols.

In order to distract myself from the boredom, I pulled out my cell phone for a bit.

[To Sunou. Are you properly nursing her?]

[To Demon. You are not qualified to know that.]

I left Sunou to attend to Kokoro. Even though she looks like that, she was doing well yesterday so it should be fine.

From my seat at the left-most edge in the back that I forcefully obtained from the seat change last time, I surveyed the classroom’s surroundings.

Whenever we changed seats, I always hated being seated in the centre, even if it was by accident. I made it like this just for that reason, but being able to see the entire classroom was an advantage of the edge seats.

When appropriately looking around, my eyes suddenly stopped at Mai’s seat. Even though she may be my slave, nothing changed, huh.


In an abrupt moment, Mai’s eyes met with mine. The timing was as though she had noticed my gaze.

When Mai met eyes with me, she happily waved her hand with small motions. That sort of conduct was basically what gave men misunderstandings, but because she was a also a slave, it wasn’t that unpleasant this time.

The chime that signalled the end of class rang.

“It’s lunch tiiiime!!”

“Huh, Mai? Where did Mai go?”

“She said she’s going somewhere else–Shion, let’s go, let’s go!”

Amongst everyone that was moving as they pleased, I also left the classroom and changed locations in order to eat lunch.


“Uwoh……what is it?”

When I left the classroom, Mai, who was hiding in the shadows, called out to me. It seems she was waiting in order to surprise me.

“We decided on a meeting place, right?”

“That’s true, but……”

I was being mindful of Mai. If we joined up at the meeting place, then things will end without her being teased by Shion and the others.

“But y’see, I wanna go together. Ain’t that more fun?”

It appears that Mai prioritised her happiness as a slave. I should also follow this up afterwards.

Since it would be troublesome if it came to that, I probably won’t do it, though.


“No, doing that’s-”

Amazingly, Mai joined hands with me, coiling around my arm as she pushed her body towards me.

She should care a bit more about her outward appearance. Even as a slave, she should have that much awareness of her public position left in her.

“Happy? Embarrassed?”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“Then let’s quickly go! Come on, it’s not like the lunch break will last forever, right!”

Mai was really in a good mood. Should I say that she’s kinda let herself go, or that she’s broken out of her shell. I wonder if she doesn’t feel this sort of happiness normally?

Wrapped around my arm, she frolicked around with a *bounce*, and her side tail hurriedly moved like a tail as usual.

Somehow, having myself being flung around is aggravating.

However, I felt strangely sympathetic when considering Mai who was receiving happiness, and so didn’t feel like resisting.

The place we decided to have our lunch was the usual counselling room. So long as I use the duplicate key, it would become a completely closed room where just the two of us can be alone.

“Lunch box! Tadaaah!”

Mai spread out the lunch box that she brought, showing it to me as though asking ‘how’s that’?

What she made were several rice balls inside the basket, and all kinds of side dishes gathered together.

“It’s like an athletic meet.”

“I wanted ya to call it a picnic!”

Because I thought that Mai would make a lunch for two people and put it straight in the lunch box, since she was an efficient person, I was surprised.

To Mai, she’s probably extremely careful about us picking at food from the same tray, huh.

“For the time being, thank you for the food. The rice ball-”

“Book said you liked it with lots of salt, so I shook it a lot. The contents are a secret.”

“This is red, huh.”

While stuffing my mouth with a pickled plum rice ball, I looked at Mai who was similarly grabbing a rice ball in her hand.

Mai tried to open her mouth so as to eat, but-


I stopped this.

Stopping her action with a questioning expression, Mai cocked her head.

“What’s up?”

“Before you eat, take care of this.”


What I presented to her was my penis that was pitching a tent through my pants.

From the start, I couldn’t take care of it in the morning. It’s only natural that I would want it during the day.

This time, I will have Mai properly serve me as a slave, and not under some other misconception. Since this was an opportunity to do this, there’s no way I’d let it slip through my fingers.

“Haah……I getit.”

Mai reluctantly gave her acknowledgement. Rather than disliking it, it appears that she was bummed out at the fact that she’d be late to finish her meal.

While still seated, I stretched out both of my feet and waited for Mai.

In doing so, Mai crawled on all fours and approached me, using my lap as a pillow as she sprawled herself upon it.

“Then I’ll take it off. Come on, lift up your hips, or I can’t take ’em off, right?”

Mai *rustled* around my abdomen, and removed my trousers.

From my perspective, she’s like a cat riding on my lap.

“Wha-?! Why’re ya patting my head? Stop it!”

“So you didn’t like it, huh.”

“There aren’t many people who would like it, you know! It’ll mess up my hair.”

“So that’s the interpretation, huh?”

After Mai finished removing my pants, my erect penis flew out with great momentum.

After hitting Mai’s cheeks, my penis soared, as though asserting my will.

“Uwah, it’s completely ready, huh. *nom*”

Perhaps because she wanted to finish things quickly, Mai swallowed without warning. Even though I’ve thoroughly violated her, does hesitation mean shit to her in her original consciousness?


“Such a shame, huh.”

I won’t ejaculate that quickly. Just how much does she think I’ve fucked?

After Mai vexingly frowning, she puckered her lips, sucked my urethra, and licked all over the underside. In doing so, she used the knowledge embedded in her head and tried to make me ejaculate quickly.

“You’re pretty good. Don’t tell me you’ve done this before?”

“Ish mah first time……wait, good? Book, have you had some other girl do this to you?”

“Ah, no……”

“What, so you haven’t.”

After removing her mouth once and protesting, Mai continued her blow job even more intensely.

Why do I have to be interrogated about such matters by a slave? Also, what do you mean ‘what’? Do I really look like I’m that estranged?

“*slurp*, *schlick* *schlick*……nnngghh!!”

Mai’s blow job was stronger than before, and she had increased her pace.

I was aggravated that she became joyful the moment she realised that we were similarly inexperienced. Although this is just a guess, this is probably because her rebellious spirit didn’t like it if I were better than her or something.

But, in the first place, such a thing as a hierarchical relationship barely exists in this act.

“Nngh……mmbbfgh!! Mmmmmgghh! Mmm!!”

“Come on, do your best……oh, this rice ball is kelp, huh?”

While eating the lunch with one hand, I pressed Mai’s head down with my other hand. Excessively messing up her hair, I treated Mai like a sex-sleeve as pistoned in her as I pleased.

Mai closed her eyes tightly, she slapped my knees as though to protest against me. Of course, I ignored her.

As though spitting out my desire as is, my penis trembled and began to ejaculate.

Cramming my penis down the back of Mai’s throat, I poured my semen inside of her.

“Mgh, bfghbfgh……! Hayuu……”

With her mouth gaping open, Mai was unable to close her jaw. Air leaked out with a *whistle*, and regurgitated semen flowed forth from that crevice.

Her eyes teared up and her hair had become crumpled, but there was a sense of conquest so I was satisfied.

“Fuuh……hey now, properly lick it up……”


All in all, Mai was a slave. Even though she was one-sidedly treated harshly like this, she obeyed my orders. With a *slurp*, she sucked and tried to squeeze out the semen from my urethra.

After cleaning my penis to a certain extent, my penis was taken out as though gliding along her saliva.

“*cough*, geez, Book~”

“What, I can do whatever I want to my slaves, after all.”

“I know that.”

Despite knowing, it felt like she wasn’t that convinced.

For now, I’m still in the middle of eating my meal, so I guess we should finish it up here.

“……hm? What is it, Mai?”

“I don’t wanna mooove! I’m tired from drinkiiin’!”

While lying on my lap, Mai lazily changed her posture. She laid on her back so that she was in just the right position to look up and see me.



“I’m tired, so feed me!”

“……do it yourself.”

“I looked after you, didn’t I?”

Mai protested as she stroked my penis that was touching her cheeks. Upon being stroked so much, it seems like I’ll get another erection.

She probably didn’t try to break away from me because she felt bliss at being together with me. Trying to eat while in this state, what an extravagant chap.


“I get it, here.”

“Mmgh, tasty! I made it, after all!”

While her body fidgeted as though it was truly delicious, her free hand continued to stroke my penis.

She was stroking it as though it were a pet or a hamster, rather than a penis near her cheeks.

“Come on, I’ll do something about this for you, Book, so do something about me, Book! This is our Master-Slave relationship!”

“Are you really a slave?”

She’s way too frank.

However, even if it was unpleasant, I calmed down slightly in the face of Mai’s appearance as she rubbed her cheek against my penis while laughing in good humour.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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