Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 53

Academy Pole Trial-Arc

From the school at night, you can hardly feel any light even if you look outside. The unseen darkness ahead amazingly bestowed a mysterious atmosphere.

In the name of preparing for the Cultural Festival, there was only a single day where students were permitted to stay overnight at school.

Of course, it is necessary to petition the school and secure the limited amount of sleeping places. Even here, that did not change.

Nonetheless, as long as I use suggestions to have all members prepare for the Cultural Festival with all their might, then that necessity disappears. If all of the bees that don’t usually work do so, then it would fundamentally result in such.

This school, who had 9 out of 10 people working besides me, was already completely ready and waiting for the Cultural Festival tomorrow.

“It’s also refreshing how there’s no light coming from outside the window, huh.”

However, it had been decided that a certain number of students would be sleeping over at this school for some unspecified reason.

While walking through the lonely lit corridor, I headed for my destination.

For today only, we were holding a Cultural Festival that was prepared just for me.

“Ah, welcoome!”

The female students waiting for customers in the hallway found me and waved their hands.

All of the female students that remained here were carefully selected and haphazardly assigned by me.

I don’t even know the names of the female students that were waving at me right now, but their intelligent-looking features smiled as their silky, beautiful long heir swayed.

“I have confidence in judging people, after all.”

“You, you quickly arrived, didn’t you? We were tired of waiting, you know!”

“I appreciate your efforts in solicitation.”

Besides me, there weren’t any customers.

All of the classrooms with attractions had curtains closed, a thorough measure to ensure that it wouldn’t be leaked to the outside. I feel bad for the teachers, but I had them guard the academy all night today.

Wondering what sort of attraction this place would have, I raised my head.

“Now, now! Quickly! Enter, enter!”

However, the long-haired girl rushed my movements, making me participate before I could confirm it.

As I entered the classroom, it was so dark that I couldn’t see anything. As the lights weren’t turned on, I could roughly guess what the attraction was.

“Although faintly, it’s become a maze, huh?”

“Okaay! Well then, I’m going to remove your clothes!”

Although I’ve used suggestion to indicate what sort of attraction it was, how that was implemented depended on the female students who participated.

The long-haired girl unhesitatingly removed my trousers and trunks, exposing my lower body.

Bringing my trousers somewhere just like that, I was left alone.

“It’s narrow.”

When my eyes grew accustomed to the lighting, I found that the classroom interior had become an intricate maze. It’s likely that it was a deversion of the ghost house that was done at ordinary Cultural Festivals.

Anyway, I advanced into the maze. It is fairly narrow.


-oh, there was an unknown female student who suddenly leaped out.

Although I can’t tell that well because it was dim, she was definitely naked.



“You surprised me.”

“Why aren’t you erect!?”

The lively and noisy girl was disappointed while closely watching my lower body.

“Say, can’t you get it to stand up—please?”

The girl herself was pretty. Cooperatively showing her cleavage to try and get me hard, she cocked her head and seduced me.

“Stupid Hibiki, there’s no way that he’ll get erect by doing such a thing, right?”

The new girl that came out was wearing a uniform. Her expression was a little stiff, but she properly held an older sister-like position.

“So sorry about this, we shall start over again.”

“Is that so?”

Taking the noisy child along, the uniformed girl tried to hide in the shadows at the front.

While in the midst of squatting her body and going through the gaps, the uniformed girl’s skirt, whose back faced me, was turned up.

Only for that moment, I could clearly see the lines of her pretty, well-shaped butt from her lower body, which wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Haha……how amazing. You’re very good.”


Seeing my erection, the uniformed girl leaked out a faint voice.

The female students here were trying to make me ejaculate using various means.

“Welcome to the pole trial, please come further inside.”

The uniform girl invited me further inside.

Although it was dark, there were barely any elements that incited fear. Rather, the dimness brought about a bewitching atmosphere.

For the time being, I followed the uniform girl, crouching as I entered the gap between the shadows.

“I’ve caught you!”

Immediately after passing through, both of my cheeks were enveloped by a soft, springy sensation.

Upon looking upwards, I noticed that I was being sandwiched by another, mild-mannered, big-breasted girl.

“Haha, I can’t move like this, huh.”

“I won’t let you go~”

It was like my face was being covered by a soft, warm sponge.

Brought along like this by the big-breasted girl, I was guided to an open place.

“Ok, I will change positions, ok?”

And then the big-breasted girl laid her back on the soft, carpeted floor, and I similarly laid on my back using that chest as a pillow.

“Don’t look, okay?”

There, a new girl appearance again. This girl also had a large chest, in her own way, and her torso was bare while her lower half was wearing the uniform’s skirt.

As I was lying down, she used her breasts to cover my face.

“Please say if it gets stuffy, ok?”

“It’s okay. See, I can also stick out my tongue.”

“Kyah! Geez, that’s no good. Licking breasts is a violation of the rules.”

Sandwiched by breasts from above and below, my view was completely blcked. I could feel the sensation of the top girl’s nipples hitting around my forehead.

Since I have the role of being made erect, attacking on my end appears to be a rule violation.

“Look, while you weren’t able to move, a lot of girls aiming for your semen have arrived.”

With a commotion, I could tell that a lot of girls had gathered, even if they weren’t in my vision.

“Okaay, then I will open up the view, okaay?”

Slowly, the girl hanging over me separated from me.

Even though it was a reluctant parting, I was able to catch the large breasts swaying as they ascended.

And then, from those parting breasts, the view opened up.

“Can you endure the pole trial?”

Upon doing so, what was there were several pretty girls. All of them were wearing this school’s uniform en mass.

And, without exception, they hiked up their skirts while pantyless, displaying its contents as though looking down on me, who was lying on my back.

Some ashamedly averted their gaze, others smiled while blushing. With each trio having their own expressions, they showed me their wet vaginas.

“Everyone has been shaving properly, huh?”

“Well ‘course, we had to take the care treatment for this day.”

“Ah!! It’s erect, it’s erect!”

“Ok, that’s enough~”

Saying this, the breasts in front of my face once again obstructed my view.

After that, the girls gathered around my groin while making a bustling sound.

A slender finger brushed against my waist region, and while each of my legs were being straddled, I could feel that gazes from all sides had gathered onto my crotch.

“Then, I’m first!”

“It’s somehow disappointing that I can’t see, huh.”

“Is that so? Fufuh.”

The girl hanging over me moved. Shaking up and down as though she were giving my face a boob job, I could see a gap opening up between the cleavage of her chest, even if it was only slight.

What I could peek at from there was the appearance of the lively-looking girl, even now trying to consume my penis with her vagina.


It was fairly tight. It appears that she’s one of those who don’t have experience.

It might not be the first time that my penis was put inside her, but it felt as though she wasn’t accustomed to it yet.

Even though my penis was inserted, she stayed like this, unmoving as she endured it.

“Hey, you need to properly move.”


“It……hurz!! This hurts more than I thought!

“But there’d be no point if you don’t move, you know! You have to make this guy ejaculate!”

It was a choice of words that was unique to the Cultural Festival, which merchants wouldn’t dare think of.

While smiling, I grew sick of the lack of stimulation, and so licked the breast hitting my cheek with my tongue.

“Kyah!! ……like I said, that’s a violation of the rules! You’re supposed to be the passive side, right!?”

“Pardon me.”

“Hey, you also have to take the Cultural Festival seriously, you know!?”


“Well, it can’t be helped~”

Amidst the hard to see view, the girls gathered around the girl who my penis was inserted in.

Oh, I think I’ve worked it out somehow.

“Well then, here we go. Ready, and-!”

“E-Eh!? OoUCH!!”

All of the girls raised the body of the girl who I was inserted in.

The inserted girl’s eyes were filled with tears from the pain, but it appears that she didn’t have the free time to complain.

“Ok, we’re putting her down.”

“Ready, and-!”


“Alright, we can do this!”

In other words, the others girls were moving the inserted girl up and down, forcefully pumping her.

It was an amazingly pitiable and wonderful sight.

Even though they treated the inserted girl almost as though she were a sex sleeve, the girls didn’t stop as they moved her. It was almost like they were bullying her.

“Ready, and-!”

Of course, as they were improvising, their team work wasn’t good. The inserted girl swayed loosely, as though she were a doll with weak joints.

Speaking from here, that turned into another new stimulus for my penis, as a pleasant feeling was finally transmitted to me.

“Hyah! KyaaAAAh!!!”

It seems that the default estrus suggestion was also working on the inserted girl. Like a tuna, she panted heavily, raising the loudest voice in this room.


Both the girl hanging over me and the chest pillow below me began breathing hard because of being in constant contact with me.

Even if I moved my tongue, it doesn’t feel like they would point out the rules anymore.

Since that was the case, I used my free hand to tightly grasp the breasts as I pleased.


“Ah Ah! HyaaAAAHN!!!”

“T-This is amazing!”

“Ah, somehow it’s twitching!”

The girls who weren’t in contact with me were also running a slight fever as they begun to grow horny.

Grabbing my groping hand, the other girls began to apply it against their own vaginas and breasts. It was almost like I was also being treated like a toy that they used as they pleased.

My legs and groin were also used for rubbing, and I was restrained in the truest sense of the word.

“Aaaaah!! Kyaahh!! Haah…….Aaah!!”

While having my whole body stroked as though it were a genital, the penis that had continually been stimulated began to tremble.

Without enduring that desire, I vented it out inside of the meat that I was inserted in.



Taken in by the inserted girls cry, a few of the girls lightly climaxed.

While feeling the *throbbing* semen flowing inside of her vagina, I saw the surroundings beginning to settle down.


Removing my penis from her dead-tired vagina, the inserted girl collapsed next to me while facing the opposite direction.

The semen that couldn’t fit sloppily spilled out onto the floor.

“This is amazing……”

“Uwah……it stinks.”

Curiously gathering around the semen, the girls begin to smell it with a *sniff*.

The horny girls probably began to hold interest in semen itself.

“Haha……this is also my loss, huh?”

Although it ended up seeming contrived, I praised this attraction. Because they made me ejaculate, it was nothing but a success.

When one of the girls heard my words and raised her head, she happily smiled.

“But this attraction is only just starting, you know.”

At the onset of those words, the women there flashed a bewitching smile as they looked at me.

My penis still has an excessive amount of energy, and it was easy to tell that it was standing tall even in this darkness.

“Haha……I’m so afraid that I can’t help it.”

“As you should be, but things are just starting from here, so……”

The beautiful girls who sought out sexual intercourse, along with the whores that were trying to make me erect, began to lick my body without any commands.

I wonder when I’ll be able to get out of this attraction?

While smiling, I held expectations towards this facility’s volume.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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