Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 56

Touhou Sunou Theatre Tragedy-Arc

In front of the teacher’s platform of the multi-purpose room, which was a little wider than the normal classroom’s, I spread out both of my hands.

“Now then, this is a Medieval Kingdom.”

All of the female students staring at the teaching platform were gathered as the light of their eyes disappeared, their gazes wandering through the empty air.

Even so, their ears properly picked up my words and were instilled in the depths of their hearts.

All of them had fallen into a hypnotic trance.

I turned to the right and addressed half of the group.

“For the sake of the princess who lives in this Light Kingdom, you are to put every effort in defending it from the Empire who started an invasion. The girls of the Country of Light, raise your hands.”

When I said this, the female students in the right half of the room raised their hands. Satisfied with that, I addressed the other half of the female students.

“Conversely, you are the Dark Empire invading this Light Kingdom, and are trying to raid it so as to take the territory as your own. The girls of the Empire, raise both of your hands.”

The left half of the female students slowly raised their hands with hollow eyes. Just as arranged.

“Well then, this story will begin! Everyone, please be born!”

Clapping my hands with a bang, the female students all began to prepare at once.

Some of them shifted the teacher’s platform out of the way and stuck a picture onto the background board. A machine was adjusted so that the BGM flowed out.

“Theatre is pretty hard work, huh.”

So as to not get in the girls’ way, I planted my waist on the audience seats where the girls were and decided to wait.

The attraction here was a play. I’m certain I heard that they’d put on three performances.

A part of the female students undressed the uniforms they wore, being reduced to their underwear appearance. It would seem that they were changing costumes. Because they were moving unconsciously, they didn’t go to the changing rooms.

Placing the uniforms on the audience seats, their bodies, which still possessed slenderness, was shown to me. The underwear that still covered their developing chests weren’t really that cute.

“This here is a sense of immorality that, on the contrary, is actually great, huh.”

While moving so as to not get in the girls’ way, I gazed hard at their changing figures.

The ones who were putting on a play as an attraction were the middle school students. Their immature figures in the midst of growing were lined up. Perhaps, amongst the sights I’ve seen inside of this school up until now, this one was the most immoral.

“Good luck to you too, Sunou.”


Of course, she couldn’t hear me.

However, immediately by my side was Sunou, who was changing like everyone else. Although she was still thin right now, even I could tell that she was somewhat big when comparing her to the rest of the girls like this.

“It appears that, in theatre, there are people who change their own lives because of their role, see.”

I muttered to myself while watching the changing girls.

Meanwhile, the young bodies had changed into the stage prop medieval clothes. There were some who were having trouble, perhaps because they weren’t able to wear them well.

“For example, when playing in a drama about adultery, the actors would deliberately cheat on people. At the time of playing a madman, it appears that there were also people who would actually take drugs and see incidents.”

It seemed that there were some who had removed their underwear and changed, and there were girls who removed their bra and exposed their nipples.

Sunou was also among these people, pinching the hook of her bra with her small, slender fingers as it dropped. They were the two protuberances that I always saw, but peeking at them while she was unconscious like this was also entertaining.

“If you think along these lines, then what I’m doing will make this the greatest rehearsal. Be thankful.”

Basically, by my goodwill, the girls would be able to undergo genuine special training. There were girls from other classes mixed in, but that couldn’t be helped.

As the preparations were gradually put in order, the lights faded to black once they bowed on the stage.

“On a star somewhere in the distant past……”

Crossing both legs, I watched the play.

Just as I said earlier, the play appeared to hold a Medieval Fantasy setting. The plays that one would put on at this age would usually be a student comedy, and those that were more reasonable with a little bit of monkey business were more prevalent.

Perhaps this is really an influence of the suggestions? But the one who pushed for this plan is weird in the head.

“Upon thinking about my loyalty to the princess, even the wounds carved on this body are not painful.”

Sunou continued to fluently speak the memorised lines. The fact that this girl barely feels nervous at all when it becomes the real thing was threatening, huh.

This time, everyone was getting into their roles due to the suggestions, but this probably won’t happen in the play.

“This Knight, Snow White, will-“

Sunou’s attire was exactly that of a Knight Commander. She was wearing protective equipment that was easy to move in, which was plate armour on top of blue western-style clothes. They were flamboyant, unlike the other knights, and she even wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Although it doesn’t look reliable, those clothes that didn’t cover their body properly expressed everyone’s standing of living beyond their means.

Even though it’s in the play, the worrying state of whether their young selves would be swept along by everyone else was expressed like a musical.

The figures of the other female camp were also seen clearly, but their exposure was modest. It can’t be helped because they’re sensitive to such things at this age. The long skirt knight attire seemed very difficult to move in.

“Really, I like the evil side better.”

The setting became dark, as it became the Evil Empire’s turn. It seems that, in order to do something about these impoverished land resources, they attacked the Light Country.

Although it’s such a cliche, if a play isn’t this easy to understand, then people will end up bored.

Before one realised it, a war had broken out, and before one realised it, the battle had headed to its final stage.

“Now then, Dark Empire! Give up and go back to your own country!”

Sunou thrust her sword upwards, instigating the few remnants of the Dark Empire.

The forces of the invading Dark Country had been pretty much devastated by the Light Country, and so desperately began a massacre in the Country Light.

The present situation was the last part of the story to prevent that.

The main battle was already over, and it had become a tale that would leave lingering memories of the finale.

It was the conversation part with the last enemy that happened often.

“You truly are to be commended.”

“What for?”

“You guys might be fine with this. However, when we retreated from a crushing defeat, our families who were waiting for our return, what will happen to them living on the barren land without being able to fight? I don’t have the courage to tell them to go starve and die like this.”

Listening to this conversation, things ending with them conceding to a certain extent was this story’s original appearance.

Of course, things won’t end in such a boring way, though.

“……you are-“

“What, there’s no need to sympathise, see. From here on, we too will be well-provided for, after all.”



Appearing on stage was the captured Light Country’s Princess.

The girls of the Dark Empire took a final gamble, and created a diversion. Connecting with the aristocrats through bribes, they fished in troubled waters and provoked a coup d’etat.


“It would appear that, with this, the situation has been reversed, yes?”

“Snow! Kill me! If you do it now, then we can still make it!”

The princess desperately issued the command to kill herself.

However, the Knight, Sunou, could not do that. For her, who originally had the setting of hating to stand above sacrifices, she could not do it.

As a result, the Dark Empire made certain to secure the princess and was successful in overthrowing the country.

Now then, this is the main part.

The Ceremonial Knights, who obeyed the Princess due to loyalty, were unable to support the nobles who caused a coup and were captured as insurgents.

Including Sunou, the beautiful girls were on their knees, unable to move their necks and hands due to the wooden stocks.

“Hear me, People, and look at these figures! This is the end of those who swore loyalty to the pathetic, and foolish Princess! And, from here on, you lot will be made into the slaves you should be as the incarnation of your sins!”

“Don’t insult the princess!”

The people was referring to the people in the audience seats. Well, there’s no one else here but me, though.

The Dark Empire girl triumphantly laughed as she kicked Sunou and the others.

“But, well, I feel a little sympathetic for slaves such as you. Your lives as humans would just be thrown away, after all. That’s why, as a minimal trifle of mercy, I’ve prepared them.”

After the Empire girl looked over the captured knights, she met eyes with me, who was the populace.

“These guys are stained in the blood of our brethren. Leaving their whore bodies alone is also filthy. Therefore, they cannot avoid capital punishment, but since they’re going to die anyway, I was beginning to think, see. Before you guys become slaves, I’ve prepared a final consolation for you. You can use them as you please.”

There wasn’t any particular twist to it. It was that sort of thing.

The Knights that fought to protect the Princess and the people.

Relieving themselves by breaking the hearts of those girls due to being raped by the people they were trying to protect was the Empire’s revenge.

Being released from this situation that I haven’t seen anywhere else but here, I stood up from my seat.

The one who my eyes met first was a small knight girl, crying in despair. She was originally someone with a faint heart, huh. She was so afraid to die that it was unavoidable.

“P-Please stop!”

“You guys destroyed this country!”

“N-No, that’s-!”

“Stop it!”

Suddenly, Sunou raised a loud voice and glared my way.

She seems to have some hesitation towards directing such a gaze towards the citizens she was trying to protect. However, she probably thought that it couldn’t be helped in order to protect her brethren.

“If you’re going to do it, then do it to me! That girl has a sweetheart!”

“Man, fuck them starting from that one.”


If the Empire orders it, the feeble people with life regrets wouldn’t be able to resist them, huh?

In place of the girl who couldn’t move due to the wooden stocks, I turned around to her behind.


I forcibly grabbed her ass over her clothes and tore off the fabric. Since it was originally made for the play, I didn’t have to use that much force to rip it.


“Hahaha, there, get a good look!! This was done by the people you lot were trying to protect!”

The Empire girl laughed loudly and pointed at me.

Meanwhile, I removed my pants and took out my penis, placing it against the vagina of the Girl Knight whose name I didn’t even know.

“No, no!!”

“Don’t resist! Hold down the woman!”

Naturally, she resisted. The girl struggled vainly, shaking her ass so that I wouldn’t be able to insert myself inside.

The Empire girl ordered her subordinates, restraining the girl from both sides.

“No, stop! Please!”

“Hye, the man over there, hurry up and insert it!”


As a feeble citizen, I couldn’t do anything except what I was told.

Suddenly, I looked to the side and worshipped Sunou’s expression.

Sunou bit her lip in vexation, causing blood to spill out. It was a so-so reaction. Since she can’t commit acts such as suicide, I want her to suffer as many bitter experiences as I wish.


“Hahaha! This girl’s a virgin, isn’t she!? How does it feel to have intercourse with your beloved civilian whose face you barely even remember?”

“Nooooo!! Aagh!! Aah!!”

As though tearing apart the crotch of the resisting girl knight, I crammed my penis inside.

The interior of her vagina, which still hasn’t accepted anyone’s yet, was violently devastated by my penis, being pried open as though tearing fibres of meat with a snap.

With her mouth agape and her tongue sticking out, the knight girl let out a hoarse voice.

“Ah, ah!! Gagh AaAAAhh!!”

“Haha, this girl is hilarious! Hey now, look at the great knight!”

“Stop it! Stoop!!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry……”

I continued to apologise. The feeble, powerless citizen could do nothing but listen to what the Empire said.

The girl’s vagina became horny, twitching and undulating so as to swallow my penis. However, the girl in question was gasping in agony, becoming messed up with tears and drool.

The still developing vagina was tight, and, despite having no experience, it had sufficient strength to jerk off my penis. I moved freely, and selfishly felt pleasure.

“Haah……aah……!! Egugh……”

Leaning forward like a dog, I continued to rape the knight girl.

Having a man whose face she couldn’t see bending over her back, the girl sobbed.

While carving my penis even deeper into the insides of the vagina that was being fucked for the first time, blood swelled up in my groin.

Without stating so, I ejaculated into the girl’s vagina just like that.


Faced with that ejaculation, the girl convulsed with a twitch. Losing the energy to cry out, she collapsed to the ground, her tongue still sticking out as though it were licking the ground.

After exhaling deeply, I looked around both sides.

I could tell that the surrounding knights had turned pale. They were probably imagining what would become of them in the future.


“Over there, shut up!”

“Save me, save me!!”

“Next is that one. Hurry up!”


Naturally, I couldn’t disobey them. Civilians are frail, after all.

Pushing down the knight girl that was screaming and struggling, the Empire girls tore her clothes apart.

What was there were beautiful bare legs and buttocks that had not been touched by anybody before, and a hairless vagina.

“Don’t touch me! Die, go a die!!”

Perhaps she was originally aggressive, or she just didn’t know when to give up, but this knight girl was still not stopping her resistance. Finding fault with everybody and everything, she tried to delay things by even just a few second.

The Empire girls made the restraints even stronger. Pinning down her head, they tried to chip away at the girl’s will to resist.

The despairing knight girl’s eyes coincidentally ended up meeting with Sunou’s.

“It’s your fault……”


“It’s because you couldn’t command us properly!! It’s because you protected the Princess there! You think the Princess is so important, but you don’t care about us subordinates at all!!”

“T-That’s not-!”

At last, her blame reached even the Knight Commander, Sunou.

That sight was so entertaining that I was desperately hid the rising corner of my mouth.

“It’s not wrong! It’s your fault! That……ah, aah……!!!”

While the girl was screaming, I ended up inserting my penis inside her.

Even though she couldnt see behind her because of the stocks, the girl was fully aware of the irreparable scar left upon her.

Infected by that girl’s despairing eyes, Sunou trembled.

Nothing had been done to her body yet. However, her spirit had definitely been diminished, exhausted by the rape.

While feeling her responsibility, she received the treatment of despair after everyone else, and was violated more than anyone in this place.

“Aah, aah, kyaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

The knight girl’s scream continued to ring in Sunou’s ears and my pleasure.

Upon thinking about Sunou, who would be fucked last, my penis swelled in expectation more than sympathy.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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