Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 59

West-North Folk Dance-Arc

The sun gradually sank, and the academy that was holding the Cultural Festival began to become meek. Even from the Counselling Room, such an atmosphere had been conveyed.

Even I, who didn’t properly participate, felt melancholic in this atmosphere.

“It is sun set, is it not?”

While peeking outside the window, Kokoro gazed at the madder-red sky as though deeply moved.

She probably felt the same as me. Both of us were partly outsiders, so our empathy was also strong.

“Does Master dislike it?”

“I didn’t have anything like a Cultural Festival when I was in middle school, see. This is probably the first time that I’ve become an involved party.”

Outside of the window, the students were making camp fires.

Apparently they were holding folk dances as well, so it seems that they were also preparing the music in the broadcasting room.

“Um, Master’s experience in Folk Dancing is-“

“Zero. Or rather, are there any schools that really do that in P.E?”

At the very least, I have not experienced it.

Upon asking, it was apparently a dance where men and women would dance in turns at such an event. It’s not like doing that would cultivate any friendship, so is there some sort of significance in doing it for only a few seconds?

I’m glad that I don’t have any experience. I could not empathise with the supporters at sports festival.

“Do you not like it, Master?”

“When coming into contact with a woman, if I’ll end up only touching or talking to them without any physical relationship whatsoever, then I think it’s the same as not meeting them.”

“That’s too extreme.”

“Everyone and anyone respects the person who gives them knowledge and ideas. There’s nothing else to it.”

Kokoro made a troubled smile. After that, she uneasily gazed at the students outside once more.

Having started to become tired of gazing at this scene, I turned my eyes towards the bookshelf.



“The school I was in……or rather, that is also this place, but there they had a Folk Dance lesson.”

“Heeh, did you dance in the Cultural Festival?”

“Yes, everyone invited me……”

Well, it’s Kokoro. Her dance partners were probably not just limited to 1 or 2 people.

The conversation was hardly interrupted, and the topic of the dance would not escape from my thoughts. I would like to concentrate given that I’m reading a book, though.

Perhaps I have a complex about it? Since it was almost like trying to inform someone of knowledge that they haven’t experience, it might have been considered an annoyance.



“Do you wanna try and have a dance?”

“Ye……yes!! Thank you so very much! U-Um, here, is it?”

“Of course. I have no intention of going outside.”

I raised my heavy hips and tapped my feet.

Kokoro brought her hand to her chest and, after taking a deep breath, looking at me with dignified eyes.

“So, what should I do?”

“Erm, we should start with the posture, yes? First, keep your body’s axis vertical–that’s it. After that, the shoulders……”

What’s with this?

Isn’t this just hugging each other and moving our legs?

Come to think of it, I saw a video once, but I feel that there are different ways of connecting hands.

After some time, the partner changes……that’s irrelevant now, right? In which case, what happens?

“How troublesome.”


“[Let’s play together].”

I’m aware that I’m really hap-hazardous with things that I’m not interested in.

That’s why I should just change it into something I can be interested in. It’s nothing that difficult.

Leaving Kokoro who was still in her hypnotic trance, I took out my cell phone.

“Is this Rein?”

[……do you want something?]

“You understand well, huh. Come to Counselling Room. I want you to dance with me.”

[……what about Mai?]

“I called because I wanted to dance with Rein.”

[Got it. Wait a sec.]

“I’m here!”

So fast. It was immediately after I closed my cell phone.

Rein knocked on the Counselling Room door from the hallway.

Upon unlocking the door and having her come inside, I could tell that she was out of breath, as expected.

“Hey, come in.”

“Thanks……huh, why is Kokoro-san-“

“[Defeat is Yours].”

Rein breathlessness became inert. Originally, the suggestive state aims to have the target relax, so it can be used for these sorts of breaks.

Now then, if I idle around too much, then the musical broadcast will end up starting. I have to quickly have them hear me out.

“Rein, do you have experience folk dancing?”

“Yes……I have, done it before……”

“Kokoro, Rein, the two of you can do anything, so try and dance.”

“Yes……the song……”

“Song? Make it the one that’s normally done in the Cultural Festival.”

When I instructed them, the two took each other’s hands and began to dance something folk dance-like.

Both of their consciousness was in a hazy place, so it was like I was watching spring-type dolls dancing.

The choreography looks troublesome, huh.

Suddenly, the two’s bodies stopped.

“What’s wrong?”


“Hm? Aah, come to think of it, that’s right.”

Upon listening to the procedure, Rein would apparently change partners after doing the folk dance for a bit. So it’s like dancing with everyone, huh?

It seems that the two of them can keep dancing like this, but towards the precise instruction I gave them which was to perform a dance, the fact that such a mechanism exists had been shown to me.

“Rather than dancing, I really should fuck them after all, huh?”

While the corners of my mouth distorted, I came up with a little idea.

“Alright, I’ve decided. Let’s dance together. Although there’s no one else but the three of us here, it’s enough.”

While watching the two dancing dolls as though evaluating them, I spun the suggestions that would be used from now on.

The advance notice for the music broadcast started a while after I finished implanting the suggestions.

“Master, it’s almost time.”

Kokoro happily pulled my hand, and brought me to the centre of the tidied Counselling Room.

Rein was in a slightly bad mood. She was glaring at me with a sullen expression.

“What, if you don’t want to do it here, then shall we go to the grounds?”

“Here is fine.”

I spoke this sort of joke even though I would be the one troubled if we were to go to the grounds now.

Tossing away my pants and trunks, I began to get ready to dance.

“Hey, you two, we’re starting.”


“I got it.”

Kokoro and Rein both placed their hands inside of their skirts, hooking their thumbs around the end of their panties and pulling them down.

It’s because they can’t dance with me if they have their panties on.

“Well, with regards to order, I don’t really know how to dance so how about the two of you try and dance first?”

“Yes, then please take care of me, Rein-san.”

“Please, take care.”

The music started.

I don’t know the name of the song, and in the first place this song is only a BGM to us.



First was Kokoro and Rein’s [dance].

The duo put their hands inside of each other’s skirts, and began to trace their crevices. They rolled up the other’s skirts with their free hand so that I could firmly see it.

Rein had an air saying that things couldn’t be helped because it was a dance, while Kokoro was smiling with flushed cheeks. I gazed at both of the girls who were consoling themselves.


“Ngh, ngh……! Kokoro-san, that’s-!”

The first to move was Kokoro. Inserting her slender fingertips into Rein’s vagina, she stroked it as though to roll it around.

Rein strongly closed her mouth and eyelids, enduring it so as to not let out her voice.


As though saying that she won’t just be on the passive side, Rein used her fingers to play with Kokoro’s clitoris.

Kokoro’s shoulders shuddered with a jerk, but even so her smile towards me did not crumble. She’s probably happy to be seen by me.

“Here now, Master……partner-“

“Don’t dawdle.”

“That’s right, huh? My bad, my bad.”

Approaching the duo, I first drew Kokoro closer to me.


“First I’ll start with Kokoro.”


I embraced Kokoro as though we were reunited lovers, and immediately exchanged a kiss. Distributing saliva to each other, a damp noise sounded.

Rein furrowed her brow, dissatisfied about being left alone. Even though she was under the suggestions, she probably felt some sort of incongruence.


“That’s right, Rein has to dance alone.”

It would seem that the suggestions were working as normal.

Rein spread her own vagina, and began to masturbate while the two of us were watching. While vexedly showing her teeth, she consoled herself while using us as masturbation material.

Of course, the fact that she was unable to resolve her lust alone didn’t change, though.

“Now then, shall I put it in?”

“Ah, Maste–hyaaaaahh!!”

“Just being seen is quite annoying, huh?”

After pressing Kokoro against the wall, I used both hands to lift her butt and thrust my penis into her vagina whilst still standing.

I moved intensely for the time that I was kept waiting in suspense. The interior of the vagina, that was loosened and aroused to a certain extent, smoothly accepted my penis.

Kokoro wrapped her arms around my neck, placing all of her weight on me so that she would fall. Although it was light, the weight of her entire body leaned on Kokoro’s vagina.

“Hyaaaah!! Aaah…………”

Kokoro panted slightly with an expression of ecstasy, moving her hips up and down as though dancing.

Firmly supporting that body bobbing up and down so that it would fall, I rammed the dead-end of her pussy countless times.


Rein spoke, tapping the shoulder of me, who was engaged in sexual intercourse.

Letting go of Kokoro’s hand, she tumbled to the floor.

“I see, so there was also such a rule……!”

Rein suddenly locked her lips with mine, as though leaping into me.

Flinching in the face of the assault that seemed as though it would knock our teeth together, I fell on my buttocks.

“Hurry up and dance……”

Straddling me, who had collapsed, Rein raised her skirt. Using her vagina like a keyhole, my towering penis plugged only the entrance and-

“Mmmgh!! Aaaahh!!”

Rein dropped her waist all at once, causing my penis to completely fill out the insides of her vagina.

Rein wholeheartedly moved her waist up and down, as she began to stroke my penis with her vagina.

Unlike when Kokoro did it, where we both moved together, it was a sexual intercourse of indulgence.

“You, this is a dance, you know?”

“I, know!!”

“Then properly do it together!”

Of course, I intend to enjoy myself my way no matter what my partner does.

Raising my upper body, I grabbed Rein’s chest with both hands. And then, I pushed it up as though crushing bread, pressing her nipples with my thumbs.


“Come on!”

From there, I further began to piston, playing with so much force as though to send Rein, who was on top, flying away.

Rein being Rein, she further glued herself to my body as though not to lose to this and planned to restrain me on the floor like this.

Pushing our skin as though to assault each other, we devoted ourselves to our intercourse. It was a dance of 2 that was once again different from Kokoro.

“Rein-san……we should alternate already.”

Even though she climaxed countless times from the lust suggestion and had become completely exhausted due to the earlier intercourse, Kokoro still firmly called out this way.

Rein didn’t notice it due to being in a daze, but it just couldn’t be helped after all this.

Kokoro and myself joined forces, forcibly pushing Rein away.


“Let’s at least follow the manners of the dance, ok?”

“Fufu……Master, shouldn’t you be cumming soon?”

While sweat spread across her forehead, Kokoro stroked my manly, towering penis. The quiet beast, that was again quite different from Rein, was on the verge of pouncing.

“It really is no good if you do not cum in me first, after all. Well then, Master……”

It was there that Kokoro lied on her back and bent her knees, spreading her groin and opening her vagina with both fingers as she greeted me.

I wordlessly hanged over Kokoro, plunging the penis in my hand inside of her vagina.


Kokoro extended her right hand and held my left, as though to entwine our hands together.

Using my free right hand, I lifted Kokoro’s back and tried to pretend to dance with only the upper body.

It felt like the folk dance was perhaps not constructed this way.

Her readiness to try and dance, even if it’s only by feeling, was very like her.

“Hyaaaah!! M-Maste-r!!”

Shaken by the up and down movements, Kokoro breathed heavily while continuing to dance below me. Her moist eyes did not leave the gaze of me, her partner.

Her vagina squeezed my penis that was trying to get away, and relaxed the moment it tried to go deeper as though accepting it, allowing the penis to enter smoothly.

The rubbing-like stimulus coupled with the intense movements strongly squeezed my penis. As though following my blood circulation, the genitals that had thorough knowledge of the other were devouring each other.

“Ah……iggh!! Hyah, hyaaahh……kyah, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!”

With her mouth still agape, Kokoro looked at the ceiling and continued to convulse with a twitch.

As though squeezing all of the strength from my body, semen gushed out from my penis.


Releasing my hand, Kokoro rolled onto the floor. Semen spilled from her vagina, but the cleaning should be done later.

As there was something more important, I turned around.

“It’s time to alternate, huh. Kokoro has become like this, so I guess next is me again, huh?”


Rein got on her knees while slouched over, shaking her entire body.

Rein, who couldn’t climax without me, constantly kept consoling herself while waiting.

Her reason maintained on the surface barely allowed her to stay conscious.


“It’s time.”


Just by my strongly grabbing her arm, Rein soiled herself.

Originally, the horny suggestions had Rein aiming for the limits of human beings. The teasing was something quite considerable.

She has a great deal of mental strength to not have gone crazy despite this.

“It’s because you’ve thoroughly been dancing since earlier, after all.”

“Agh, agh……”

“Next, I will escort you.”

Having obtained a sense of conquest, blood seethed into my penis once again.

I was able to use Rein, who was no longer able to resist, however I pleased, as though she were like a broken doll.

As though playing with dolls and figurines, I took Rein’s hand and made only her body take the form of a dance.


“Mast, er……wa-“

Apparently Kokoro had regained consciousness. As per the suggestions, she was probably intending on masturbating when left alone.

The stamina of these two would be higher than mine. I’d be troubled if they became groggy after only one or two times.

“Haha……the song is still going, you know!”

While ravaging Rein, I wondered just how far we could keep this dance going, and my heart swelled with expectations for the love affair that I couldn’t see before me.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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