Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 62

Seibu Rein Forest Bath-Arc

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There is a nearly non-existent amount of ero.

After being shaken about on the bus for several hours, I walked together with Rein along an unknown road.

The temperature of the tropics’ sun shining down on us was different from that of Japan’s.

Anyway, it’s harsh. To begin with, I’m not a person who would frolic about outside.

“The resort we went to last time was still inside Japan.”

“What’s with that?”

Even if I may have been defeated by my curiosity, it ended up inadvertently leaking from my mouth.

I feel like an hour had already passed since we started walking. Continuously walking through the lands that hadn’t changed for the better, I finally saw a thicket that looked like a forest.

“This is also Rein’s fault , you know.”

“You, you’re dragging too much.”

“There wasn’t a need for me to visit too, right?”

The first thing we did after arriving in this country was go to the hospital to visit Rein’s grandfather.

I thought that I would be waiting outside, but I lost to Rein’s reasoning and helplessly tagged along.

I was stared a lot by that grandfather. But of course, since her grandchild brought a man that wasn’t connected to her by blood with her.

“I said it before, but since you’re also borrowing gramps’ house, you have to greet him.”

“I lost again……”

“Besides, going together in and of itself is strange. I’m also in the bad for not refusing, though.”

Even indoors, I still want to look at the outside scenery.

From the beginning, reading books as a hobby is a calling that has you viewing a different landscape than the one you are in now. Whether it be human relationships, or one’s world view.

In other words, this trip was also an extension of reading.

“Even if I was reading this, though, the risks are way too high.”

“Come on, that’s it over there, so do your best.”

Rein pointed to the other side. Looking that way, I could certainly see a forest.

“Even though you say that’s it, I can only see a forest.”

“That forest is the place where we will live.”

Like I said, I can only see a forest. Where’s the house?

They said that there was a car for agriculture at the house. That’s why there wouldn’t be a need to walk, with the exception of emergencies or on the way back home.

“Although it’s a bit late now, did you not ask for someone to pick us up?”

“There is someone picking us up, it’s just that they couldn’t come to the hospital. Besides, if they could do that, then there wouldn’t be a need for me to come here.”

We unexpectedly reached the place soon after making some idle chatter. The landscape that was veiled up until a moment ago had cleared up, and many kinds of trees several times larger than me started to stand in a row.

Upon coming this far, I was also able to figure it out.

“So there’s a house in the forest?”

“That’s right, since there’s a place where you can see the ocean in the deepest part of this forest , it is cooler than the place we’re in now.”

Rein’s expression was slightly uplifting. I guess she likes this place.

I wonder whether or not I can also come to like this place.

Suddenly, while I was thinking about such a thing, a piercing screech-like sound echoed from within the forest.



With a light-hearted face, Rein did not answer my question. That expression was the face that pretty much said ‘watch’.

The insides of the forest began to stir. The plants made a heavy sound that was impossible for the wind to make, and something revealed its figure.

What appeared was a huge turtle that was as big as a person. Abruptly stretching out its neck from its shell, it looked at me.

“A turtle……o-owah!?”

I retreated a step or two backwards in surprise.

Following the turtle was a wolf-like mammal, something that was either like a squirrel monkey or a slow loris, and creatures that seemed like an iguana, an eagle, and a deer. Because I don’t have that much knowledge of animals, I could only identify things that looked like such.

“Don’t tell me these guys are……”

“They’re gramps’s pets, or rather relatives, friends, and the like.”

In the face of the large parade of animals, I tried to take out the Hypnotic Stick that was inside my pocket without thinking. For now, I can do as much as warp the animals’ consciousness.

-however, the squirrel monkey-like animal appeared out of nowhere and took my Hypnotic Stick.

“D-Damn it!”

“It’s ok, calm down. They’re nervous because a new human has arrived. As long as they know you’re not an enemy, everyone will be good children.”

“How would I……ah……my clothes!! Hoaaah, AAAH!!!!”

The deer or whatever pulled down my trousers. The animals successively deprived me of my lengthened coat like the logos of clothing manufacturers.

Without trying to save me, Rein tried to suppress the corners of her mouth and smiled.

“Pff, so you can also make that sort of face, huh?”

“You, you tried to surprise me, didn’t you!? The crime for such a sin is heavy!”

These dumb animals were doing a physical examination. It’s likely that they were searching my whole body in order to find out whether I had brought harmful things like a gun or poison.

I stumbled due to the recoil of having my clothes removed, collapsing on top of the huge turtle that first appeared.

These guys……they’re even examining my anus.

“These children are cautious. Since gramps raised these guys so that they are firmly able to do it by themselves.”

“Don’t screw with me! What about you, Rein?”

“They already know that I’m a friend.”

Suddenly, Rein laughed with a clear face. I was clearly one-upped.

Don’t go getting full of yourself just because you won in your home environment. Seems like this girl wants to get blown away.

“I feel a little refreshed.”

“How so?”

“Come, let’s go. Everyone will take care of the luggage, after all.”

Rein walked deeper into the forest as though she were thoroughly familiar with it.

While I was lying face down naked on top of it, the turtle moved and took me further inside of the forest.

There was a solitary tenement inside of the forest.

It is one-storeyed, and the veranda went all the way from the left side to the right, wide-open with good ventilation.

It wasn’t like a terraced house, it really was a terraced house. I doubted whether there was this sort of Japanese-style house in the tropics, but since the inside was filled with animals here and there, I did not recognise it as Japanese.

“Say, is there a shower?”

“The well water is carried over here, so try going to the back. Also, clothes.”

Being left inside of Rein’s house, I headed to the place where the water was carried to.

On the way there, I even caught sight of the hot springs surrounding by fences.

How should I say this, this house’s designer was a Japanese. I don’t the particulars of how they built this house in this country, but there can be no doubt about it.

I wonder if Rein’s father coming to Japan was related to this?

There wasn’t a shower room. Just a shower.

In other words, there was only a water supply that poured water from above in the garden.

“……what are you looking at?”

While taking a shower, I looked towards the insides of the forest and glared.

There was the animal resembling a squirrel-monkey, and a parrot.

It felt like I was in a car-less safari park. Apparently the animals in this forest generally interact with Rein’s grandpa, and take actions as commanded.

Certainly, if trained, the animals can do a single fixed task.

“By all appearances, you have a will, huh? Can you talk?”

The squirrel-monkey like thing tilted its head. How cheeky.

Perhaps Rein’s physical ability might also be related to something like her grandfather’s training?”

“How long are you going to take?”

“……I’m cautious, you know. In the first place, don’t peek at people taking a shower.”

“Is that something you should really be saying?”

Rein was not agitated even when seeing me naked. She’s probably used to it.

It seems that she was being considerate and had brought me a towel.

“Because I’m also taking a shower.”

“I see……”

“That’s why, if you’re finished-“

“You’ll be here, huh?”


Since you peeped on me, I’ll peep on you back.

Sitting on the bench that was there, I stood by with the intent of making conversation with Rein.

As though resigning herself after all this, Rein also calmly began to remove her clothes before my eyes.

Without breaking her dignified expression, her flesh-coloured body glowed beautifully in the blazing sunlight. With the forest as the background, her figure basking in water had become a painting.

“So we just have to stay here for about 4 days, right?”

“Ya. It’s hot, but we can shower like this, and as for food, we can use the agricultural-purpose car to get it. There’s also some in this forest.”


“Even you are quite free, to have come to this sort of place. There’s no entertainment here besides sleeping.”

That’s not true.

Somehow or another, I’ve started thinking about ways in which to play in this place even now.

“Are there no other people here?”

“They might come if you call, but this forest is tough for outsiders. Even for you, if you weren’t with me, then you might not have gotten inside.”

We’re going to spend 4 days in this forest without people.

The animals and such were here, but as long as Rein’s here they probably won’t be that hostile.

In other words, no matter how I wanted to play in this place, as long as Rein doesn’t notice then anything goes.

“……as I thought, I really don’t get you at all.”

The sweat on Rein’s entire body was washed away by the water. The drops of water followed the flowing lines of her body, reflecting her naked self even more vividly.

“There’s no way you can understand other people.”

“But I really couldn’t come up with any reason for you to have come together with me.”

While showering, Rein did not turn towards me.

While fixatedly looking at the lines of Rein’s back and her butt, I thought about what to do from here on.

“It made me a little happy.”

“Mm, is that so?”

Certainly, if a person was by themselves, then they’d be in trouble during an emergency or if something happened. Whether it be an illness or whatever, having two people by itself makes things completely different.


Rein probably saw through the fact that I wasn’t really interested in the conversation. Still accepting that despite this, she smiled as though coming to a realisation, stopping herr shower and putting on her towel.

Wondering how I would fuck Rein from here on, I repeatedly went through trial and error before coming to a conclusion.

It helped that her pure figure taking a shower made my thoughts move without delay.

“[Defeat Is Yours.]”


The towel came lose from Rein’s hand, falling to the ground. She had fallen into a hypnotic trance.

Approaching Rein, I placed the towel I held against her chest.

“Hey now, that’s not good. You need to properly dry yourself. I’ll help out, so stay still.”

“Yes……I, will stay, still.”

Rein was dripping with trickles of water. That Rein defencelessly entrusting her body to me was quite a unique state.

First I wiped her chestal region. As though wiping a soft ball, I moved my hands as though to squeeze her breasts.

“Haha, it’s a pool.”


Upon pushing both of Rein’s breasts together and creating a valley, I collected water there and tried playing around with it.

I tried burying my face into the breast cup and drinking the water accumulated in there, but the tasted wasn’t particularly any different.

slurp……as expected, I guess it’s just the feeling, huh?”


Let alone Rein, the other animals also didn’t do anything.

No, the animals were closely looking over here, as though observing as per usual. The animals probably don’t know about concepts other than the real thing.

“What, rest assured that I’ll only play around to the extent that you won’t get a cold.”

While speaking to myself in a whisper, I wiped Rein’s body without leaving a single place out.

While raising her armpits where not even a single hair had sprouted, I carefully rubbed it.

Rein was probably ticklish. Even in the hollow state of her hypnotic trance, her cheeks blushed and she began to fidget about.

“Since we’re going to have fun over the next 4 days as well, I’ll properly clean you up.”

Carrying Rein under my arm, I headed towards the bench. I laid her down on it.

Raising her right leg, I massaged the bulge of her vagina from her thighs with my fingers, as though crushing it.

Of course, since I don’t know the acupuncture points, I was only pushing and playing around.


“How does it feel?”

“Yes……it tickles. Also……”

While turning Rein over, I also inserted the towel inside of her butt crack.

It was like wiping a baby’s bottom. If she was conscious, she would undoubtedly give me a humiliated expression.

“Also, I’m very……happy. It’s so warm……I, feel, satisfied.”

“……hm? I see.”

She was probably feeling pleasure just from being wiped down. What a lewd girl.

Rein’s expression in her hypnotic trance, although lethargic, gave a somewhat cheerful impression from somewhere. Perhaps she is happy have come to this forest.

“Now then.”

Just how should I enjoy myself with this girl from now on?

I think that I might as well choose a play that allows me to use this place to the utmost. And yet, something that would also allow Rein to taste humiliation……

“……that’s right, that’ll be good.”

Seeing Rein’s grinning expression in her hypnotic trance, I thought of something.

If it’s this place, then I might be able to see an even more vulnerable version of her. The special conditions that corresponded to such had all been arranged.


Thrusting my fingers into Rein’s anus over the towel, I tampered with it.

Even so, towards Rein whose cheerful expression did not crumble, I returned a dark grin.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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