Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 67

Academy Relishing Return-Arc

The school that I haven’t seen in four days also had a change of scenery after having returned from abroad.

I commuted to school at my usual time. Even though it was only that, I ended up feeling exceedingly relieved.

“I’ve returned, huh?”

I don’t know how many times I thought this, but this is probably what’s called a love of one’s homeland.

The morning sun is dazzling, and I could also hear the faint shouts of students at club activities coming from the grounds far away. However, that was it, as there no people around me.

Originally I would come to school before the time that pedistrian traffic gets busy. I like it like this when there aren’t any people in the places that I usually go to.

Coupled with the fact that I don’t like crowds, I was unable to abandon this habit no matter which school I went to. I tried commuting to school at a regular time when I overslept before, but I was fed up with being unable to walk at my own pace due to the surroundings obstructing me.

“This time is definitely superior.”

Even if I spread both arms wide, I wouldn’t bump into anyone. A slow crowd wasn’t in front of me either.

Even though it was something normal, my tension had become exceedingly high today.


However, a scream that was different from normal caused me to break my pace and look back.

Upon looking, what was there was the figure of Sunoou enveloped in a school uniform. She was pointing at me, with her mouth open like an idiot.

“Demon! There’s a limit to how bad your taste can be to have come back from the underworld! Why have the seraphs overlooked such a person!?”

“That’s also in quite bad taste, you know.”

Sunou appeared, after not having been seen in a few days. As usual, she was glaring at me with bravery that came from her small body.

Upon smirking, I gazed at Sunou’s body as though licking it all over.

“In the first place, why is the demon here at this time!? It’s terrible to defile this period of supremacy!”

“Haha, what is this girl saying?”

Even this small animal, having met her after a long time, is very lovable.

Upon thinking that I should pull her cheek, I stretched out my hand when-

“G-Good morning……”

Another girl appeared as though to obstruct this.

She’s……who is she again?

“Nao, don’t get close to that guy!”

“Eh……ok. If Sunou-chan says so.”

Oh, that’s right, she’s the first girl that I raped during the play. Even among Sunou’s friends, I think there was a timid and mysterious girl within that group.

“Even so, the two of you are up abnormally early, huh?”

“It’s fine for us because our places are close by, but it’s already taken Nao 30 minutes to get here, y’know. It’s amazing, right?”


Why is such a girl commuting to school with Sunou.

Come to think of it, since she said there’s someone she likes, I wonder if I can see the club that she’s in or something?

“Even so……”



Upon comparing the two, I was given a different impression once again.

Sunou suddenly placed both hands to her hips and threw her head back. She’s a really haughty fellow.

Nao placed both hands in front of her chest and huddled herself up. It felt like she was trembling.

In the face of such small animals, I felt a common urge to bully them.

“It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? Well, whatever. It’s Nao-chan, right?”


“Became a toilet at the entrance over there.”

Nao jumped at my words and hid in Sunou’s shadow.

“Y-Yes……a toilet, yes?”

-however, perhaps because of the hypnotic suggestion regarding me had been roused, she obediently complied.

After walking together with me up until the entrance, Nao crouched down in the shade and opened her mouth.

It was the human urinal that would drink my piss, the one and the same that I had also done in front of Sunou’s eyes once before.

Being able to extend my insulting hands to this sort of unrelated girl is truly wonderful. As I thought, this school is really the best, huh?


Without holding any doubts in particular, she opened her mouth and awaited my penis.

In response to that, I removed my pants and, without giving any advance notice whatsoever, thrust my penis deep inside of Nao’s throat.

Faced with the sudden attack, Nao’s eyes widened in shock, shedding tears.


“Wait!! What are you doing!?”

Sunou, who was dumbfounded up until now, came rushing this way.

“Even if Nao’s a toilet, treat her more carefully!”

“Aah, my bad.”

Come to think of it, I implanted an suggestion on Sunou so that she wouldn’t hold any doubts during my trip. It was a precuationary measure, but I had forgotten.

It’s fun to play around with Sunou while making her the only one sane, but this is also quite nice.

Without any indication whatsoever, I soiled myself inside of Nao’s mouth.

Nao’s consciousness left her when her throat was thrust against, but when my piss poured into her, she shook her shoulders with a start.

“Bbgh bggh!! Nnbgh!”

“Oh dear, you spilled it. You’re a failure of a toilet, huh?”

“Aren’t you the one who’s using her unreasonably!? Nao’s weak against boys, so do it more like a gentleman!”

“Like a gentleman, hm?”


I wonder what you’d have to do to take a piss like a gentleman?

I raised Nao’s chin, taking care so as to not let her spill anymore than she already had.

I shook my penis inside of Nao’s vulgar mouth, making sure that all of it came out without anything left to spare.

“As a toilet, you’re a little lacking, huh?”

“What, do you have a problem with Nao!?”

“No, next I’ll be using Sunou so I don’t really mind. My semen’s likely to come out, so I’ll have you take care of that for me.”

“There’s a limit to how unprincipled you can be, you know!?”


Thinking that it would be good to mess with the unaware Sunou sometimes, my sadistic heart swelled.

I have yet to take out my penis from Nao’s mouth. In order to ejaculate, I continued to jerk myself off as though she were a sex sleeve.

While Nao was shedding tears, I struck the back of her throat with my penis several times. She was probably the type of person that wasn’t able to move during an emergency. Without any resistance, she was like a doll.

“You’re an extremely inept toilet, but you’re really good at arousing people, huh?”


“Come on, Sunou. I’m gonna cum soon so, let’s see, I want to put it inside your top.”

“……I get it, so treat Nao carefully.”

When Sunou hurriedly removed the buttons of her uniform’s jacket, she grasped the collar and spread it wide. She displayed her clavicle while waiting for my penis.

Immediately after taking my penis out of Nao’s mouth, I placed the tip of my penis under Sunou’s neck.

While making a vulgar spurting sound, I poured semen down the insides of Sunou’s uniform.

“……it stinks.”

“Well, that’s cause it’s semen. Seal it up.”

With her chest full of my semen, Sunou reluctantly returned the jacket of her uniform to normal.

“Somehow, the clothes sticking against the skin is disgusting. The Demon’s semen is filthier than the saliva of a worm.”

“Haha, you’re being rude to the semen.”

For the time being, I put my trousers back on, returning to my normal dress.

Apart from Nao being absent-minded, it had become a particularly unchanged scene.

All that’s left is when do I want to return Sunou back to normal. This girl would be pitiable if I don’t properly restore her every day life.

Upon entering the classroom of my class, there was someone else who had visited there before me.

Usually the first one to be in this room would be me. Since I originally commute to school at a time so early that it lacked common sense, it was more than rare for anyone to be here earlier than me.

Nonetheless, those in this class that would talk to me are only Mai and Rein, so it’s fundamentally meaningless, though.


“……what, who?”

On a whim, I called out to that individual.

I’m pretty sure that this person should also be in the go-home club like me.

“Well, I was just wondering how you were doing?”


Shion rested her chin against her arm on the desk, frankly furrowing her brow as though bothered as she looked down at me.

She was the leader of Mai’s group of friends, and whenever I happened to overhear Mai’s idle chatter, it was the voice of this girl that was heard the most.

She was a strong-willed girl with a sophisticated atmosphere, who was the most sensitive to fashion. Speaking from appearances, she’d belong to the cute category.

“What, since it’s Inga, why don’t we talk for a bit?”

“……you’re right.”

I stated the keyword that for talking with strangers that was among the suggestions of the Hypnotic Test. With this, I am able to converse with and gather information from people I’m unfamiliar with.

Dropping her annoyed expression, Shion suitably felt like talking.

“Is the child in your stomach doing well?”

“Naturally. It’s this school’s treasure, so even I am taking care of it.”

Shion pulled a chair and patted her own stomach while displaying it to me.

This girl is one of the girls that became pregnant due to me ejaculating in their vaginas.

Of course, I have prepared as much as I coud think of.

For example, about the hospital, I was forunate that the vice-principal of this school is acquainted with the director of a certain hospital. Granted that their status is not high, but upon winning over that authorised person, the degree of difficulty drops considerably.

I first succeeded in making the director fall with the Hypnotic Test, and from there I infected all persons related to the director with the Hypnotic Test. I gave the doctor in obstetrics and gynecology a sense of mission, tailoring them into an exclusive doctor.

Fundamentally speaking, pregnant students don’t want to have anything to do with the matter.

Due to this success, I’d be able to shove the concern off to an ambulance in times of emergency, as well as grasp the finer details of their health condition.

“Can I try touching it?”

“Eh, what are you saying?”

“Well, this is the treasure of everyone in the school, so I wanted to try touching it even a little bit.”

“……I don’t like it, but, well, it’s not something that I can decide by myself.”

Shion faced me and presented her stomach towards me. She’s making a really disgusted face.

Even though we were both partners in making this child, she’s such a harsh fellow.

Just because they got pregnant, I won’t do anything to make the girls’ positions at school any worse.

Rather, I have extolled them as students with excellent grades. In this school, being impregnated by me is considered an honour and things have been arranged for this to supported to the utmost.

“But you really are amazing, huh? You are able to give birth at a child-bearing age, after all.”

“Hah, say, Book. You should say that to Mai. Because she’ll be pleased.”

“I’ll decline. As expected, even I don’t want to be unreasonably hated.”

Shion’s parents had also readily given their acknowledgement. After giving birth, they’ll raise them as Shion’s little brother or sister so that they can grow up without any inconvenience.

Stroking Shion’s stomach, my body received an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

“You have to work hard. This child will likely be the eldest son or daughter.”

“Isn’t it obvious that they’ll be the eldest child? What are you talking about?

“That’s right.”

Incidentally, I don’t remember the exact figures, but it appears that several others have been confirmed to be pregnant.

I had all of them live in a dedicated dorm and given them a thorough health-management system. I had even personally given them counselling so that their stress wouldn’t build up.

However, even so, the problem probably won’t go away. I’m also looking forward to such worries from here on.

“Well, it’s impossible for a man such as you to get such grades, but this is how mature……huh?”


Before I noticed it, tears were flowing from Shion’s eyes.

She’s about two months pregnant, so perhaps something bad in her health had occurred? Incidentally, I had her hold an emergency buzzer so that it’d be fine if something happened, though.

“I wonder what’s wrong……ah, my stomach kicked just now……”

“Oi, are you alright?”

“Eh, ah, yup. Don’t touch me.”

Shion suddenly became sullen and kept her distance from me.

This is probably a good chance. I also stopped my enjoyable teasing and returned to my seat.

How strange. No matter how perfect a human may be, such things happen as humans themselves are not perfect.

Perhaps, maybe somewhere inside her, there was something that knew about everything that I did and was giving off her last piece of resistance.


Pleased with such a person’s potential, I ended up laughing to myself.

From Shion’s point of view, she must feel that the father of that child is disgusting.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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