Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 69

West-South Dual Resonance-Arc

During lunch break, Rein, Mai, and I passed the time without eating our meals.

Inside of a certain secret room at the academy, I had them perform sexual intercourse under the pretext of playing a game.

If things kept going like this then our meal time will almost completely disappear, but, well, it couldn’t be helped.

“I did iiytt!!”

Mai won the game and gained the right to obtain information from us. Exaggeratedly spreading both her hands wide, she took an adorable victory pose.

Speaking of Rein, she was quite the miserable sight. Perhaps aroused by the sensation of the remaining semen in her mouth, she looked far beyond pathetic with her ragged breaths.

“Now then, Book. With this, there aren’t any complaints, right?”

“Guess so.”

Approaching Mai, I placed my hands on her shoulders.

“Then, then-!”

“Then, to finish off, I have to service the winner, don’t I?”

Like that, I pushed Mai down, planting her waist on the sofa that was behind her.

These sorts of things fundamentally had an aftermath. Even though the match had been decided doesn’t mean that it was the end.

Although I didn’t really care who won, this was the insurance I thought up in the case that Mai won.

“Aaah, that’s right, isn’t it? Well, it can’t be helped.”

Mai scratched her cheek and gave off a tiresome response. Well, from her point of view, that was only a matter of course.

However, this was the final ordeal that I presented.

In the long run, if she can endure my unreasonableness that could be said to cloud the issue, then I’ll make Mai’s desired situation happen.

I pay my respects to the winners. However, this time, my irritation at her not showing me her notes easily and having my lunch delayed was more significant than that.

If she can resolve this and put me in an even better mood, then I should pay tribute to that.

“Now then-“

Before getting on top of Mai, I first examined Rein’s appearance.

Rein had sensed this rule. I would also like to have her cooperate as well, though.

“Oh, seems like the loser has woken up, huh?”

Rein’s expression tensed up as she walked this way. Although the semen dripping from her mouth gave off a slovenly feeling, she can do her work.

I yielded the top part of Mai to Rein. This time, this girl needs to do her best.


“Rei-Rei, huuh?”

Mai lied sprawled out on the sofa, and Rein go on top of her.

Rein didn’t speak. I had made it so that the loser was no longer given the right to talk. Though in saying that, if she wordily prolonged things, then I’d get bored.

While crawling on all fours above Mai, she removed the buttons of her own jacket.


“Alright, alright.”

Removing the buttons of Mai’s jacket, I exposed her front. I could see her adorable pink bra, but I also removed that.

After that, I put my hand inside of her skirt and also removed her panties. While stroking her waist with my palm, I removed the piece of cloth that was caught on her crotch.

Both Rein and Mai exposed each other’s uniform. The nicely shaped chest of Rein who was above swayed due to gravity, and Mai’s chest rose like two puddings.


“Yeah, I get it.”

I also took off Rein’s underwear. Since she couldn’t talk back to me, I inserted my hand inside of her underwear and grabbed her butt, stroking the skin inside of her underwear as though exaggeratingly correcting the misalignment. Removing it comes after that.

Rein also took action during that time. She sunk her teeth into the two lumps that Mai had.

“Hyah……it tickles……”

Mai’s back trembled with a twitch, and her chest swayed. She’s probably ticklish, just as she said.

I was at the duo’s feet, but the glimpses of their chests that I could catch through their uniforms looked more sexy from here than being naked.

In any case, because of the suggestions, the two wouldn’t be able to feel pleasure if I wasn’t present. For the sake of that support, I stroked Mai’s thighs.



Reins tongue crawled on the parts of Mai’s chest where her teeth were nipping into. With a lick, that Rein was acting like a dog, which caused me to laugh.

Even though she has experience with sexual activities in and of itself, she doesn’t have much idea about serving others. She was pretty much always indulging in her desires.

“Well, this much should be fine, huh? I’m gonna lower you a bit.”



I pushed Rein even further forward.

In that moment, Rein’s balance crumbled and she fell. With just the right feeling, Mai and Rein’s breasts overlapped with each other, crushing together into a hamburger-like shape.

It looks fun to be sandwiched inside of that, though.

“Well, today will be here, huh?”

“E-Eh? Book?”

I lowered my own pants, taking out my penis as I first placed it against Rein’s vagina.

Her body that had already been aroused by the blow job or something was perfect as it had become wet. Rein’s vagina firmly gobbled up my penis.


“Alright, this should be right, huh?”

However, there I immediately pulled my penis out from Rein’s vagina.

Rein longingly looked at my penis, but I’m not going to do Rein today.

I just used Rein’s wet vagina to paint my penis with love juice lotion.

It’s not that Mai’s vagina had yet to become that wet. I touched it earlier and confirmed it

Once Rein went into heat, she wasn’t able to put the brakes on it. I simply made effective use of it.

“Eh, Book, geez. Aah-!!”

“As I thought, it was better to make it wet.”

Like that, I inserted myself inside of Mai’s vagina and began to piston. Rein’s love juice made a splashing sound inside of Mai.

“Look, Rein.”


Rein also has something she needs to do. Perhaps having resolved herself, she braced and stiffened her expression.

Gradually dropping her body while her crotch was spread open wide, Rein applied her own vagina against the part of union where I was pistoning Mai,

“……ah, ffh!!”

“Hyah! What, what!? Aah!!”

Like that, Rein moved her hips back and forth. Her wet crotch rubbed against the surface of Mai’s vagina countless times.

“Rein’s on the left.”


Bringing my face close to Mai’s left armpit, I licked it.

After licking my tongue as though to raise the lower part of Mai’s left breast, I poked the tip of my tongue inside of her armpit. Sweat spread out from Mai’s cleanly maintained armpit.

Although not as much as me, Rein also licked all over Mai’s armpit like a dog.

“Ah, hyahahahah!! S-Stop, Aahhaaaaaaaah!!”

As expected, Mai wasn’t able to take it, and so her body swayed. The ticklishness, that was so much that she wasn’t able to plug up her opened mouth, stimulated her to the extent that she trembled violently.

During that time, I constantly continued my pistons.

I further leaned onto Mai and Rein, who were in a state that they overlapped each other, crushing the duo’s soft breasts. Running my tongue through the crushed gap, I sent them my saliva.

“Yaah!! I sai-, yaaah!! Aaagh!!”

Mai herself also began to start squirting from inside of her vagina. It’s likely that the weak parts of her body couldn’t endure being teased at the same time, much less by two people.

This time, however, that wasn’t all that was happening.

“Hah, hah……”

Rein’s cheeks became flushed and sweat flowed down from her forehead.

The brakes would no longer work on Rein’s already aroused body. She pistoned her hips so that her butt would be slammed against me.

We were in a state where I could just push my adbomen against Rein’s butt to perform my pistons.


In the mean time, Mai was busy with the sweat, saliva, tears and squirts that came out from her entire body. She sucked up the muddy stream of pleasure as though trying to deflate a balloon with a hole opened in it.

This is probably Rein’s pleasure suggestion having ended up resonating with her. A phenomenon akin to Group Hypnosis has occurred.


Rein also had her body once again become flushed, as though her arousal had multiplied even further. Even though I didn’t add any more horny suggestions, she was bathed in a violent throbbing at the same time as she was forced into heat.

I guess she’s already reached climax several times.

Even so, the two were so aroused that they didn’t notice it. Even if their bodies had reached their limits, their instincts didn’t try to stop their bodies.

Crushing the two from above, I violently ravaged them.

Digging their fingers into each others skin to the extent that it would leave behind marks, the duo simply repeated the same actions as though they were broken dolls.


“HYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! AhAh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!”


As though putting an end to this absurd situation, I gushed out semen from my penis.

Having become the switch, the duo became aware of the fact that their own bodies were climaxing several times.

Just like how a person who lost an arm would be struck with severe pain the instant they perceived it, Mai and Rein also received that pleasure in a single stroke.



Mai’s entire body convulsed, the unresolved lingering sensations of when she was being tickled indirectly and meaninglessly moving her body.

Even though Rein’s expression didn’t move while her tongue was pathetically sticking out, her body still moved back and forth without stopping.


The moment I took a breath and stood up, the chime that signified the end of lunch break rang.

This meant that we had spent a considerable amount of time playing around here.

“Well, I’ll do something about class, so don’t worry about it.”

They probably can’t hear me, but I’ll follow up after them. It’s just that, even if they could hear me, they probably wouldn’t understand the meaning of my words.


“What, why don’t we eat lunch and take it easy?”

While their bodies were still piled up on each other, Mai and Rein’s consciousness had become hazy. Their uniforms had also become wrinkled, due to them not being worn in a half-baked manner.

Standing up, I returned back to the seat that I was sitting on earlier.

“Come to think of it, how about I use the notes first?”


Neither of the two returned an answer. I guess that means it’s fine then.

After placing the notes near me, I gazed at the bento box so that I wouldn’t miss eating it and took my first bite, but-

The smell of sex that filled this room spoke of other desires.


I once again placed the chopsticks on top of the desk while viewing the collapsed figures of the duo.

The overlapping breasts were crushed due to Rein’s weight, but when I placed my fingers between them they unexpectedly slipped in quite easily. It’s probably thanks to the fact that Rein had collapsed slightly sideways.

“Nngh, I guess I’ll do something about this, huh?”

Upon taking out my penis, I buried it inside of the duo’s overlapping breasts and moved my hips back and forth by myself.

While receiving the sensations of the soft breasts, the hard erections of their nipples struck the tip of my penis at times. I don’t know which ones belonged to who, but it became a nice stimulus.


“Oh, so it was Rein’s, huh?”

For the time being, if I ejaculate several times like this, then it should settle down.

While watching the dead-fish duo who weren’t able to act as good partners, I thought that I’d enjoy myself in this space where I’d have no troubles taking care of my business now.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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