Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 83

Touhou Sunou Banishing Impure Thoughts-arc

I believe that the night of New Year’s Eve should not be spent too quietly. Mentally, I mean.

Even so, I hate loud things.

Although I was in the apartment as per normal, today was rather clamorous.

“Oi……oi! Oi, stop! Isn’t it fine already!?”

“There is no mercy, death to the Demon!”

On this day, Sunou had come to stay at my home. While dressed in her usual gothic clothes, she was glued to the TV.

This girl was playing the video game that she had brought with her, but it was only natural that the results were unfavourable.

“Of course it’s impossible.”

That’s right, it couldn’t be helped. This woman was called Laplace, and had the ability to regulate the random numbers of life.

One of the appeals of games is that, unlike sports, a large percentage of it involves luck. Even if the likelihood of victory can be improved to a certain extent, a beginner can also enjoy it if they’re lucky. That is what makes it a game.


“Fufun! My victory has already been assured!”

Sunou raised her chin and looked down at me with a triumphant face.

If I use hypnosis, then I could stop the opponent’s movements and win the game. But doing that would be childish, and it wouldn’t even be a game.

Yes, I should just endure it.

“Either way, you’re going to stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning, right? Then continue dancing as the source of my amusement.”

“If I get sleepy, I’m gonna sleep.”

“It’s weird how how you live such a healthy life despite being a demon.”

“Take care so that Master does not overdo it.”

Kokoro brought warm cocoa. What an attentive slave. It’s also good that she’s quiet.

The reason why this girl was in our house during New Year’s Eve is due to giving consideration to the uncle and auntie who were in Sunou’s house. Apparently, that couple were engaged on the night of New Year’s Eve.

At that time, I think that it was inelegant of me to have heard the confession lines with hypnosis.

“During this year, your name will……”

“What are we doing next!? Anything will do!”

“……-tch, then how about we do this?”

Hypnosis shouldn’t be used. In games, anyway.

“Hmph, to have chosen something like this, how unsightly. [Have sex with your opponent and whoever climaxes 10 times first loses]. This will obviously end in your defeat!”

Sexual Intercourse for play, however, is viewed on a different basis than games.

Suggestions are things that are like time capsules, in which you enjoy them by waiting for them to be triggered.

While swinging my hips in good spirits, I watched the End-Of-Year TV program.

“-ah, AGH ah~”

The naked Sunou was presenting her vagina with her butt still raised towards me. I couldn’t see her expression because she her face was against the floor, but I could tell that she was trembling and shedding tears.

One couldn’t count how many times she climaxed. This isn’t a game, after all.

“Master, it is almost 10 pm.”

“Oh, you’re right. I guess I’ll wake Sunou up, huh? Hey, Sunou-“


Upon smacking Sunou’s butt, she raised an easy-to-understand scream. I might have overdone it a bit, huh?

Fed up with the unwaking Sunou, I left her on the floor after pulling my penis out of her vagina.

Kokoro looked after Sunou, who was covered with the bodily fluids of two people, by placing a towel over her.

“How is she?”

“I believe that she will recover after 30 minutes. Aah, she’s gotten this warm, I’m so envious.”

“Ah ah……”

Kokoro lovingly licked up the semen that had clung to Sunou’s body.

As Sunou was still completely limp, she allowed herself to be wiped without much resistance. When semen spilled out from the insides of her vagina, she would occassionally react with a twitch, making her seem like a broken doll.

Although it was a bit too crazy for an opening performance, well, it just couldn’t be helped. Today is New Year’s Eve.

It seems that, on New Year’s Eve, there’s an event to ring the New Year’s Eve bell. This was the first time that I participated.

Originally, it appears that it was tradition for those working there to ring the bell, but before one noticed, anyone was allowed to ring the bell so long as they offered a donation.

Right now, we were trying to line up in order to ring that New Year’s Eve bell.


“It’s cold, huh?”

“Master, you can warm yourself up if you hold my hand like this.”


Sunou was in a bad mood. But of course she was. She had only just now recovered from the earlier sexual intercourse.

Her outfit was the same gothic attire, and she was lumped up in several layers of fluffy jackets. She was probably feeling the cold like I was.

When I raised the corner of my mouth in a smirk, Sunou opened her mouth without showing any particular surprise.

“What are we doing today?”

“It would seem that you’ve become somewhat capable of telling what I’m thinking, huh?”

“There is no need for me to read the Demon’s shallow wit.”

There was a reason for me to line up in this not-at-all enjoyable queue while in the midst of this cursed cold.

It is because I was thinking of messing around with Sunou like usual.

“It’s not anything that difficult. From here on, we’re going to ring the bell for New Year’s Eve. If you can ring that bell, then you win.”

“What are the rules?”

“You’ll soon find out.”

“If I win this Twilight Sabbath, there is something I would like to pledge–nay, to request of you.”

Sunou stood up towards the Demen, me, with a dignifiend expression.

It appears that she didn’t think I was going to confide in her of the suggestion’s contents, and she was probably aware of the fact that she couldn’t run away. So she has grown up to the point where she is trying to get the most gains, even in spite of this, huh?

“So, go on?”

“Don’t lay your hands on my friends, Demon.”


Rather than her own release, she wants to save her friends, is it?

The air that Sunou exhaled was white, so I could tell that her breathing was disturbed due to a certain degree of nervousness.

I guess that means that she was no longer just a brat who could only complain.

“So how about it?”

“Got it, I’ll make it a promise. If you win, then forget about just your friends, I won’t lay my hands on your entire grade for a while.”


“You can see through people’s lies, right?”

“……that’s right.”

Sunou’s pupils lit as she looked into my eyes. No matter when I see it, it was a mysterious skill.

“I’ll do my best.”

Sunou made a guts pose. It seems that she was still naive, huh?

It’s true that I wouldn’t lay my hands on them for a while.

However in my perspect, it didn’t matter if that ‘while’ lasted a single minute.

Even if a person doesn’t lie, they are capable of commiting fraud. She was oblivious to this fact.

Even if she did emerge victorious, I’ll just have to enjoy myself so as to teach such a thing to her.

“Alright, then let’s get the game started. We’re lining up.”

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

The queue was lined up along the stairs and, because we had came at the busiest of times, we had to line up from the bottom of the staircase.

Near the top, an unknown someone was ringing the bell.

“……, huh?”

Sunou’s body trembled with a twitch as she looked from side to side. If she was a rabbit, then it’s likely that her ears would be standing up tall.

“Come on, the line’s moving forward.”


“Master, are you not cold? I shall warm you up.”

“That’s right, then how about you come over here?”


Kokoro probably felt like we were on a date, but I can’t really feel the same since Sunou is here.

Besides, such an atmosphere wouldn’t come when in front of this sort of bell that rings like a gong.


Sunou suddenly held her stomach. While gritting her teeth, she glared daggers at me.

It would seem that it’s about time for her to understand the rules of this game.

The New Year’s Eve bell has been set up so that its tone would echo quite a fair distance. Of course, that sound could also be clearly heard in the place that we were currently in.

Upon looking, there was a log-like object hung wth a rope, becoming a structure that one would hit the bell with.

“So Sunou can see that, huh? You have good eyes.”

“You’re making a fool of me, aren’t you!?”

Although faintly, even I could see some sort of group pulling ropes and using the attached log to hit the bell.


At the same time, I could tell that Sunou was painfully troubled.

Before coming here, I firmly instilled pleasure and sex into Sunou.

Every time the log struck the New Year’s Eve bell, Sunou would remember the moments of sex—the series of sensations up until when my penis struck against her womb.

“Hahah, the line’s long, isn’t it? It seems like it’ll still take a while.”

“I know that, already!”

Sunou ended up releasing a loud voice without concerning herself with the surroundings. Realising this and looking around, she felt relief at the fact that no one was bothered by her.

The way that tears gathered in her eyes as she curled herself up so as to not stand out was also quite adorable.

Of course, the several groups before and after me were detached units I had prepared with the Hypnotic Test.

No matter how much of a ruckus this girl makes, these people won’t be aware of the person herself, or rather both the front and back groups were moderately noisy so that we wouldn’t be noticed.


While biting her lips so that her voice wouldn’t leak out, Sunou trembled as she became pigeon-toed.

The bell mercilessly continued to ring irregularly and without end.

“Are you ok? It’ll be bad if the surroundings were to notice you, huh?”


“It’s fine for you to conceal it, but of course you have to give me my just rewards. Well, if you won’t, then your friends—“

“Shut up and move forward! You’re blocking up the front!”

Sunou is likely concerned about the surroundings. However, because she didn’t understand that her loud voice was exactly the sort of thing that would garner attention, she doesn’t seem to be calm, does she?

Because of the prepared Cherry Blossoms, the line that was longer than expected induced a struggle that was thoroughly enjoyable.


While a string of drool stretched from her open mouth, Sunou ascended the staircase with her trembling legs, step by step. Even though she’s climbing up, it was almost like she was a sinner walking towards hell.


“What’s wrong……?”

“It’s……nothing. Hurry, move, forward-“

Sunou’s unsteady feet looked as though they were about to collapse.

I’ll be in trouble if she gets hurt so I supported her back, but when I did, it may have conversely sprouted her rebellious heart as her pace quickened.

Even if she fell over, the elites behind us would do something so there was no need for me to worry.

“Is it going to ring……hiih! Ih……ah.”

“The sounds is getting louder, huh?”

The sound of the bell when a strong man rings it was loud. Ocassionally there were some fellows among the girls who would end up failing, as though to tease Sunou.

In the face of such an infinite variety of tones, Sunou, who would receive a different sensation to each and every one of them, seemed as though she would fall to her knees from the surprise attack.

“Na…………o! I’ll protect……igigh, aaaah……”

“Oi oi, I’ll be troubled if you wet yourself here.”

While shrugging my shoulders, I laughed at Sunou’s enduring figure.

Although Sunou was glaring at me with clecched teeth, the way she held down her abdomen was cute.

The sound became louder as we approached.

“Fuh……uuh!! Ah ah……De, mon!”

“Do you give up?”

“Don’t screw with m-hyaaaahh……”

Her physical endurance has increased, huh? Isn’t that a good change to conclude the year with?

Of course, even her mental power was to be commended.

The line advanced, and it ended up so that the turn after next would be ours.

Naturally, the detached units that I prepared weren’t normal.

“Alright, here we goo!!!”

“Heave! Ho!”

They were the members of Rugby Club from our school who had continued display good results even before the Hypnotic Test. What was released from those strong shoulders was a full-powered full swing comparable to the ones that they would display in a match.

A bell chime so loud that I had to cover my ears resounded.

While bestowing a lengthy reverberation, the tone’s vibration continued to pound against the skin.

The sound of dripping water could be heard in the face of that tone.

It would appear that Sunou had wet herself.

It was the correct choice to use suggestions to include a diaper to her underwear, just in case.


Sunou hung her head, still pidgeon-toed as she shivered.

When I peered at her, I could see the pale expression of regret surfacing on her face that pretty much said she had gone and done it. As this girl was unaware of the fact that she was wearing diapers, her regret was even deeper.


Even so, I should pay my respects towards her spirit of trying to properly complete the game.

However, as expected, the staff who weren’t under suggestions might notice that Sunou’s condition was strange.

Sunou finally arrived in front of the bell, grasping the log’s rop as though clinging onto a lifeline.

I circled around to such a Sunou’s back.


“Rest assured, I have no intention of obstructing you.”


Supporting Sunou as though to hug her from behind, I held the ropes so that our hands would overlap.

I was telling her that we’d ring it together. Well, it was a reasonable reaction as a show of respect.

“Please do your best.”

Kokoro showed a guts pose, but I think that there’s nothing to put effort in here, though.

Well, certainly, rather than trying her best, Sunou’s body wouldn’t move an inch unless she forces herself.

“De, mon……on the count of 3.”

“Got it.”

“Surprise attacks……those kinds of things……are not allowed.”

“Got it.”


Pulling the log so that it was held up high, we relied on its inertia to ring the bell.

It wasn’t as good as the earlier Rugby club’s ring, but it made a pretty good sound.


Before Sunou could scream, I covered her mouth.

Sunou convulsed up and down with a twitch, almost as though she were unconsciously fidgeting around, as she headed towards a grand climax.

After that, perhaps having become at ease, she lost strength as though her soul had flown out, seeming as though she would collapse right on the spot.

“Whoa there!”

I couldn’t help but hold her, who was dripping in urine, and carry her next to the bell.

Although the staff in charge gave a somewhat mysterious expression, but since Sunou was accompanied by Kokoro and me, they didn’t give it that much concern as it moved onto the next person’s turn.

“It seems that only your guts have developed splendidly.”

“Indeed, this is also a gift from Master.”

It was Kokoro who had asked me to make this girl stronger. The results have been quite favourable.

Looking back over the past year, I was convinced that Sunou was probably the most enriching part of my life.

“Oh, she’s still reacting, huh?”

When the next person rang the bell, Sunou’s body twitched and convulsed while still fainted, almost as though she was exposed to an electric shock. As expected, it must be pretty intense for her after hitting that peak.

I guess we should get away from here for now, huh?

“Huuh, isn’t that Book!?”


“What’s up, what’s up? Kokoron and Sunono are here too–“

“Good evening, Mai-san.”

Mai approached us while bringing along individuals who seemed like her friends.

These guys are also having a walk here before the new year, huh?

Kokoro’s brow made a ハ-shape, concerned for me as she began to make idle chatter with Mai and those friends of hers.

Sunou’s womb continued to get hit in the face of the constantly echoing bell chime.


“Book, what’s wrong? Ah, is Sunono sleeping? How cuute!!”

Now then, they say that women’s gossips are long, but what should I do?

I don’t really care either way.

I was looking forward to seeing Kokoro’s conversational skills.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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