Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 84

Academy Promiscuous Assembly-Arc

With the New Year over, noisiness also returned to the school.

The noise at the whole school assembly that was being held at the gymnasium was quite something, perhaps because the first and second years present had yet to shake off the exhiliration of the holidays.

Since I had also only called women here, it could be said to be quite clamarous.

The boys were in the midst of special training outside to fix the blank they had after the new year.

“Now, we will commence the High School Department’s Whole School Assembly.”

However, when the start signal was broadcast, the well-brought-up girls would properly go silent. My hat goes off to the hypnosis.

The Student Council President stood on the platform and began to talk after taking a deep breath. She was an intelligent-looking girl who looked good in glasses.

“As we head towards the colder season, we will endeavour to study evermore. However, before that, on this critical day, we have opened this space to announce those recognised as high achievers during the first term.”

This whole school assembly was held to honour the school’s top performers.

It was something often done in every school.

“These girls are the seven top performers.”

The Student Council President temporarily left the centre of the stage, standing side by side with the line of top performers.

“From the far right, First Year, Shion Yukari.”

Shion’s figure in her school uniform was there.

In addition to her always strong-willed faced, the area around her belly was bloated to an unnatural extent.

The 7 pregnant women that had got up on stage smiled towards the student body.

“In conclusion, these girls have healthily received a child at this school, and as they have entered the stable period, they are to be honoured here as Top Achievers.”

The students concluded the whole school assembly with applause.

As the Student Council President had declared earlier, these seven girls are the female students who were the first to have been confirmed to be pregnant with my child.

We held the assembly with gratitude towards the fact that they had reached this point without any particular illnesses or complications whatsoever.

“Well then, the representatives of the top scorers, Shion Yukari-san’s public lecture will commence. Let her show everyone the wonderful techniques she used to be gifted a child, and change this into encouragement for further studies.”

Of course, the assembly’s true purpose was for me to enjoy myself.

I’ve gotten tired of waiting. Finally, a single man, me, appeared from behind the stage.

Upon confirming my figure, Shion well-manneredly bowed to me, perhaps with the intention of being a model student, and-

“Please, take care of me.”

While still in her school uniform, she hiked up her skirt and invited me.

However, I did not try anything such as immediately starting intercourse.

This was the representative of the school body at a whole school assembly. If I went just as is, then it wouldn’t be interesting.

“I would like you to request it like a representative would.”

I stated my small selfishness in a way so that only Shion could hear it.

Shion’s expression became disgruntled at first, but she couldn’t make a bad move as she knew she was in front of the entire school body.

Rather, I would have her exert her utmost in her own way so as to protect her own honour.


Even as her cheeks twitched vexedly, Shion began to act.

She placed her waist atop the table on the platform, placing her hand under her skirt while still in a seated posture as she began to remove her panties.

And then, with the panty cloth hanging from her right ankle, she lifted her left knee so that I could see the contents of her skirt.

Shion’s vagina, that was meticulously well-maintained for the Whole School Assembly, was exposed to public eyes.

“……please, wait a little bit.”

Saying this, Shion next took off her own uniform’s blazer and exposed the front of her uniform. Without taking off her bra, Shion placed her hands inside and massaged her own breasts.

She commenced self-consolation with one knee raised.


She purposefully brought the mike close to her mouth, causing only her breath to flow through the interior of the school.

The female students who were looking up recognised that unbecoming figure as normal. However, perhaps their body’s senses had become aware of it as there were many whose cheeks were flushed.

“Here, please look.”

Shion, who was fundamentally the type to take a conceited attitude, also used polite language in front of all the students.

Her inviting me for sexual intercourse in such a situation fulfilled my desire for conquest.

“From here, your baby will be born. However, please directly teach that baby from the womb how you made a child.”

Shion spread her vagina with one hand, but the weight of the skirt ended up hiding the hand and crotch in a miraculous position so I couldn’t see it.

It gave rise to the feeling of me wanting to turn it over, examine it with my eyes, and fuck her.

“And also, please fill me with full of happiness with your seed.”

“Hahah, as expected of a model student, huh?”

I approached Shion and hiked up her skirt.

It looks like she’s ready. Her mind is probably being overwhelmed by both her arousal brought on by the suggestion, as well as the spectacle of being seen by all of this school’s female students.


I averted my eyes once and surveyed the female students.

It appears that they were watching over Shion and my sexual intercourse with bated breath. Those under the suggestions were turned on, and some students were even pushing their fingers into their skirts.

Removing my trousers, I exposed my penis on the stage.


The female students stirred. There was a diverse range of people: those who did not think of such a thing as an abnormality due to the suggestions, those whose eyes rounded in surprise, those who fixedly stared at it without looking away, and those who could not help but look even while averting their gaze.

I don’t have an exposure fetish, but I feel like I could understand the people who had such hobbies a little bit.

“Do it, quickly……”

Shion was growing impatient at the dawdling me, and so started to masturbate.

Stopping her hand, I used my own to grab Shion’s breasts.


Noise ran through the school broadcast.

With that as the trigger, the buzz in the gymnasium stopped, as we were enveloped by a silence that made one doubt whether or not female students were gathered here.

Amidst the silence that seemed as though one could hear someone swallowing saliva, I slowly applied my penis against Shion’s vagina. Wet love juice enveloped the tip with a slimy sensation.

The sound of rubbing flesh could be heard.


After the penis stopped in the deepest part of her vagina, it invaded even further as though to push ahead.

Shion looked to be in painful agony, but she suppressed her mouth and concealed her heavy breathing.

There’s probably no real point to it. Being influenced by the silence, everyone killed their voices as they watched the intercourse.

Pushing my hips forward with momentum, my penis finally entered the vagina.

Shion’s bulging stomach hit against the area around my navel. It was warm, and I could clearly tell that the life I breathed into it was there.

Unable to suppress the excitement at that fact, I began to pump her. It was normal sexual intercourse where I was not rough.


While Shion raised her chin and looked at the ceiling, she made several hoarse cries.

On top of that, the sound of flesh colliding with flesh caused by the pistons was picked up by the microphone.

This place, where only the sound of sex echoed, could be called quite surreal.


Shion accepted my intercourse with an expression of ecstasy.

Gradually, there were people amongst the female students who also leaked out their own voices.

While witnessing our intercourse, they used that as a pretext to break into self-consolation.




Gradually, the female students became infected by that contagious masturbation.

It was a probably a sensation similar to that of Group Hypnosis. In addition to the horny suggestion, our sexual intercourse ended up breaking the chains surrounding sex itself.

And, when everyone was doing it, that area of pandemonium gradually spread out, enticing all of the female students here to masturbate.


“Hyahn, aah!!”

“Kyah, aAAH!”

In no time at all, the gymnasium had completely changed into something like an orgy. Upon looking, the students were stripping their own clothes, and groping the chests of the students next to them or licking each other’s vaginas.

As expected, even though the representative students on stage were exercising patience, I caught them sneakily rubbing their crotches using both hands which were folded in front of them.


Before I noticed it, Shion stopped killing her voice as she began to copulate like a beast.

Even though she’s a pregnant woman, she pressed her belly against me, wrapping her arms around my back so as to not allow me to escape. However, being unable to suppress the pleasure, she arched backwards as she climaxed countless times.

For the time being, I focused only on my penis, pistoning several times so as to not be a burden.

And then, while watching the female students who could be seen from the stage, my body received the feeling that this was the school that I controlled.

This gymnasium, that was filled with the sexual scent unique to females, granted me a mysterious arousal, almost as though my own instincts were being hypnotised.

And the female students pursued the scent of the few men there was, gathering towards me who was on the stage.

“Aah, aaah!!”

The female students jealously gazed at Shion’s disheveled appearance, directly a look of envy towards her.

As a high achieving student, she would receive impeccable treatment.

In the face of this undeserved honour, blood gathered towards my penis.

“Now then, it should be about time, but is that ok?”

“I-It’s fine, already! More, poke the baby moree!! Inside of me, please fill me up with another baby!!”

The female students peered into where Shion and I was connected as though digging into it. They brought their noses close and sniffed it. Were they not aware of it, or perhaps they were doing this on purpose?

In that space surrounded with such folly, I showed proof of my manliness without hesitation. I raped the lone woman.

It was when I had further hastened my pistons and the noise of the microphone resounded exceptionally loud. My penis ceased holding back, allowing semen to gush forth.



Perhaps because Shion was already close, she arched her body back with her mouth still open as she drunk up the pleasure.

Pulling out my penis, I spewed all of my semen onto Shion’s body.

Perhaps being shocked by that semen, the female students close by raised a small shriek and took distance.

“Isn’t that a wonderful appearance suited for the representative?”


Shion lied down face up on top of the desk on stage, her protruding four limbs dangling slovenly.

While continuing to spew semen, I stickily decorated Shion atop the desk.


The girls in the surroundings gulped while directing their gazes at the scene, particularly at the semen-covered Shion.

For the time being, I was released from my duties. There was no other man who could give semen at this assembly.


“……ah, yes!!”

I signalled the student council president, who was entranced in masturbation, with my eyes, instructing her to finish up her final task.

The student council president hastily stood up, returning the microphone that was placed against the crotch back to her mouth.

“W-Well then, everyone, how was Representative Shion-san’s intercourse? If possible, then I would have liked for all of the seven members to have a public lecture, but we are pressed for time.”

The student council president spread out her hand, sending a signal to the other siz outstanding students that were there.

The sextet, while showing an expression where they had finally felt a sense of release at that point, hiked up their skirts in unison.

“Although it may be simplistic, but I would like each of them to display an after-intercourse indulgence, as well as a single comment before we adjourn from this place.”

“Although I have entered the stable period the day before yesterday, I offered to have sex prior to that. Leaving the semen in my vagina just like that, even now I have received the wonderful scent of his seed.”

All of the six members were wearing panties while semen dripped inside of their skirts. As horny love juice was also added, the semen that could not be plugged up dripped down their thighs.

“I also couldn’t wait for this stable period-kyaah!”

Before the second person could leave their comment, something happened.

One of the female students that had gone up to the stage was unable to endure it, and so began licking up the semen that had dripped onto the thighs.

Upon looking, a lot of female students were already licking all over the collapsed Shion, her uniform being filled with wrinkles and saliva.

“Haha, with this, it’s no longer just my fault that she’s gotten all sticky, huh?”

After such a happening, the female students got up on the stage all at once to try and satisfy their carnal desires.

Of course, there were some students among them who approached in an attempt to try and lick up my penis which I had not put away.

“This may not finish by the anticipated time, huh?”

While grabbing the head of the cute junior who was the closest, I placed my suddenly standing penis against that girl’s face and rubbed it.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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