Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 89

Touhou Sunou Emotional Tyranny-Arc

Having intercourse at home, in and of itself, came with a sense of security. I couldn’t throw away this feeling, even if I wanted to be stimulated and headed outside.

Today, Sunou volunteered herself to be a slave and dedicated her body to me.

Having already removed my trousers with my penis erect, I thrust it before Sunou’s eyes.

“Now then, you watched my slave—Kokoro’s way of working closely, right?”

“Yes……I saw it. How to say it, it was magnificently amazing……”

“Naturally. My Kokoro is excellent, after all.”

When I displayed my pride in my slave, although slight, Sunou became dispirited.

As for me, that was also, to a certain extent, within the range of my predictions.

From the start, she could not compare with Kokoro who had been with me for more than half a year.

“You see, I am not thinking of having you do the same things as Kokoro.”


“Somehow, this woman and I have been together for more than half a year. I am not thinking that Sunou will catch up, and even you probably won’t be big-headed enough to think so either. You are not entitled to be my slave for such matters.”

That was another reason why I showed off Kokoro’s techniques.

Perhaps because she couldn’t help but become anxious at what I was going to say, Sunou’s eyes began to moisten. It’s not like it’s something that she has to get that worried over, though.

“That’s why, for you, I will have you thoroughly serve me as my toy.”

“……as your toy? Just what sort of treatment would I-“

“No matter how much I selfishly hurt you, or ravage you as though raging about violently, you will endure it. For the time being, just that alone will be your objective this time.”

After forcefully pulling Sunou closer, I pushed her head onto the sofa.

In an unrestrained manner, as though holding down a thug or something, I restrained Sunou, satisfying my sadistic heart.

“This time, don’t resist.”

“……-!!! ……yes……!”

Although Sunou was surprised at the sudden events, she did not stop obeying me. That’s a good sign.

Playing with Sunou who would normally resist was fun. On the other hand, however, teasing Sunou who wouldn’t resist also seemed enjoyable.

Thinking such a simple thing, I was lead to action.


First of all, I began to tear apart the beautiful clothes Sunou was wearing. Like a child who forcefully opened a present box, I destroyed Sunou’s Gothic-style attire.

I’ll reimburse her for it later, but this was likely an unbearable disgrace for her.


Upon taking a peek at her expression, I could see Sunou strongly shutting her eyes and trembling. She wasn’t angry. Rather, it felt like she was scared of having something done to her.

As expected, even if she did believe in me that much, I guess she doesn’t believe that it won’t hurt, huh.

In actuallity, she was completely right, though.


“Your underwear also looked considerably expensive, huh?”


While gazing at her butt peeking out from her tattered skirt, I grabbed the obstructive cloth and pulled it.

The panties were forcefully stretched because of that, lifting up Sunou’s waist. The sight of her beautifully shaped butt spilling out and getting caught by her underwear was quite the nice view.

While her knees shook, Sunou became agitated by her raised waist, causing her butt to shake.

“Hahah, although it was but a natural course of events, shaking your butt nets you quite a lot of points, huh?”

“T-Thank you very much for the praise……hyaah!!”

The forcefully pulled panties ended up tearing. The torn-off piece remained in my hand as Sunou once again dropped onto the sofa.

Sunou collapses face-down while in a state where her beautiful bottocks could be seen.

Without thinking, I ended up swinging my hand and slapping that butt. Well, it’s only a matter of course.


“Well, having fun like this would be fine, but I really should enjoy myself more since you’ve prepared yourself, right?”

Grabbing both sides of Sunou’s waist, I raised her up and applied my penis against her.

It was the same situation as treating a tool. Although I don’t have one, using a butt-type sex sleeve probably feels something like this.

“Now then, let’s do our best.”

While laughing after recalling what would happen from here on, I insincerely gave her words of encouragement.

It’s likely that Sunou has already become accustomed to things being done to her against her will. This time, Sunou’s probably thinking it’s good enough as long as she can accept it.

Of course, that would just be boring.

“Look, it’s going in……”

“Y-Yes, pleashe!”

Sunou raised a cry as though expelling it from her throat.

Although the tip of my penis entered, it was narrow as always. Sunou’s young body rejected the foreign body, her vagina tightening as though to expel my penis.

It felt good.

“Gah……ah, nooooooooh!! It hurdz, Id hurrrrrddddzzzzz!!!”

Sunou screamed loudly. She seemed to be sufferring from an unknown pain, almost as though she were having sexual intercourse for the first time.

This was also thanks to the hypnosis.

“After a long time, it’s quite tight, ……”


With a slither, I inserted into her as though thrusting a stick into a clogged pipe.

Becoming incontinent due to that pain, Sunou’s soiled water flowed onto the sofa.

This hypnosis was one that reset her sexual experience up until now, while making her ruminate upon the pain and humiliation she felt up until now inside of her head—a hypnosis-like hypnosis.

In other words, the current Sunou was exactly the same as when she had her first time, with the exception of her memories. Her body believes it to be as such.

That Sunou, who possessed a youthfulness unworthy of sexual intercourse, had arrived back here.


“Haha, that’s good.”

Sunou had promised to become my slave, and resolved herself to dedicate her own heart to me.

That’s why, in contrast to before, I will have her body reject me whilst her mentality was in an accepting state.

“Z-Zavve me……”

“Oi, oi. Your Master is having his fun. That’s not something you should disturb, right?”

I was enjoying Sunou’s body more than I thought.

Her body itself should have become accustomed to my penis, but just by making her believe with hypnosis, she had returned to a body that didn’t get wet and a vagina that wouldn’t accept me.

Just like how a magician often uses hypnosis to make a woman successfully sit on an invisible chair, her mind had made her body change back into how it was back then.

The penis was strongly clasped by the vagina, refusing to be pushed out. On the contrary, it moved as though to stroke my penis, becoming a wave when I was inserted deeply as she stimulated the penis.

“What the current you can do that no one else can is use that youthfulness to please me. To continue to serve me with your suffering figure.”

“Aghh, agh gagh!!”

“If you really don’t like it, then it’s fine to quite. I’m not particularly ordering you to become my slave, after all.”

While stirring Sunou’s back that was held in my hand, I confirmed whether or not this girl was conscious.

Sunou’s tongue came out of her mouth that couldn’t close as tears flowed from both of her eyes. With a tremble, her entire body, which continued to move unreasonably, convulsed.

Receiving those convulsions as stimulus, my penis magnanimously plunged all the way into her depths.

If it was Sunou’s vagina, then my penis wouldn’t be able to fit all the way in. In order to put the last of it in, I need to forcefully pierce her as though crushing her womb.


“What’s wrong, Sunou?”

That’s why, this was the final confirmation.

I haven’t even finished inserting it yet. If I were to put it all the way in, then my unrelenting pumping would start.

Sunou’s unmoving body trembled, and with just a single word-


-she accepted me.

My penis penetrated into Sunou’s depths, with a force strong enough that she would feel an impact.

“Good girl.”


Sunou shook once due to that impact, but I could tell that she fainted in that instant. Her whole body lost power, and she seemed to blow bubbles from the edges of her mouth.

In the face of her writhing around as though her brain was bathed in electricity, blood once against surged into my penis.


That faint vibration became a sharp pain which assailed Sunou, causing her to awake again.

The vagina that lost power for a moment tightened strongly, serving me quite well.

While placing my right hand against Sunou’s cheek, I instered my index finger into Sunou’s mouth.


“Come on, do your best to entertain me.”

I played with Sunou’s agape mouth by stirring it around with my finger. With a smack, saliva dripped down her chin.

While her focus was directed there, I slowly pulled out my penis and once again thrust into her.


In response to that shock, Sunou once again raised her voice as she strongly bit my finger.

As expected, the protective suggestion was quite weak in situations where she wasn’t even conscious. The skin of my finger got cut a little bit.

Of course, I was fully aware of it.

I further moved my waist back and forth, resuming my pistoning.


A scream so loud that it seemed as though it would make Sunou’s voice hoarse rang out.

My penis trampled many times over her tightly closed vagina. I tried to make a scar in my shape so that it wouldn’t return to its normal form again.

The pain-induced convulsions and rejection contrarily stimulated my man parts, making me erect.


“That’s good, I don’t dislike smart children.”

In such a situation, Sunou began to lick the wound on my finger. Like a dog licking on a bone, she carefully concerned herself with my wound.

Pushing her body that seemed like it would break, she showed concern for the skin of my finger.

“You’re quite excellent for a slave, huh?”

slurrrp……slurp, slurp……!”

Sunou had also included the intent of distracting herself from pain in her actions. That’s why she simply continued to do that desperately.

As a show of respect for her spirit of service, I should finish this up soon.

“Hey……properly receive it.”

“Mm……bgh, AaghAGHAGHAAaaAAh……gah!”

Heat filled my crotch, and semen leaped out as though to expel said heat.

While receiving a sensation of release with my body from the discharge, semen was stockpiled inside of Sunou’s vagina as though to clear away the accumulated grudges.

Sunou’s vagina, that was unable to swallow it all, broke down like a dam as semen leaked out from the gaps created by the penis. Her vaginal interior convulsed with a twitch, causing her to spout at the same time as those vibrations.


Sunou’s finally released body lost strength and collapsed onto the sofa. Sunou, who did not move as though she had died, slept while semen flowed out of her.

“How was it, Master?”

Kokoro gazed at Sunou and me while enviously placing her hands against both cheeks.

While nodding with a moderately satisfied face, I ordered for Sunou’s release.

“What, if she’s an apprentice, then I guess I don’t really mind? She’ll become a good toy.”

“Is that so? How very wonderful.”

Kokoro rejoiced as though it was about herself. Even though she probably didn’t want something like a junior, that part of her is kind.


I abruptly peeked at the face of the fainted Sunou.

Tears flowed and she was completely exhausted, but her expression was unexpectedly calm.

Furthermore, she was still licking the index finger that I had put forth even until now. Even though she was unconscious, she was just like a baby.

“Hahah, that’s right, this girl is currently born just for my sake.”

Celebrating the birth of a new slave, I greeted her with a beaming smile.

Now, why don’t we also see whether or not this girl intends on staying by my side when she wakes up?

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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