Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 90

Academy Desire Inspection-Arc

From the start, I was the type to go to school earlier than the average person.

If I didn’t, then there would be many times when the other commuting students would obstruct me by chance. The crowd would be slow, and the shoe racks congested.

However, for today only, I had a change of heart and walked along the street to school at a normal time.

It’s good that the apartment was close by. Even though I caught the school gate before my very eyes, it didn’t take that much time.

“Please line uuup. Please open your bag so we can immediately see insiiide!”

Today was more crowded than usual. And it was so because there was a bag inspection.

Because there was a considerable amount of students, there were several queues for lining up, and students inspecting to accomodate them.

I naturally lined up behind the queue that I chose amongst them.

“Now, the next person.”

It’s good to wait at times like this. There is enjoyment in expectations.

“Ok, next.”

A female student who had a brisk manner of speaking was the examiner for this queue.

That strong-willed, spruce and orderly appearance matched well with that sprightly ponytail. Her uniform that showed no wear or tear and her firmly worn armband also raised her fastidiousness.

Standing in front of that girl, I opened my bag and showed her its contents just like the other people.

“……? Come now, show it to me.”

“Hm, what is the problem?”

The girl shook her head, detaining me while holding suspicion.

I intentionally feigned ignorance, agitating her.

“For you, you have to not only open up your bag, but open up the fly of your pants and properly have its contents examined! You know this, right?”

She cautioned me while clearly furrowing her brow.

The hypnosis was moving along as per the suggestions. I’m very glad that the preparations were properly giving results.

I suppressed my mouth that was about to burst into laughter.

“M-My apologies.”

“Aah, geez!”

Having grown tired of waiting, the girl crouched and forcefully opened the zipper on my trousers.

Upon looking down at her chestal region from above, I could confirm that she was even properly wearing a name tag.

Her name is Ritsuka, huh?

“Hey, don’t close it and properly……kyaah!!”

Ritsuka groped my trousers to inpsect my belonging, but was surprised at the penis inside that jumped out.

The already erect penis, after slapping Ritsuka’s cheeks, towered in front of her eyes.


“What’s wrong?”

“Commuting with an erection is a violation of school rules! Come here for a bit.”

Ritsuka’s face turned deep red as she was clearly upset. From her looks, I guess she’s in a grade higher than me, huh? I don’t remember those that I’ve ravaged, but I believe she’s probably estranged from sexual matters.

Even so, having her giving me intercourse as per the suggestions was so odd and fun.

“But this is a physiological phenomenon.”

“I know. However, the rules are the rules.”

“I see, it can’t be helped, yes?”

“Indeed, I will confiscate your semen from here on.”

Ritsuka removed my pants without my consent and released my penis so that she could see it easily.

However, perhaps not knowing how to handle it, she gingerly let it ride atop of her hand and didn’t move for a considerable amount of time.

“What’s wrong? Perhaps, do you not know how to take out semen?”

“I-I know how! Please just wait for a bit longer.”

“You use that. Using your pssy, you get semen spat out inside of it.” “I said I knew how, didn’t I!? I just have to use my pssy, right?”

Ritsuka placed her hand inside of her skirt as though it were her duty. However, she stopped there.

There were several students passing by who were still undergoing baggage inspection before my eyes. There were still a considerable number of commuters.

Of course, none of them have any doubts towards the behaviour that Ritsuka and I are taking.


To some extent, this meant that the concept of shame still remains within her. That was a good thing.

Ritsuka placed her hand inside of her skirt and stiffened, which in turn made her look sexy. Her skirt was hiked up thanks to her buried hand, her thighs just barely being able to be seen up to their base. If one strained their eyes, then one could also confirm that the underwear that protruded out from there was pink.

“Huh, what time is it now?”

“I don’t know such a thing. I’ll settle this right away. You’re at fault for bringing an erection.”

“Hahah, guess that’s right.”

“Don’t laugh it off!”

She was awfully haughty, but she couldn’t be seen as anything but comical in her current situation.

Perhaps having made her resolve, Ritsuka took out only her panties from inside her skirt. After that, she placed that hand that was holding the underwear in front of her chest and stopped moving.

Well, I guess she’s ready for the time being, huh?


“Sorry. I want to hurry up and go to school, so-“

“I-I understand. The means I will leave to you……ah-!”

I brought my whole body close to Ritsuka, sticking so close that our chests seemed to touch each other.

My erect penis was submersed inside of her skirt, perfectly hitting against her thighs.

Using my kness to skillfully maneuver my penis, I traced the surface of her vagina with its tip.


“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“You surprised me!”

The surface of the vagina that still hadn’t been used was smooth, its cleanliness being transmitted through my penis.

At the fact that I could fuck such a girl, my penis trembled once more.


Ritsuka was scared by the trembling penis that she couldn’t see beneath her skirt.

While laughing at that, I came up with something good.

“W-What are-!?”

“It’s easier to do it if I lift you up.”

Circling around to Ritsuka’s back, I lifted up both of her legs. She’s lighter than I thought, huh?

She had gotten into a position where she was exposed in an M-shape from the front, precisely like how one would hold up a baby who needed to use the toilet..

“Hey, lift up your skirt. If you do, then it won’t be scary, right?”

“A-As if I’d be scared!”

“If you do it, then I might also finish sooner. Semen comes out easier if I can see the vagina, see.”

“I-Is that true?”

Ritsuka turned her face this way and asked while still blushing.

Perhaps having given up, Ritsuka closed her eyes and grabbed her skirt when I waited in silence.

She slowly lifted it and exposed the contents of her panty-less skirt to the public eyes of the baggage inspection.

“Hahah, thank you very much.”

When I tried to hide her exposure for her, I made my own penis soar in front of her vagina with good intentions, using its tip to scoop out her vaginal opening with a jerk just like that.


Although Ritsuka did not feel much pain thanks to her having the horny suggestion to a certain extent, she somehow felt impatient.

That’s probably due to the fact that several students were passing by before our eyes. Everyone had a suggestion implanted in them so that they wouldn’t concern themselves with it, and so they were actually looking at this girl’s vagina.

Continuing insertion like that, I took her first time behind the school gate.

“Aah……hyaahh! W-Wait, it’s spreading, my p*ssy is spreading!”

“It’s tight in a good way, huh? It seems like this will be confiscated quicker than I thought.”

I swayed Ritsuka’s body so that I could hold her up while keeping both hands free. Shaking my hips in a pumping movement, her tight vagina was spread out by my penis.

While my penis was enveloped by a warm sensation, it carved that soft meat pot into my shape.

“Ah, ah, kyahn! H-Hot, why, even though it hurts?!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I-It feels goooood!”

Ritsuka is probably a diligent student. Perhaps she might be the type who couldn’t lie or keep secrets.

Without holding back, she let loose a sweet voice which echoed throughout the baggage inspection line.

The students didn’t mind it, but there might be ordinary people passing through in front of the school gate. I have Kokoro monitoring the situation to a certain extent, but it’s possible that someone might pass by.

What will they think when they hear this cry coming from over the wall?

“Please do your best. You’re going to confiscate my semen, yes?”

“Yes, semen, confishcaa-hyaah! I love it! I luv confishcahthing seeemeeen!”

I wonder if this girl understands just how brainless what she’s saying is?

It couldn’t be helped because it was the suggestion’s fault. Since I’m kind, I won’t concern myself with it too much.

Perhaps because Ritsuka had a greater talent for sex than I thought, or maybe because she was just honest, but she firmly stroked my dick with the interior of her vagina, going all out in squeezing semen from me.

I wholeheartedly thrust my penis while my lower half received a soft squishy sensation.

“If it’s like this, then it’s likely that my semen will come out. Will you confiscate it inside of you like this?”

“Yess! Sperm, I will confiscate it inside! Hyah, Aah, I’ll keep it inside my womb, so-aaaaaaaaaahh!!”

“Is that so.”

I’m very happy that she’s such a diligent student.

Since it would take effort to take it out, I strengthened my pumping as I was.

While making a splashing sound, Ritsuka spilled love juice onto the school’s grass. While completely entrusting her weight onto me, her body obeyed for the sake of her libido.

“Igh, it’s coming, it’s coming, Ah……aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

Ritsuka reached climax in a voice that wouldn’t lose out to the school’s first bell. She squirted vigorously, so much so that it seemed that she covered the students who were lining up.

I well-manneredly poured semen only into Ritsuka’s vagina. In saying that, because we were in this position, even though semen was stored in Ritsuka’s uterus, it dribbled out of the gap of her vagina with big drops.


While Ritsuka’s body lost all energy, she entrusted her body to the afterglow of her climax and the muddy stream of semen.

It was amusing how her shoulers shook every time I vigorously emitted sperm.

Since I’m kind, I showed concern for her body, placing her legs down onto the ground and also pulled out my penis.

After that, I kept rubbing the semen that hadn’t been released yet into Ritsuka’s thighs.

“Since I couldn’t empty it all out in the womb, I left some on your thighs, ok?”


Does this girl still have her awareness? I don’t know if she can conduct the baggage inspection after this.

“……then……you’re, fwee tah gooh……”

Uprightly fulfilling her duty, Ritsuka apparently released me.

In short, I was basically in a position where I had my semen confiscated.


Just like that, Ritsuka moved her feet so as to return to her post.

With a sway, her body that had its first time taken remained unable to stand. It was quite a wonderful act to gaze at her trembling figure as she walked while pigeon-toed.

Her thighs that had been coloured by the confiscated semen was also a good spice.

“Please do your best, ok? I’ll support you.”

“I-indeed……especially for today, I will strictly……and thoroughly….conduct the baggage inspect, so……”

Especially for today?

Upon being told that, I recalled what day it was today.

I’m pretty sure it was Valentine’s, huh? I don’t know exactly what meaning that holds in this school that’s strict with sexually matters for all besides me.

As for me, I felt as though I could enjoy it a lot.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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