Son of the Hero King Vol Chp 440


[Wratharis — Royal Palace]

Sol’s speech was not only contained in the confines of the Lustburg kingdom. All kingdoms had spies mixed in with the populace of the other kingdoms and this was all the more so for Wratharis who was currently in midst of war preparation against the kingdom of Lustburg.


“He dares!?”

A roar filled the palace room as thunder crackled in the sky as a man shouted at the top of his lungs.

Unlike Sol’s situation where he showed respect to his dukes and nobles of his kingdom and received respect in return, the current situation inside the palace room could only be considered to be a complete suppression as fear flashed in the eyes of the trembling retainers who had given the message to the king of Wratharis.

They always said that one should not shoot at messengers. But they knew very well that the man sitting on the throne with a wrathful expression was not one to listen to such courtesy.

Tiangou Lupus Ira.

The current reigning king of Wratharis. A rare variant of the Blue Wolf race, a Lightning wolf, who had reached the King rank as well.

As one of the most powerful beings in the Mortal Realm, one would expect a certain grace in his demeanor. But all one could see was the endless greed of a man who hungered for more and more power. Power that he didn’t have the right nor the ability to handle.

He was a man who did not hesitate to kill his brother in order to steal the throne even though he could have just waited for it to be passed on to him naturally.

For many people, that man was not a king. He was nothing but a malevolent and ungrateful tyrant.

He did not lead through kindness, sternness, or even with authority. He only reigned through absolute power and fear of the destruction he would wreak on his opposition.

In any other place, this would have brought about a mutiny or a coup. A full-blown rebellion against his rule as the population decided to revolt against injustice.

Sadly, as a Blessed king, no Beastkin could ever hope to hurt him or take the throne from him. Doing so would mean fighting against the goddesses themselves. And this would only lead to the decimation and complete erasure of the individual.

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Looking down at the trembling man kneeling beneath his throne, Lupus felt his anger rise more and more with each passing second.

For him, anger was power. He embraced it. This was the way to constantly increase his power. It was his truth and way of life.

But he still knew that hot anger was not the only way to lead life.

His wrath simmered down as the lightning in the room receded into his body, “Finish your report.”

The messenger nearly let out a sob of relief as he bowed so low he planted his forehead firmly on the ground.

There was not much to say and once he finish retelling the events that transpired all over the kingdom of Lustburg, he was dismissed. Fortunately, he was able to keep his life and his limbs intact. But he wasn’t fully sure of his survival. He wouldn’t be sure until he left the sights of the accursed king.

It was only after standing outside and feeling the rays of the sun against his face that he realized that he was alive and that he had survived the ordeal.

Tears strimmed down his face as he wondered if he should go back home and work on the farm with his parents.

At least this would be a better life than this.

Serving a king was like riding a tiger. A man never knew when they would be swallowed by their own steed.

Though…’The future king of Lustburg seems to be different.’

He was envious. No matter if it was a facade or not, at least that noble king was willing to put up a kind facade for the public and his retainers. It was still infinitely better than the king he served.


“Miserable wretch!”

After the messenger left the room, Lupus gripped his throne tightly with his hands. Despite his personality, Lupus was not foreign to politics. He simply did not see the interest in engaging in such useless and insufferable blabber as he judged it was utterly unworthy and beneath a king such as him to even dabble in.

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This was why he could guess… That the baby prince was using him as a way to clean up his own kingdom of all of its malice and rotten parts.

His decision to wage war against that insufferable prince’s kingdom was being seen lightly by that arrogant manchild.

Furthermore the words in the messages that were addressed…

Tyrant. Usurper. Unworthy of the throne. All those were adjectives and curse words that were used to describe him behind his back but he cared not as he knew those were nothing but the plays of a rat scurrying along the ground, destined to never stand up against the true beings of power.

But that wretched, vile, and dastardly prince…. “He really dared insult me.”

Lupus was angry. Very very angry. He did not see himself as a usurper. He was a Blessed. He was a chosen one by the Heavens themselves and without a doubt, he would become unrivaled under the heavens using his power and authority.

“Sol Dragona Luxuria… I shall remember you and your insolence.”

He would see how that prince would react when he lost everything and his kingdom was burned to the ground while he laughed at his misery.


[Patientia Church — Kingdom of Wratharis]

The Church of Patientia was more akin to a calm temple with hundreds of fox statues and red gates all other the place.

Even though winter was upon them, the sakura trees were still blooming in their pink hue and the petal flowers were floating leisurely in the sky.

Sitting on the ground with a bottle of alcohol next to her, Kiku Inari Patientia, the Supreme Daughter of Patientia, also known as the Miko, bonafide shrine maiden of this place, was gazing at the distant sky.

Next to her, was a short girl with two horns above her head wearing clothes that were more than just a little indecent.

“Shuten… How do you think this will end?”

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Shuten Douji, leaned back slightly as she focused on Kiku’s side profile and spoke, “We are currently sitting on gunpowder and the Prince has just lit the fuse.”

Kiku sighed, “I wonder what gives him such confidence.”

“I don’t know either, to be honest. Information from the main tower of Lustburg is nearly impossible to acquire. But see… That prince is no fool. I am sure of that fact.”

Shuten had seen a record of the speech. This prince was unlike Lupus. This was not the behavior of a man drunk with power and overestimating his worth.

Those were the eyes of a man who knew what he was doing and who had the means to back up all of his claims.

“The first phase of our plan is more of a success than I had expected it to be. I believe even the second phase will succeed. But— We lack two very essential elements to fully utilize our plan.”

Shuten Douji was a demon and Kiku was a Blessed. As such, the two could openly plot against Lupus for his demise. But there was one rule they could never fight against.

“Firstly —We need a Blessed to take back the throne.”

The importance and influence of Blessed in this continent were without measure. One Blessed was more persuasive than a thousand of just cause.

As long as they did not have someone to replace them — Then chaos would inevitably ensue and burn the lands.

“Secondly — We need someone on their side to handle that brat, Wukong.”

Shuten Douji frowned at those words. She could not imagine anyone being able to fight that battle-thirsty monster and even tie.

It was even more so with his most recent evolution. [1]

But a deal was a deal. Sun Wukong only wished for even more evolution and enlightenment and he would not stop until he was able to reach his goals.

‘I hope the so-called Sword Saint will be worthy of her reputation.’

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She did not wish to deal with a tantrum Wukong was capable of bringing otherwise.

[1]: Reread CH 217: Special Chapter: Sun Wukong

(AN: Some sneak peek into the mindset of the opposition. This should have come out just as CH 403. After speech but heh. My Shouten Douji character design is based on Shouten from Fate Grand Order. For Kiku, the design is Miko from No Game No Life.)

Son of the Hero King

Son of the Hero King

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He was once a simple boy, drifting aimlessly along with the flow of the world. But one day, he awakened to find himself being different from his usual self, finding himself now hosting the body of a newborn. He had been reincarnated, that too as the sole prince and heir of the human empire. Now living in a world of sword and magic, filled with fantastical beasts, demi-humans, divine beasts, Goddesses and so much more. Life finally seemed to take a turn for the better for the reincarnated boy. However, as always, reality had its cruel ways of disappointing him. His parents died shortly after his birth in a war to save humanity, subjecting him to the life of an orphan. All the people vying for the throne turned against him, looking for any and all opportunities to kill him, the last living heir to the throne. Fortunately, he had his aunt, his last living family, who helped protect him by becoming the acting queen but this came with the price of being holed up in his palace till his ‘awakening’ which would enable him to defend himself and survive in this cruel world… Witness his tale of struggle, of valor, of love, of lust as he goes against his fate and destiny and embarks on a path that would lead him to the very center of the conflict, of the mystery, of the truth that spanned since the very creation of this world.



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