Son of the Hero King Vol Chp 442


When Ambrosia heard her absurd plan, she scrunched her brows and was about to rebuke Lilith for her stupidity. A territory could only be created in a place like the Astral Realm or the Mortal Realm and the Afterlife. It was a necessity as only places like these could bear the weight of an entirely new world superimposing on an existing one.

The dimensional walls of dimensions of the dimensional mages were just too weak to bear such pressure and the result would be mutual destruction of both worlds or dimensions if they were to try to enact such stupidity.

This was why even Tiamat could not create her territory in her dimension. In the same way, the three of them had to resort to other means to ascend to the Demigod realm.

In the past, Ambrosia chose to create her territory in the Astral Realm. Echidna choose the Mortal Realm and Anubis went and stole a part of the Afterlife to create his territory there.

In the end, the three of them could not escape this rule and Sol’s dimension was not—


She stopped herself mid-sentence and observed the world once again.

So many events happened recently but it seemed like she had forgotten to inspect this place more rigorously. Now was a good time as any so she hurriedly put her focus to observe this monochrome world.

‘This is… Huh…?’

The dimensional wall was far sturdier than she thought them to be. She frowned instantly. Lilith had been able to cut down the walls and enter this place. Even though she was strong, it wouldn’t be possible if the walls were as strong as that of an entire existential realm no matter how strong Lilith may be.

Even so, she felt that they were sturdier than your average dimension.

There was another thing bothering her about this place.

The space and the surroundings in a dimension were always fixed. No matter where they were, it would always be the same.

But the surrounding of this dimension changed and reflected the appearance of the real world.

‘This is…’

She bit her lips in frustration as more than hundreds of theories painfully created and glorified by witches seemed to vanish in the wind with the advent of this world and the anomalies called Sol and Lilith.

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‘This place is really not for me.”

First, it was Lilith— breaking down all her knowledge about energy conversion and now it was Sol showing her a glimpse of something beyond the laws of space and time that was established since time immemorial. Since the beginning of all that constituted their reality.

She sighed in defeat and utter tiredness, “Whether or not this will be possible, you should prepare yourself all the same. It will take a very large amount of time. What kind of territory will you create? How big will it be outwardly and inwardly? But more importantly… How will you obtain Faith coins necessary to run the territory? You’ll need to contemplate and make plans for everything.”

If her territory was inside Sol’s dimension, it would mean that effectively no one below the Duke rank could come to live inside her territory.

King-ranked people didn’t exactly walk on the street.

Without people to populate the world no faith could be garnered and without Faith coins, it was impossible to expand and develop one’s territory.

Faith was a very important factor in this world. Almost, painfully so, too important.

Lilith shrugged her shoulders in response, “I only want a place to rest my sword and go through the next level. Honestly, the territory is only secondary to me.”

“You are a strange being.”

“I am, right? Heh.”

Lilith grinned and stood up from the bed of grass. She was in a very good mood today and now that she managed to control her new strength, she had no reason to stay here any longer. She was going to meet her beautiful but cold daughter to whom she owed so much and try to set things right for the first time in her life.

If Lilin was interested, she would even teach her the『 Sword of the End 』and everything about her new『 Godslaying Sword Art 』that she acquired in her mindscape.

She didn’t know how much this would be useful for Lilin as her daughter was already taking her own path that was different from hers. But the first chapter of her new art allowed her to cut space. This should be quite useful for Lilin as her concept primarily focused on the utilization of space.

“See you later.”

She moved the ring on her finger and walked out through the portal that showed up in front of her. Leaving a despondent Ambrosia who was still inspecting the dimensional structure of this place.

Now that Lilith was healed, this meant that she had respected her part of the deal with Sol. Now, it was time for Sol to do the same.

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‘Do not disappoint us, Sol Dragona Luxuria. There won’t be any more chances.’

She sighed inwardly. The witches had already suffered too much through their long and isolating lives and they were in very much requirement of the company of different people.

She had decided to stop being just a figurehead and stop letting her feelings of guilt dictate her actions anymore. She was willing to make things straight for her children and atone for her unjust actions.

[Little girl.]

The voice of a ma sounded in her head. In this entire universe, there was only one man who dared to call herewith this name.

“We need to talk— Asmodeus.”


When Lilith walked out of the dimension, she took a deep breath before giggling under her breath.


The feeling of mana in the Mortal Realm was quite dry and poor. She had never left the Mortal Realm but the difference in quality and concentration of mana between this place and Sol’s dimension was already startling even though his world was supposed to be the mirror of this world.

If before she felt like a fish in water, now she had the impression that she was a whale trying to squeeze her place inside a lake.

This made her understand why the overall level of mortals was so much lower compared to what Sol told her about the armies in the Astral Realm.

Thankfully for Lilith, she had lived all her life in this place. So it wasn’t hard for her to adapt to this sensation.

“Well then, where is Lilin?”

She had a daughter to find and amends to make. After this, she would meet Camelia and spend some time with her friend again. She needed to give her thanks for everything Camelia did to help her when things were hard and suffocating for her.

Finally, she would have to discuss with Sol his plans for the future. She wished to know what he would do exactly and what he needed from her. She also needed to make an informed decision about her territory. But if it was possible, she wished to do so in his dimension.

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Her instincts were telling her that the effects would be beneficial for both of them.

Then once she resolved everything… She would go out on her journey.

Lilith closed her eyes and took another deep breath. This time, she only focused on filling her lungs with the aroma of the flowers in the Garden.

It was indeed good to be alive.


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Son of the Hero King

Son of the Hero King

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He was once a simple boy, drifting aimlessly along with the flow of the world. But one day, he awakened to find himself being different from his usual self, finding himself now hosting the body of a newborn. He had been reincarnated, that too as the sole prince and heir of the human empire. Now living in a world of sword and magic, filled with fantastical beasts, demi-humans, divine beasts, Goddesses and so much more. Life finally seemed to take a turn for the better for the reincarnated boy. However, as always, reality had its cruel ways of disappointing him. His parents died shortly after his birth in a war to save humanity, subjecting him to the life of an orphan. All the people vying for the throne turned against him, looking for any and all opportunities to kill him, the last living heir to the throne. Fortunately, he had his aunt, his last living family, who helped protect him by becoming the acting queen but this came with the price of being holed up in his palace till his ‘awakening’ which would enable him to defend himself and survive in this cruel world… Witness his tale of struggle, of valor, of love, of lust as he goes against his fate and destiny and embarks on a path that would lead him to the very center of the conflict, of the mystery, of the truth that spanned since the very creation of this world.



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