The Man of the House Vol 00 Chp 72


“Wh-what are you two idiots talking about!” Kelsey cried out as the underwear slipped from her mouth.

Kristy grabbed it and shoved it back in. It was her own underwear, but desperate times led to desperate solutions.  She then pulled out some medical tape from Kelsey’s gym bag which was lying on the ground and taped Kelsey’s mouth shut. This lowered the volume of her screaming substantially. She made an angry huff with her nose as Kristy found a jump rope in her bag and similarly tied her arms up.

“What are you saying, Kristy?” I felt like her words were so hard to grasp, I needed to hear them twice.

“Kelsey needs to be quieted!” She declared. “The only way to keep her quiet is if big brother defiles her! Then, she won’t be able to speak about it to anyone.”

“We can’t do anything here!” I explained. “Other people could walk in at any moment!”

Kristy looked back and forth… “There is an emergency exit in the back. We’ll take her out that.”

The two of us took turns holding her down while the other dried and got their clothing back on frantically. We then grabbed the squirming and struggling Kelsey and picked her up, desperately trying to carry her to the back of the locker room. She made muffled sounds the entire time, but we somehow managed to bring her to the backdoor.

“If you unplug this, the fire alarm won’t go off!” Kristy informed me.

Overall, we hadn’t considered this door before because of the big red “do not exit except in the case of an emergency” sign over it. If we tried to open it, this would trigger the fire alarm and we could get in a lot of trouble. At this point, we were desperate though. Kelsey came into the locker room first, but if she had heard something, then the other girls had probably heard something by now as well. In fact, I could hear people talking excitedly from the hallway. It sounded like there was a crowd of girls gossiping and daring each other to see what was going on. It was only a matter of time before a teacher caught wind of it and then looked for themselves.

I pulled the cord, and then while holding my breath, I pushed open the fire door. When there was no alarm, I glanced over at Kristy.

“What? I know what I’m talking about…” She blushed.

I helped her pick Kelsey back up and drag her out into the road. We brought her to an area far enough away from the locker door that we could rest for a bit. Panting, I dropped Kelsey onto the grass and collapsed down next to her. At this point, my sister had stopped struggling and was just glaring at the pair of us silently.

“Now what?” I asked as I recovered my breath, looking around the back area of the school that was thankfully empty.

Kristy, also panting, glanced at her watch. “We have about 45 minutes until mom comes and picks us up. That means you have 45 minutes to, you know… do it…”

She looked away, suddenly turning shy now. We had been spiked with adrenaline after already doing so many risky things earlier, but now that we were out in the breeze, reason started to return to the pair of us. Just what were we going to do? If it got out that Kristy and I were in a shower at school together, it would cause a lot of problems. It would cause more problems than even Kristy realized. However, if I violated Kelsey, then she would have to keep her mouth quiet just as much as any of the other sisters.

My fist tightened and a nodded to myself. “Okay…”

I glanced down at Kelsey. She was still tied and bound; her brow furrowed. It was hard to say what was going through her mind at that moment.

“Then, go for it.”

I blinked. “Uh… in front of you?”

Kristy’s face slowly turned red. “Maybe it’d be better if I just took watch.”


She stood up stiffly and then walked out from the area we were in. We were in an alcove of sorts behind an old art display from the school. It afforded us some privacy from anyone walking down the side of the school. With Kristy keeping watch, we could probably do it without getting noticed. I kneeled down and then reached for Kelsey. She jerked back slightly. Immediately, my heart felt a pang of frustration and regret.

My hands changed their direction and grabbed the tape around her mouth. “If I take this off, you won’t scream?”

She narrowed her eyes, but a second later, she gave a rough jerk of her head as a nod. I nodded to myself and then pulled the tape off of her. She made an irritated sound as the tape pulled on her skin and then spat out the underwear.

“Gah! Blah…” She growled. “I’ll never get that taste out of my mouth.

I didn’t respond. I just sat there on my knees, not quite sure what to say next. When she finished recovering her breath, she looked up at me.

“Are you going to… take me?” She asked, her voice hushed and hard sounding.

I grabbed my arm, shrinking back slightly under her look. “Not if you don’t want it.”

“How could I?” She snapped. “Y-you’re my brother. If we did that it… it’d be…”

She stopped as she seemed to remember I was with her twin not too long ago. I was usually so confident, but that was because I was in situations where I felt comfortable. This was a situation where I acted a bit rashly and felt a bit bad. It was Kristy who had come up with the solution she came up with. I just wanted out of the locker room without getting in trouble.

“Kelsey, I-”

I was going to apologize, but she spoke up. “What were you doing in there with Kristy anyway?”

This was a situation where I could lie to her. She was probably looking for an excuse. She could mentally explain everything away, like a woman who caught her husband cheating but convinced herself it was a one-time thing that would never happen again. If I said anything even remotely reasonable, then I could probably salvage this whole situation. However, when I went to tell her I found myself unable to say the words. My tongue was stuck to the top of my mouth. I let out a breath and closed my eyes.

“What did it look like?” I asked.

“Why her?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head, just trying to end this conversation.

There was a brief moment of silence and then she said, “Why not me?”

My eyes snapped open, and Kelsey had moved so her face was only a few inches away from mine. I let out a cry and fell back.

“Wh-what are you saying?”

She looked away, her cheeks turning red. “Kristy is really lazy. She’s got flabby arms and a flabby butt. I work out way more. I’m better looking than her, right?”

My eyes widened. “What?”

She sighed, looking a bit sad. “So, you prefer her after all.”

I sat back up hastily. “Not at all! I don’t prefer… I mean… you’re both sexy and beautiful!”

“You’ve never tried to sneak into my shower,” she pouted. “I’ve even left the door unlocked practically inviting you.”

“I thought you were just being thoughtless!”

Wait, what she said just then had shocked me because this wasn’t just a recent trait. It was well known that Kelsey always forgot to lock the door! This happened before the change. If I had ever walked in on her though, she would have screamed and called me a pervert and thrown things! That’s why I was always extremely cautious about knocking on every door before I opened it. I had once walked in on Mackenzie and she had nearly suffocated me with a pillow, and that time I hadn’t even caught even a slip of underwear. Ever since I had been extremely careful. That’s part of the reason I felt like I didn’t belong in my own home. There was no way that Kelsey had secretly been desiring that I walk in on her, right?

“You could have just barged in… I mean, maybe you needed to pee, and so while I showered you were using the bathroom and I suddenly peaked…”


“I don’t know what I’m saying.” She grabbed her head. “I’m just really confused right now, okay?”

“You’re the reason it happened anyway!” I shot back.

“Huh? Me?”

“I found the drugs.” I sighed.

“The… drugs?” She looked at me with a confused expression on her face.

“The Adderall? Ritalin? Whatever you call it? I looked under your bed and I found a baggy of drugs.” I explained. “I wasn’t sure if you were using it to help with your studies or if you were selling it. I was trying to find out more about it before confronting you, but since we’ve gotten to this point, we might as well get it all out in the open, right?”

She stared at me silently for a bit. “Noah, I don’t have any drugs. My grades are fine, thank you very much, and if I needed money, I’d look for a job.”

“I have the baggy. It was under your bed wrapped up in some blue blanket with bears on it.”

“That blanket is Kristy’s blanket.” She said incredulously. “I had the blanket with the one with the dinosaurs. I mean, it was a baby blanket, so I don’t use it anymore. I keep mine in my closet. Kelsey still uses hers and sometimes it gets kicked under my bed.”

“K-Kristy…” My eyes started to widen. “Those pills were Kristy’s? Wh-why?”

I recalled how she had insistently agreed to help me. She had been filled with hesitation as she escorted me into the locker room. If she knew that the drugs were her own and was just trying to cover it up, her actions started to make a whole lot of sense. I felt like an idiot. I was being played by my sister the whole time. I stood up to go yell at Kristy, but Kelsey grabbed my arm, stopping me.


“If she’s taking pills, she probably has her own reasons,” Kristy said awkwardly. “Is it really a problem?”

“Yes!” I turned back to her. “You’re my sisters, and I absolutely won’t let you abuse drugs. If you need help, I’ll give you everything I have, but we’ll handle it together.”

She stared silently for a moment. “Did you really break into the locker room just to spy on me?”

I looked away, scratching the back of my neck. “Ah… you really shouldn’t leave your combination on the back of your lock.”

She reached out and stretched.  I let out an alarmed noise.

“What? You think a jump rope is going to hold my hands?” She chuckled, suddenly looking refreshed like a cat enjoying the sun.

“Honestly, neither of us were thinking much at all.”

She leaned back casually in the grass, no longer looking like she had just been tied up and threatened with rape by her siblings.

“Well, I know Kristy more than most, so I say if you come at her angry and accuse her of the drugs, she’ll either dig her heels in and deny it or run away. You’re not going to get through to her in a direct confrontation.”

I frowned, but I pulled my knees to the side and listened anyway. “Go on.”

“If you’re serious about helping her. Then, we’re going to have to figure out the reason she’s doing it and catch her in the act.”

“After everything that has happened, how is that possible?” I asked.

“It’s fine… right now, she’s probably pretty satisfied getting to third base with her brother…”


“Ah… were you only kissing? I figured she um… touched you…”

“Right, third!” I gave her a thumbs up.

She hadn’t seen us having sex, so she didn’t think we had gotten to that point. She also seemed to think it was all Kristy who had pushed herself on me, rather than me initiating things with my sister. I decided to let her keep believing as she did.

“Good, then we’re agreed! This will be a double-cross! She thinks she’s spying on me… but we’ll be the ones spying on her!”

“There is just one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“Um… right now, she’s waiting out there for us to… um… finish.”

She looked at me confused for a second, and then her eyes widened. “That’s right? Wh-what do we do?”

“I guess we’ll just have to put on a show?”

The Man of the House

The Man of the House

Man of the House
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
Summary: Noah's life sucked. He had no job prospects. All he did all day was play video games and watch porn. Worst of all, he lived in a home with six annoying sisters and a naggy mother. However, all that changed when he hit his head, only to find that the genders of the world had suddenly swapped. Women had become the leaders in charge, full of sex, violence, and shamelessness. Men were valued for their looks and pursued and taken advantage of by horny women. Now living with six horny perverted teenage girls and his soncon mother, can Noah rise up and take charge of the house or will he yield under this new society's standard?



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