The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story Vol Chp 199


Vol. 2 Chapter 199


Translated by Raizu

Seven days had already passed since we left Newnelly.

We’re finally halfway to Levios territory, aren’t we? Just thinking about it makes me think that the trip was still ongoing, but this is only a matter of distance, a story on the map.

According to the schedule made by the civil officers, we will enter Levios territory the night after tomorrow.

I think this is true for any Noble, but the most boring time I need to deal with while traveling on a carriage is immediately after departure.

The current Eruo Continent can be said to be in a state of lull where the war has calmed down to some extent. In the midst of turbulent times, the correct answer might have been to join hands with Nobles from other regions who share the same aspirations and attack neighboring Noble families with the aim of unifying the region. However, currently, in order to be able to help each other in case something happens, the idea of uniting the Nobles of adjacent regions and opposing the Nobles of other regions is becoming stronger.

For that reason, when passing through neighboring territories, we not only pass by, but also have a light meal, make time for tea, and even make small talk.

Since it was to confirm friendly relations, it was essential to respond when passing through the Noble territory of the Quordenze faction. That’s why, the carriage will stop at every station immediately after departure.

And on the 7th day, we finally passed through the last Noble territory of the Quordenze faction.

From now on, it’s basically just a light greeting and that’s it. Of course, there would be breaks on the way, and we would be invited for tea once in a while, but the time taken would be very small in comparison. It’s just a minimum social relationship that is neither good nor bad.

Therefore, from our point of view, we are grateful for the rapid operation.

The scenery seen from the window of the carriage was also changing much faster than yesterday. Although, it may be a matter of mood due to not being able to see far away as we were approaching the mountains.

I looked at the map left on the mini table inside the carriage.

The current location is a place that could be described as a valley between the Kieborg Mountains, which make up the continent’s highest peak, Mount Erechtheion, and the Astoraph Mountains, which are linked to the eastern part of the continent. The carriage had been going up and down repeatedly since a while ago.

Since there are many relatively steep slopes, it is not possible to line up playing cards.

All I could do now was read the book that I brought with me, or mentally rape Eve who was sitting across from me.

The interior of the long-distance carriage is about the size of a camper, so it’s relatively comfortable. I think I can secure a space to have sex with Eve who is riding with me.

However, we can’t do whatever we want while traveling to other territories where we don’t know where people will be watching. I can’t wait to arrive at the Quordenze family’s mansion in the Royal Capital.

This 7 day journey is like becoming a monk for 7 days. I felt like I’m going to die unintentionally.

Unaware of my anguish, Eve talked to me with a carefree face.

[Master. Please take a look. Is it correct?]

She placed a wooden board for letter practice on the mini table, turned it around and showed it to me. It contained Japanese words interwoven with kanji and katakana.

[…Well written. You’re amazing.]

I smiled and praised Eve.


After it was decided that she could accompany me to the Royal Capital, Eve began to actively talk to me.

At first, I thought she had come to sell me some flattery in order to buy Raeve, but judging from her attitude on the journey so far, I didn’t get the impression that she was planning something behind the scenes. She simply seemed happy to have been given the chance to rescue her mother.

Also, for the past seven days, I haven’t even touched Eve’s breasts, let alone sucked them.

The moment I touched her breasts, I knew my excitement would go into overdrive, and I would feel like fucking her with the force that could destroy the bed, so I rather avoided physical contact.

Whether it’s chatting, playing cards, or practicing handwriting, the inside of the carriage is a wholesome space for all ages.

The only thing I did was pat her on the head.

In this way, Eve’s wariness weakened day by day, and the amount of time we spent with each other increased.

[This letter is difficult.]

[Because it has a lot of strokes. But if you can write this without reference, that’s a big deal. The letters themselves seem to be readable.]

Eve’s main job is my body pillow, but she also has a side job of manuscript work. It’s a waste to let Eve, who was expensive, to just be my plaything. While it’s the result of her poverty, it is still unbefitting of a Noble’s eldest son’s property.

Eve is studying Japanese while practicing writing in Eruo. This is related to the diary that I write every day.

There are no copy machines on the Eruo continent, so the only way to increase the number of books is to copy them by hand. Of course, since I am the eldest son of the Quordenze family, it would be easy to ask for one or two of the civil officers to copy the diary. That is normal.

The problem here is that my diary is written in Japanese.

I’ve gotten used to it now, but a few years after my reincarnation, I didn’t like having my diary read by others, even if it was by a civil officer. That’s why I started writing my diary in Japanese so that no one could read it.

Having very little amount of people being able to read it was an irreplaceable advantage, but there’s one big problem.

It’s difficult to copy.

In this world where the continental common language of Eruo exists, there is no task of transcribing an unknown language. Even if they existed, they would be limited to a very small number of historians who specialize in ancient writings.

Manuscripts on the Eruo continent are the process of reading the text, recognizing its contents, and writing it cleanly. It is a work to be done on the premise that the written characters can be read.

Naturally, there’s no way someone from the Eruo continent knows Japanese.

Once, I asked a civil officer to copy my diary, but it took a tremendous amount of time, and in addition to that, it ended up being a strange character, probably due to the quirks of the characters being misinterpreted. Perhaps it’s like using a translation site to translate an image?

After a great deal of effort, an eerie copy of the eerie string of characters was what ended up being completed.

For the people of the Eruo continent, learning a language other than the ancient language is considered a meaningless act.

I gave up on making backup copies of my diary because I felt uncomfortable forcing such promising civil officers to work at Newnelly Castle.

[You’re studying really hard.]

That’s why I taught Eve the correct Japanese.

Eve will be by my side for the rest of her life anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problems even if she learns one or two more things.

Making a list of hiragana and katakana, and sorting out the kanji used in the diary and making a clean copy were a little troublesome, but making a backup is still important.

Whether it’s the difference in technology, the problem with the materials, or simply the ecosystem, preserving books is much more difficult than I imagined in my previous life. Before I knew it, the paper was eaten by insects, so I had to copy it and store it in another place, or throw it in a warehouse that had perfect insect-proof measures.

Eve had completely memorized the often used characters while she’s copying my diary, and was able to use them to spell out different words.

This is remarkable growth. I would be very happy if only she could channel this desire to learn more types of play for sexual intercourse.

[We are heading here, aren’t we? Will we arrive in the Royal Capital afterward?]

While saying so, Eve pointed her index finger at the wooden board used for the practice. What’s written there was “The Guardian City Callahanasso”, the name for an old city located in the western part of the Levios territory.

[That’s right. After waiting there for a few days, we will enter the Royal Capital. We will be there by the end of April.]

The gathering place for the Quordenze Nobles is the city of Callahanasso. We plan to gather there once and head to the Royal Capital Levios together.

This is the result of the Levios family taking care not to cause unnecessary fights along the way. My father said that I would be happy if the Quordenze family and their friends came to the Royal Capital via Callahanasso, and I’m sure because there would be less trouble.

What this means is that we won’t be meeting the factions of the Adellahan or Zeldomitra families along the way.

Those two families will enter the capital through another route.

[The Guardian City… Is this the same as Zaleazeria city or Iburmas city?]

I answered Eve’s question while thinking a little that I had learned her name while transcribing my diary, or that she had heard that name because she was from the misty land.

[Both of them were called guardian cities in the past, so I guess they’re old compatriots of Callahanasso City.]

Guardian City” is a general term for military cities that were created in the era of priests with anti-demon beasts in mind.

It is a city that was systematically constructed with the main purpose of becoming a frontline base in preparation for corrupted land and a breakwater against mature demon beasts coming from the misty land. Callahanasso falls under the former, while Zaleazeria and Iburmas fall under the latter.

Fields are divided into two types, “Good Field” and “Malignant Field”. It’s pretty much like winning or losing a lottery in that regard.

Simply put, a good Field is one that has some useful resource within it. For example, Newnelly Field can be said to be a good Field because a large amount of rock salt can be collected easily.

On the other hand, Fields that do not have any notable resources and are simply the source of demon beasts are malignant Fields, and usually are left untouched.

In many cases, people do not gather near malignant Fields. Because there are only disadvantages.

However, demon beasts will still appear regardless of human convenience. As a result, the corrupted land gradually spreads around the Field as the years go by, and the sphere of human existence narrows.

Even so, it’s still better if it’s a small Field where only immature monsters appear. When this becomes the scale that a mature demon beast is born, leaving it unattended becomes a big risk for the surrounding area.

During the time of the priests, the Holy High Society built “Guardian cities” across the continent.

The Guardian City is a city that is like a directly managed store for priests. As a result, there are many cases where people gathered there, and the city ended up developing greatly.

For example, there is the city of Zaleazeria, which is currently the home of the Adellahan family.

This city is in a hopeless location, beyond the Wakold River, where the land of mist spreads out.

As soon as the age of priests began, a plan to protect Zaleazeria City was raised, and a large-scale redevelopment project was to be implemented.

Whether it was because the person in charge of the project was competent, or because the resources invested were enormous, the city of Zaleazeria grew steadily while being exposed to the onslaught of mature monsters over and over again, and in later years, It was recognized as the most prosperous city on the Wakold River coast and was promoted into a major city.

[It’s not as big as Zaleazeria City, but Callahanasso City is also a former guardian city, so it should have a certain size. It’s probably bigger than any other city I’ve been to.]

To be honest, none of the cities I stopped by after leaving the Quordenze territory was a big deal.

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Although I was guided to the base and stopped by, the scale of the city was not even comparable to that of Newnelly City, let alone Nambonan City or Gatoren City. In terms of my impression, I think it’s about the same as Evermill City at most.

I had heard from the civil officers who had been to the Royal Capital through Callahanasso City that the cities were normally of that level, but I reminded myself again that the Quordenze family was a great Noble.

[Is it bigger than Newnelly city?]

[We are talking about Newnelly here, of course not…though, if you ask this question to someone other than me, you might be in for a preach.]

Don’t underestimate Newnelly, you bastard. The servants would probably say something like that.

Eve must have imagined that too, and she trembled a little.

[It can’t be helped, let’s keep it a secret.]


The reason why the servants and maids are so harsh on Eve is because I instructed them to do so. However, Eve, who didn’t know about such backstory, honestly showed a relieved expression.

Eve, who has a warm smile, is very cute and makes you strongly aware of the word “beautiful girl”. I know only Eve and Raeve, but even among the elves, these girls seem to be among the best.

The clothes she’s wearing today look like those of a female civil officer.

The combination of a white blouse-like jacket and a thick chocolate-colored long skirt gives a neat impression. At the same time, she looked like a young girl who was trying to imitate the clothes of an adult woman, and there’s something cute in that.

The black color of the scarf tied around her hair to hide her long ears went well with her honey-colored hair.

[Today’s look suits you well.]

[…..Tha, thank you.]

And most of all, the growth of her breasts, which could be seen through her clothes, was really splendid. A young girl’s peculiar breast with a dangerous angle that sticks out to the side is irresistible.

But, I must not touch them yet. If I try now, the carriage will probably soon turn into a sex cave.

While I secretly continued my inner conflict, Eve looked a little embarrassed due to being praised for her scarf.

I know. Of today’s outfits, only the scarf was coordinated by Eve herself.

I acted like I didn’t know about it, and dared to praise it. How happy would she be?

I don’t think there’s a girl who wouldn’t be happy to be praised for being fashionable. The maid who spied for me did a really good job.

[When we get to the Royal Capital, we should look for clothes that match this. Eve seems to be working hard on a daily basis, so you should be rewarded.]

I moved my body forward a little and reached out to stroke her head.

Then, paying close attention, I mixed my affectionate feelings into my magic and emitted it from my palm towards her.


It’s a really small amount, and it’s released in a way that even the guards standing guard next to the carriage won’t feel it.

Concentrating my magic as if I’m holding in my piss so that my dick only squirts it little by little while urinating, I generated my goodwill magic release.

Unlike Raeve’s diffusion of goodwill, which limits the targets used, my magic has the property of recklessly spreading.

Therefore, in order not to be seen by the surroundings, it is necessary to reduce the output to the limit.

However, it’s quite a quirk to put emotion into this magical power.

As you mix in goodwill, the goodwill from the depths of your heart will come up one after another, and you will be driven by the urge to show more goodwill.

This is exactly like urinating. It’s human nature to want to release everything once it’s out, and it’s difficult and painful to squeeze out just a little bit.


Receiving the favorable magic power release, Eve silently closed her eyes and let out a groaning voice.

Since leaving Newnelly, I’ve tried using this favorable magic power release once a day. I started thinking that it would be nice if it makes Eve get a little closer to me, but it was more effective than I thought.

On the first day, Eve looked like a pigeon eating a peashooter. But now she’s more relaxed.

By the way, when I tried to direct the same output to my Lord-class maid, I got a vague response like “It may not feel comfortable for some reason”, which made it difficult to judge.

Unlike Eve’s people, they don’t have a culture of exchanging emotions using magic, so they may not feel very comfortable.


When I decided that my emotions would go out of control if I continued, I stopped releasing magic power.

Eve’s half-closed eyes snapped open and caught me.

At that point, I intentionally made a shy face, turned around, picked up a book, and stopped talking.

The reason I’m acting tsundere like this is because of Eve.

Unfortunately, Eve has yet to direct her magical power at me. I guess she still has a strong sense of distrust towards me.

On the other hand, even Eve should feel uncomfortable if she doesn’t reply in some way because I’ve expressed interest in her. But, I want to receive Eve’s natural favor.

So I acted as “an adolescent boy who is embarrassed by the fact that he showed affection” and ended the exchange by turning away. It is important not to give her time to reply.

If you reply to the embarrassed master, you may be embarrassed by repeating the conversation. But, it would be rude if you didn’t reply. By giving these two conflicting problems, it is possible to sway Eve’s thoughts.

For that reason, if Eve’s magical power of goodwill flew through, it was highly likely that some kind of change had occurred in her own mind.

So, I would like to continue this activity for a while and make a follow up.

I told her in a curt tone.

[…I hope we can find your mother in the Royal Capital.]

Reflected in the corner of my vision, Eve replied with a bright smile.


Well, of course we won’t find her.

Then, we spent a relaxing time in the carriage, and it was about the time the afternoon approached.

The carriage was halted to a full stop.

Even if the Nobles of the Eruo continent constantly ignore the devastation of the commoner villages, they will at least keep the roads clean. Not because of reasons like the Diet members are about to pass through the road for their trip or something like that, but because the road is essential for the duty of a ruler who fights demon beasts.

Therefore, it is rare for a carriage to stumble on a bad road on a highway that Nobles pass. In particular, we pass through the main roads in the territory. If the road, which can be called the face of such a territory, is in tatters, all passers-by will treat the lord as incompetent, so there can be no Nobles who neglect this place.

Listening carefully, I could also hear the hustle and bustle from outside the carriage. Something must be wrong.

I called out to the escort who was communicating with the outside of the carriage through the small window.

[Why is it so noisy outside?]

[I apologize. A dragon has appeared.]

I felt a little uncomfortable with the expression that it appeared instead of flying.

The Eruo continent is inhabited by animals and plants similar to what you see on Earth, but there are also many giant creatures and fantasy creatures.

A typical example is dragons. There are two main types of dragons living in the central part of the continent.

[Is it a group of flying dragons flying from the direction of the Royal Capital?]

A wyvern is a collarless frilled lizard with wings, similar to a reptile.

Many of them range in size from sparrows to crows, and if you ignore their size, they look very much like dragons.

In the Eruo continent, flying dragons are sometimes used instead of homing pigeons. They fly faster than pigeons, and are less likely to die from being attacked by hawks on the way.

If such flying dragons flew all at once from the Royal Capital, no wonder the carriage stopped. Because something might have happened in the Royal Capital.

[No, it’s not a flying dragon.]

[Then, are the land dragons attacking in a flock?]

And the other is the land dragon.

This is a dragon that brings to mind the words “Dinosaur” and “Jurassic”, and many of them have ridiculously large bodies. They range from ostrich-sized to as big as a blue whale.

They have gigantic wings, but it’s of little use other than for gliding. It is said that the wings are pretty much used only to intimidate foreign enemies by spreading them out.

In most fantasy stories, dragons are usually treated as something of noteworthy power. But in this Eruo continent, it’s not that much of a threat. At most, it’s treated as “large and ferocious carnivore”.

In addition, land dragons are reasonably smart and prefer to eat livestock over humans. Of course, it’s not uncommon for humans to be attacked because it’s strictly a priority, but it can still be said that there are much more dangerous threats.

From the standpoint of this group of elite from Quordenze and Sylopea, whether it’s 100 or 1000 land dragons, they’ll get barbecued in no time. Is it really that annoying?

The escort turned to me and gave the answer.

[It’s neither a flying dragon nor a land dragon. A very rare dragon… a giant dragon that soars high in the sky has appeared.]

With those words, my boredom was blown away.

[Soaring in the heavens… Is that really a dragon? Is it possible that there are others besides the one appearing in Mammushred?]

I feel that the humans of the Eruo continent’s distinction between animals is relatively rough.

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When I write in my diary, I use different Japanese words for flying dragons and land dragons, but most people just call them “dragons”.

“Large dragon”, “small dragon”, “walking dragon” and “flying dragon” are usually enough. Of course, there are names for each type, and many civilians call them properly, but this guard seems to have been a person on the rough side.

[It is as Young Master said. It’s similar to that dragon that appeared in Mammushred. I haven’t heard that it inhabits this area, so I guess it came from that region.]

In the Mammushred region, dragons that are different from flying dragons and land dragons exist.

With multiple magnificent wings, a long beard, and a long body resembling a snake, it is also called the dragon among dragons as it flies freely through the sky.

Until now, I had only known of its existence from books, but from those descriptions, I imagined the creature with the kanji for [Dragon].

I’ve always wanted to see the real thing, but I never thought I’d get the chance to see it in a place like this. I could feel myself getting excited.

[Interesting. Is it okay if I go outside for a while?]

[Yessir. I will arrange it immediately.]

I got off the carriage like I was going to see a helicopter or an airship.

[So, that is the dragon of Mammushred…]

[Perhaps it’s heading for the mountain?]

[How can it fly in the sky with that huge body?]

While moving to a place with a good view, I noticed that all the civil officers were looking up at the sky watching the intruders.

They weren’t preparing for the threat of the dragon, nor were they preparing for battle. It was like that of an onlooker looking at something unusual.

Compared to the military officers who have prepared an interception system just in appearance, they seem to have a lot of free time.

When they noticed my presence, they hurriedly straightened their posture and returned to their normal business face.

[…..Therefore, we are temporarily on standby.]

According to the civil officers, they decided to set up a temporary break time due to the appearance of a dragon.

The existence of this type of dragon is unknown to humans outside of the Mammushred region. They thought it would be best to rest for a while and let it fly somewhere in the meantime, rather than provoking it by continuing our march carelessly.

As expected, they decided that it would be a bad idea to shoot magic and arrows at someone else’s territory.

[Come to think of it, it seems that the Princess of Sylopea is also watching the dragon. Over there.]

In the direction the civil officer pointed, I could see the figures of the Sylopea escorts.

Since it’s a big deal, I walked over to them.

[Is Princess Plume outside too?]

[I heard that something unusual is flying. Wilk-dono too?]

She must have jumped out of the carriage when she heard that there was a dragon and thought [I want to see it!]. The line she said to me is that of a Princess, but I could tell that her curiosity was piqued and she was a little excited.

With just her fingertips, she gave instructions to the escorts and kept the people around her away.

This is outdoors, not indoors.

However, the surrounding area was surrounded by deep forests and mountains, and as people moved away, it gave the illusion of being in a private space. And it seems that Plume was thinking the same.

[…Is it okay if I relax a little here?]

[I don’t mind. Those two don’t seem to be interested though.]

The “Two” refers to my father and Earl of Sylopea.

The two guardians didn’t get off the carriage, probably because they weren’t interested in dragons.

[I guess so…]

Standing right next to me, Plume pointed at the dragon swimming in the sky and said.

[That’s a Mammushred dragon, isn’t it? …..It’s amazing, to see something that big flying, isn’t it?]

[It’s really big.]

The dragon’s appearance resembled a silhouette of four vertically connected jumbo jets.

Its eight gigantic wings flapped at times as if they were gliding, and at other times as if they were mowing down the earth, and soared to the heavens like a carp climbing a waterfall.

Its gigantic body seems to have no ties to gravity, and it even feels divine.

I can’t really judge the size because there’s nothing to compare it to in the sky, but the 4 jumbo jets that I imagined in the beginning might be appropriate.

When you think about it, it’s really a huge creature. Considering just the length, it’s probably on par with a mature demon beast.

[It’s so beautiful…]

I agree with Plume, who let out an admiring voice.

It’s a clichéd expression, but it looks like they’re swimming in the blue sky. There was something exciting about seeing giant creatures swimming freely in the sky.

I thought that people in ancient times came up with the legend of a water snake that climbed up a large river and climbed Mount Erechtheion and changed from a snake to a dragon.

[Hey Wil. Do you know what kind of dragon it is? Fire Dragon?]

Just as there are Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus among dinosaurs, there are various types of dragons.

[…No, I don’t know. But, I don’t think it’s a fire dragon.]

[Hmm, I wonder if there is anyone who knows? Can I call someone from my House for a minute?]

Even though it was a scene where we could just enjoy our conversation, it seemed that Plume’s curiosity had taken precedence.

[Yeah. I’m sure there are some people who are familiar with Mammushred in our house, let’s call them.]

I also gave the same instructions to the escorts.

This time, when I went to the Royal Capital, I brought several members of the Pioneering Association with me.

In truth, I was thinking of leaving them to stay in Newnelly and entrust the development of insect repellent products using the corrupted soil, but I wondered if there was some kind of mistake, or maybe it was thrown away on the way. Since it didn’t arrive, I decided to bring them to the Royal Capital for the time being.

But come to think of it, I should be busy socializing in the Royal Capital. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a human who will be my extra eyes and ears walking around the Royal Capital.

Among the members I brought, there were some who had visited the Mammushred region in the past.

An agent that I sent to learn how to raise silkworms.

My employees arrived earlier than the person who Plume had called. He looked up at the sky as if to reconfirm and answered the question slowly.

[That’s…that’s really a big dragon. A part of the wing has been torn off…but I’m pretty sure it is one.]

It’s strange because if you translate his remarks into Japanese as they are, you’ll come to think of him as a very disappointing dragon.

[I wonder what its official name was… It’s a dragon that was used as a symbol of a dynasty that existed in the Mammushred region in the past…]

That’s when I finally found something that clicked.

[Is it the Auspicious Dragon?] (TL note: You can google it)

[Ah, yes. That’s it. It’s an Auspicious Dragon. Do you know that the dragon you’re looking at has eight large wings? It actually has small wings that look like they’ve been beaten out. Together, they make up 9 wings, and in Mammushred, the number 9 is said to be an auspicious number. Therefore, it is known as a dragon that announces auspicious omens.]

Hearing that, when I squinted my eyes, I could see something that looked like a torn wing near the tail.

[Most dragons only have 4 or 6 large wings. Speaking of dragons with 8 large wings, the Auspicious Dragon is the only dragon that has them. An Auspicious Dragon that doesn’t have it can be said to be a very special dragon.]

This employee who explains things with solid reasoning seems to be quite capable in his job.

Furthermore, according to his opinion, the torn wing may have been torn off by a belligerent and ferocious dragon such as the Fire Dragon or the Ferocious Dragon.

As I listened to the story about the Auspicious Dragon, Plume, who had reverted back into her Noble daughter mode again, spoke to me with a smile.

[Is it like the Great Divine Dragon King who used the Divine Dragon as a symbol?]

Oh no, the Princess is here too! With that expression, the employee fell to his knees and looked at me with a sad expression.

They are used to talking to me, but they have never talked to other Nobles. I guess he didn’t know how to respond since the other side is a female Noble.

Fortunately, even I could understand Plume’s question, so I decided to answer instead.

[As Princess Plume knows, the Mammushred Federation traditionally uses a dragon as a symbol for its flag. Just as the Great Divine Dragon King used the Divine Dragon as a symbol, in the past there was the Great Auspicious Dragon King who used the Auspicious Dragon as a symbol.]

Even though Plume is working hard at her studies, she doesn’t have as much leeway as I, a reincarnated person, and she also doesn’t have the leeway to expand into her hobbies.

Knowledge related to Mammushred is almost unnecessary for Nobles, and it’s strange for one to even know about it. Plume’s ignorance on this point cannot be laughed at.

It’s already the age of the nobility. Very little is known of the corrupted land-filled areas further than the Bermana region.

At most, they only know that the porcelain produced in Mammushred is cool, and silk is the best.

If there is only one knowledge, it is about the Great Divine Dragon King, which Plume just mentioned.

Basically, the founder of the dynasty that was born in the Mammushred region, the first generation was called by the name of the dragon that was its symbol.

As the name suggests, the Great Divine Dragon King is a great king whose symbol is a dragon species called Divine Dragon.

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The reason why the Great Divine Dragon King was famous is because it’s related to the Zeth Church Holy High Society.

Since ancient times, the Mammushred region has been geographically and culturally separated from other regions.

Between the Mammushred region and the Bermana region, there was a very steep mountain range that stretched like a curtain, and it was extremely difficult to cross because there were many tough wild animals living there.

As a result, even if a large force was born in the Mammushred region, they did not have enough energy to move to other regions.

It wasn’t until the time of the Great Divine Dragon King that the civilization grew enough to travel to other regions.

The Great Divine Dragon King was the first King to unify the Mammushred region.

A very rare superhuman born among the Adjut tribe, the Divine Dragon King, who was born with the power of a Hero, quickly subjugated Mammushred, which was crowded with many tribes, and finally unified them for the first time in history.

And without ending his ambitions there, he set his sights on the other side of the Great Mountain Range, the fertile land of Bermana in the far east.

In addition to the veteran warriors who experienced the Mummushred Unification War, it is the young King with the power of the Hero who directly led the invasion.

I’m sure everyone thought that this eastward move would be a success. I don’t know if it’s by the ancestors or Zethism, but the Dragon King was defeated, and the fertile land of Bermana belongs to us…

The battle ended pretty quickly.

After crossing the mountain, the Mummushred army was ambushed by the Holy Army’s magic attacks, taking enormous damage. It ended too quickly, and it wasn’t even given a name like some other battles.

The only thing that remains in the history of the Eruo continent is the name of the battle “Mammushred Battle” issued by the Holy High Society after that.

Although the Great King managed to flee back to his country, the price was too great.

Until then, the Mammushred region was perceived as a land of ugly barbarians fighting over corrupted land-covered territories. For that reason, the Holy High Society ignored such a “useless land”. Rather than that, there were many better regions where they wanted to strengthen their influence, such as the western and eastern parts of the continent.

However, the invasion of the Divine Dragon King changed this notion. A unified dynasty exists in the Mammushred region.

The basic stance of the Zeth Holy High Society is indirect control.

Strengthening influence in a region crowded with many tribes is a difficult task. However, if there is only one King with overwhelming power, just defeating one of them will solve everything.

There is a cause for retaliation, the strength of the enemy army has been greatly weakened, and the merits of victory are great.

Thus, the Zeth Church Holy High Society declared the “Battle of Mammushred”, raised a holy army, and began to invade the Mammushred region at once.

For the Mammushred army, which was almost completely destroyed, it seems that there is no such thing as a geographical advantage.

In addition, the number and quality of ordinary soldiers were completely unmatched, and above all, the Mammushred army, which was not accustomed to the supernatural power of “magic” and had no weapons to counter it, was scattered on the battlefield like dust.

With successive victories and a dramatic march, in just one month from the start of the war, the Palace where Divine Dragon King had barricaded himself was completely surrounded.

As a condition of surrender, the Holy High Society demanded that Zethism be the only religion in the Mammushred region and that all tribes should learn the Eruo language.

In return, they granted the Divine Dragon King permission to rule the land as the Great King of the Mammushred region.

Until then, the Mammushred region had been at a certain distance from the ruler of the Bermana region, but at this time, the top and bottom were finally decided.

In this way, the Divine Dragon King devoted himself to the Holy High Society of Zethism in return for sparing his life.

The various religions and unique cultures that had existed in the Mammushred region up until then were all destroyed. He forced the people to speak the Eruo language, and those who resisted were killed without mercy.

Some tribes rebelled against this and took up swords and stood up, but there was no way they could compete with the Divine Dragon King, who possessed the power of a Hero. In the first place, they had once succumbed during the Unification War. The power of the Hero is the strongest in Mammushred after all.

Currently, almost all of the Eruo continent, even the minority like Eve who lives in the mist land speaks the Eruo language because of this historical background.

A good example is the Battle of Mammushred, and more or less similar things have been done by the Holy High Society many times. Through the days of the priests, languages other than the ancient languages may well have died out.

By the way, the Mammushred Unified Dynasty fell soon after the death of the Divine Dragon King.

The slaughter of innocent people, the heavy taxation, and the construction of the Holy High Churches must have destabilized the dynasty, and the reign of the next King ended in just a few years.

The power of a Hero is not inherited. A powerless King cannot prevent a rebellion.

Even the Holy High Society, which the second King was trying to rely on in an emergency, didn’t lend a hand to the mess in the Mammushred region. The dynasty’s request for help was ignored with the feeling that if the next Great King came out, they could just go and beat him again. It’s a sad, unrewarding story.

In this way, the land of Mammushred once again returned to the Warring States period where numerous tribes continued to fight.

But over 70 years of oppressive policies by an overwhelming dictator had a great impact, and most of Mammushred’s unique culture has either been overwritten or merged with Zethism.

And, among the people of Mammushred, the trauma remained that even the superhuman Hero was no match for priests.

After that, when a new unified dynasty was born, the new King even went as far as going to the Holy City to bow his head in order to obtain permission to become the Great King to govern Mammushred.

All the Great Kings after the Great Divine Dragon King have received permission to rule from Zeth Holy High Council.

For that reason, Nobles who have studied the history of the Eruo continent to some extent will naturally know about the Battle of Mammushred. Along with that, they would also hear the name of Divine Dragon King.

[Wilk-dono, you know a lot about Mammushred.]

[Yes, I’m learning as a hobby.]

[If you have any good books, could you recommend them to me? I am also interested in that place.]

I won’t lose to Wil. Her expression said it all.

I acknowledged her request and told her that I will bring the book later. I now have a good excuse to get into Plume’s carriage.

[…..But why are dragons so rare? They say they don’t live anywhere other than Mammushred, but if they can fly freely like this, they can live wherever they want. Besides, wouldn’t it be strange if it is sighted in the mountains?]

In the books I read, there was no description that specifically answered those questions. I only know the fact that that kind of dragon lives only in Mammushred.

[I’ve heard that for a long time.]

The agent who joined Mammushred didn’t seem to know the reason for this either.

Just as I was wondering if the climate was having an effect, words came flying from an unexpected place.

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[That species of dragon are creatures with very weak magical powers, so they are terribly timid towards beings with strong magical powers. Since there are no humans with magical powers in Mammushred, they can live with peace of mind. Rather than not going out, I think it is more realistic to say that they cannot go out.]

It was a civil servant of the Sylopea family who had arrived at some point.

He must have said something at Plume’s direction, so he immediately showed a stance of refraining from speaking, but I turned my gaze to him and asked him to continue.

[…I was involved in the subjugation of dragons when I visited Hartinos Lake Port before. Over there, dragon species fly from beyond Lake Meo several times a year, and the officers of Evenafis seem to be accustomed to hunting them.]

The city of Hartinos, which is also the headquarters of the Evenafis territory, faces Lake Meo. This lake, which boasts the second largest area on the continent, is very wide, and the southern part is also connected to the Mammushred region.

[The Auspicious Dragon has magic power?]

To be clear, most animals don’t have magic powers.

[Yes. But it’s a very small amount. It is so small compared to Lord-class that it is almost unnoticeable. It seems to be the driving force when it’s flying in the sky, and if you pay close attention, you can see that the magical power is working when it rises. In addition, when fighting between dragons, they spew fire flames from their mouths, but it seems that this is also due to magical power, and if the battle drags on, both dragons may run out of magical power and fall to the ground.]

What a stupid creature.

When I hear stories like that, it makes me think that the Auspicious Dragon is just a wild animal, not a sacred being.

[Dragon meat doesn’t taste as good as beef or rabbit, but it seems to be popular with the citizens of Hartinos because of the quantity. However, even if the meat itself is not good enough, I would like to add that the freshly dismantled liver was extremely delicious.]

It’s like a whale in the sense that if you catch it, you’ll get a lot of meat.

[Are the dragons also hunted and eaten in Mammushred?]

When I asked the question that suddenly came to my mind, the agent shook his head in shock.

[Dragon is an auspicious creature that guides a Great King, so there is no custom of eating it. In the first place, normal humans cannot hunt dragons.]

As if to add to that, the Sylopean civil servant said.

[Dragon hunting cannot be done without enchantment. Even an arrow can’t reach a dragon flying high in the sky, and even if it does reach it, it will be repelled by its sturdy scales without momentum. It’s even more dangerous when it’s on the ground, and it’s said that its powerful claws can easily crush rocks, and its wings can even knock down large trees. It seems that even a Lord-class can’t deal with it alone, so the Evenafis used several Lord-class soldiers when hunting dragons. It is said that if a dragon that has been shot down is still alive, several people will be required to finish it off. It is said that dragons become surprisingly obedient when they yield to human violence, but they only fear humans with magical powers. It seems that the most important thing in dragon hunting is to respond appropriately when it falls into a frenzy.]

In the Mammushred region, only a Hero can hope to win against the dragon.

[By the way, how do you defeat a dragon flying at such a high place? At this height, the magic of a Lord-class won’t reach it. Is it a strengthened bow or something?]

[This is a story when I visited, but the sons of the Evenapis family, who were still alive at the time, directed a magic release with murderous intent and caused it to fall. The dragon would faint in the sky and fall to its death. If the altitude is low, it can only survive halfway through, so from there on it’s the turn of the Lord-class soldiers.]

In addition, it seems that it’s difficult to knock it down with the threat of a Lord-class’ level of mana, and instead it would fall into a frenzy and go on a rampage.

It seems that the basics of dragon hunting are to get ahead in the direction of travel, to stimulate the target with bows and arrows to induce it, and then finally to knock it down by having a Highlord to direct a magic power release at it.

I see, it’s a technique that the people of Mammushred can’t do.

[Now that you say it, I’m thinking about shooting it down and eating its fresh liver.]

[Wilk-dono, I think it would be better if you didn’t cause too much trouble in other people’s gardens.]

Plume immediately reprimanded me.

Of course it’s a joke. Spreading murderous intent in the middle of another territory gives the worst impression.

[That’s a pity. That dragon seems to be enjoying his journey carefree, but he’ll probably be shot down in some territory eventually.]

The future of the Auspicious Dragon, who happily danced with its long body, was straight to the butcher house.

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Truly, an Auspicious Dragon.

The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story

The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A Japanese salary man was reincarnated in a different world with swords and magic. He reincarnated into the family of a powerful noble. One day when he became twelve years old, he was suddenly summoned by his father. 「 I do not mind whether it is a woman in the town or a maid in our house, learn about women.」 Having gained the permission of his father, he uses his power as a noble to have his way with women.



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