The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story Vol Chp 200


Vol. 2 Chapter 200

The Blue Land, The Heaven’s Cloud City

Translated by Raizu

Author’s Note: This time, the story will be presented from the perspective of the Adellahan family, one of the five great Noble families of the Kingdom of Levios.

Until a few years ago, there was a school for children of Nobles in the Royal Capital Levios.

The school was called Blue Land Institute, because it consisted of two buildings, the Blue tower, and Land tower.

Blue Land.

The pure earth stretches out to the horizon, illuminated by the cloudless blue sky.

This is one of the slogans raised by the Levios family, and it simply expresses the ideal land that all Nobles should aim for.

The imaginary land dreamed of by the First King Levios could be said to be a symbolic motif of the Noble era.

Blue Land Institute is a system that allows anyone who was born into a Noble family in the Kingdom to study abroad.

Originally, Wilk Quordenze was supposed to attend the Blue Land Institute, spending a lifetime of frustrating masturbation while interacting with beautiful Princesses from all over the world that he couldn’t get his hands on.

But, the emergence of demon beast Yersinia changed all that.

The Levios family’s status as a Noble was greatly lowered as they were unable to keep the monsters in their own territory and spread monster disasters not only to the Kingdom but also to the empire.

The Nobles of the Kingdom then chose to hold tight to their children who survived Yersinia, never to send them to the Royal Capital anymore. Originally, only Nobles who like to stay withdrawn in their territory would make such an excuse not to let their children out.

And thus, Blue Land Institute, after several decades of history, was closed.

However, even if the school itself is no longer operational, the building itself is still open. Many people are still coming in and out, although not as much as in its heyday.

There were quite a few alumni who missed the days spent at this academy and would visit the building when they visited the Royal Capital, and the Blue Land Institute, which could accommodate many Nobles, was also used as a social gathering place in the Royal Capital.

On this day as well, several carriages belonging to Nobles were parked in the parking lot.

Blue Land Institute has annexed buildings that were built by the Levios family members as a hobby. It was simply called the library due to its purpose.

Since it was meant for students of Blue Land Institute, it was not widely used by the general Noble populace, and therefore barely had any parking space for carriage.

On this day, an unfamiliar carriage was parked in the library’s parking lot. A small flag was hoisted on the carriage.

On the small flag was the crest of horses facing each other with a double edged sword standing in between. The carriage belonged to Marquis Adellahan, one of the five Great Nobles of Levios Kingdom.

Inside the library, an old woman, a young man and a woman, as well as three shadows were in the room that had been prepared as a reception room. Of course, each of them has guards and civilians, but no one is aware of their existence.

After a brief greeting to the old woman who will be the host of the tea party, the young man and woman quietly took their seats.

The old woman who was also the director of this library used her fingertips to signal the attendants to prepare the tea, and a wrinkled smile appeared on her face as if to announce the start of the tea party.

[It’s been a while, Novalf-dono.]

Although they had already greeted each other, the old woman dared to say those words.

The only people who knew each other at this tea party were the old woman and this Novalf Adellahan.

[Is it the first time in four years? I am very happy to meet you again in this building.]

[It’s good to see that Teacher is doing well too.]

The Blue Land Institute was run by Levios family, not the Kingdom itself.

That’s why the teachers consisted of retired knights and officers who served the Levios family, selected for their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience. However, important positions such as the Director were held by the founder.

The old woman is the granddaughter of the Levios’ First King, and a Highlord of the Levios family.

At Blue Land Institute, she concurrently served as the Vice President and Head of the Library. The old woman glanced at the person sitting next to her former student for a moment.

[I read it in the letter the other day, but you really brought your betrothed here today…]

The reason Novalf came to the library that day was to introduce his fiancée to his former teacher.

He forced the scheduling to visit in the morning after he entered the capital because he really wanted to do this before it became too hectic when the social gathering finally began.

The old woman respectfully bowed to Novalf’s fiancée introduction. Despite being a place where former teachers and students meet face to face, the person who ranks highest here is the next Head of the Adellahan family, Calmia Adellahan, who she has never met before.

In order of strata, Calmia, the next Head of the Noble family, is number one, her husband, Novalf, is number two, and the old woman, who is just a Highlord of the collateral line, is number three.

Calmia was conscious of her own position and spoke with a stronger tone than usual.

[I have been looking forward to meeting you. I always wondered what life was like while Novalf was staying in the Royal Capital.]

She puts on a necessary charade to give off the impression that the next head of Adellahan is perfect. But Calmia’s true feelings were different.

She simply wanted to know what kind of days her beloved fiancée spent in the Royal Capital from a perspective other than the report she received.

I want to know the side of the man I like that I don’t know. It was the honest feeling of a 16-year-old girl.

[As a Nobleman from Adellahan, he acted very splendidly. He worried a lot, learned a lot, and then thought about it again…that could be said to be the way a Noble should be. Doing everything in their power to make things possible.]

Perhaps because Calmia was too good at hiding her emotions, the old woman frankly gave her evaluation of Novalf’s attitude accordingly, befitting a report to the next Head of the Adellahan family.

The Levios family hopes to reopen the Blue Land Institute when things have cooled down.

For that reason, whenever the opportunity arose, the old woman would appeal to the Royal Capital for its excellent educational environment.

For Nobles, child education is extremely important.

A Highlord is physically and magically powerful, but the future of territory still depends greatly on whether the family head is a competent Ruler or not.

In order for Nobles to continue to exist as Noble families, it is essential to educate them to raise good heirs, and it is no exaggeration to say that if they raise incompetent heirs, the family line might end.

Combined with these circumstances, the Blue Land Institute system was not very welcomed by the Royal Nobles from the beginning.

It was an unthinkable idea to entrust the education of an important heir to another family, even if only partly. Even among the Noble households under the Levios family, there weren’t many examples of sending children who would become the next Head of the family to Blue Land Institute.

Most sent children from irrelevant collateral families as a form of act of loyalty to the Levy family. Novalf was the perfect example of that.

Even so, the Levios family continued to operate the Blue Land Institute.

This was because while the theme was to deepen exchanges between the Nobles of the Kingdom, there was another purpose behind it.

The Levios family had a bitter past that caused a civil war with the Milendorva family because they once had a stupid child as the Head of the family.

The Knights of Levios, who were in charge of education, deeply regretted this and proposed the establishment of Blue Land Institute in order to improve their educational skills and know-how.

To put it in a better way, it’s a place where you can receive the cutting-edge education that the Levios family has.

To put it in a bad way, it is a testing ground for the advanced curriculum devised by the Levios family.

This is what the Blue Land Institute was all about.

However, it’s not like only the Levios family who would receive the benefits.

The Royal Nobles made good use of it, such as taking the educational content back to their own territory and applying it to the children who would become the next family Head, taking only parts that are applicable.

At the same time, if the family line of the Royal Nobles’ families stabilized, it would lead to the interests of the Levios Kingdom as a whole.

[Hearing you being chosen as the betrothed of the next family Head, Princess Calmia, and to be recognized and adopted by Duke Crowne, it makes me happy as if you are my own. Knowing my former student reached that height, there is no greater honor as a teacher.]

“I’m glad,” said the smiling old woman, which came from her heart.

Speaking from the Levios family’s point of view, the fact that the spouse of the next head of the Adellahan family is a Blue Land Institute alumni is a very satisfying story. In addition to the achievements of the academy, it is convenient in many ways for a Noble who is familiar with the Royal Capital to appear on the front stage of diplomacy.

However, even without those things, the old woman was happy that Novalf was well received by the Adellahan family.

There is no lie in what the old woman just said. While studying abroad, the teachers responded to Novalf’s greedy desire to learn things head-on.

Originally, she thought that all that would be a waste when thinking about what he would do after he graduated.

He is from a collateral family, and if you think about it normally, there won’t be many opportunities for him to play an active role in the future. It’s human nature to want to prepare a place where you can play an active role that matches your abilities.

For that reason, the old woman thought about bringing Novalf into the Levios family, and even chose a suitable Princess to welcome him as a son-in-law.

But thanks to demonic beast Yersinia, all those plans were for naught.

[…..When he first came to the academy, Novalf-dono seemed to have a lot on his shoulders…]

While talking, the old woman, sensing that Calmia was more interested in Novalf’s private life than her evaluation, gradually shifted the topic towards her former student’s private life.

While the old woman is a teacher, she is also a Noble linked to the Levios family. In order to make this tea party meaningful for the Levios family, she was given several tasks in advance.

One of the tasks was to investigate the person named Calmia Adellahan.

Due to the disaster caused by the magic beast Yersinia, the number of Highlords that make up each Noble family has decreased significantly.

In other words, the order of succession to the family estate has changed greatly as well.

Before and after the Yersinia Calamity, the Quordenze family was the only one that did not see any change to their succession.

In diplomacy between Nobles, the personality of an individual is a bigger factor than you can imagine.

For the Levios family, who were the ones who held the Kingdom together, it was necessary to know who would lead the next generation as well as the current one.

Originally, Calmia was not in the position to inherit the family headship of Adellahan family and had never appeared on the stage until now. Therefore, Levios family marked her as the person with the highest priority to investigate.

[…On days off, he would come to this mansion. Staring at the bookshelves with great interest, wondering if there were any good books. Fufu, the books here are meant to be read on the spot, but his enthusiasm pushed me to lend some books to him several times.]

[Ohh. Really?]

Calmia’s voice softened a little.

The old woman knew from Novalf himself that the books and manuscripts obtained in the Royal Capital were being sent to Calmia.

The reason why the old woman said this was because she wanted to see Calmia’s reaction.

It makes you happy that someone is willing to do something for you. Even more so if it’s someone you like.

Calmia narrowed her eyes and smiled quietly. The old woman decided that it was a movement to hide the change in her expression. If you let your guard down, your face will grin, so you’re overwriting it with a different smile.

The naive reaction of a Princess who had just learned to fall in love made the old woman feel itchy.

Perhaps because his tribute has become a hot topic, Novalf shows a slightly embarrassed gesture. Then, as if teasing his movements, Calmia gently placed her hand on him.

The old woman immediately understood that these innocent fiancés are on very good terms.

[It’s good to know that you two seem to get along very well.]

[When Teacher says that, it makes me feel a little embarrassed.]

Even after marriage, there will be no problems at night. After that, even if this Princess’s womb is infertile…barring that factor, there would be no worries about the heir… The checklist in the old woman’s head, the most important item, is marked with a check mark.

If Novalf, who is strongly influenced by the thoughts of the First King Levios, acts as the de facto Head of the family, it would be desirable for the Levios family. The old woman thought that she could go a little adventurous here.

[Princess Calmia seems to like reading. This is also my hobby, but there are a lot of books stored here. Why don’t you choose the one that suits your taste here? You can borrow it anytime. I will make them available for loan at any time.]

That sounded like a genuine offer. However, Calmia felt a kind of test in it, a speculation to measure her aptitude.

The Head of Noble families, especially those with a strong sense of self-reliance, such as the Adellahan family, do not usually come to the Royal Capital for casual intention.

Understanding that and asking you to come to the library at any time can be interpreted as [Novalf will act as the de-facto Head of the family, right? You are the nominal Head of the family, in other words, just a decoration, so why don’t you stay in the Royal Capital?]. It’s a pretty demeaning way of looking at it.

On the contrary, it can also be interpreted as [I’ll lend it to you via the Adellahan civil officer who is staying in the Royal Capital. Even after you leave, you’ll still have a representative stationed in the Royal Capital, right? Let’s continue to get along well].

The old woman had no intention of setting things up with the next Head of the Adellahan family.

Therefore, her tone sounded very calm and natural. There was almost no way to tell whether it’s sarcastic, friendly, or it’s a remark that doesn’t have any meaning.

[Thank you very much for your kind offer. I have always been instructed to read many good books from the generation before the one before. If you don’t mind, I would appreciate it if you could suggest something to me.]

Calmia’s tone did not fluctuate at all. The old woman judged that her displeased look was just an act of warning.

[Is that so? Then, for reference, would it be possible for you to tell me what kind of books Princess Calmia has read so far? I would appreciate it if you could also tell me what kind of book you are interested in.]

If they have the chance, they will definitely try to read my reading history and impressions… In other words, read my thoughts. That was the answer Calmia expected.

She calmly describes the title of the book she had prepared in her head and what part of it interests her.

Each time she raises the question one by one, the old woman understands what Calmia wants to say.

Because it was a list of books that the Adellahan family’s second generation Head liked.

The Levios family has a great deal of information about the second generation Head of the Adellahan family.

The second Head was sent as hostage to Levios territory when she was young, and received most of her education from the Levios family.

The Levios family, who had their sights set on future diplomacy, kept meticulous records of the personalities and abilities of the second generation Head, the type of men she liked, and even the books that influenced her.

Knowing that, Calmia dared to show it. It’s just that she can see their thoughts.

The old woman’s palms were sweating for the first time since coming here after receiving that petty counterattack.

It seems that the spy’s report that she was a treasured child of the second generation Head was correct. The old woman thought that the reason why Calmia attached the excellent collateral line, Novalf-dono, was to make him the de-facto Head of the family… She started wondering if it was her fault for making such a hasty conclusion.

……Even so, she’s a pretty calm Princess for her age. The old woman could feel some similarities to the Adellahan’s second generation somewhere.

The old woman let out a small sigh on purpose, as if giving the sign of the end of her investigation.

[I see. I feel like I understand a little about Princess Calmia’s preferences. As soon as I’ve finished selecting books, I’ll hand them over to Adellahan’s civil officers.]

[Yes, I’m looking forward to it.]

It is highly likely that the next head of the Adellahan family will be Calmia Adellahan both in name and reality. The spy’s report is probably correct. Continuing the investigation… The old woman conveyed her conclusions to the Levios civil officer with a predetermined sign, and then returned to a harmless chat.

As if to apologize for trying, she talked about Novalf’s life in the Royal Capital, which Calmia probably wanted, and the air that had become a little stiff soon loosened.

The conversation continued for a while, and by the time it ended, the tea and cakes were completely consumed.

A Levios civil officer entered the living room and whispered into the old woman’s ear.

[…Pardon for the sudden intrusion. Would it be alright if one more visitor joins us? I believe that Novalf-dono is acquainted with this guest. In any case, Dunkel wishes to join us by any means…]


[Yes. The next head of the family said they wanted to talk to each other before socializing in earnest… It’s rude and embarrassing, but what do you think?]

I see, so this is preparation. The two Adellahans realized it at the same time.

The Royal castle and the library are quite far apart, so at least it’s not a place you can casually visit.

It’s possible to decline since it’s actually rude to barge in like that, but there’s too much disadvantage in doing so. It’s not good for Adellahan and Levios, even if the newly arriving person is an unwanted guest.

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This place is within the Royal Capital. The advantage is on the Levios side.

Calmia thus concluded that they cannot afford to decline it, and gave permission.

The intruder of the pre-established harmony entered the room with their footsteps echoing.

[Long time no see, Novalf. Didn’t expect to see you again.]

He’s a thin young man. That was the first impression of Adellahan civil officer who was standing near the entrance of the drawing room.

But that’s only because the officer was used to seeing Novalf with his bulging muscles and log-like strong limbs. The newly arriving young man was by no means slender or skinny.

On the other hand, Calmia was trying to weigh the young man with her magical object grasp and hearing.

The words he spoke to Novalph were casual, and his tone was somewhat aloof. However, his gait and behavior were graceful, suggesting a high level of education suitable for a member of the Levios family.

This inconsistent impression made her feel a little eerie.

[I’m also glad that Dunkel seems to be doing well. When I graduated, I never thought I’d have the chance to meet you again.]

For a moment, Novalf was at a loss as to what to call the other party, but this tea party has a strong element of Blue Land Institute. So he called him “Dunkel”, just like how he did back in the day.

[This will be our first meeting, Princess Calmia. Since we’re currently in a private place, let’s save the formal greeting for a later date. Just take it easy here…]

Saying that, Dunkel showed a simple gesture of thanks.

[I’m Dunkel Levios… I fear, I’m the one who somehow ended up inheriting the Levios estate.]

[Young Master!]

In the second half, the old woman gave a short scolding voice to the words that sounded like a little joke.

But to Novalf, the words were a little sympathetic.

The Levios estate is awe-inspiring――

Dunkel Levios.

He is the illegitimate son of King Levios, the current Head of the Levios family.

Among the many sexually sensitive Nobles, King Levios was a rare man who had two wives. However, he is not a sex powerhouse, and the total number of children he produced does not deviate much from that of ordinary Noble men. It’s just a story that one of the concubines happened to be a Highlord as well.

Dunkel’s mother was a blessed child who was discovered during a Highlord hunt in the Levios territory.

Most of the blessed children are killed on the spot if they are boys, but if they are girls, they are raised to be obedient and bear children.

Lord-class children manufacturing machines, and welcomed her into his concubine.

Originally, Dunkel was supposed to join the shadow family.

The legal wife of King Levios was a high-ranking Noblewoman, and the children born from their union were well educated, and the appointment of the next Head of the family was completed without delay.

But, again, as any other plans during that period, it was all ruined by the demonic beast Yersinia.

Now that all the sons from his legal wife died, all that remained was Dunkel, who was a child of concubine but directly inherited the blood of the current family Head.

Novalf and Dunkel.

Both of them now are walking a path that was originally unimaginable and unthinkable for any of them back when they were still attending Blue Land Institute.

It was understandable that Novalf felt some sympathy for Dunkel’s joking words.

[It’s the first time I’ve met you, Prince Dunkel. I’m Calmia Adellahan. Levios and Adellahan, I feel the same heavy responsibility to carry the territory.]

The brief greeting ended there, and Dunkel took a seat.

The servant changed the teacups by saying that the tea leaves were to be changed, and prepared new sweets.

While they were doing that, they were chatting nonchalantly, and Novalf completed one confirmation.

It was to confirm whether Dunkel had the same feeling that he sometimes felt from the old woman.

That feeling was a faint [contempt] for Calmia.

Novalf recalled the attitude of the Adellahan Nobles that he met after leaving for the Levios territory.

They strangely cared very little about Calmia.

Now Novalf could understand the reason. In their hearts, they despised Calmia. That’s why he was paying more attention than necessary not to put out rags around that area.

As a symbol of power that is isolated from others, Calmia, who has a visual impairment, is inevitably seen as a flawed existence.

The Nobles of the Adellahan were overly cautious and nervous about this point. It would be nice to say that he was selling flattery.

Then, what if there is no need to sell flattery to the Adellahan family, and the opponent is a great family Noble as well…? Yes, just like the old woman and Dunkel, the harmless “contempt” is reflected in their tone of voice and gaze.

Clearly, if you consciously despise me, you can deal with it. As long as you show in words that you take it lightly, you can argue as much as you want. However, what Novalf feels is really faint air, a problem with the atmosphere.

If he mentions this, the other party could just deny it as many times as they want. All the more so because it was not their intention.

Dealing with this [unconscious disdain] was really troublesome.

Novalf stiffens his expression to hide his impatience.

Isn’t it a problem for the Adellahan family that they’re being criticized for their unintended part?

If this fact becomes clear in the Adellahan territory, it is clear that the collateral relatives will complain about it. Appointing such an easily underestimated person as the family head would not benefit the territory.

The most painful thing for Novalph was that he was the one who was most likely to assert it out loud.

Neither Crowne, the second generation head, nor Novalf himself think that Calmia is inferior to other Nobles. Rather, there are even parts about her being a Princess that he respects.

But everyone else doesn’t seem to think so. They could only see her as a flawed highlord.

Novalf stared at Calmia’s profile as she continued to chat with Dunkel.

He wishes to protect her, both as the next head of Adellahan family and the woman he loves more than anyone else.

He once again reconsidered his mindset when facing the Royal Capital’s social gathering.

During the chat, he made an effort to raise Calmia and said that she had the talent to become the next Head of Adellahan.

Calmia herself was a little embarrassed, but Novalf continued, trying hard to reduce the unconscious contempt directed at her.

After a certain amount of time had passed, it was time for the chat to settle down.

[…..Come to think of it, the secret meeting between Father and Marquis Adellahan should be over soon. Are you interested in how the Adellahan family came to their conclusions??]

Calmia and Novalf involuntarily braced themselves for those words that completely changed the atmosphere in the room.

This made Novalf raise his vigilance even further. Because Dunkel had an unnatural smile on his face. Like he was wearing an elaborate smiling mask.

[This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.]

This morning, Marquis Adellahan and Crowne Adellahan headed to the Royal Palace.

Marquis Adellahan had planned to go to the Royal castle by herself to announce her arrival at the Royal Capital, but Crowne accompanied her to visit the mausoleum dedicated to the First King Levios.

Calmia expected that if two of Adellahan’s heavyweights went to the Royal castle, there would be some sort of action regarding the Royal Capital’s social gathering that was scheduled to be held in a few days, but she didn’t expect that to happen here.

[Well, there was an offer to visit the Royal Mausoleum, so fortunately, my father prepared a meeting place. To enjoy some tea together with Marquis Adellahan and Duke Crowne, of you know? The Levios family is currently preparing a large-scale plan. Father intends to present a proposal regarding the philosophy, method, direction, and prospects of the plan. As the heir to the Levios family, I am very curious as to whether this will be accepted by the Adellahan family.]

[Mmnn, is the esteemed Grandmother also present?]

Novalf felt a little relieved at the fact that Crowne was with current family Head. And it was the same with Calmia.

Marquis Adellahan is not completely incompetent in diplomacy, but she’s by no means quick-witted.

Even though she has knights and civil officers as her assistants, they still need to be prepared to interrupt the conversation between the Highlords, and there are questions and answers that only the Head of the family can handle.

On that regard, at least Novalf and Calmia can rest easy that there will be no such thing like [I killed them] with Crowne also present there.

Although they understand that they can’t go on like this, the Adellahan family’s pain is that they have to rely on people who should have retired.

Dunkel deepened his smile, as if enjoying their reaction.

[Of course you two didn’t know. This important meeting was decided in haste… However, if we, the next Head of the family, do not get a chance to think about the policy of the territory, and only listen to the conclusions made by our parents, is it the right attitude for the Nobles who will be responsible for the territory in the future? I do not think so. What about you, Princess Calmia?]

Kalmia frowned at Dunkel’s words, which seemed to read out the script that had been prepared in advance.

It’s because her reply was also part of the script.

[Yes, I think so too.]

If you answer no, you will be seen as obedient and blind to your parents.

Dunkel raised one hand to shoulder height while showing interest in her answer.

Then, a Levios civil officer, who was standing behind him, laid out paper materials on the desk. After confirming that the gazes of the two Adellahans turned to the material, Dunkel picked up the material placed closest to him.

[I would also like to present what will be presented at today’s secret meeting. It is a proposal from the future Head of the Levios family to the future Head of the Adellahan family. Don’t you think it is a good subject for practicing diplomacy?]

What a wonderful idea, the Princess of Adellahan raised her vigilance to the limit against the Prince who spoke like that.

This proposal was presented at the Royal castle, and Marquis Adellahan should have given some kind of answer. Calmia’s response to the proposal of the same content means that differences in consciousness, way of thinking, and thought between the present and the next generation can be inferred.

The Levios family is trying to get two answers from one question. Calmia instantly read the disadvantages of this diplomatic game…no, the lack of advantages.

It was the moment when Calmia took a deep breath, trying to show her refusal.

[Of course we don’t need anything like this.]

Saying that, Dunkel put down the document with “Father’s Proposal” in his hand on the desk.

[The content of the proposal shall be made by me, Dunkel Levios.]

Calmia, who relies on hearing and magic in her daily life, has mastered a very delicate sense of magic.

Therefore, she was able to capture the strong emotion that made Dunkel’s magic tremble.

[…Father has nothing to do with it.]

His emotions might’ve accidentally spilled out through those words.

The magic enveloping Dunkel’s body changed in response to his words, stimulating Kalmia’s sense of magic.


[……………No, it’s nothing.]

In order to hide her trembling fingertips, she placed her hands on the knees of her trusted fiancée.

As she did so, she felt her turbulent heartbeat calm down.

A deep, dark, simmering hatred with intense heat.

Calmia was deeply distraught at the fact that she could only catch a glimpse of Dunkel’s emotions for just a moment.

She kept repeating the same question in her head as to why this is the emotion he was directing towards his biological father.

[Come on, let’s discuss the path that Levios and Adellahan should take.]

Fox Measless.

Such words came to Calmia’s mind.

[Invasion of St. Navenpos… I was surprised that it was really planned.]

The solemn voice of Marquis Adellahan resounded in the hall of the Adellahan’s mansion in the Royal Capital Levios.

After the meeting in the Royal castle and the library, all the members of the Adellahan delegation quickly regrouped at the mansion to hold an emergency meeting.

In this room, which is the most confidential in the mansion, there were only Crowne, Calmia, Novalf, a few knights, and executive-class civil officers besides Marquis Adellahan. All other personnel were deployed on the premises to guard against wiretapping.

They are currently in the Royal Capital, not their home base, Zareazelia. It is also a residential district for the Royal Nobles. The anti-espionage performance is extremely low.

[King Levios and Prince Dunkel’s proposals are basically the same, and the invasion can be seen as the main policy of the Levios family. It’s really troublesome.]

Marquis Adellahan let out a big sigh.

The Levios family’s proposal will be one of the big news in the social gatherings that will be held shortly.

She is aware that she is not good at diplomacy. Her frank impression was that she didn’t want to increase the number of unnecessary topics even though it was already expected that it would be difficult to get around.

[…..Are they really the same?]

Calmia voiced her doubts.

Only the leaders of Adellahan and their relatives are currently in this hall, thus some impolite behavior is allowed.

Naturally, it was permissible to raise doubts about the family Head’s words.

[What makes you doubt it?]

After Marquis Adellahan and Crowne returned from the Royal castle, Calmia and Novalf were allowed to read the reports on the meeting at the Royal castle from a civil officer.

As the Marquis had said, it was basically the same proposal as Dunkel’s. Namely, the invasion of St. Navempos.

Since an emergency meeting began in the hall immediately, Calmia only vaguely confirmed King Levios’ proposal. However, considering the manifestation of hatred that Dunkel had hidden, there was a strong reluctance to come to the conclusion that [it is basically the same].

Novalf agreed with Calmia’s opinion. In the first place, he thought Dunkel had come all the way to the library to show that he had a different idea than his father.

[Yes. I’ve heard about him from Nova before coming to the Royal Capital, but Prince Dunkel seems to hold some disdain for King Levios. Since he’s going out of his way to propose it to us, I think he has something in mind.]

As if to follow her statement, Novalf also expressed his opinion.

[I feel the same way. Also, before that, let me correct one thing. The information that Dunkel and King Levios were on bad terms, which we talked about in advance, was incorrect.]

Glancing at Kalmia, who had a question mark floating above her head, he repeated his words.

[The Dunkel that I know… the last time I saw him in Blue Land Institute, he was sometimes rebellious against his father, King Levios. However, there was never a strong feud… I think it’s gotten considerably worse over the last few years, which Cal sensed earlier.]

The ages of the students enrolled at Blue Land Institute range from 11 to 16 years old, which means they are about to enter their rebellious phase.

Dunkel’s frustration with King Levios wasn’t particularly unnatural from Novalf’s point of view. Because there were several other Noblemen in the same rebellious period.

Novalf himself came to the Royal Capital, thinking that Dunkel might be doing well with his father now that he had calmed down. That was the extent of the resistance.

Listening to Novalf’s impression that it wasn’t entirely Dunkel’s rebellious phase, Marquis Adellahan still chalked it up as an exacerbated rebellious phase.

She had experienced raising a boy, Calmia’s deceased brother, and had a certain degree of understanding of the violent outbursts of emotions directed at those around him as he grew from a boy to a young man.

[I remember reading a report from Novalf some time after he entered the academy. Prince Dunkel is a splendid young Noble who holds his father in awe and strives for it… Somehow. When he was younger, he honestly admired his father, but now that he has reached an age, isn’t he just being rebellious? As for the recent deterioration, isn’t it just because he has become able to see things in the world to some extent, and he understands the size of his father’s back, and he’s just frustrated with himself?]

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Hearing Marquis Adellahan’s words, Novalph thought it was quite rude to think that this person had not properly read the report.

[What is that look on your face? I read your reports carefully… Even though you’re my sister’s child, you’re still my nephew, aren’t you? I was the one who made the final decision to send you to a foreign land, not anyone else. I worry whether you’re doing good and living well, alright?]

After being adopted by Crowne and joining the main family, Novalf had more opportunities to interact with Marquis Adellahan as a family member. Each time he interacted with her, he learned that she was a caring woman who cherished her family very much.

It’s a bit disrespectful on his part, but he found it charming that the head of the Adellahan family is a bit short-sighted and easy to get angry. At least, that’s what he thought.

[But isn’t it a bit of a stretch to say that it’s a different plan altogether just because the two are not on good terms? Even if we say the same thing, there are people everywhere who rush at you one by one, right?]

[……………………..yes, perhaps so.]

Everyone in the room probably thought of Marquis Adellahan’s older sister, Novalf’s biological mother. But no one dared touch upon it.

Marquis Adellahan is basically a person with few sides. Everyone understands that this remark is not sarcastic towards Novalf.

In Novalf’s sense, he would like to deny Dunkel’s rebellious period theory, but the Marquis’ claim struck a chord with him and he was unable to continue his words.

[I’m just rebelling, huh… In any case, we should be wary of the fact that there is a distance between the current generation of the Levios family and the next generation. King Levios excels at governing…except for the calamity of Yersinia, he is a fine ruler. I hope he doesn’t do something bad because he hates the present Head…]

Calmia’s words had a strong sense of wariness towards Dunkel, probably because she directly felt his hatred.

[Cal’s concerns are reasonable, but Dunkel is not that frivolous man…at least I think so.]

Novalf and Dunkel weren’t close enough to consider each other best friends, but they were at least like-minded people.

He wanted to believe that Dunkel was not a fool who would act against his own justice, even if he was against his father. If that really happened, he would feel bad about it.

[If both the King and the Prince want to invade St. Navempos, there won’t be much they can do even if they take strong measures. Isn’t it about trying to persuade the Nobles of the opposing faction to stay put? They’re going to have a hard time anyway. I wonder how far it will go, even if they complain about the threat of priests.]

Probably waiting for Marquis Adellahan to finish speaking, Crowne stretched out her right hand and stacked the documents she was holding on top of the mountain.

At the beginning of the meeting, all the materials that were piled up on the left hand side of Crowne had now been moved to the right hand side. She continued to read the material while the three talked about what was presented at the meeting.

The stack contained not only memos and reports written by Adellahan civilians, but also a wide variety of materials provided by King Levios and Dunkel.

[We know about the board…but the pieces, on the other hand.]

A board game very similar to chess has existed on the Eruo continent since ancient times.

A peculiar characteristic of this game is that the number of pieces is not fixed. Players can choose their pieces according to their preferences, place them anywhere they like, or use them as pawns like in shogi.

If you compare it to chess, you can reduce the number of knights and increase the number of rooks, or conversely cut down the bishop and use multiple pawns as pawns. The important factor is what kind of pieces your opponent will make up their army.

In order to become stronger in this board game, it’s not enough to just watch the situation on the board. It requires the ability to accurately predict what kind of piece the opponent is holding.

In the corner of her mind, Crowne was listening to the discussion that had been going on between the three.

And, the impression she had about that was exactly what she had just said.

They decided that they had not considered what kind of piece the Levios family was holding, or if it was possible that they were holding it.


[Why aren’t you reading this?]

While saying that, Crowne tapped the bundle of materials with her right hand.

[As if you would.]

Crowne considered the reports and materials presented by Levios family like the pieces shown on the board.

The three read through these before the meeting started. It means that you have read what is written.

But, their eyes were fixed only on the face value.

Is this also the trend of the times? Crowne sometimes thinks so.

During the time when the Adellahan region was devoted to unification, information was extremely valuable for them.

Due to having small territory, weak house, and few connections, Crowne had to scrutinize every little bit of information she had obtained over and over again, repeating the days of single-mindedly discovering the possibilities behind what was hidden behind it.

A slight oversight could lead directly to the downfall of the house. Whether it’s on desk or on horseback, Crowne was always in a state of war.

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Compared to that time, the current Adellahan family can be said to have an overabundance of information.

They have almost no experience in listing the possibilities that lurk in the shadows of the given information.

Even though it’s the same as mocking herself for not being able to raise a child correctly, Crowne was able to see one of the issues.

After watching the three of them cower after being reprimanded, Crowne called Calmia’s name.

[The content of the proposal is basically the same…but you don’t see it that way, do you? Is it just because of the feud between parent and child?]

[…………I don’t think that’s all there is to it. But, I don’t really know why.]

[I agree with Cal.]

Novalf, who was the next to be stared at by Crowne, also answered the question.

When he read the reports on the meeting between King Levios and Marquis Adellahan, he somehow felt that it was different from Dunkel’s plan. It was like an intuition.

[I see. ….. Then, first of all, all of you, please answer as you wish. Should the Adellahan support the invasion of Saint Navempos, and if we do, which is better between the King or the Prince?]

Knowing that the Levios family would propose an invasion of St. Navempos in social gatherings, the Adellahan family’s policy had to be decided in advance.

All three of them seemed to have already come to their own conclusions, so they didn’t pretend to think too much.

Marquis Adellahan was the first to express her thoughts.

[I think that Adellahan should oppose it. If I had to agree, I would support King Levios’ plan. In my personal opinion, I would firmly refuse.]

Next, Calmia asked for permission to speak.

[Keeping our neutrality is the best. Depending on the situation, we can decide to which camp we should sell favors. I’m sorry that there seems to be no answer, but is it a situational judgment regarding the proposal to support? Emotionally, I don’t really want to support Prince Dunkel’s plan, but…yes.]

And Novalf was the last to speak.

[For the time being, I also think that neutrality is the safest bet. However, if I may give my personal opinion, I would agree. And I will support Dunkel’s proposal.]

The three of them looked at each other and smiled wryly at the fact that the answers were so splendidly different.

However, the questioner, Crowne, had expected such answers, so there was nothing particularly impressive to her.

[So, Novalf would go along with it? How surprising.]

Marquis Adellahan gave such a frank impression.

As the guardian of the land, the first thing Nobles should focus on fighting is the demon beasts. Battles between Nobles are things that must be done only out of necessity. That’s what she considered as the righteousness of today’s Adellahan.

[If the information provided by the Levios family is truly correct, I thought the priest’s threat is sufficiently alarming. Besides, if the strategy goes well, the damage we suffer will be extremely small. Even if it fails, the loss will be pretty small, and the profit when it succeeds is very large. I think it’s okay to actively vote for it.]

Novalf was certain of one thing.

That is, the military operation that is the cornerstone of the invasion is at the center of this proposal.

The reason why the plans of the King and the Prince seem to be roughly the same is that the key points of the invasion and the contents of the tactical level are the same. In other words, both military operations are common.

He believes that since the Zeldomitra family, the founders, are involved, it is a part that cannot be changed by the Levios family alone.

It has long been rumored that the Levios family hopes to strike a blow against the priesthood. After the disaster of Yersinia, they became more motivated to restore their prestige.

Most of the Nobles would do the same, for the pride of House Levios would not need Adellahan’s help. The profits of the Kingdom may be the profits of the Royal nobility, but the losses are clearly greater when considering the cost of the war.

That’s what Novalf thought.

With the military strategy presented this time, there will be more than a few people who are prepared to leave immediately if it fails. The final push to make a decision will be whether or not to regard the priestly forces as a threat. That will be the watershed.

[If Levios sees the priest as a threat, then that must be true. I don’t think the house will be ignorant about it. It may be a great story, but it can’t be all lies. If the plan is made public, of course it will, but Quordenze will surely send a secret envoy to the Holy Land, and if it is revealed that it’s just an empty promise, the faith in the Royal family will be lost.]

The three, especially Calmia and Novalf, were shocked by Crowne’s acceptance of the priest threat theory as fact.

In the meeting with Dunkel, the priesthood was hardly talked about. Therefore, even if she read it in the report of the meeting with King Levios, it didn’t become obvious.

[Is it true that priestly forces are gaining power? The Levios family has stronger adversity for priests than others, so I think they overblown the threat level. Besides, according to the stories I’ve heard from peddlers and others, the region of St. Navempos and Bermana is still in ruins, covered in corrupted lands, and are far from being restored…]

That’s common sense for both the Royal Nobles and the Imperial Nobles.

Crowne proceeded to calmly answer Calmia’s question.

[Compared to the past, which was extremely glorious, even the priests should be servile. It’s just the journey until the Holy Land that is completely revived. Otherwise it’s no different from a wasteland. Or maybe they’re wary of the Kingdom’s blade, so they deliberately try to fool everyone by making themselves look weak.]

The people of the Eruo continent respect the strong. Such is the culture that unnecessarily despises St. Navempos, once branded the center of civilization.

Crowne continued on.

[If you are a peddler, you may say something derogatory about the Holy Land in order to please the Nobles. Many people will smile when they hear that the land ruled by the priest is defiled. In addition, there is no traveler who praises the Holy Land even if he is glared at by the owner of the land.]

Land ruled by Nobles is clean, land ruled by priests is dirty. No, you are wonderful. As expected of the guardian of the land…of course, it’s flattery to make Nobles feel better.

Besides, if you praise the Holy City and St. Navempos within the Kingdom, you will be regarded as a person with anti-Noble ideas, and depending on the lord’s mood, one or two of your arms may be cut off.

Marquis Adellahan, Calmia, and Novalf agreed to all that.

Crowne didn’t say anything more. But there’s a simpler reason; St. Navempos is far from Levios Kingdom.

In addition to the geographical distance, there are a large number of independent Nobles and free cities in between, so it is easy for information to be diluted or manipulated to some extent.

The travelers and peddlers who came to the Kingdom did not praise the Holy City for the reasons given by Crowne.

The reality was that the Holy City area was taken lightly due to various complex reasons.

[However, if that land has recovered so much, it will have a hard time even invading. Nova and I have not actually confirmed these key points in the operation. May I ask what mother and grandmother have to say about that? As Nova said, even if the campaign fails, Adellahan will only receive minimal loss. But if it succeeds, we’ll benefit greatly.]

The details of the specific military operation were kept secret, and could only be confirmed within the Royal castle. The only people who knew at this stage are Marquis Adellahan and Crowne.

[I don’t know right now, to be honest.]

[Yes, there’s no doubt that we will benefit. Since Zeldomitra and Quordenze joined the Kingdom, they have never taken military action as part of the Kingdom’s army. If the Royal Expeditionary Force were to be raised now, there is no doubt that it would surpass the size of the former Holy Army. But, there’s also the problem of whether such a large army can move as planned.]

Crowne seemed to be intent on continuing, but she paused for a moment, before finally going straight to the conclusion.

[…..But, I don’t want to make more assumptions. It might be better to move with a mindset that the campaign will fail.]

With a sigh, she brushed her hair.

It doesn’t suit Crowne’s nature to stop thinking, but she doesn’t have the time to worry endlessly about not being able to come up with an answer.

For the time being, she chose to continue teaching the juniors, and finished switching her line of thoughts.

[There will be two walls that hinder Levios’ proposal this time. Can you tell me what they are?]

[Is it the Quordenze family, or the Milendorva family?]

It was Novalf who gave the first answer.

Rather than he replied because he’s confident of his answer, it’s more correct to say that he did because he’s being looked at.

[Only the Zeldomitra family, who are also the founders, are willing to show their support for the proposal. Based on the information presented to us, I don’t think Quordenze and Milendorva would approve of the invasion. Naturally, the Noble households under their control will not move either, so the mobilized force will drastically decrease. In the first place, some military operations are impossible without the active support from the Quordenze side.]

Looking only at the information presented to the Adellahan side, the Quordenze and Milendorva families had little flavor. In particular, it would be an extremely annoying proposal for the Quordenze family, who are busy with the invasion of Spierzeig.

Calmia also agreed with that opinion.

[As Nova said, this proposal is a big profit for the three families of Adellahan, Zeldomitra, and Levios. Quordenze and Milendorva would only take a loss, relatively speaking. If there isn’t any kind of advantage offered, I don’t think they’ll come aboard.]

[So, can they actually be persuaded?]

Marquis Adellahan was astonished at that question. It was because she misunderstood that the Adellahan family needed to go around to persuade the unlikely supporters.

After sighing, Crowne added that she was asking whether the Levios family could persuade those two families.

However, Calmia and Novalf had a vague idea of what they were talking about. Crowne has an idea that would probably force them to agree.

[…..It depends on how far Levios is willing to concede, but I think it’s possible.]

Since coming to the main house, Novalf has focused on gathering information about the Quordenze family.

Naturally, he had also investigated Luxus Quordenze, the current Head of the family. After all, it’s almost certain that they’ll have a talk during the social gathering, so he couldn’t help but look into it.

His image of Marquis Quordenze is that of a cunning, agile, Noble who excels in diplomacy.

Even if it’s an inconvenient proposal for the Quordenze family, he doesn’t seem to be the type to suddenly kick the negotiating table down. He is the type to quietly leave the room after confirming how much he can squeeze out from the other side, ascertaining the loss. ……That’s how Novalf sees the Marquis.

He gives examples of Marquis Quordenze’s temperament and claims that there is room for negotiation. Similarly, the Archduke of Milendorva, who had put an end to the civil war that had continued for a long time, would probably listen at least.

[Certainly, if it is the current generation of Quordenze and Milendorva, a talk is still possible.]

“Current generation.” Crowne emphasized.

[In other words, their problem lies in the next generation. Even Levios is watching it seriously. If this bundle implies anything, it’s that they’re really afraid.]

After extracting some of the materials, Crowne scattered them on the desk.

This is the result of intelligence sent from the Levios family to the Quordenze family. It was given as a gift in the name of a reward for requesting an abrupt meeting.

Surprisingly, these are focused on only one person.

[The Greatshield Breaker Snake.]

It’s about Wilk Quordenze. The eldest son of the Quordenze family who recently got nominated to be the next Head of the family.

Crowne took the fact that the Levios family dared to provide this material to Adellahan seriously.

Even though the Adellahan family is active as a large Noble, they also have a covert organization. However, its main purpose was to kill the spies who sneaked in from other territories.

The Adellahan territory itself is vast, but due to its short history as a Noble family, the organization has not yet been refined enough to send its members to other territories.

In the first place, Royal Nobles tend to put their own territories first, so they are often not so interested in other territories.

Marquis Adellahan was one of them, so she didn’t put much effort into expanding the covert organization.

[Does that mean that the Levios family is that cautious of Wilk-dono?]

Marquis Adellahan groaned while picking up a sheet of paper scattered on the desk.

This is a report she casually reads, but by the time this one is written, a considerable number of covert operatives had lost their lives to earn this information.

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The Quordenze family has a secret organization called the Worm, which makes it extremely difficult to carry out intelligence activities in Newnelly. Most of the secret agents the Levios family sneaked in did not return.

Wilk is relatively free to play around in Newnelly, but behind the scenes, his father, Luxus, has put in place a strong counterintelligence system.

Because he was actually a reincarnated person, the behavior and thoughts of this eldest son might feel suspicious to some.

It was only in the last few months that the Levios family began to gather specific information about Wilk.

[There is a question as to how reliable this information provided by the Levios family can be… But as far as I have read, I think we have to be vigilant.]

Novalf also grabbed a piece of paper that flew in front of him and said so while skimming the sentence he read once before the meeting.

The paper contains information about the mature demon beasts that appeared in Newnelly last year.

The name of the Commander-in-Chief of the monster subjugation was Wilk Quordenze himself. It seemed that the Levios family expected that a mature demon beast that ranks second to third in the threat class had appeared.

As extra information, the disaster that appeared in Newnelly City more than 300 years ago, the scale of the damage caused by the demonic beast Charybdis, was roughly described. This is clearly listed as the second largest threat class.

In addition, this document does not contain the truth that Wilk almost single-handedly defeated the demon beast.

The Levios family highly appreciated the fact that he served as the Commander-in-Chief of the monster subjugation at the young age of 12. It is concluded that he is superior in the ability to lead an army.

Calmia also picked up the classified material that flew in front of her.

[I hear that Nambonan City is effectively treated like an independent city governed by Wilk-dono. Recently, it is said that a private unit separate from the Quordenze main army has been created… What is his intention in gathering famous mercenaries from all over the world?]

The majority of the information provided by the Levios family was the result of espionage in Nambonan City. That’s because it’s easy to send in spies, since the city doesn’t have a robust counterintelligence system like in Newnelly yet.

The only information they got in Newnelly City was about subjugating mature monsters at the orb unveiling party.

[…..Do you have any thoughts about this next generation Head? It is unnatural to enclose the woman he supposedly loves in Nambonan City. Just in case, I think they should have been moved to Newnelly, Quordenze’s most robust home base.]

The wave of love that Wilk unleashed on Raeve in Nambonan city was, of course, sensed by Levios family spies too, and now the story had reached the Adellahan family as well.

From the perspective of someone else who doesn’t know about Wilk’s lower body, it’s completely weird.

[Maybe he is wary of having his mistress taken away by his father. His grandfather, Duke Galfis, is probably too famous for his predilections. I don’t think Marquis Quordenze was a man with a disposition to touch women recklessly, but those who have that kind of propensity have intense delusions of persecution.]

Marquis Adellahan has met with Marquis Quordente several times in the capital. Her words were persuasive.

[In spite of that, there is no information about parent-child relationships.]

Among the information presented by the Levios family, there is no information that the parent-child relationship is bad. There is no information that they are on good terms, but it cannot be ignored that there is a possibility that they are in bad blood.

After all, Highlords are strong to begin with. Therefore, if they are really on bad terms, they often do not hide it.

In fact, both the Levios family and the Quordenze family have grasped the fact that the relationship between Marquis Adellahan and her sister is the worst.

This is because when an agent walks through the territory of Adellahan, they can guess at a relatively early stage that [Ah, the people in the branch family that govern this area don’t like the Head of the main family].

Even if you don’t make your claims openly, simply not hiding it is enough for the people around you to guess.

However, there was no physical evidence of discord with his father from around Wilk.

The only thing he did was treat the corpse of the next head of the enemy family Verret Spierzeig with respect. It should be noted that this information is currently only available to the Adellahan family, and the materials provided by the Levios family did not mention anything about it.

[But, he doesn’t seem to be stupid.]

Since entering Callahanasso City in the Levios territory, the Levios family has invested a large amount of spies to observe Wilk.

Unlike Newnelly city, it is their own territory. They’re free to check on his actions as much as they want.

The document that Crowne picked up contains information about Wilk’s behavior.

The writer noted that Wilk had a splendid demeanor suitable for an eldest son of a Great Noble, and that he was highly educated enough to handle conversation with adult Nobles.

By combining fragmented information like a puzzle, the finished picture is a monster beyond their comprehension.

No one was sure whether they were truly Nobles who shared the same sense of values. They can’t read the principle of his action. And they have no idea what direction he is following.

Beneath the beautifully arranged Noble mask, a monster nobody ever seen before bares its poisonous fangs. Such a terrifying scene appeared in Calmia’s mind.

Novalf used to tell her that he felt eerie about Wilk and was extremely wary of him. For the first time, Calmia truly understood what he felt.

She came to realize why Crowne said that this next generation is just as important.

[…..if it’s Marquis Quordenze we are talking about, then there seems to be room for negotiation. But… I have no idea how Wilk-dono will act. For the Levios family, one of the cornerstones of this social gathering is not the Quordenze family, but Wilk Quordenze… It might be more accurate to say that.]

[Indeed. And it’s the same for the east.]

[The Arch Duchess Orshian…..even though she is not in a position to succeed the position of family Head, she must be someone who has a great influence on the policies of the Milendorva family.]

However, no information was provided to the Adellahan family regarding the Milendorva family.

Having decided that the Levios family could do something on their own, Calmia began to think about the possible reasons for the lack of provision. And she understood the meaning of Crowne’s reprimand, “We know about the board, but the pieces on the other hand”. This is the kind of thinking that they need right now.

[It’s cloudy.]

The Nobles who gather in the Royal Capital are said to be like clouds.

The identity of the cloud may be the uneasiness that exists in everyone’s heart due to the loss of the Royal family’s prestige.

From now on, whether the sky will clear over the Royal Capital or whether it will rain for a long time, it can be said that it depends on the future actions.

[…..Madman, Monster, Beast Princess…..will they be the scourge of a new era?]

There was a certain amount of heat in her voice, which seemed to be filled with joy.

The way she even smiles in the face of difficulties encourages those who see her.

Novalph knows that this great predecessor, who served as his lieutenant when he was dispatched to help the Levios family, had the same smile when she faced the Orshian army.

His biological mother once said that he was lucky to be able to see Crowne commanding an army with his own eyes.

“I see, that’s certainly correct,” he thought again.

This courage is the driving force that has guided the Adellahan family thus far. If you can experience this heat directly, you can grow more than now.

It was a baseless idea, but he was convinced that it was correct.

[Grandmother. Could I read the reports of the meeting with King Levios again?]

And Novalf was driven by that passion.

It’s something he doesn’t want to think too much about, but the time left for this ancient hero won’t be long. That’s why he didn’t want to waste it, even for a moment.

Crowne liked that attitude.

[…Between the plan of the King and the Prince. Which one do you think is better?]

That was a question directed at Marquis Adellahan.

While Marquis Adellahan was perplexed by the sudden return of the conversation, Calmia and Novalf noticed. Crowne was trying to give a hint to tell Novalf something.

Without realizing that, the Marquis simply answered the question.

[That would be King Levios’ plan. Anyone will get it once they read the contents, but that’s also the one that’ll be easier to get support from other Nobles. Nobles are Nobles, and the rule of their own territory comes first.]

Most likely having expected that answer, Crowne said with a satisfied expression.

[The current opinion is correct in a sense. If it’s to gain a lot of support, I’ll take the King’s plan as well.]

Novalf chewed on each and every word.

Because he felt that there was an important lesson to be pointed out.

[Novalf, you seem to be attracted to the Prince’s plan. Can you tell us why?]

[That is…]

Seeing Novalf’s hesitation, Crowne quietly told him.

[You find it awful in one part, but your heart is pulled toward that direction.]

It was a remark that saw through Novalf’s inner self.

Seeing him widen his eyes involuntarily, Crowne let out a laugh.

Crowne thought it might be possible and just said it. It was interesting, and she was quite happy that what was supposed to be just a guesswork turned out to be true.

[That’s because the Prince’s plan is what determines the next era.]

[Next era?]

[It’s nostalgic. When I was young, I saw it in the Wise King of Levios. Making me think about the next era…. It’s uncomfortable to move forward with the state of mind. No one can extinguish the fire that dwells in your heart.]

The young Crowne was attracted to the aspirations of the First King Levios, who acted in anticipation of the age of nobility.

This resulted in a tragedy in which she parted ways with her beloved brother, but she still does not regret that decision.

[…Most importantly, compared to the Wise King, that Prince is still an inexperienced child. The plan itself is full of holes and is nothing more than naive thinking. No wonder you don’t realize why you’re drawn to it… Well, it’s not unreasonable. Kakaka!]

Crowne was in an unusually good mood. It was like a mother enjoying her child’s growth.

Novalf compares the King’s words written in the reports with Dunkel’s suggestion in his mind to make sure that the words are really correct.

Seeing him seriously facing the problem, Crowne continued speaking.

[Let me add one more thing. There is another reason why you feel uncomfortable. You are a Noble of Adellahan, a Noble of the Kingdom. Therefore, you feel uncomfortable. But, that leads to what the Prince sees.]

Hearing the riddle-like advice, Novalf’s mind became even more troubled.

But he wanted to find the answer himself, and he felt that he had to.

[Let’s hear the answer later. Calmia, it should be you who are worrying… Calmia, what are you doing?]

At that point, everyone in the room noticed that Calmia was acting strangely.

She turned her chair 90 degrees to the side, stared at the wall, and clenched her fists.

Calmia’s exclusive servant, who had detected the incident earlier, was standing next to her, but she didn’t seem to be aware of the maid’s existence.

[Cal? What’s wrong?]

Novalf, who was sitting next to her, placed his hand on her shoulder.

Then she spoke slowly and quietly, as if she was talking in her sleep.

[I can feel the waves of malice and murderous intent from a Highlord.]

The tip of her outstretched index finger was pointing in the direction of the wall.

Calmia shook her head when everyone was nervous, as if there was an enemy attack on the Adellahan mansion.

[No. It’s hard to tell because it’s far away in that direction, but I think it’s probably two people’s murderous intent. It’s not a threat directed at Adellahan.]

[Map of the Royal Capital!]

Marquis Adellahan’s loud voice echoed in the room.

Here in the Royal Capital Levios, a large number of Royal Nobles are currently gathering.

Once the Zeldomitra family arrives in the evening today, except for some latecomers, everyone will be in the capital.

In such a situation, it was almost impossible for magical powers with murderous intent to fly around. An emergency was possible.

Perhaps because they were talking about the invasion of St. Navempos earlier, the possibility of an attack by a high-ranking priest popped into everyone’s minds.

The knight who was standing by hurriedly rushed out of the room, prepared a map, and spread it out on the desk in the hall.

During that time, Calmia continued to point her index finger at the wall as if to indicate that the Highlord was continuing to threaten her.

In order to confirm the direction of the fingertips, the window of the large hall was opened vigorously by the civil officer.

[I think the direction is this way. Princess, how far is it?]

The knight put his finger down on the map and indicated the general direction.

[The distance is…ah!?]

At that moment, a powerful wave of murderous intent pierced through the Adellahan mansion like a flash.


[Th-This is!]

And it didn’t end with just one shot.

As if to oppose it, a violent wave of murderous intent, which must have been emitted by a different person, once again penetrated the room.


In a moment of silence in the room, Novalf and Crowne exchanged glances without saying a word.

[Grandma. The first threat was…]

[There must be a mistake.]

Novalf was attacked by an illusion of numbness in his right arm.

He knows that wave of murderous intent better than anyone here.

[The murderous intent is much stronger than before. Could it be that the threat at that time wasn’t serious…?]

[Maybe. But for now, show me the map instead.]

Crowne, who has a lot of experience in Lord-class battles, has a convenient skill that allows her to sense the threat emitted by a Highlord and determine the distance to the enemy. It is one of the techniques cultivated in turbulent times, and this is something that neither Novalf nor Marquis Adellahan possess.

Only Calmia was able to do something similar, but it’s only due to her sharp magical perception. However, she was unable to translate it into an actual map and explain it.

[Are Grandmother and Novalf familiar with the murderous intent? ……Does that mean?]

There is only one murderous intent that the two of them have sensed in common.

It belonged to Orshian Milendorva, who they fought in the war when they reinforced the Levios family army.

However, Crowne didn’t answer Marquis Adellahan’s question and looked at the map instead.

The direction and distance, captured by the sense of magical power, are replaced with the actual distance and applied onto the map.

Her slender, wrinkled fingertips stopped at a certain point.

[Quordenze mansion…]

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The sky that could be seen from the open window was filled with clouds.

The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story

The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A Japanese salary man was reincarnated in a different world with swords and magic. He reincarnated into the family of a powerful noble. One day when he became twelve years old, he was suddenly summoned by his father. 「 I do not mind whether it is a woman in the town or a maid in our house, learn about women.」 Having gained the permission of his father, he uses his power as a noble to have his way with women.



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