The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 03


The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 3 


Sexy Warrior lady grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to an inn.

Having only the basic stats as I just began, I couldn’t resist at all but to be dragged.

She threw me onto the bed as if she was going to punch a hole in it, and undressed my bottoms in a flash as if a snake slipped out of its skin while I was still in confusion.

“Hey? Doesn’t this cherry boy have a great one?”

Of course, I do. I’ve customized it with the utmost care. It’s not too much to say I’ve spent ⅓ of my customizing time making it big and beautiful!

No, that doesn’t mean my real wood is weak or something. 

I have an excellent wood that my friends call me Won ‘The Horse’ Gu. 

But I’m playing a game, so I do want to get an experience that you can never get in the real world. Don’t you too want to hear a line that’s like ‘it’s so big I can’t take it in!’ right? That’s why I paid extra attention to it.

While my mind wandered, Warrior Lady became completely naked before I knew and tried to combine with my wood that’s bigger than black men’s ones. 

You’re asking me how I’m ready for the combination, when I’m basically being raped?

Men are sad animals who will have an erection when a hot woman gets naked before their eyes.

Who wouldn’t have erection when a beautiful woman undresses you to pick your cherry?

It’s not because I lack experience or I’m a fool.

I’m telling you, I’m not a cherry boy; I’m a sex master in VR!

So as soon as I got undressed she and I were connected, but I immediately knew something was not right, then when the ship fully docked, a strong pleasure overwhelmed me that my vision went white.

I have experience in playing multi-hundred adult VR games, and I know exactly how much VR limits the stimulation. So I can be sure about one thing. This pleasure could never be something limited by virtual reality. It was better; would it be possible for a player to feel such pleasure even if there was no limitation at all?

 I mean, I don’t know it exactly since I don’t have experience in real life, but I don’t think this kind of pleasure is even possible.

 I am on my limit barely enduring the pleasure this lady shaking her hips on me gives. At least I am holding on it thanks to the holy man’s passive skill. 

 What’s up with this? I can’t figure it out.


 I didn’t get any illegal modification on my capsule, or any unlimiting patch from the internet.

 Did Great Earth pretend to be mad and clear the limit before they released the game?

 I’m afraid that Great Earth is mad enough to actually do that.

 And holy, this level of pleasure from a tutorial NPC?

  Since you level up in this game by having sex, there is this battle-like mechanism for sex. To begin with, in order to gain experience you need to push the opponent to the climax while having sex. And the conditions that affect the amount of experience you get are the opponent’s level and the satisfaction they got. Of course, the higher level the opponent’s level is, the higher the pleasure is. Therefore, this tutorial NPC’s level is pretty high.

If the level difference isn’t that great and I am getting this much pleasure, I’ll literally die from the amount of pleasure if I have a sex with a partner with higher level.

Coition death while playing a VR game. That’s horrible to even think about. If my girls in my harddrive are revealed to the world during a police investigation, I will be so embarrassed I will be kicking my mom’s belly after being reincarnated. 

 Putting that aside, what were they thinking when they set a tutorial NPC’s level this high? Isn’t it normal for developers to put a sensual NPC to reach climax on a few piston movement, gain just enough experience points to level up by one and proceed to system explanation?

Maybe this is a tutorial for being wrung out early without making the partner reach the climax?

 Well, that’s acceptable. 

 But what if it’s not?

If this is not a tutorial for being defeated, my pride as a gamer cannot approve it. Me cumming not even enduring a mere tutorial? I know this is a singleplayer game so nobody will know about it, but my pride as a gamer who beat multi-hundred game titles cannot approve it.

 I am not a cup noodle!

“Aaah…you cherry boy…Hnng. You’re doing it with… Hhg…such a beautiful lady…Ahh…how dare you think about something else?”

Well, I am just doing my best to tighten up my muscles from head to toe and tear my eyes away from such a beautiful scene thinking about anything else just to last longer. And you’re not happy about it.

“I get it…. This isn’t good enough for you. Well, how about this?”

No, no, no. You got it wrong. You’re not not good enough. You’re too good I need to think about something else to last just a bit longer!

 Guwon’s shouting in it’s mind was for nothing. This Warrior Lady stopped for a moment, and then she started shaking her body not just up and down but to the front, back, right and left, as if she was dancing samba.

“Until now! Hnngh! Nobody got through this! Ahhh! Not a single one!”

Yes. I believe you. I feel it with my whole body.

 Fuck Gamer’s pride. I’m on my limit!

“Ugh…! I’m cumming!”

“Just a bit longer! Hnngh! Me too! Soon!”

What?! So this IS not a tutorial with intentional defeat!

Yeah, I’m not a fucking instant cup noodle!

 With that mindset, Haroon forcibly endured the pleasure, tightly holding the bed sheet with his hands and his toes rolled up.

“Nnng…! Aah…! Aaah…! Aaa…! Hyaang!”


Finally the Warrior Lady collapsed on Guwon’s body, letting out moans or screams. At the same time, he couldn’t hold any longer and cum inside her.

Nailed it….

 When Guwon was enjoying a weird sense of achievement, Warrior Lady caught her breath and was looking down at him, sitting on him.

“Cherry boy! Well, I guess you’re not a cherry boy anymore. You weren’t so bad? You knew what you were doing when you signed up to be an adventurer.”

“O-of course! Just wait! I am a man to be the king of the dungeon!”

“Hey, your mouth lasts longer than your body! You know you’re burned out on the first round, right? I like that attitude and your item. I’m Alicia. You?”


“Redemption? Rare name.”

“Well… it’s a long story..”

“Oh…. I see. My goddess did it again.”

 Alicia looked at him with pitiful eyes. 

“What? You knew? Is this common?”

“Well… ‘common’ is too much for that but it is not uncommon. I didn’t hear anything about it recently; it’s been a while.”

It seems that this mad Goddess of Earth kidnapping people from other dimensions is a well-known fact.

“Anyways, get that level higher with the thing you have under there. I’ll play with you again when I want.”

 Alicia climbed down from bed and started wearing armor she threw anywhere. I mean, you still have my cum in your belly and you’re not even thinking about wiping it off. 

I guess it is automatic in this game? I don’t think Great Earth would do it. They go crazy when it is about reality in detail. I feel so uncomfortable being covered in sweat.

“You’re leaving? You could take a shower. Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Why do you think I was at the guild so early in the morning? I am going to the dungeon now. I’m late thanks to playing a round with you.”

I see. I suppose you don’t need to be at the guild if you’re not going to the dungeon.

“I want to take a shower.”

“Do then. I’m going out.”


 I nonchalantly sent Alicia off and went into the bathroom. It was an excellent modern bathroom that even has a shower head in a fantasy world. 

 One of the Great Earth’s beloved features is perfectly balancing reality and convenience.

 Guwon fell in thoughts with the shower on.

Something’s not right.

She wasn’t a tutorial NPC too?

 He expected the world to go grey and go on the pause and hit him with system tutorials. Now that expectations were not met, Guwon gave up analyzing the situation he was in.

 What on earth is Great Earth trying to do with that excessive pleasure and others? You are not this kind of company, are you? Well, at this point I’ve got only one thing to trust.

 People of earth, lend me your knowledge!

 I have the internet!

 I know the game just released, but considering the number of fans all around the world, Guwon wouldn’t be the only one that waited outside of the store on the release date, counting down every seconds to buy the game and play it right away. Like Guwon, some of them would have noticed that things are different and got out of the capsule to search several communities. And some elites of them must have found something and wrote a community guide. 

 Let’s turn off the game and see what’s up.

 Guwon decided so and scanned the system menu, but for some reason he couldn’t find the quit to real life button. 

Well…? Haha. That’s strange.

Oh! Right! You can’t turn off the game when you’re not in a perfectly safe area. Now, don’t tell me standing in the running shower counts as not perfectly safe. 

Guwon turned off the shower and looked for the menu again.

It”s not there!

Okay, calm down. Come to think of it, my body is still wet. You can’t say that this is perfectly safe.

 Guwon got out of the bathroom and wiped off every drop of water with a towel with a devoted mindset. Then he wore the training clothes, lay down on bed in the most comfortable way possible, then scanned the menu again.

Fuck! It’s not there!

 There’s a status window, inventory window and skill window. The game menu does exist. But there was no system menu. No save, no load, no option, no quit, nothing. 

Now things have gotten here, a theory that he’s been avoiding it on purpose reappeared in his head again.

Don’t tell me… I’ve been brought to the world inside the game like those stories.

 There were signs. There were plenty of them. He felt dizzy lightly, which could never happen for a hardcore gamer like Guwon. The tutorial never seemed to begin. The AI’s reaction to the player’s nonsense was too realistic. And excessive pleasure that wasn’t like VR. Now that they are listed, no system menu was the only finishing bullet for Guwon who was not facing the truth.

 Still, I am not hopeless. 

 There was still one last option: force termination. I filled the 72-hour nutrition tank fully before I entered the capsule. That’s still a lot of time to spare, but maybe he could be forced out from the game when the nutrition tank is emptied. 

This is a stupid theory but Great Earth not making the stupidest mistake of leaving the system menu out from the full release is not guaranteed. 

But what if, what if I really moved into this dimension?

Let’s not be pessimistic. 

When you think about it, this game”s world has very desirable elements of men’s utopia. It felt bad to think about my parents looking for me in the real world, but other than that I could be thankful forever for sending me to such a beautiful world.

Oaky, let’s get the situation right. If I was all wrong about the dimension thing and tried to survive in this world but ends up being ‘it was an error, tee-hee’, that’s just me being stupid. If I just wait up doing nothing and it turns out to be a dimensional warp, that’s my loss.

 The first thing I needed to check was if the world is really the game world. And if it really is the world in game, I need to check how much the game system affects the world and how similar they are. Fortunately, I have some money in my inventory. 

 The standard of collecting information in a fantasy world is going to a bar. Considering what Alicia said, people occasionally come from other dimensions. Maybe collecting information is just as simple as buying a random person in a bar, right?

Good. Let’s head to a bar then. 

Now that his thoughts are collected, he left the inn.

No, he tried to leave the inn.

“That would be 3 Silvers.”


The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint's Dungeon Affairs, TSDA, TSDB, 던전에서 성자가 하는 일
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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