The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 08


The Saint’s Dungeon Business – 8


“You first need to come back to the guild when you visit the dungeon. We buy the magic stones you collected if you want, and you need to give us a brief report on your adventure. If you provide us with new information the guild doesn’t have, the guild rewards you with some money. With information collected, the guild provides the basic information of the dungeon to other adventurers. For your information, the entrance of the dungeon is the habitat of rabbits, giant rats and racoons, and the recommended level is around 10. Actually people know this kind of information as common sense and it is considered strange if an aspiring adventurer does not know it. I am not in the position to make excuses but that is why I sent you away this morning; I thought you had nothing else better to do other than flirting with me. I am really sorry.”

The Guide Lady repeatedly apologized, looking up at me with her eyes raised. That’s a cute face.

Kugh! She’s beautiful enough already, and she’s making a great expression you’d think an intelligent woman would not make. What a gap that guarantees critical hit to my heart! 

When I saw the expression that you can’t help but to forgive if you’re a man, I was waving my hands to tell her ‘it’s alright’ before I knew it. She’s not completely wrong about the flirting part after all.

“Thank you. There are requests posted on the wall of this building, and if any of those interests you, bring it to one of these counters and sign up for it. If you have completed it, come back to one of these counters and make a report, and we will pay you the reward right away. The guild does take some of the reward as commission fee, but the reward written on the letter of request is the reward after excluding the commission fee so you will not have to worry about it.”

Indeed, it’s a great system. It’s not like there would be someone to make a request to me personally, so I don’t need to be greedy over the commission fee.

“Actually the easiest request we have now is collecting 10 Rabbit Leather. To be honest with you, I am not supposed to let you know that because this is all about finders keepers. I am telling you that because I feel sorry, so please don’t tell anyone. Oh, I suppose that is not helpful since you are level one. I am sorry.”

“Yes, it is helpful. 10 Rabbit Leathers, you say? I’ve got them here.”

She opened her eyes wide seeing me taking out 10 leathers I took out from my inventory.

“Were you not level 1?! But how?!”

“Actually, I got lucky enough to level up.”

“But your job level is still 1, isn’t it? How on earth….”

“Actually I have a unique job. Fortunately, my job level went up as well..”

“Right, you did. Oh, do you happen to be an outlander by chance?”

“Outlander? Well, if you call the people kidnapped by your goddess, I suppose I am.”

“I see. This is my first time seeing one myself but I have heard about the one the Goddess invited to have an unusual job. By the way, here is your reward, 90 Coppers.”

That’s too little! What is wrong with the prices?! By the way, 100 Coppers are 1 Silver and 100 Silvers are 1 Gold.

“Ahaha. I’ve got some magic stones here… and about the adventure report you mentioned, how do I do that?”

“Oh, you have collected a fair amount. Please give me a moment.”

The Guide Lady took the magic stones and put them in some kind of machinery. It seems like that machine measures the value of the magic stones.

“I assume you have only been near the entrance, right? Then you will only have to report the monsters you have dealt with and the miscellaneous items you acquired from them.”

When I finished giving a brief report, the magic stone measuring machine stopped.

“you have dealt with the wolfdogs on your first journey?! Your magic stones are worth 4 Silvers and 62 Coppers……. You are not lying. I am impressed with your first achievement. Were you not bragging when you said something about the Saint Legend?”

“Ahaha…. I suppose.”

I looked away from the lady’s brightened eyes. 

I may be cheeky on my joy, but it’s embarrassing to receive compliments like that! To make things clear, it’s not because I’m simple or I’m a virgin! In fact, I’m not a virgin in VR! Wait a minute, this is reality. Shit? Come to think of it, I’m not a virgin in reality anymore! Isn’t this the buildup to be a sex master in real life as well?

“Welp! Excessive spoilers ruin the fun! Please look forward to my future performance!”

“Yes, I will.”

Unlike this morning, she laughed.

Is this the power of non-virgin?!

Thank you, Lady Alicia!

With joyful conversation, I finished cashing in and got some information on the monsters I might be able to fight.

As a result, I have 5 Silvers and 52 Coppers. I still have some items to sell and I have more than I began with. I fear my adaptation skill. 

I think I have enough money, so let’s sell the misc items tomorrow and I will get some rest at the inn for today.

With bold steps I entered the first inn I found, and there was a hog-looking woman sitting at the counter.


No, I don’t feel welcomed looking at that face. Fuck, look at my luck on random! 

“I’m looking for a place to stay for a night. How much is it with meals?”

“4 Silvers for a day, and 50 Coppers per meal.”

“That’s expensive!”

“What are you talking about? I get as much as the other places get. If you don’t have that much money to pay, go look for a stable or something.”

The face must be in proportion to the personalities in this world. Look at her wordings!

“By any chance, does it cost 3 Silver to stay for a few hours instead of overnight?”

“You know it well.”


I turned away right away and left the inn, walked the street watching the map. The destination is already decided.


“I’m staying for a night.”

“One night stay costs 4 silvers, with additional 50 Coppers per meal if you wish.”

“I will order meals for dinner and breakfast.”

“Sure. I received 5 Silvers. Would you like to have your meal at the restaurant or do you want it to be delivered to your room?”

“To my room, please.”

Actually it will be good to eat at the restaurant and learn things by ear, but I’m too tired to do that today.

“Sure. We will get to you as soon as they’re ready.”

Of course, the place I came to was the Inn with a pretty staff I came with Alicia.

Thanks to the medieval fantasy theme I underestimated this world. Who could ever imagine Silvers are this common?

The first thing I did after entering the room was looking into the mirror. I can see why the Guide Lady felt so sorry. I look like the most wretched beggar. It’s a fortune in misfortunes that at least I look so handsome I look just like a lazy man. No, that’s not a fortune.

My trainers aren’t too bad if I argue it’s vintage. But my clothes, they got torn in places. It’s all messed up.

Wait, on a second look, it’s the sleeves that got torn. The main part has some holes, but at least they’re not torn. Maybe they’ll look alright if I cut the sleeves and wear it as short-sleeves and shorts!

Yes, you can call me a fashion terrorist, but the face completes the fashion, end of conversation. I ran down to the first floor, borrowed scissors and cut the sleeves out.

I’ll admit. I’m wrong. The face can’t cover up everything. That decides tomorrow’s goal: earning enough for a room for a day and clothing.

After having dinner, I lay down on the bed and fell in thoughts staring into the air. To be precise I was looking at the skill windows in the air.

First of all, I can’t think of a way to return to my world. I thought about clearing the dungeon but it’s not practical considering I’ve got only one life.

And to be honest, I don’t really feel like going back. I feel sorry for my parents who would be desperately looking for their only child, but this is an amazing world that made me nonvirgin within a day when I couldn’t do it myself for 24 years. It would be strange if I wanted to go back. I did get in trouble in the dungeon, but thinking of it as a price to be nonvirgin and the great future I’m about to face, it doesn’t feel like much hardship.

 Then what should I do to survive in this world? The most convenient way would be picking up a high-level woman and have sex with her. Normally when you have sex with a high-level woman, it’d be me squeezed out, the end of the story, but I have saint skills.

Sex Mastery 3

Passive Skill

You get overall boost on sex-related abilities, increasing pleasure by  [6%].

The Last Bit of Pride 2

Active Skill

Cost : 100 Resource

No matter how strong your opponent is, the last pride as man is protected. Your opponent reaches climax with [2%] of your pleasure you get from ejaculation. The Last Bit of Pride is enhanced by 1% per 100 Resource you own.

These are 2 skills that you have by default on the start of the game. Sex Mastery is basically an experience point multiplier when the pleasure is directly proportional to the experience rate in this world. It doesn’t only boost the opponent’s pleasure but my pleasure as well, so it’s an overpowered skill that even helps enhancing a relationship between me and my party members.

And an even more overpowered skill is the Last Bit of Pride.

I originally thought Alicia felt orgasm because of my great extension but I was able to know that wasn’t the case after checking the skill window. I must’ve used it without knowing while trying to hold on with my whole body. With this skill, no matter how high-level my partner is, I can get some amount of experience points, and I can abuse it for power levelling. 

The problem is, such high-level women don’t have any reason to have sex with me.

Alicia said she’ll go for another round with me when she wants, so should I bow all the way down to the ground and beg for it? Well, I need to meet her first.

Also, I don’t think my grand talk with my tongue can pick up a high-level who must’ve gone through every kind of battle. In short, it won’t happen. 

If I can’t pick-up a high-level for power-levelling, plan B is finding a party member at a similar level. I wouldn’t be able to level up by much at once, but once done a lot, my skill level will go up, accelerate the process and we’ll be able to level up faster and faster.

It doesn’t have to be a party member, but since I’m not the only one levelling up with my skill, someone who’d join my journey for a long time would be better. 

Alright, in that case there are skills I need. Like stat points, there are two ways of getting skills: acquiring myself and investing points. Surely, you still need to fulfill the conditions like getting the related job or required skills.

I want to save skill points as much as possible and level them up by gaining proficiency, but for some skills I have no idea how to get them.

For example, Analyze. Right? You have no idea how to get it, yeah? Can you learn it by looking at someone desperately wishing to analyze it? If so, when I was staring at those selfish boobs of the Guide Lady trying to analyze the size of them, I should have learned the skill already. 

That didn’t earn me the skill so I have to use my skill points on that. I began by getting two skills. 

Analyze 1

Active Skill

Cost : 1 Resource

Analyzes the opponent’s ability by looking at them. You can analyze the [level] of opponent with up to [1 level] higher than you.

Sex Analyze 1

Active Skill

Cost : 1 Resource

Analyzes sexual preferences by looking at them. You can analyze [erogenous zones] of opponents with up to [1 level] higher than you.

They are adventurer skill and saint skill respectively. I will save the other skill points for now. There are skills that make you feel awesome just by reading the skill descriptions and I want to use my skill points on them, but I think there are ways to earn them during the actual rounds. I wouldn’t need to waste my points on them.

Thinking I might waste my skill points impulsively if I continued looking at the skill window, I closed the window and covered my face with a pillow. 

It was a long tough day. And I lived today more desperately than how tough it was. The actions I took shouldn’t be so different from playing a game; I guess I feel it that way because all of this is reality.

Let’s get a good sleep for now.

I have a heap of work to do tomorrow. I need to get up early in the morning and earn enough money for clothing and staying at an inn, and then I need to find the right person to party with by Analyzing the adventurers. There’s something I want to test as well.

I slowly fell asleep listing things to do tomorrow. Before I lost my consciousness, I felt like a beautiful lady I’ve seen somewhere but isn’t of this world smiled warmly down at me.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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