The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 10


The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 10


Since I found the weakness of wolfdog, I spend day after day on the same cycle. The first thing I do in the morning is stay at the guild building and check people passing by with Analyze to find the right person to party with. After having lunch I enter the dungeon and strive for the neutralization of wild wolfdogs, come back to the guild in the evening to look for a party member then go rest at the inn.

With repetitive routine, I acquired new skills and I raised skill proficiency a lot. I leveled up once as well, because of that infamous combat experience. Now that I have some money I can afford staying at the inn for a few days without going to the dungeon. The problem is I still haven’t seen a competent person to make a party. I found some people around my level by Analyzing them. Of course, there are so many people at the guild, it would be strange to not find one. 

The problem is their appearance. It’s easier to pick up someone when you’re attractive, and the partner gets more satisfaction during the action, it’s easier to level up. And when you level up, you get more charm points, which  makes you even more attractive.

Thus you could find statuesque women fairly often at the guild as you could see many high-level adventurers at the guild, and that raised my standards higher and higher.

 Thus the appearance of adventurers at my level doesn’t meet my standards.

 Still, at the thought I don’t want to make any compromise, I spent every day using Analyze at beautiful women though my skill would fail. 

She would be a party member for I don’t know how long and we will live and roll together on the same bed. I can never take a step back on that.

 So I lived each and every day with such a high expectation. That kind of life lasted a week, then two. Now I started to consider if I should take a step back.

Darn…. If this was a game, there would be so many low-level beautiful girls the stupid males wouldn’t even dare to land their hands on. Is this what the wall of reality is like? 

I started to let my hopes down but I still headed to the guild today. I had no expectation, but there was this beautiful girl near the entrance who looked troubled for some reason. 

She’s got dark wine-colored hair that reaches her shoulder, large iris that makes her look have a deep mind, and her sharp nose makes her look somewhat snooty and cool.

Should I describe her figure as overall slender? She’s tall and slim, but parts to be curved in are curved in and that emphasizes her feminine features. I suppose she’s 3 or 4 years younger than me. And such a beautiful lady had a troubled look with knitted brows.

I got the feeling as soon as I saw her. I can know it without using Analyze. She’s an amazingly beautiful woman to be low-level, but her clothes are for countryside ladies. I would have seen her as someone who came to make a request if she didn’t have her bow in her hand. I Analyzed her, and as expected her level was as low as 7.

I can’t believe such a lady’s level is lower than the clerk of the inn I stay in. How inexperienced is she? This is the chance the goddess gave me.

No reason to hesitate, I got near her and talked to her.

“Hey, is everything alright?”

I talked to her with the most warm smile I could make. I’m actually a handsome man; I spent so much time on customizing, if you didn’t know. Only if I acted normal, most people would easily get interested in me. This girl seems snooty, but I have absolute confidence that my first impression wouldn’t be bad at least.

“No. Thank you.”

She glowered at me with a somewhat unpleasant look, then she looked forward then fell in thoughts again.

Haha. Yeah, I heard pretty ones are expensive but she’s got some politeness I can see. But I’m not stepping back. You’ve met a wrong man. This is you or me.

“Haha. That’s not great. What’s the matter?”

“Are you a guild staff?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Then this is none of your business, isn’t it?”

Fuck! This chick’s got an air conditioner installed in her body. She’s too cool I might catch a cold from that AC. Let’s see if you can say that after I get on you. 

“What do you mean it’s none of mine? I can’t just pass when a beautiful lady’s got such a troubled face. That’s not what a gentleman would do.”

“Why don’t you just be honest and you’re flirting on me because you wanna bang with me?”

……Wow. How did you know that? Even I got stuck with my words for a moment. It seems like Prince Charming Saves the Day! plan wouldn’t work. Here comes plan B then.

“Haha. I have no idea what you’re talking about. It seems like you’re very confident with your beauty, but I’m not that horny to pick up on just anyone. I’m not trying to show off but I have some ladies lined up for me.”

It’s a perfectly bluff card but she’d find it hard to call it a bluff looking at my handsome face.

“To be honest with you, I thought maybe you and I could help each other.”

“You’re saying let’s have sex and level up together since we seem to have similar level. No, I’m not interested. Go somewhere else.”

She’s a bit scary. Does she read minds or something? But I still have the next plan!

“No way! I thought maybe you could be looking for a partner.”

“What I’m saying is you’re in the wrong place to look for a sex part–….”

“No, I purely mean a partner to fight at the dungeon. I don’t think you could  fight alone with those gears.”

“I could say the same to you!”

“I might not look like one but I can fight alone, against low-level monsters at least.”

“Then you wouldn’t need me to be a partner. You can do it alone, can’t you?”

“For combat, yes. But I’m not very bright with this world so I need a partner.”


That seemed to have grasped her interest. She looked directly at me.

“I fell to this world someday. I heard they’d call me an outlander? It was so sudden. Without any explanation, I opened my eyes one day and I found myself standing in this world. Fortunately I can protect myself so I’m not starving, but it wasn’t easy as everything I knew was so different in this world. If you need a partner to explore the dungeon, why don’t we help each other?”

How’s that! The perfect background. Can it be more perfect than that? Wow, look at my wits. Look at my quick reaction. The goddess gave me too much talent!

She rested her jaw on her hand, slowly looked up from my toes as if she was scanning me, then finally opened her mouth.

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“Of course. Why would I be lying to you?”

“Alright. I’ll trust you. Don’t you dare to do anything stupid.”

Gotcha! It was a hard fight, but I’m always a step ahead even if you play hard to get. Now we adventure together, get along well, then convince her!

“Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. I’m Guwon. I’m so glad to meet you. ”

In every aspect I mean. I offered a handshake with the most favorable smile I could make with my mind hidden.


Sarah did grab my hand. She just pulled it back as soon as they touched. I decided. That snooty look on your face, I’ll break that look no matter what. 

“Alright, then why don’t we introduce ourselves on the way to the dungeon?”

I first wanted to hang out with her and build a friendship first, but I got a strong feeling she’d refuse, so I guided her to the dungeon. I led the way barely maintaining the smile, but Sarah hesitated for some reason. 

“Hmm? What’s got you this time?”

“……I haven’t done the adventurer registration yet.”

“Oh, I see. Go get it done, then. I’ll be waiting here.”

But Sarah still hesitated and didn’t take a step.

“I don’t have……..”

“What’s that?”

She’s got that cold look, but she was blushing.

“I don’t have enough money for the registration.”

“……What? For merely 2 Silvers?”

“W–what do you mean merely 2 Silvers? Things are too expensive here. I can’t help it.”

You look like a chic modern lady and speak like a poor man.

“…Here. 2 Silvers.”

“Uhh. I can’t take money from someone I’ve just met….”

You’ve still got a strong ego, I see.

“We’re gonna have to go to a dungeon now. If you can’t register and just dilly-dally here wasting time, that’ll be good for nothing. I’m not just giving you that money, I’m lending. So just go and sign up.”

“…Thank you. I’ll pay it back as soon as I earn them.”

Sarah hesitated for a while, but then took money from my hands and headed to the counters. I suppose she’s more steady than she looks. Or maybe she hates to live in debt. Whichever, things get easier when the situation pressures her.

“I’m back.”

She came back quickly.

“Oh, great. Let’s get going.”

“I’m just saying. You’re speaking to me in a too friendly way.”


“I hope you won’t.”

“Well, we’re now partners who will overcome the hardships in life and death. What’s so bad about it?”

“I don’t like it. It’s just creepy that a man I’ve just met is being so friendly.”

I felt it from the beginning but she’s so wary with me. Is she a misandrist or something? I mean, she must have some experience with a man if her level is 7. Does she have a bad experience with a trash-like man or something? If that’s the case, maybe I could warmly embrace her wounded heart and slowly get close. But I know my personality very well. I can’t do that.

“But I refuse!”


“You’re now subordinate to me until you pay back the 2 silvers you owe me! I’ve got no reason to do what you ask me, you debtor!”

“I knew you’ve got something on your mind when you’re way too friendly to me! You’re more trashy than I thought.”

Sarah”s looking at me like I’m a total piece of shit. If I carry on with this joke, she might really run away.

“I’m just kidding. It’s a joke. Look at your face. Can I not even mess with you? We’ll be adventuring together, and if we get too formal to each other, that’ll only get us tired. And communication is important for the survival of a party, you know?”


She’s got nothing to say when it comes to survival.

“So you can be more friendly. Let’s go easy, alright?.”

“No. But I won’t mind you doing so.” 

Sarah spoke with a still stiff face. She seemed to have understood me being rather informal. I just made them up to not speak formally. But if she keeps being so defensive, it’ll be hard to work my way on her.

“So, how high is your job level? I can see you’re good with ranged attacks with the bow you got.”

After that argument we head to the dungeon and see how good Sarah is.

“My level is 7. For jobs…Lv.2 Archeress, Lv.1 Hunter. Right, and Lv.1 for Adventurer I just got.”

“Woah. You’re hitting the floor. And you thought it was a good idea to enter the dungeon at that level.”

“Stop it! How high is your level, then?”

“My level is 13. 12 for Saint, 10 for Fighter, and 3 for Adventurer.”

“…I suppose you’re really good enough to travel alone. I’ve never heard of Saint, though. What’s that?”

“Huh?! O-oh, th-that? It’s, uh. I told you I’m an outlander, right? I could say it’s a special job I got. Anyways, it’s got nothing to do with combat so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Phew. What a weird thing to ask. She’d run away if I told her if it’s a sex-related job, won’t she? I’ll keep that as a secret until we get real close. 

“Well, job level doesn’t say everything. How high are your stats, then?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Your stats. Stats. Stats like your Strength, Agility, Intelligence, etc.”

“…That’s not something you can know in numbers. I suppose you can know them in numbers in your world?”

“No, not exactly, but….”

I murmured my words. She started to take pity on me.

Stop it. Don’t look at me like that! My head is perfectly normal!

“Wait. Then how do you know your level as a number?”

“What do you mean? You’re supposed to know it as a number.”

This isn’t going anywhere.

We’re having a conversation, but why does it feel like we can’t make any conversation?

“Okay. Let’s take this slowly. When you want to know your level and your job level, you check it on your status window, don’t you?”

“No. What is this ‘status window’ you’re talking about? You just know it naturally, don’t you?”

“What? So you don’t have a skill window? No inventory?”

“What are those?”

What?! Is that so?! Is that how it works?!

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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