The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 13


The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 13


Sarah was waiting at the exact place she’s been without moving a step.

“We’ve got 7 Silvers and 26 Coppers. This is your half 3 Silvers and 63 Coppers. It’s late today so let’s split what we can get from selling misc items tomorrow.”

“…I’m not taking that. I got only helped today so I won’t go as far as taking that money. That’s still less than what you usually earn, right?”

“Don’t make this hard and just take it. If we start questioning how we split the money from the beginning it can get ugly very easily. We will always split everything by the number of people in the party without considering the amount of individual contribution.”

“Okay, then take these two silvers I owe you this morning. Thank you.”

She took the money from my hands, with an ambiguous face whether she’s convinced or not.

I just can’t say for sure if she’s trustworthy or arrogant. Maybe both.?

“Alright, then. Let’s say goodbye for now, and see you tomorrow. When do you wanna meet up?”

“Huh?! Oh, r-right. I’ll come here as soon as I can. I’ll be waiting here.”

Hmm? She’ll be waiting for me when she doesn’t know when I’m coming? Wait a minute, don’t tell me she doesn’t….

“Sarah, be honest. Do you have a place or money to stay at?”

She couldn’t sign up to be an adventurer because she didn’t have 2 silvers. She would never have them. Great! This is the chance given by the goddess! I can’t miss this chance!


As expected she moaned with a nervous face that I got her off-guard.

“Huh…. Follow me.”

 I lead the way to my go-to inn desperately pulling down the corner of my mouth going up.

“A room, dinner and breakfast for two.”

When we got to the inn, I booked only a room as if that was the right thing to do. 

“Wait! Why are we booking only one room?!”

“Why? We don’t have much money. I’m an outlander and it hasn’t been long since I came here, remember?”

It was bullshit but I confidently said it with a bold face. I can’t make a guilty face now. You win when you win the staring contest.

“I’m not staying with you. I’ll find a place in the street to sleep.”

“Hey! Why don’t you trust me?! Do I look like I would do something to you when you’re asleep?!”


…Fuck. You don’t even hesitate. Just how much did I try to train you today? What a bloodless girl. 

But I’m not taking a step back for that. This is my final move!

“Alright, then! You stay in the room. I’ll sleep on the street. Who knows what would happen to you if a girl like you sleep on the street?!”

I strongly spat out those words and headed outside as slowly as possible, making loud footsteps.

Please stop me. Please. 

Do you remember the moments we’ve been through in the dungeon? I believe that you’re not that cold-hearted.


My silent shout worked! She stopped me right before I exit the door.

Sarah! I trusted you!

“How am I supposed to stay when you didn’t pay?”

Holy fuck! Does she bleed when she gets stabbed?!


I gave up and handed 4 Silvers. Sarah seemed surprised and fell in thoughts seeing the money.

“……You really don’t have any other intention, do you?”

“What intention?”

“……No. Never mind. Alright. I’ll trust you. Do anything stupid and I will never forgive you.”

She’s got the eyes she had when she was shooting the wolfdog testicles.

“N-No, I won’t.”

I mean, seriously.

So after all that I managed to stay in the same room with Sarah. That was a bit far fetched, but won’t people get mentally closer when they’re physically closer?

Even at the room Sarah was still very defensive in the room. She never let me get any nearer than 1 meter. That’s how it has been in the dungeon for the entire time, and she’s still doing that. I think I did great putting my life on line at the dungeon. Isn’t that enough to gain some trust, normally?

And I really didn’t have an intention to do it with her for now. If I force it when she doesn’t want to do it, I may enjoy the moment but nothing stays. What I want is not a pleasure for a night but a partner for a long time.

It is nothing grand but I have a rough plan too. What I need to do now is opening her mind and gaining her trust.

“Let’s take a shower first. Do you want to take a shower first?”

That sounded like a line a couple who entered a love hotel would say. Sarah must have imagined something naughty too, she guarded her body in her arms and started to stare at me. 

“Hey, hey. I didn’t mean anything dirty. I was just asking who should take a shower first. You aren’t not taking shower, right?”

We’ve been hunting since this morning until now without taking a break. We’re covered in sweat.

“I got a good idea that you’re fairly confident with your appearance so you can stop showing it off. If I was going to lay my body on you I would have done it at the dungeon when there were only two of us.”

“I asked the clerk earlier, and this inn has a public shower room too. Not all of us have to take a shower here, do we?”

Fuck! I didn’t mention it on purpose. How did she find that out? That explains why you acted so defensively though.

“I-is that so? I always took shower in a room so I didn’t know that. Okay, I’ll go to the public shower then. You must be exhausted so stay here and suit yourself, taking a shower.”

I head to the public shower as if I run away.

Welp, fuck it. I can’t lay my body on her anyways. It will only get me horny when I hear her taking a shower. 

But I still took a shower as fast as I could and hurried to the room. For laundry there was a magical tool that works like a washing machine. It utilizes water bending magic to wash your clothes but amazingly it never leaves any moisture. Just because of that matic I want to be a magician too. But I heard you must be able to feel mana and control it. What makes me feel uneasy is that I don’t know if the game system would help me with that.

When I entered a room Sarah was already out drying her hair with a towel. She must be done taking a shower.

Fuck, don’t girls take their time washing their body?

I’m staying in the same room with a pretty girl. I can understand not being able to have sex yet, but there can be some accidental events like bumping into her while she’s still naked could happen, no? Am I so wrong about hoping for small joyful elements in my life?

“Oh, you’re quick with your shower.”

“…I was hungry.”

I’m not faster than you!

But seeing her in flushed skin and wet hair cleanses my eyes. 

That was right. I did great recruiting. She’s indeed beautiful. She’s beautiful at that level. Just how much more beautiful would she get when her level gets higher and boosts her charm?

“Anything wrong?”

“No, nothing. If you’re done let’s go downstairs and have dinner.”

I looked at her in a daze. I didn’t realize how attractive a beautiful woman out of shower could be.

“We don’t have to have it together. I’ll have it here so don’t mind me.”

“You are so uncooperative. At a time like this you got to be together and try to get more friendly.”

“I can’t think of a reason to do that.”

“I’m just saying let’s be more closer between adventuring partners. You don’t have to find a reason for that.”

“I think the ideal party is just going to the dungeon together and never touching each others’ privacy.”

“You’re naive. we’re talking about a dungeon where we must rely on each others’ back for survival, and you want to enter the dungeon with that kind of people? At last they will leave you when they see a better profit, and they’ll run away for their life when you’re in danger. I don’t call that a party but a mob. I’m not approving that kind of party.”

I gave my sermon like an experienced adventurer. That’s a well-known cliché from novels. 

“…that’s fair. Okay, let’s eat together.”

She nodded as if she can’t help it, persuaded by the aura of an experienced adventurer fuming out of my body. 

 She’s too gullible considering her pointy personality. I’m worried about your future, girl.

We ended up having a meal in the room together. She’s not hinting it but she said she’s tired and she doesn’t want to move out of the room. She’s got a poker-face so I never noticed it. 

“There’s something I want to ask. Why are you entering the dungeon?”

I asked the question that lingered in my head since I first met her.

“Why do I enter the dungeon?”

“Yeah. Listening to you I figured you lived with your grandfather in a countryside village. That got me curious why a countryside girl like you suddenly decided to enter a dungeon.”

“…I want to be strong.”

Sarah answered with an ambiguous face.

“You want to be strong?”

“Yes. And to be strong, the fastest way to do it would be fighting with strong dungeon monsters, wouldn’t it?”

What are you, a MC of hotblood comic heading to a dungeon wanting to get strong?

But Sarah’s face was as serious as it could be. I knew she had some kind of goal seeing how desperate she was at levelling her job, but I never imagined that goal is ‘being strong.’

Well, she must have other purposes and that must be the reason why she wants to get strong, if she’s not a fighting maniac. I suppose she doesn’t want to tell me that real purpose to me.

But that’s not a bad thing for me. It actually benefits me a lot. As a partner to explore the dungeon together, or as a part of my grand plan, this is a very desirable situation.

“That’s the best goal I could ever imagine from a partner.”

“And what about you? Why are you entering the dungeon?”

“Well, it’s not like I have a great reason either. I just can’t earn enough to live for a day from it, and that’s why.”

“That’s a shame when you’re talented. You’re a man, get a better goal.”

That’s not something I want to hear from someone who just wants to be strong. And my real goal is very grand: being a harem king. So no worries, lady.

“Didn’t you basically say I’m not talented before?”

“You’re so narrow-minded minding that word. I didn’t say you’re not talented. I said it’s about being talented. I just meant I’m more talented than you.”

No, I didn’t mind you saying that. I have a game system assisting me so I don’t need to mind that.

And it seems like she’s too confident about not just her appearance but her talent as well, when she’s only level 5 Archer. How did her grandfather raise her so that she ended up like this? I really want to see his face.

“Ha-ha, I believe you. Then please be of some help with that talent.”

“…Don’t worry. I’ll pay back what I owe you today.”

“No, you don’t have to say you owe me….”

She is prickly and sometimes very trustworthy. With that I can’t be too sarcastic to her.

After the meal Sarah went to the kitchen to return the dishes. While she was away I went to the window to wrap up a day. I’m a bit late today so this won’t be efficient, but I can’t just skip what’s in the routine.

This inn is at the opposite side of the guild building, so I could see the adventurers coming out of the building with the window opened.

I wrap up my day by looking outside the window, looking down at the adventurers. And of course, I’m not just looking at them. There’s always a purpose. And that is…….

Sex Analayze!

I used the skill on an elegant magician who just left the guild.

Her breast and genital which are the erogenous zones for the most of the women lighted up, and her armpits and the inside of her neck as well.

Armpits? With that beautiful face?!

A-and, the inside of her neck? Is it what I’m thinking? With that face?


I swallowed without knowing, and kept looking at her.

This is a great way to wrap up a day which I can satisfy both my hobby and practical benefit. Thanks to such a beautiful routine I levelled up Sex Analyze fairly high. 

Sex Analyze 15

Active Skill

Cost : 8 Resource

Analyzes sexual preferences by looking at them. You can analyze [erogenous zones] of opponents with up to [15 levels] higher than you.

So I can cast it on up to Lv.28.

The elegant lady I saw earlier was level 27, so that was close. I’m lucky today from the beginning! Kehehehe.

I moved my hand to my waist to pull down my pants.

“What are you doing there?”

Sarah returned.

I almost forgot she’s with me. I almost messed it all up.

“N-nothing. Don’t mind me.”

I answered while still looking out of the window. If I turn back now, this huge tent that my magnificent set up will be revealed.

“Hmm? You’re acting suspicious.”

I can hear her footsteps getting closer and closer. She’s never been any closer than 1 meter and why is she approaching me now? Don’t come to me. Get away!

“What are you looking at?”

Sarah stood next to me and asked.

“You know, when I look at the other adventurers, it feels like I get the sense of purpose and goal.”

I turned away from Sarah just a little bit as I spoke.

“I see.”

She looked down at the Adventurers too.

She didn’t see my tent, did she? Damn it, come to think of it I won’t be able to fap today. I don’t know what I was thinking when I desperately tried to stay in the same room with her when I can’t get myself to her yet.

Damn it…. There goes my daily fap….

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