The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 16


The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 16



The things didn’t go as planned and got messed up, I couldn’t help but to sigh. Oh, fuck it. I can’t stand going around. This is not a game, and she’s a party member who’ll be with me for a long time so I’ve been going round and round to persuade her rationally and slowly, but things just seem to get worse. I can’t ditch her now. I’ve invested too much time and effort for this. Even without that, I’d like to keep that beauty near me for a long time if possible.

“I will be honest with you. I want to grow stronger and challenge myself to deeper parts of the dungeon, as soon as possible. That’s why I’m collecting party members. I’ll be upset if not with anything else but the level of my partners that I recruit weigh me down.

I’m not telling you to do it with me, so would you level up, well, somewhere else at least?”

Honest? Bullshit. I’ll make her open up an option to have sex, and after that I’ll pick her up no matter what..

“No. But I’m confident I won’t let you down. I can do even better. I’m sure I can be your help. If you think I cannot, you can kick me out of your party anytime you want.”

She’s got enormous confidence. She used to say she’s humongously confident with her talent. What is she exactly?

“How many times should I tell you I’ll never ditch my partner? Let me ask you one thing, though. If you’re that confident with your skills, breaking up a party doesn’t mean anything to you, right? Then why are you trying to even stay with me?”

“…That’s…. Do I look that shameless? I know that you’ve done a lot for me. I told you I won’t do anything so selfish like taking what I can get from you and just leave.”

Alright. So in short, you’ve become strong enough to hunt alone, but you appreciate what I did for you so you’ll help me? And you’re intending to level up by having combat only? Does she really think she can be of help? Okay, she seems like she’s not snooty as I thought but she’s just ignorant. 

“…And it does seem like your purpose is really not my body.”

At least she added those words, which means my effort wasn’t in vain. My plan at this point was “I’m not doing this for your body but I can’t help but to do it for your level up.” Who could’ve imagined I’d succeed opening up her mind to me and fail at the real game?

“…Let’s go back for tomorrow and think it over tomorrow.”

“Okay. Let’s go for stronger monsters tomorrow. I’ll prove my words.”

To be honest, I don’t care whether you do prove your point or not. Of course, as I go to the dungeon, having a solid partner is great. I can rely on them. But that’s not the only thing I want from my partner. It’d be like living in hell to adventure with someone like her and not being able to lay a hand on her. That’s like a torture.

I thought of this too easily. Honestly, at the moment I heard her goal is to be stronger, I thought everything would go so smoothly when she reaches her job level limit. I get impulses to just give up, but looking at her face she’s too beautiful for all of this to be left in a memory. Could there be any good method to overcome this dilemma?

I opened every single game window in habit to collect thoughts and started brainstorming. And then, I noticed a skill in my Saint skill window. This is a bit, well, quite dangerous but maybe I can use this.

Healing Sex 1

Passive Skill

While having sex the metabolism gets faster, accelerating the regeneration rate of the caster and the target. 

During sex, natural regeneration rate increases by [100%] and heals by [100].

It was the one of the major skill ‘Sex Healer,’ the last title of Great Earth, and now it is something I can learn as a Saint. But to be honest this was out of my scope until now. Reasonably, the only healing method in the world of ‘Sex Healer’ was crazily having sex. That’s why such skill became a major skill, but it’s not in this world. They’d drink a potion once hurt, who’d be crazy enough to have sex? And almost all the time someone could get hurt is during combat. Having sex during combat, or ending the combat quickly and having sex, both are crazy. Especially when we don’t have any other party member to guard us, it’s suicidal.

But now isn’t the time to choose. I’m crazy enough to do it, if necessary.

I was thinking too hard. I bragged about being the sex master of virtual reality, but virtual reality is merely virtual reality. The NPCs I had sex with are programmed to feel for player’s satisfaction. That means improving my technique via virtual reality is completely bullshit. So my sex experience is just reverse-rape-like one with Alicia. Simply put, I have no proper experience.

I didn’t realize it, but maybe I was feeling timid. That’s why I never took the first step and induced her to mention it first if possible, and proceed the plan carefully. 

But after having that conversation with Sarah, the route I was taking got completely barricaded. She was a mad lady who actually wants to level up with combat only, how absurd! I know she’s a brat but I thought she’s normal!

But my effort so far wasn’t in vain. At the dungeon I focused on scaling up Sarah’s ability, and I never laid a finger on Sarah while sleeping in the same room. So she now completely trusts that I didn’t approach her for her body. The subtle differences of how she reacted to me when we first met and how she does now, I think we built enough trust as partners. And she seems to be really confident with her skills. That must mean she’s got some kind of secret. But she’s still level 8. Whether she’s got a hidden card or two, there must be a limit on what she can do.

Okay, I’m taking this risk.

A plan popped up in my head on a whim. Even if it doesn’t work, I have a potion in my inventory I bought just in case. This might actually work!

Then I noticed a pod of 3 female wolfdogs on our front.

Wait a minute, this may be the chance. 

I looked toward Sarah, and I found another pod of 3 wolfdogs in a distance. I can’t tell whether they’re male or female, but this might actually be the chance!

Sarah hasn’t noticed the wolfdogs behind her yet. As the chance to carry out the plan I just came up with came to me right away, I immediately ran to the group of female wolfdogs, and shouted.

“Let’s kill those and go back to the inn! Support me from behind!”


The wolfdogs noticed me and came at me altogether. I first invested the bonus stats I got from level up on combat to Endurance. And then I striked the first one to trip it over. As the first wolfdog lost control of its speed and fell over, the other wolfdogs leaped at me, but an arrow flew from behind and shot a wolfdog near its main body. I ignored the one that got shot and rolled over the ground, and grabbed the one in the air with my hands and gave it a knee kick. As I retrieve the leg I knee kicked with, I make a strong downward blow to smite the one that tripped earlier. While that was happening, the one that took the arrow got up and bit my other leg, but thanks to the bonus stats invested to Endurance, highered defence made me feel to take less damage than yesterday. It does hurt and I’m bleeding, but I can gladly take it if I consider it as a part of the plan.


I heard groaning with pain and looked at Sarah. She was getting attacked by the wolfdogs I saw earlier. Great. Just as I planned.


I left the wolfdogs I was fighting with, and ran to the ones attacking Sarah. They were all males, And Sarah just didn’t know what to do at first, surprised at a sudden attack. She could easily handle them with a few arrow shots.

But, a moment is all I need. I turned toward the unhandled wolfdog, and found two wolfdogs coming at me and one looking up. Of course, if I ignore the two coming at me and go back for the one that’s about to haul, maybe I can still stop it. Even if I don’t, Sarah’s arrow can stop it. But I chose to stand in front of her to stop the two under the reason otherwise Sarah could be endangered. Now I was standing in front of her, she couldn’t shoot her arrow, and the wolfdog howled.



It went just as the scenario I came up with. At this point I can say I succeeded, right?

I hid my true intention and shouted in a hurry.

“Sarah! Go up a tree! There’s more coming!”

“Huh? Okay!”

I beat down the two and ran to the wolfdog that howled and new wolfdog groups came from every side. I thought I was ready for this, but now that I’m surrounded by more than 10 wolfdogs, I started to get nervous.

It’d be fine if I just have to beat them up, but that’s not what I’m doing now. Being very careful with my HP meter, I waited for the wolfdogs. 

Wuff! Wuff!

The wolfdogs are coming at me from every direction. I swung my both arms to smack the ones coming from the sides, and put my legs forth to kick the one in the front. But the wolfdogs are not falling back but coming at me even harshly. Sarah supported me with her arrows, but that’s not enough to handle this many. And she’s got a limited number of arrows. As the bodies disappear when you extract magic stones from it, adventurers retrieve arrows and use them again, so they usually carry about two or three quivers of arrows. This is a matter of time for her to run out of arrows. Because the wolfdogs came at me from every direction, I couldn’t block all the attacks and the injuries slowly piled up.

Not yet. It’s not low enough. I can check my HP with my eyes. That means I can control the pace the combat would be over just before I die. If I don’t get any strange debuff, I can survive even if I get an inch away from death. I won’t do such a crazy thing normally, but this is the risk I’m taking. If I can’t do it after all this, I’m dismissing this party. Or maybe I should get her laid with me at least once considering how much I’ve invested so far.

I, who considers myself as a normal person, was so desperate that I even thought of raping which I would never do.

I got distracted for a moment, and I couldn’t stop two wolfdogs going for the tree Sarah was on with their circus move we’ve seen earlier.


“I’m fine!”

I hurriedly looked at Sarah, and she shot down the one that leaped to her. With those skills she’d be able to handle two wolfdogs. I’m handling the ones near me first.

At the end of a long bloody fight, I managed to kill all the wolfdogs near me. I’ll be honest and admit that I thought I could easily handle the situation where they called their backup.

And I could never imagine how many wolfdogs were around, no matter how many I killed the back up kept coming.

In the middle of the fight I couldn’t focus on my health meter and had to go full on dealing with the wolfdogs in front of me. By the end of the fight my health point was nearly hitting zero.


And then Sarah screamed. I quickly turned to her, and she was falling off from the tree. There were a few wolfdogs lying around with arrows shot to their body, but there were still  two female wolfdogs remaining. She must have hurt her leg when she fell; she stood up uncomfortably, and she drew her knife out. Her quivers were empty as well.

Holy fuck, when did so many wolfdogs got there? I quickly ran to save Sarah, but the wolfdog’s attacks were faster. Sarah managed to handle one, but the other one bit off her belly.

With a horrible sound, the blood flew out so much you could tell it was a serious injury at a glance, and she fell to the ground as if she fainted out.



I quickly dealt with the wolfdog and inspected Sarah. Her face was pale and there was a giant hole in her  beautiful belly that you could see the innards.

“Hey! Wake up!”

FUCK! FUCK! I didn’t see this coming!

I was too impatient at the thought all my effort could be for nothing! I only imagined that I might not be able to get all the wolfdogs before my health runs out, but I never thought that Sarah could get badly hurt! I was too naive when I thought if they get aggroed to her I can protect her with my body.

When I saw her innards, my head went blank and I panicked, making me not able to think about anything.

Fuck. What should I do now?

Oh, right! Potion!

I remembered I had a potion I bought with a fortune just in case. I took it out and poured the half on her belly and let her drink the other half. It recovered enough to hide the innards, but the injury was still bad, and her pale face wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

While I panic and confused about what to do, I opened all the game windows on habit, and noticed a skill.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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