The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 17

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 17


My plan was simple. I barely manage to kill the wolfdogs until the point my health gets to a scary point, fall on the ground and tell Sarah what ‘Healing Sex’ is. Sarah, knowing that I could die if untreated, willingly have sex with me.

It was a plan built on an assumption that with the trust and intention to pay back what I did for her, she would not be so cold-blooded. If she was more of a brat than my expectation, I can heal using a potion. I decided to go this far, because from what I have seen so far from her, she will never forgive her sex opponent if it’s against her will. She always seemed completely disgusted when I mention anything related to sex as if she has got a traumatic experience.

In short, if I lay myself on her even to heal her, it’s very likely she would never forgive me. But this is not the time to worry about it. This is the consequence of my actions. Even if I did not mean to do this, if Sarah dies here, it is my fault.

I quickly undressed her bottoms and I took my trouser off. But even I cannot get horny in this kind of situation, so the thing does not seem to get big at any second.

Fuck! You moron! The table is set and yet you can’t even raise your spoon!

I grabbed my meat and shook it up and down and fret about it, but there’s no reaction.

I just decided to push it in. I don’t know if I should call this fortunate, now that my whole body is covered in blood, it acted as a lube that my beefy item somehow went in her body.

Once inside, even I was panicking, my body reacted to such soft texture that my thing slowly erected.

But this is not enough.

Just pushing it in and pulling it out only increases the natural regeneration rate. It is hard to expect my level of natural health regeneration from the people of this world, so she’d hardly heal from it. So for the best effect of Healing Sex, I need to drive her climax.

I opened my skill window and learned every single skill under the Saint category that can increase the pleasure for the opponent. I’m not in a situation to be picky about skill points.

With the skills I recently learned, I tried my best to make her feel pleasure. I checked the erogenous zones with Sex Analyze, and I touched them as gently as possible with skills active to increase the pleasure on touch.

With the skill that my secretions enhance the target’s arouseness, I desperately licked and sucked Sarah’s body to make her feel the pleasure.

I shake my hip using a variety of skills like thrusting or spinning, and at the same time I do my best not to shake her bloody belly. You could say I’m a completely noob at sex, but my desperate moves were unexpectedly smooth. I was experiencing the effect of job level for the first time. Job level is like a criterion for the proficiency of that job. Now I was forcibly levelled up by the Last Bit of Pride, I was making the movements a Saint could make at the level without knowing.

Fuck. Why is her face still pale? Why does her belly not look to be getting any better?

Feeling very nervous that it could almost drive me mad, I moved desperately to make it more pleasurable for Sarah.

This wasn’t a virtual reality, and I wasn’t feeling the violent pleasure of being squeezed out I felt from Alicia. This pleasure I’m experiencing properly for the first time should have made me aroused and joyful. But there was no room in my mind to get those feelings or enjoy the fantastic feeling of Sarah. I was moving desperately hoping Sarah wouldn’t die.


There was finally some reaction from Sarah. 

“Sarah! Wake up! Sarah!”

It would only get me in trouble in this situation if she actually wakes up, but I couldn’t think that much. I just kept desperately moving and calling her.

“Sarah! Don’t die on me! Fuck! If you die that’ll make me a son of bitch! Sarah!

Now I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I just kept talking, looking at Sarah’s pale face.

“Sarah! You said you don’t want to have sex, didn’t you?! Don’t you see I’m forcing you now?! Get up and punch me or something!”


There was a reaction from Sarah, finally. With a slight tremble, Sarah’s belly healed for a bit.

Great! I did it! I just need to keep doing this!

I got courage with that reaction and cling on to her more desperately.

It’s actually nearly impossible for her to feel orgasm with such a serious injury. But the effect of the saint skills that forces and emphasizes pleasure showed a miracle that made it possible what was impossible. So she felt forced orgasm by the saint skill effect.

“Sarah! Wake up! Get up!”


Sarah’s eyes were slightly open, whether she heard my shouting or she had healed a bit. But it was focusing on nothing, which meant she wasn’t fully conscious yet.


Still not recovered, Sarah was letting out moans unconsciously at the pleasure my skills were forcing her to feel.

“Sarah! Are you back to me?! Wake up!”

At the baseless thought she’d be more likely to survive when she’s awake, I called Sarah even louder and kept moving.

“Ugh…Wh-what…are you…. S-stop….”

“Sarah, listen to me. You can live! Alright? I know you don’t want this, but this will save you. Just bear with me for a bit.”

I just kept spitting out words not knowing what I was saying.

“Ug…ugh…Wha…what is going…..”

Sarah seemed to be getting her consciousness back, but she seemed to be out of strength, so she couldn’t help but to leave me to do what I do on her body.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. But trust me. I’ll save you. Just bear with me for a bit. Ugh!”

Saying that, I couldn’t endure the pleasure I was getting, and trembled, cuming a load in her. But I can’t stop now for her to be healed. So I didn’t pull my thing out and kept moving.

“Don’t worry. You can live. You must.”

It felt like I was saying those words for me, but I kept shaking my hip on Sarah’s body.

“Haaa, Haa…Wa- wait…Hnnng…Hnng!”

Sarah’s body trembled again, and healed.

“Wh-what is going on?! Haaaang!”

She was now fully awake, and she seemed surprised at the change in her body, but she couldn’t hide her moan at the overwhelming pleasure. 

But I didn’t mind her reaction, but with the mind I can save her, seeing how she’s being healed, I moved even more desperately.

So I and Sarah were stuck together for a while.



I lost count of orgasms, but at this time I and Sarah orgasmed at the same time. Sarah’s body was already fully healed.

“Haa…Haa…Haa…. N-now… get off from me….”

Sarah said as she forcely calms down her breath.


On her words I finally got off from her.

I pulled myself out of her body, but we were still connected with a few threads of cum. Seeing that, I felt a sense of achievement that I finally had sex with Sarah whom I wanted for days, and immediately got disgusted of myself feeling that.

“I’m sorry. I really am.”

“…What exactly was that? Explain.”

On Sarah’s perspective, she fainted after getting attacked by a monster, and when she woke up her party member was raping her. I thought it wouldn’t be strange if she’d jump on me and cut my thing off for what I did, but Sarah calmly proceeded to grasp the situation first.

“W-well, to heal you….”

“So why were you on me for healing?”

“My Saint skill. Saint is a sex job. And I had a skill that could heal you. I used a potion on you, but that wasn’t enough. That was the only option I could come up with. I’m sorry.”

Still not fully recovered from the panic, I tried my best to explain. The only thought that was filling my head was now I should give up on being with Sarah. It’d be fortunate if I don’t get stepped at the back on the street at night by her. Anyhow, this all happened because I tried to get her laid with a bad plan, so I had no words to justify my actions.

“…First, wipe off that face. It’s hard to look at that horrible face.”

Then I moved my hand to my face, and realized that my face was covered with tears and snilk. I’ve known her for not a long time, but I must have been crying on the fear that my partner could die or the guilt that it’s my fault, while having sex.

Maybe Sarah was able to remain calm, seeing the rapist crying with his nose running.

“I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t come up with any other words.

“So, I… lived by that skill or something that you said, right?”

“H-huh? Yeah. Basically.”

Sarah remained silent for a while with a face of mixed feelings at my answer. I did wrong for her so I stayed quiet.

“…let’s get out of here.”

I and Sarah were half-naked, surrounded by wolfdog bodies. At least the cry for help summoned all the wolfdogs in the area, so no other wolfdogs showed up, but we don’t know how long that will last. Another pack of wolfdogs could appear here at any time!

I and Sarah decided to harvest the magic stones and leave the place.



Only silence remained between me and Sarah on the way back to the guild. My head was filled with a mix of feelings, tangled like a skein, and Sarah’s usually chic face was now emotionless: making it even harder to read her thoughts.

But even that silence broke when we arrived at the guild.

“I’ll be right back after cashing in.”

To be honest I don’t want to do anything, go back to the inn and lie on a bed, but I couldn’t not sell the magic stones to pay for the rooms.

“Good evening. Uh…are you alright?”

“Yes. I want to sell these magic stones.”

The Guide Lady read a serious atmosphere from my face, so she said no more and helped me with trading the magic stones.

After cashing in the magic stones, I spoke nothing but handed half of it and headed to the inn. I wouldn’t be able to say anything even if Sarah just leaves me now, but Sarah quietly followed me. We were silent until we got to the inn, and we each went to the room after saying goodbye to each other.

“Well…. Let’s talk over it tomorrow again.”


When I became alone in my room separated from Sarah, I finally felt liberated. And I felt even more miserable for my trash self feeling liberated for being separated from the victim of what I’ve done. I was tired, and I was lying on a bed, but I couldn’t get to sleep.

Let’s recall what I did today. When my plan to have sex for level up failed, I gathered the wolfdogs and act like I’m in danger and make her have sex with me. And such a poor idea almost killed Sarah, and I fucked her to heal her.

But was it purely for healing purposes? Can I say for sure no personal feelings are mixed in?

The guilt that my own trap almost killed my partner, the weird feeling of satisfaction I got from having sex with a perfect excuse “there was no other choice,” and the sense of shame for myself for having such a horrible feeling; a few feelings sailed inside my head.

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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