The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 20


The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 20


There were a lot of things going on in my head, but I couldn’t stand the fatigue and fell asleep before I knew it. When I woke up, I was out of panic mode and I could think straight with a clear mind.

I want to kill myself. I acted too rashly and almost killed my partner, and I justified myself for satisfying myself, AND I cried with my nose running in front of a girl.

Nooooo! Fuck! Noooo! I can’t stand such shame! 

Kicking the blanket I went on a frenzy without any noise.

Sigh… fuck. What the hell am I doing? After the frenzy I barely managed to calm myself and thought: Why did I cry so badly? Did I freak out seeing someone’s innard for the first time? Or was it purely the fear that Sarah might die? To be honest I never thought I had such a delicate mind…. I can’t think long enough to actually get an answer, though. Also, dilly-dallying by myself like this isn’t like me. I should go apologize Sarah.

I checked the time and it was already the middle of day. I actually overslept until the middle of day, I surely was in a panic. I took a rough shower, stood in front of Sarah’s room and took a deep breath. 

This takes more courage than I thought. I’m not being myself, what am I doing? Screw it. I can’t stay like this forever, and it’s a mountain I have to climb someday. Here goes nothing!

I made a self-mocking smile for not being myself, and knocked the door.

Click. Bang!

The door opened and I saw a glimpse of Sarah’s unkempt appearance, then she slammed the door with a huge force. I was ready for it but that really hurts.

“W-what is it?!”

She wants to talk with the door closed. I suppose that means she doesn’t even want to see my face.

“Oh…Well…Uhh, I thought we could grab some food together if you haven’t eaten yet.”

I knocked on the door with great courage, but it’s not because my mind is weak that her reaction discouraged me. If you’re a human being, you can’t help it.

“…Go downstairs first. I’ll take a shower and follow.”

I went downstairs to the restaurant first and waited for Sarah. Come to think of it I’m spending this time of the day at the town for the first time in this world. It was lunch time so the restaurant was quite busy. The city is built around the dungeon, so most of the visitors of the inn seemed to be adventurers. I never knew so many beautiful ladies stayed in this inn. It’s a sad instinct of men that I fall to this kind of eye-purifying scene even in the situation I’m in. While I was looking around and study the adventurers with my eyes, Sarah came down and sat down at the other side of the table. She was still wet, and her skin was more reddish then usual, making her look more attractive. 

“I should apologize first. I’m really sorry.”

I apologized again bowing down. 

“I want to hear your story first. Explain to me properly what kind of job Saint is, and what exactly the skill you used to heal me is.”

I’d better explain it….

To be honest, it’s very embarrassing. I need to tell a girl I have a sex-related job, and I need to explain what it is. We’re not even doing a humiliation play.

“Yeah. I suppose I need to explain that part first. Saint is basically a sex-related job. It’s got skills that can increase pleasure during sex, and other skills that can give additional effects to sex.  And one of them is ‘Healing Sex.’ It increases natural regeneration rate during sex, and on orgasm it heals the partners a bit like a healing spell. So to make you orgasm, I–”

“I-I get it, so you can stop! …In short you had me in your arms to heal me, right?”

Sarah shouted, blushing in embarrassment. 

“R-right. I’m really sorry.”

Honestly, I don’t know if I had other intentions, but I answered so.

“…was that the only purpose, though?”

“W-what do you mean?!”

“…Sigh. What else can I say?”

Sarah stared at me for a moment, and said, letting out a sigh.

“…Are you forgiving me?”

“What is there to forgive? I was definitely badly hurt seeing how much blood I was covered with, and it’s hard to think that you’re lying, especially when such a grown up cries like that. I think I actually need to say thank you. I really appreciate you for saving me.”

Apparently it seems like she really trusts me that I had her under me purely for healing purposes. She were so reluctant to sex, and she’s now wholeheartedly thanking me. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now.

“No, I’m really sorry.”

But I still could only say sorry. I wasn’t feeling sorry for raping her. If, only if, all that just happened without my responsibility, I wouldn’t have felt guilty from having sex with her like the way we did. I would have felt glad thinking I was lucky to get a justification for my action. What I feel sorry about and what I need to apologize to her is that it happened on my fault. I can already see her reaction to knowing that I planned it. And if she knows that I did it to have sex with her, she’ll definitely split up with me. But I didn’t hide it from her and told her everything. It will only get me sick if I hide it for myself.

“To be honest with you, it’s my fault that we dealt with all those wolfdogs. I planned it up thinking we’d be fine with my healing sex.”

“…So, you’re saying you planned it to have sex with me.”

“You said it.”

I’m done now. I couldn’t say it directly but she’s got the point.

“…Were you that worried about my level?”

Huh? What are you talking about now? What’s up with you? What’s gone into you?

“Actually I could stop the howling too. But then I thought if I handle the backup I might be able to persuade you, so I didn’t shoot the wolfdog. We basically made the same mistakes.”

Okay, what’s about this now?

“So that means we both did wrong, so let’s not talk about this anymore.”

And she stopped there, as if that’s the end of the talk. I think she thinks that I planned the whole thing to force her level up to survive in the dungeon. Why does she suddenly trust me so much? I can never guess. She’s not completely wrong, but I was more of just wanting a sex. Oh well, she misunderstood in a good way, and I wouldn’t have to reveal everything.

I’m not that kind of Saint so I don’t have to confess everything. But I still feel guilty so I should do better for her. Whatever her real purpose for being stronger is, I should help her. And I’ll never do anything stupid that could endanger a party member. That should be good enough, right?

“Okay! But when you need any help, just tell me. I’ll be there for you.”

I intentionally made it sound confident as if I was talking to myself.

“That’s better. Not being in a dark cloud and just being you.”

Her expression was still chic but it got more soft. What is going on, really? She definitely used to be angry even at hearing the sound ‘s’ of the word sex, and now after she was forced to sex, her attitude and expression towards me got so softer. 

“By the way, I noticed I levelled up a lot. Is this another effect of Saint?”

Come to think of it, I haven’t checked my stats yet after the event. I quickly checked the stats window, and the result beyond my imagination appeared before my eyes.

Name : Guwon

Race : Human 24

Job : Saint 15 / Adventurer 3 / Fighter 12

Level : 15

HP : 4200/4200

Energy : 1500/1500

Strength : 55

Endurance : 55

Agility : 51

Stamina : 30

Intelligence : 24

Spirit : 27

Charm : 64

Bonus stat points: 10

Status : Normal


Alicia’s level was probably incredibly high, so levelling up by that much makes sense. But I did it with Sarah whose level was lower and I levelled up 3 times. I don’t know whether it means I should fear the grandness of saint skills or if we did it for who knows how long enough.

It makes sense, though. I banged her until she’s fully healed from that injury.

So that means this lady with a chic face felt a great number of orgasms. Fuck. That must have been quite a scene, and I can’t remember it. You stupid brain. Why can’t you do your work when I need you?! Wait, I just realized she’d been covered with blood. Quite a scene? Bullshit. You did a great job, brain. You don’t have to remember it.

Wait, then how much she levelled up? I checked her level with Analyze and it was 14.

…Huh? 14?! Yeah, my level was higher and she gets extra experience thanks to my skills but 14?! I can’t remember it but don’t tell me I’m shortcomer so I kept spilling it for the entire time! Okay, when we fell off there were definitely excessively many sticky white strings formed, but I came so much she’d gain 6 levels?

“W-well…. I know it accelerates levelling because Saint’s skills definitely increase pleasure.”

“That’s what I thought. But I still think this is still too much.”

Yes. It is. Even with Saint skills, you don’t level up by that much.

After all, the Saint skills I learned are all for my partner’s pleasure. And there are only 2 skills that benefit the partner’s levell. Sex Mastery, which boosts for the pleasure for me as well as the partner, and Pride Reborn, which revives my thing after ejaculation. But she levelled up so much. Am I really a shortcomer? Just how much did I shoot that she levelled up so much?

I am seriously worried about my sexual function. 

“…So about that, yesterday I–”

“I’m sorry to disturb you in the middle of the talk, but excuse me if you will.”

Sarah slightly blushed and tried to say something, but someone sitting at the table right next to us suddenly joined the talk.

Since when exactly was she there? I never noticed. This person is wearing a filthy robe over the face, so I can’t see the face or the body shape. But by the voice, I could tell it was a woman older than me.

“What is it?”

“This one did not intend to overhear you, but this one could not ignore what was heard. You’re a Saint, this one presumes? And you said you have skills that increases pleasure during sex, if this one is not mistaken?”

Unlike her voice she talked like a really old person. Well, this isn’t the world you can expect the age by voice or appearance. The goddess of earth brought a lot of races to this world because she wants to see lots of possibilities. You can see a lot of races just walking down the street; furry, lizard, hobbit, fairies, and other many races I don’t know the name of. 

And I guess there are races with an enormous lifespan that can’t be compared to humans, like elfs.


“Hmm. That interests this one. Would you mind showing it to this one in practice if that doesn’t trouble you?”

“…What? Who are you, though?”

Show it to you? Okay, so does this robe-lady know that it’s for sex?

“Blimey, please excuse me. this one got ahead of myself to such an interesting topic. This one, Diana, is one who follows the path of magic cultivation. Well, would that be enough for you to show me this skill?”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Isn’t it obvious to you? This one follows the infinite possibilities of magic cultivation. Upon the discovery of a new possibility of magic, wouldn’t anyone wish to see it with their own eyes, feel it with their body, and study it?”

Okay, this lady surely knows how to talk grand, going this one and ’tis. Is this the symptoms of chuunibyou people describe? Isn’t it cringy to do it in front of others?

“Showing it to you isn’t hard, I’ve got no partner. Whom am I using it on?”

“Hmm? Of course, on me! this one wishes to experience it with my own body.”

Hmmm?! Whaaat?! Oooohhh!

Yes, this is what I’m talking about! I knew Sarah wasn’t normal! It made no sense when she refused to have sex in a world where you level up by having sex. This is normal in this world, right?! Of course, I won’t just jump on her. I’m not that kind of chip man.

“Well, why don’t you show your face firs–”

“D-do you even hear yourself?!”

Sarah suddenly got up and shouted.

What’s wrong with you now?

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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