The Saint’s Dungeon Business Vol 00 Chp 28

The Saint’s Dungeon Affairs – 28


“Sarah?! No! Don’t open it! I’m naked!”

“Mmm! Mmmmm!”

I quickly covered Diana to suppress her voice and shouted.

“…It’s alright. That actually makes things better. I’m coming in.”

What is?! What is alright?! And what gets better?! Seeing the door slowly opening, my brain started running at full speed.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

What now? What now?

Then, I noticed the blanket thrown under the bed. I utilized the physical abilities that got better with the level up to its extreme and took action.

“Guwon? What are you doing?”

“Huh? I-I told you I’m naked. It’s embarrassing.”

Thankfully I was done before the door was fully opened so Sarah must haven’t seen what I just did. I’m sitting on the bed with my knees up and I covered myself with the blanket up to my neck. Of course, Diana, who’s sitting on me, still has me inside her.

The blanket that’s pulled up to my neck has a bulge in the middle supported with my knees, and under that bulge, Diana was hiding with her small shape. It does look weird.

“You’re not a shy virgin lady, and you’re acting like one.”

Sarah looked at me with a puzzled face.

“Ugh. C’mon. I’m a delicate man.”

Diana began tightening her pussy intensely for some reason, so I replied while suppressing my moan.

“Are you okay? You look sick.”

“Yes. Ugh. It’s nothing. By the way what brought you here? And at this late hour?”

And now Diana not only tightened her pussy but began moving her waist by herself. I have her in my arms and I’m covering her mouth, so I thought she’d be well hidden under a blanket, but that won’t last long at this pace. Why is she doing this now? You’d hate to be caught, wouldn’t you? Stay still.

“Well, I told you I learned from the battle we had yesterday, remember?”

“Huh? Yes, yes you did.”

“And after today’s battle, I got convinced that levelling up must be done to get strong.”

“Uugh, O-okay.”

“So about that, if I’m doing it anyways, I thought it’d be better to do with my partner, you. You won’t be greedy over my body, and you’ll level me up faster with the characteristics of Saint.”

Sarah spoke fast as if she was making excuses.

“Oh, okay. That’s great.”

Normally I’d be so glad about what she was saying but unfortunately I couldn’t listen to what Sarah was saying. I’m somehow making replies but all my focuses are on suppressing the pleasure Diana is giving me, so I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Even with her whole body bound by my arms, Diana somehow wiggled her waist and was stimulating me to the point I can’t hold much longer.

“So…. Do you mind?”

“Hmm? Mind what?”

“You know what. Are you going to make me say it?”

I’m sorry but I really have no idea what you’re talking about. Sarah hesitated for a while, and when she realized I wouldn’t speak back, she looked angrily at me and in the end she started taking her clothes off, determined.

W-Whaat? What are you doing?



I wasn’t listening to her properly and when she suddenly started undressing, I got startled and reflectively tried to stand up. And doing so ended up violently moving the part I and Diana are connected, making me not being able to hold any longer but to cum. It must have been the same to Diana: she squeezed my thingy so badly it hurts, and her whole body trembled.

“Guwon? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

To her I must have seemed suddenly collapsing and trembling. Diana’s suppressed moan must have been deafened by my voice.

“I-It’s nothing. I just got a sudden clamp in my leg.”

After cumming once, I finally got to look around. My thingy was still connected with Diana, and Diana’s amazing pussy wiggled itself, stimulating me, but the situation is better than how it was. Diana must have got satisfied with her orgasm, so she stayed still without moving her waist.

“Uhh…Umm…So? Sarah? Why are you taking your clothes off all of a sudden?”

“…Have you listened to anything I’ve just said?”

No, I’m sorry. I heard nothing.

“Level up! I said level up! I’ve experienced what it’s like after levelling up today. I can’t insist forever on what I want. And o-of course, Don’t you dare to think anything stupid. I have no other meaning to this.”

WHAT! You’ve finally opened your eyes! After experiencing the effect of levelling up at the dungeon, she’s decided to use any means to get strong! I cried with emotional tears in my mind knowing that all my efforts weren’t for nothing!

If I weren’t in this situation, I’d be so glad I would’ve stood up and danced.

“Ummm… so Sarah. I’m glad you decided to do this as a party member even though you hated it. But tonight’s late, so why don’t we do it on another night?”

“…what do you mean?”

Sarah’s eyes got sharp.

“When else are you supposed to do it if we don’t do this at night? We need to go to the dungeon in the daytime. Or do you have any other business?”

“Uhhhhh? No. Why would I?”

“Then what? Are you saying my body is not appealing to you? Not enough for you to have me?”

It seems she unexpectedly kept the words in her mind which I only threw for gaining her trust.

“No, that’s not what I–”

“Then what is it?! You even took my virginity!”

“What?! Y-Your virginity?!”

“Yes! And you did it without my consent yesterday!”

“But your level was–”

“I did all of that just by hunting! You’ve got a problem with that?!”

Sarah’s gaze with anger is insane. Her eyes are teary so I don’t think she’s lying. I never imagined she’s a virgin! At that time I wasn’t myself so I never could feel something like that, and even if she bleeded from it we were both covered in blood so I never realized.

“No, not at all! I’m sorry! I didn’t know, I swear!”

“…No. I’m sorry. We were done talking about that already.”

I apologized, bowing down, and she apologized back that she got in heat at the thought I’m not interested in her body but I took her virginity regardless. I know this is so out of context but I found her adorable. She pretends to be strong but she’s weak inside.

“No, we can’t just stop talking about it if you were a virgin. I’m really sorry. I wasn’t myself so I never realized.”

But what should I add? Thank you? She didn’t let me have her virginity. That’s a bit weird. But to apologize again, she already considers it done and hates it to be mentioned again.

“…So what now?”

Sarah was the first one to break the awkward silence.

“Well… so… uh… about that….”

I quickly brainstormed. I cannot get out of the blanket at all. Even now, under the unnaturally bulged blanket, I and Diana are connected. Sarah determined to finally have sex with me and if she caughts with us, she might really leave me this time. But to refuse having sex with her, seeing how she just reacted I think she’ll get hurt from it.

“What is it? Don’t hesitate and say like a man if you don’t want to do it.”

Don’t act like you’re cool with it. I forcibly took your virginity and if I way I don’t want to fuck with you, I might really get stabbed in the back on the street. What should I say? How should I excuse this to get out of this trouble?

Oh! Right! I can make any excuse and return her to her room and I’ll get to her. In that way, I can get out of this trouble and have sex with Sarah. 

But I hesitated to speak. I am worried about Diana. How do you manage to stay so still? I don’t see you because of the blanket, but Diana isn’t moving at all. Did I break her?

But isn’t it way to trashy to just go and have sex with Sarah? If I go to Sarah’s room, I’m leaving Diana alone after penetrating her hymen. And what would Diana feel about being alone?

I know I have a bloodrush for sex, but I still have some conscience as a human being, and I don’t want to be that kind of trash.

What should I do? What should I do?

When I was suffering from the agony, I saw my Energy meter at the corner of my view. Alright! This might work!

“Listen, Sarah. T-to be honest, Sarah.”

I lowered my voice to set the vibe. 

“Men… have limits.”

“Huh? What are you saying all the sudden?”

“So, unlike women, men have limits to the number of times they can have relations. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Uhhh, so that means….”

“So, in short, I overdone it yesterday and I don’t think I can do it now.”

I said it with a miserable face.

“To be honest with you, even if it is simply for levelling, I’m a man so I am so glad to be asked to sleep with a beautiful woman like you. But no matter how hard I try, this little guy hanging under me doesn’t seem to get big. It’s not because you’re not attractive. It’s because I am not good enough.”

Of course, that little guy is still connected with Diana, well-erect for being continuously stimulated, but I kept going with my soulful act. It’s a white lie for you to not get hurt and solve the problem.

“I’m really sorry but I don’t think I can do it today.”

“I-I see.”

Sarah was overwhelmed by my flawless play of a man with his pride hurt, and nodded.

“I know you’ve come to me though this might be embarrassing for you, but I’m really sorry. It will be absolutely fine tomorrow.”

I continued on with my acting thinking that I’m an impotent husband.

“No, I just didn’t know…. I’m sorry.”

You were a virgin until yesterday so you may not know it. It’s alright. I can understand.

I was too into my acting, I felt proud of her. 

“Well, I’ll go to bed. Good night.”

“Yeah. Sure. I’ll do better tomorrow and what I couldn’t do today. Goodnight.”

So Sarah left the room, but I didn’t let my guard down. The moment you let your guard down is the most dangerous moment. I thought she might come back and waited for a while, but what I feared never happened. 

“Diana? Are you alright? Are you alive?”

I finally removed the blanket and checked Diana.


What happened under the blanket was… what would be the best way to describe it…. horrible. Diana’s pretty face was smothered with snot and saliva, and her limbs were powerless and droopy. I am still connected to her lower part and it is flooded as if she peed. At the verge of being caught by Sarah, she wouldn’t have just fallen asleep. Her body twitched violently, only to suddenly go quiet, so I think she fainted. I stuck my hands under her armpits and raised her. From the inside I was connected to until now, the fluid of the mixture of lovejuice and sperm flew out.

Seeing her limp with her face messed up and limbs dangling powerlessly, I felt sorry, and I admired her willpower. She’s been pushed to the point she’d faint, but she never gave in and didn’t make the contract of mana or whatever it was called. Just how strong is her spirit?

But before all that, I gotta clean up this mess, right? I can’t just sleep on this bed. I never thought the day I’d wash a girl’s body would come. With my arms under her back and the crook of her knees I carried her to the bathroom. 

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The Saint’s Dungeon Business

The Saint’s Dungeon Business

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Guwon played a new adult game, and he got teleported to the world that’s the same to the game. It is the world of levelling up by having s*x. While he mastered countless many adult games, Guwon, a virgin in reality, relies on his job Saint given at the beginning of the game and dreams to make harem *Saint here can also be translated to s*x Man



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