The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) Vol 02 Chp 59

Students From Other Races

“First, let’s welcome our guests from the kingdom of white elves!” Principal Winds announces while clapping his hands.

Suddenly, the huge door of the auditorium opens up and a group of white elves enters inside.

“Woah…” I leak out a voice in awe.

And I am not the only one, everyone present in the auditorium is leaking out voices of wonderment seeing the white elves.

All of them are really beautiful with exceptionally fair skin, blond or silvery blond hairs, pointy and elongated ears, tall physique, and strict posture.

They are wearing white robe-like dresses that looks light, flowy and elegant. I can tell just from a single look that these are formal dresses, not casual.

But it’s not just their clothes or how beautiful they look, there is also a powerful aura around them, clearly showing the superiority of the race.

Hmm… I cannot properly count their number from this far away, but they are not as many as I was expecting. And also, the number of males and females seems to be around the same as well.

While looking totally unperturbed by our heavy applause, the white elves reach closer to the stage and bow down to princess Ilyrana sitting up there.

And after she raises her hand in recognition, all of them make their way to the seats reserved for the students of other races and gracefully sit down there.

“All settled? Very well. Next, let’s welcome our guests from the kingdom of Dark elves!” Principal Winde says while continuing to clapping.

This time, a group of dark elves enter the auditorium through the main door, also showering in an enthusiastic applaud from everyone.

With smooth chocolatey brown skin, similarly elongated ears and straight posture, their beauty is on par with the white elves.

Their formal dresses are dark brown in color in contrast with the white elves and seem rather heavy in appearance. Unlike the elegance of white elves, the dark elves have a little wildness in how they look and hold themselves.

Hmm, their number looks the same as the white elves. And they are equally divided into males and females as well… weird.

Reaching closer to the stage, the dark elves bow down to Princess Leena and move to the reserved seats after being addressed by her.

“Now, we will be welcoming our guests from the vampire kingdom!” Principal Winde says.

This time, the applaud from the audience is considerably less and well, the vampires entering through the front door don’t seem to mind it much.

Their skin is extremely pale, eyes are sharp and blood-red, and their presence itself seems to make the temperature of the auditorium to drop down a few Celsius.

Men are wearing long coats and women are wearing knee-length dresses, all jet black in color.

And though their number is relatively less than the elves, the ratio of men and women remains the same, i.e., 1:1.

Hmm… All of them look so bored. As if they would like to be anywhere other than here— wait…

Suddenly, all the women in the vampire group stop on their tracks. Their bored expressions change into a fierce one and they even bare their fang.

And everyone in the auditorium quits down in fear of their extreme blood lust…


Zakira told me that my blood is really delicious for a vampire. And as vampires drink blood from only the opposite sex, my blood only attracts women.

Fuck! I will surely die if these many vampire women attack at once. Well, not that I will survive if only a single one attacks but still…

Only one way left for me right now.

Desperately, I look at Zakira for any sort of help…


She is looking totally at ease as if nothing is happening, at least not enough for her to care.

What the fuck!?

Is it of no concert to Zakira if her master dies!?

Fuck it!

Slowly, I look back at the group of vampire women, dreading to find them looking back at me with their red eyes…

Wait, what!? None of them are looking back at me!

Their gaze is just quickly roaming around the auditorium as if trying to find something. Well, a few of them do look in my direction but not for long.

Is it that… they are not after my blood?

Hmm… I don’t think that’s the case though. What else could be the reason for their change? It is exactly similar to how Zakira was earlier.

Maybe it’s related to the blood bond. With how calm Zakira is looking, I guess she really is hiding some information from me.

Well, I will see to it later…

After a few more seconds of looking around, the female vampires seem to give up and continue to walk towards the stage exasperatedly. They do not even wait to bow down to Zakira along with the male vampires and continue their way to the seat.

Damn… They are still scanning around the auditorium desperately.

I unconsciously shrink back into my seat.

“Well, that was quite a show. Anyway, let’s welcome our final guests for today, shall we? The beastkins!” Principal Winde says loudly.

Again, among loud applause, the beastkins enter the auditorium.

They are an unorganized bunch with a mix of people from different beastkin clans. A few of them whom I recognize from television includes people from tiger clan, bear clan, fox clan, cat clan, dog clan, and a few more.

Their number is way more than even the elves and vampires combined. Well, seeing that the beastkin population is second only to humans among all the system-dependent countries, it’s not much of a surprise.

But man, having the beastkin come at the end is kind of anticlimactic…

All of them are in casual clothes. Some are talking among themselves and some are even waving back at us. They are so unlike the mysterious and dangerous looking people from elves and vampires…

Suddenly, the beastkins notice Naomi sitting on the stage and the next moment, all of them run towards her at full speed.

Some of them start calling out her name in reverence, some clasps their hands together as if praying. A guy from fox clan even lay down on the floor and start rolling around…

What are fuck are you doing, idiot!?

Then, I look at the stage…


Naomi is waving back at the beastkins with equal enthusiasm like she is some idol meeting with her fans. She is even doing victory signs and twirling around.

After 10 whole damned minutes, beastkins finally leave for their seats and settle down while continuing to chat with each other excitedly.

“Hey, did you saw that?”

Suddenly, Ryan whispers to me.

“Saw what?”

“There was a cloaked and hooded person among the beastkins, same as Miss Noami. Though the cloak was blue in color instead of white…” He says.

“Where is it now?” I ask curiously.

“Well, I lost sight of it when they all ran. Cannot find it anymore…” he answers.

Another cloaked person, huh?

Don’t tell me… is it the—

“Again, I would like to give my warmest welcome to all of you and hope that you will make many new friends from among us, and have a wonderful time together with them,” Principal Winde says while addressing the new students.

“Now, without wasting any more time in introductions, I will give you the details about the upcoming mixed race magical tournament.

“This tournament is basically divided into two parts, individual and team. In both the categories, there will be various types of competitions allowing us to test your skills, strength, and endurance in magic. The list of these competitions and their details will be provided to you all next week.

“Now, as you all might have guessed already, we cannot have these many students to participate in the tournament, or we will have to continue it for a year or two to find our winner.

“So, from each race, i.e., white elves, black elves, vampires, beastkin, and humans, only 20 individuals will be selected to participate in the main individual and the team tournament.

“Of course, as I have mentioned earlier, one of the major reason behind this tournament is to have all of our human students learn to use magic as well, so, for now, some temporary teams will be made where the guest students from other races will teach you all the basics of magic in the guidance of experienced individuals like Miss Naomi.

“Now, coming back to the topic of the main tournament, you all might be wondering that how are we going to select the 20 individuals who will actually participate, right?

“Well, over the course of next 30 days, in which the humans will learn magic and the students of the other races will teach and practice it, the judges of the tournament will be observing your skills through test duels, individual hard work, and mainly, your progress.

“And based on the final scores they give you—”


Suddenly, a girl’s voice resounds in the auditorium cutting in between Principal Winde.

I look ahead and to my horror, see Aria standing up from her seat with her hand raised high in the air.

What the fuck are you doing!? Let him finish! Sit down!

“Yes, Miss Woods?” Principal Winde simply asks.

“I just want to ask, are we going to compete against the students from the other races? Especially in the individual category tournament?” She asks politely.

“Yes, anything else?” he answers.

“And, sir, how do you think we are going to do that, seeing that they all have years’ worth of experience in using magic and we are only beginners!? Aren’t we going to lose anyway? And using magic isn’t exactly safe either. Especially when competing in a tournament like this. There are chances of critical injury and even death. Why should we risk it?” Aria asks, failing to keep the accusation from her voice.

She is… Right.

In the excitement of learning and using magic for the first time, none of us considered this except Aria. And not just me, other students in the auditorium also make noises of approval to her words.


And it looks like Principal Winde has no answer to give.


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The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems)

The World Of Systems
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock. What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.



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