Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I?ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World Vol 00 Chp 06


Windmill Country, Royal Capital.

Inside the carriage headed to the Royal Castle.

I was overwhelmed.

“So this, is the Royal Capital……”

Upon looking upwards, a huge and gorgeous structure fully covered my view.

My neck hurts from craning upwards.

“I thought I’d never come to this sort of place in my life.”

“Yeah. An ordinary adventurer can’t even get through the entrance gate. That’s as long as you aren’t an employed A-rank Adventurer, though.”

Even Arisa appeared to be nervous.

Her usual graceful behaviour was also somewhat awkward.


“Nah, it’s nothing.”

As she glared at me, I shrugged.

“That’s unseemly, you guys. At times like this, a knight should be calm, right?”

“Esca doesn’t change, huh?”

“Of course. With presence of mind, I am sharpening my sword in preparation of what’s to come. Because the sharpness of my piece will make the difference between victory and defeat.”

Esca mutely moved her hands with dignity.

How appropriate.

“-wait……Esca, that’s not your sword but Yamada’s dick.”

smack smack♡

“Nn slurp……♡ sipppppp♡ If this dick cums from my hands, then I will also ascend to a greater height.”

“Use more saliva, Esca. The tightness is nice, but it hurts a little.”

“M-My apologies! Ngguh, mm……slurrrrrp♡”

A tongue extended from Esca’s lips.

A clear liquid flowed down towards Yamada’s devilish head.

smack smack♡

Every time Esca’s hand moved, the sound of water echoed.

While looking at Yamada’s state, Esca searched for the places that felt good for him while giving a handjob.

“D-Does it hurt? Does it feel good?”

With clinging eyes, Esca affixed her body close to Yamada.

Seeing that, somehow my heart hurt.

“E-Esca. Tell me when you’re done.”

“Haah~. As always, you’re such a chicken. You really are just scum who only has the talent to be cucked—-take our your dick, Isra.”

“Heh, A-Arisa!?”

“What are you surprised for? You don’t want me to do it?”

Arisa got down on all fours and placed her hand on my crotch.

Her long hair that hands down onto her shoulders was very sexy.

From the chest region of her vest, her heavy breasts swayed according to gravity.

“No, I want you to do it.”

“Alright, then cum quickly already. Yamada’s dick was taken so I’m really irritated.”

rub rub schlick schlick!!

“Ugyaaaah! Ow ow ow ow ow!! Arisa, wait wait wait, my dick is getting crushed, it’s burning!”

“Ahahahahaha! There’s no way I’d use my precious saliva for the likes of you!”

The carriage, infested with a licentious odour, advanced with a clatter.

We came to the Royal Capital.

Altair’s words, which I had thought to be a joke, were apparently true.

We were squeezed into a luxurious carriage in front of the guild, and spent a few hours on a comfortable journey.

Before my eyes was the stronghold that the King of Windmill uses in the deepest part of the Royal Capital — the Royal Castle.

A large number of guards were lined up in an orderly manner, keeping a lookout.

Rumour has it that each of them has the ability of a B rank adventurer or higher.

The strongest, veteran soldiers.

“Alright, we’ve arrived. Now get off.”

Urged by the overbearing horseman, I raised my heavy waist.

“Haah, haaaaah, haaaaaah. I-I’m gonna die. My cock hurts.”

“Only the amount of dick cheese you have has reached full manhood, Isra. My hands are gunky and smell really bad……hey, Mr. guard over there, can I borrow the toilet?”

“slurp slurp slurp♡ gurgle gurgle gurgle……rinsing my mouth with Yamada’s semen……smaccckk♡ Buhaah~♡”

“Ahh, that’s nice, that’s nice. You’re gonna leave that semen inside your mouth all day today.”

We walked to the castle.

Each of us scattered our licentious scents, creating dropping stains on the high class carpet.

“W-What’s this smell…guguh?”

“Uwah, the insides of the carriage reeks!”

Ignoring the voice of anguish heard behind us, we walked.

Upon opening the huge door, we saw a vast hall.

Glittering decorations were spread all over the place, creating a kind of different world.

The other side was rather faint, and there were many guard posts at the edge of my field of view.

There were people in national clothes who hurriedly performed their duties.


My head, that could only think of such impressions, thought bitterly.

We stood absentmindedly at the entrance.

“Adventurers, morniin’!”


There was a loud voice that suddenly came from the front.

We jumped.

Arisa was so surprised that she brandished her weapon.

“W-Who are you?”

“Fufu, I wonder, who am I?”

The one who proudly displayed her arrogance was a very young girl.

She had beautiful facial features.

And that appearance.

Her beautifully bundled blonde hair.

And a white hood that tightened it.

She had a white apron atop of a long, dark blue skirt.

“A-A maid?”

“Nunu!? Don’t tell me I was figured out in one go? You’re really something!”

The girl gave a thumbs up while showing an innocent smile.

What’s with this girl?

“H-Hey, don’t surprise us! Even though you’re just a shorty!”

“Yup, that’s impossible! After all, I love to surprise people!”

bam! -the girl hugged Arisa.

While clamouring with a “kyaa”, the girls noisily kicked up a fuss.

Aw man, the atmosphere we had up until that point has been ruined.

“chew♡ Arihya……slurrrp♡ ‘at gi’l, ishn’t a no’hal pershon……gurgle gurgle gurgle♡”

(Arisa, that girl isn’t a normal person.)

“There’s no way, right!? She’s just a mischievous little girl! Also, how long are you intending to gargle that semen juice!?”

“yaay! Welcome, adventurers! Also welcome to you, miss who smells like a squid!”

Yup, she’s an idiot.

She’s a maid who is too stupid.

Why isn’t anyone coming to help us?

We’re guests, right?

“Hey you, stop messing around and guide us. You’re a maid, right?”

“Muu, onii-chan is pretty skill-ed, huh.”


The pronunciation was strange just now.

“However, thou aren’t at mine level! If you want to sherve me, then thou must defeat me!”

‘Wahaha’-she loftily laughs.

Just what’s going on with Windmill’s education?

Haah–shaking my head, I tried to move forward.

“Later, brat. We’re busy.”

“Waiyt! If thou, thy shall surely regret it!”

After patting her on the head, I slipped by her side.

“Geez, even though these are new clothes, they’re all messed up now.”

“gurgle gurgle gurgle……smack♡ cheeeeewww……♡”

“Boo~, play with me!”

Everyone walked, saying farewell to the pouting maid girl.

In the end, we were guided by a high-ranking official who appeared to be breaking into a cold sweat for some reason.

While talking, he appeared to be constantly concerned about the girl.

I looked back.

Somehow, Yamada appeared to be talking to the girl.

Behind that was a stern-looking woman swinging her sword at Yamada—-but, well, that wasn’t a big deal.

“Well then, reveal your identity, maid girl.”

“Sure! Listen and be amazed! I am thine very own princess!”

“As I thought, huh. I thought it was a common cliche……I’m gonna lick your face so stay still, lick.”

“Muh, you’re not surprised……nmmh, however, thou really are smelly. Are thee taking baths properly……ereh, jurora.”

“smaaaack pop! —nnh, kissing with the princess is really different from doing it with other sows, huh? Her points are high even though she’s cheeky. So, what’s with this woman who came after you?”


“This one is Siesta! She’s thine best friend! Siesta’s amazing! Even though she’s always angry, she’s strong and can even cook!”

“Hooh? Geez, for you to come and suddenly attack me. To think that there was someone who my default space interference didn’t work on.”

“She’s usually a maid, but when it comes to fighting she’s so strong that adventurers can’t even get a solid hit in on her! Also, she’s pretty!”

“Certainly, her mug is the best. Her chest is……ooh, they’re pretty big, huh? Her ass has also grown well. Alright, I’ve decided that you’re up first. You good with that, Siesta?”


“Mumu!? Wrapping your hand around Siesta’s waist……so aggressive! So this is an adventurer!!”

“Shut it, you. Hurry up and take me to the sex room. I’ll let you masturbate.”

“Is that true!? Very well, I shall guide you right away! Rather, don’t squeeze my butt so much! You brute!”

No one found any fault with the foolery that unfolded in the middle of the great hall.

Even though Yamada, an obviously suspicious person, was violently making their own lord work.

“Latter, small fries! I’ll be partaking in these sows that you have been dearly protecting……haah, haah, haaah!!”

The elaborated story was destroyed.

By only one person with the alteration ability.

Isra and the others turned their backs to the audience they passed, the trio disappearing towards the royal chambers lined with soldiers—


“You’ve done well to come. Heroes.”

A deep bass voice echoed in one’s belly.

This is-

It was the King who is said to have led the country of Windmill to success.

Windmill IV.

Somewhere Windmill.


“You need not be so upright.”

Only a voice could be heard from far above us, who were kneeling.

Everyone bowed their heads. I even brought my head down to my arms.

I attended the meeting while giving the maximum amount of manners I could to show my absolute respect.

There were many great people who looked at each and every single action of ours.

This was an audience.

The average person wasn’t even allowed to see the king’s face.

All we could do was stare at the ground.

However, he spoke with a light tone of voice.

“Raise your faces. I will permit you to converse face-to-face.”

My chest became lighter as though clouds had suddenly cleared up.

“Hah, I am thankful for your words.”

The air was tense.

—-I messed up.

I bit my tongue.

My curiosity prevailed and I broke the tempo of the conversation.

“Stupid Isra……!”

Arisa gulped next to me.

An aide with a swollen vein yelled in anger.

“Bastard, for you to disrespect the words of the king—-!”

“How disrespectful! A punishment of whipping is insufficient!”

“It is fine.”

A weight had fallen.

He was so convincing that it gave off such an illusion.

“So thou are Isla, yes? Your previous work was wonderful.”

It was there that I saw the king’s face for the first time.

“……I am honoured to receive the compliment, King-“

“Fufuh, it’s been a long time, huh?”

I glared.

Glared at the king with the glistening appearance.

Glared at the face of the hateful man who robbed me of my mother.

“You have grown well. That boy who was so small has now turned out like this.”

The place shook.

“What……? A mere adventurer is acquainted with the king?”

“What is the meaning of this!? You bastard!?”

“Fufu, what, his mother was just invited to be the king’s concubine……”

“Hou, well that’s strange……kukuh.”

I could hear vulgar snickers leaking out.


I had run out of patience.

“Don’t make fun of my mother!”

“Wha-!? I-Isra!”

Placing a hand on the handle of my sword, I stood up.

There was a monkey-faced bastard right next to me.

Aiming for his neck, I tried to mow him down with my sword—-

“Hou, how interesting.”


An authority that goes beyond dignity.

A soft, but sharp blue-green eye glint shot through me.

I was pressured.

I was being threatened.

If I moved even a single millimeter.

Then my death would be inevitable.

“What’s wrong, Isra? You suddenly stood up, but-“

My knees lost balance, and I collapsed.

“Guh, m-my apologies.”

How regrettable.

The king, who said this, seemed to be somewhat bored.

“Well, that’s fine. This time I called regarding the previous dragonslayer incident.”

The king re-crossed his legs.

“The dragon you exterminated was of the normal Drago species. It’s temper is a little rough. —-however, just the other day, the dragon’s corpse suddenly turned into Mana and dispersed.”

Mana is a magical atom.

Fire, water, wind, lightning……every natural phenomenon is caused by Mana.

It is no exaggeration to say that this world is made of mana.

“Among monsters, there are many of them who innately manipulate their mana to attack. I believe that you are all familiar with them. However, this time is rather special. As soon as the investigation team arrived on the scene, the corpse disappeared without a trace……woman over there, what do you make of this?”

“Yes. I shall offer my own thoughts. It is often the case that a monster returns to mana with its death. Perhaps is it not that sort of thing?”

Arisa clearly and brightly stated.

Hearing this, the king nodded.

“Precisely. However, there are several mysterious points to consider. I’m collecting information regarding that, including the situation of the hunt at the time. I have called for you at this time in order to cooperate for such a matter. Isra, speak without hiding any detail.”

“……as you will.”

“However, even with that being the case, it is an achievement to hunt this Drago, which has been causing disasters to our country. Although small, we have prepared a celebration. Enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

When the man clapped his hands, a number of dishes came into the hall.

“Also, allow me to introduce my daughter……Els, enter.”

“Okaaaaay♡ Father!”

Els popped her face out from beside the king.

Her body was hidden behind the curtain, but that face.

“Y-You, from earlier!”

“Yaaay!! I’m not just a maid……hoh♡ I am, nhih♡ Thy princess♡”


“A-Are you surpri……nnpoh♡ Hey, you’re too intense♡ Do it more slowly♡”

Els swayed.

Although she was letting out a charming voice in accordance with that, I wonder what happened?

“This is Els. Won’t you be dignified when you’re out in public?”

“Well then, please excuse me.”

The one who jumped out while saying this was Yamada, who was thrusting inside of Els from behind.


“Heya, Isra. Since I’m free, I’m fully enjoying some princess pussy……it seems she didn’t even know what masturbation was. Man, she’s really tight!”

“Ah♡ Nn oh♡ Your burning stick is inside me, it feels amazingly good, father!”

The duo fell onto the throne while still united.

“Fumu, that’s quite the huge member. Isn’t it as thick as Els’s arm?”

“Earlier I got this big one suddenly put into my crotch hole♡ And it hurt, but then it suddenly opened up♡ I also got lots of spurty stuff, hooh!!”

“I see, I see. Let me introduce you, this is my daughter, Els.”

The king smiled broadly and turned his hand towards his daughter, his dignity seemingly having gone somewhere else.

As expected, even though he’s a king, there is one side of him that’s a parent.

“Mister and missesss♡ Hogeh♡ Ugyah♡ Again, feels so good♡ I am the Windmill Country’s Princess, Elsewhere Windmill.”

“You’re being noisy, bitch! You’re being violated! Make more of an oho voice, you sow!”

“Hohyoh♡ Uhheh♡ Bugigegegeh♡”

Els, whose head and body were being pushed down sloppily, made a pig-like gasping sound while taking a dog-like posture.

Her beautiful dress had a marble-like pattern due to the red and white liquid dripping from where they were joined, and the chest region of her garment was torn.

With a jiggle♡, her boobs shook greatly in accordance with Yamada’s movements.

Originally, the princess was a noble existence who one couldn’t even meet.

That individual’s boobs were shaking in front of me right now.


I threw out my cock in a way that Arisa and Esca wouldn’t notice.

My excalibur was so strained that it seemed as though it was already about to ejaculate.

Applying precum to my glans, I curled my body and jerked off.

fwip fwip……

“Gogarararara……♡ Ishra, slurp♡ Wha’ ahre you do’hing♡?”

“Ah, no, this is, um!”

“Wait, Isra, what are you thinking!? You’re before the king!”

Everyone’s gaze was focused on my cock.

I suddenly became embarrassed and tried to raise my pants.

“It’s fine.”

A weight fell once again.

My consciousness was drawn towards the owner of that voice.

“It’s a sow’s copulation. What’s more, it is such a high quality one, so what would he do if he didn’t get an erection?”

While fixedly watching his own child’s copulation.

The king’s cock was also soaring in mid-air.

What surprised me was its size.

“N-No way……”

Arisa gasped.

The member of the king, who sat firmly on the throne.


Yamada also gasped.

He couldn’t help but compare it with his own cock, that was inside of Els.

“Thoroughly look at my dick.”

—-it was the size of a thumb.

“””So small!?!?”””

Author Note:

Thank you for reading!

This time I tried to change the common sense while referencing a template story.

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Using My Common Sense Altering Ability I’ll F**k and Make a Mess of Women In A Different World

Score 6.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic. Isra, a simple and innocent hero. And Arisa, a noble and virtuous sorceress. The story revolves around these two people at the centre. It is the another world version of the previous work, “A world where you can do whatever you please with girls that talk dirty every day is erotic, isn’t it?”



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