Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x Vol Chp 27

Bikini Armor Squad Go!


「 The dungeon in Shingroom street is said to be a thirteen-year-old dungeon with a standard field, it’s somewhat suited for beginners 」

Gurkha, a veteran adventurer, explains.

「 There are usually more than a hundred layers for high-difficulty dungeons, so this thirteen-layer dungeon should be a piece of cake. All the levels are a normal cave type, with no additional nasty environments such as lava, wind, or snow. The monsters are on the standard scale, and I think it’s just the right amount for students to experience 」

「 I see 」

Then, we moved from the guild to the entrance of the dungeon.

The gatekeeper gave us permission, and it was time to enter the dungeon.

「 How busy is it today? 」

Gurkha-san asks with a veteran tone, and the gatekeeper replies.

『 You’re our first one to come in today. Today, the infamous Zinzanga party was scheduled to dive in. They don’t want to get in trouble some they avoid joining in with them. But, the crucial part is that Zinsangas aren’t showing up at all 』

Wait, isn’t that the…

「 Zinzangas won’t come. This rookie here smashed every single one of them. They’re not coming here today, and not in the future either. 」

I knew it. It was those guys who had beef with me at the guild.

『 That’s good news. Adventurers who cause trouble are nothing but a hindrance, no matter how good they are. If they disappear, then our dungeon hunts would get better 』

「 Is that so? 」

The Adventurer’s guild had a dry response.

I guess it’s a serious industry where you have to be that good to make it.

『 Rookies. I wish you all the best. Bring back a lot of useful materials 』

「 Got you 」

After replying appropriately, we entered the dungeon.

The interior looks cool, cave-like, and quiet.

「 It’s so quiet, there’s no sign of anyone here at all 」

Even Nee-san who’s accompanying me is also puzzled by the strangeness.

「 I’m guessing that we have the place to ourselves today based on the conversation earlier. There won’t be any hindrances, and nobody will come to help when you’re in danger. Let’s push forward with care 」

「 「 「 「 「 Yes! 」 」 」 」 」

Gurkha’s accompanying us as a supervisor, and she’s quite reliable.

「 I’m not going to help out since this is a learning experience for you guys. Basically, you’re on your own. Let’s take a good look at the elites of the royal capital 」

「 Okay 」

The fact that the dungeon’s basically rented out for us is also convenient.

I want to avoid exposing the bare skin of my lovers to other men as much as possible.

I was planning to dive deeper, and then take them off, but if there’s nobody else around, then let’s get it over with.

「 Go ahead girls, cast off 」

Caliber-neesan, Starf-ojousama, Mohr-san, and Bloom all took off their clothes as soon as I gave the order.

What emerged was their half-naked bodies, belly buttons, back, and thighs fully exposed.

The four of them are wearing bikini armor, only hiding their crotch and breasts, the most important parts of their body.

「 Haaaaaaaa?!? 」

Gurkha-san, a seasoned veteran, was surprised to see it.

「 I had this custom-made armor made just like Caliber-san’s! It’s a top-of-of-the-line piece that I poured money on like it’s hot water! 」

「 I’m proud to say that the design brings out the best in me! And also, it has high performance! After all, beauty must be combined with strength 」

Caliber-neesan’s bikini armor is one of the standard types of armor, designed to be as light as possible, but Starf-ojousama and Bloom’s bikini armor were playful, it shows that they’re daughters of the nobility.

For example, Bloom’s bikini armor is mainly black colored with a lame sheen, and the outfit looked like it’s some kind of queen bondage.

And in contrast, Starf-ojousama’s wearing pure white bikini armor.

White is purity, and it’s said to enhance sacred magic, and yet, it’s a micro bikini for some reason.

With only enough fabric to cover their nipples and the bottom, even the slightest movement can cause them to shift and cause havoc.

Both Starf-ojousama and Bloom are rear guards, so they’re not covered in metal armor, but that’s what makes them look like they’re wearing nothing more than bikinis.

「 What the hell? 」

Gurkha-san speaks amazement from the bottom of her heart.

「 Maybe the nobles are crazy enough to think this way? Why would they flirt around in such a nude outfit trying to lure a man in while inside a life-threatening dungeon 」

「 Wait! Please wait! 」

I managed to restrain the calm Gurkha-san who was just five seconds away from losing her temper.

「 This is our optimal equipment for the dungeon that we thought of in our own way! This is our most efficient one 」

「 As if! If this kind of attire could help us conquer dungeons, all the adventurers would be exposing their tits! How could this help us!? 」


For example.

「 It’s easy to go to the toilet 」

「 Indeed, it’s much easier if you just have to take off one piece of clothing. That alone would be enviable enough 」

Gurkha-san says that is fully protected as she parades around the dungeon, her thick trousers tucked tightly inside her boots, and her lower body wrapped in belts, making it difficult for her to pee, I guess.

「 But that’s the best one you got? It’s not worth the risk of going through the dungeon with almost your entire bottom half exposed. Whip-san paid me handsomely so I’ll be forced to pull you all out if you do something this stupid 」

「 Wait, wait! At least just once! If you take a look at our equipment, then you’ll see how useful it is! 」

I knelt to beg and so the veteran adventurer yielded.

「 Okay, I get it. I’m going to make the bet that the students from the royal capital aren’t that stupid. Just this time, okay? If you can’t prove that your underwear armor is good, then I’ll force you to put on proper equipment next time

「 Yay~ 」

Anyway, they gave us a chance.

Then, let’s move forward.

Onwards! Bikini armor party!

We quickly encountered enemies as we proceed through the dungeon.

It’s a big bat, with dog-like features.

These strange-looking creatures spread their legs and rushed in as soon as they saw us.

There are dozens of them.

「 Those are vampire bats! They love human blood and will bite and feed on you! Jeez! We need our whole bodies covered against them

「 Omega Fire Storm! 」

Bloom’s advanced attack magic engulfed every single bat flying around the ceiling of the cave in flames, burning them to well done.

「 Yes, that’s a nice flow of flames. The magic conductive material woven into the bikini armor seems to be working well 」

「 No way?! 」

An army of bats attacked, which could’ve been a serious problem because of their number, but Bloom is a 【 Magician 】 which saved us with her AoE Magic.

「 Oh, there’s another bat group. Bloom, please do 」

「 Omega Firestorm! 」

「 Whaaaaa?! 」

Bloom’s rapid firing was her powerful move, a huge area flame attack.

Thanks to that, the bats, who only rely on their numbers, were completely shut down and burned to the ground.

「 Hey, hey! I’m not sure it’s okay to use so much power! Wasn’t that a big magic that consumed a lot of mana? 」

「 Omega Firestorm! 」

「 I told you!! 」

We proceed for a while, encountered a few more bat territories, and the appearance of the enemies changed.

These are demi-humans.

They look like hairy beasts, but they stand on two legs and are armed with shields and swords in both hands.

Some of them were covered in scales, others had pig faces, and there was an infinite variety.

「 These are beast demons! They’re tough, strong, and even armed. So you can’t just take them out in a single magic shot! You can’t use your old tactics 」

「 Then, it’s our turn now 」

Caliber-neesan and Mohr-san move forward.

The Knight and Swordsman vanguard duo acted as a wall to intercept enemies.

First, Nee-san did;

「 Knight Skill! Buff! 」

As a knight, she has the aptitude for group combat, so she activates a skill that uplifts the spirits of her allies and buffs their movement.

「 《 Shield Bash Wall! 》 」

She also hits the enemies with her shield, blowing up the entire group.

And they’re still wearing bikini armor up to this point.

「 Enemies have flinched, now! 」

「 Omega Blizzard! Freeze you fools! 」

The monsters weren’t killed instantly by Bloom’s freezing magic, but they were severely damaged, and their movements were slowed by their cold bodies.

Either way, they’re not opponents that can fall from one magic cast, so the right thing to do is set them up so it’s harder for them to move.

We dispersed them and dealt with the monsters with slow movements.

Nee-san, Mohr-san, and I leaped forward and steadily killed them one by one.

Bloom sends out support attack magic from behind and meanwhile, Starf-ojousama sends some support recovery magic.

As the knight class, Nee-san’s not just offensively strong, but also defensively, she attracts enemies by herself.

Meanwhile, we crush down the isolated ones as fast as we can.

「 Swordsman Skill 《 Single Strike! 》 」

Even so, Mohr-san shines the brightest.

Her swordswoman class specializes in one-on-one combat, so it would be ideal to create that situation for her.

The number of beast demons was reduced at an accelerated rate by breaking them from one side to the other.

Mohr-san’s movements were especially agile, and no beast could keep up with her.

Instead of counterattacking, they were instantly obliterated, unable to make a single defensive move in time.

That’s also because of Mohr-san’s armor.

It’s transformed to the lightest possible weight to allow her to move quickly and the fact that it only covers her breast and crotch, where she’s almost naked, allows her to move naturally and preemptively strike the enemy.

Huh? Is that true?

No doubt!

By the way, Mohr-san’s bikini armor is a chainmail-style metal bikini.

It’s made of metal, but it’s as versatile as cloth, which is why it’s so easy to move around.

「 I’m only wearing this because it’s easier to move! So I won’t lose! 」

If she loses, then it’ll become a living shame.

That’s how she aims to push herself so she could maximize her abilities.

Naked backwater warfare.

Then, I also systematically beat them with my stick, and wipe them out not long after.

Zero damage on our side.

Perfect victory.

「 Nonononono! Wait, wait! Wait! 」

The veteran adventurer complains.

「 You’re skipping too many steps. Why is everyone fighting all out? 」

「 What’s the problem? 」

「 All of it! Dungeons are based on successive battles! Every time you go to the next level, stronger monsters attack, putting more strain on you and taking your energy out! You’ll soon run out of breath if you keep fighting like this 」

Is that so?

I guess so.

「 When it comes to dungeon exploring, you need to manage your energy the most. You also have to save up for your return trip. If you go deep into the dungeon and find out that you’re out of stamina, then you’re done 」

Gurkha-san’s right about that.

Our fights so far had been all-out on our pace.

We used our magic and skills without care and just went for it.

However, it’s like running a marathon as fast as you can, there’s no way you can keep up the pace and still finish.

We’d run out of breath halfway.

Does that mean that Gurkha-san’s fears are spot-on, and we’re totally rookies who are careless?

No, wrong.

「 We have a way to deal with that 」

「 What?! 」

Did you think that we were fighting at full power without thinking about the pace?

We know that dungeon crawling is a long-term game. It also requires proper pacing.

But, we have a trump card that lets us breeze through it.

This is where the fact that they’re wearing bikini armor gives them an advantage.

「 Take off your panties, girls 」

They took off their bikini armor panty and now they’re naked on their lower half.

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, “Sao” has been reborn with his memories from his past life. He’s born as a son of a rural villager, but his true identity is a reincarnated person with cheat abilities and the knowledge of the modern world. With the class “Rod Master,” he received as he grows up, and the many skills that came up with it, he can defeat enemies, help people, and even for s*x.



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