Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x Vol Chp 28

Perpetual sex Device


「 Naa~ ♥♥ Ahiiiiiii♥♥ You’re messing me up ♥♥ Your dick ♥♥ Sao’s super erect dick ♥♥!!! 」


The pleasant sound of clapping against her ass echoes in the dungeon.

I gripped Nee-san’s ass so that it warps, and I thrust my dick deep inside her.

What’s left is to slam our hips to our lust and that’s what you call “sex”

Nee-san’s naked, her tits are swaying and her ass quivers! Her pussy’s fully exposed as she swallows my dick in her pussy.

She’s naked deep inside the dungeon.

「 We’re in a dungeon ♥♥ We’re in such a dangerous place yet my pussy’s dripping wet ♥♥ Who knows when our enemies would come and yet…♥♥ 」


However, Nee-san’s swinging her ass and she seems to enjoy the thrill of it all.

And our fellow adventurers watch Nee-san’s lewdness intently, and they’re also naked like her.

「 Caliber-san looks like she’s feeling good as always 」

「 They’re blood-siblings, right? I always wondered if it’s okay for them to fuck around like that? 」

「 Isn’t that a lovely relationship? It should be celebrated! 」

They put their hands on their crotch and play with their pussies while talking.

They’re masturbating to the live incest show.

And the other one too.

「 Nee-san, how many times did you cum already? 」

「 I don’t know!!!! ♥♥ I came over four times already ♥♥ 」

That’s enough for her to climax already?

I’ll finish up Nee-san by cumming in her since the rest are still waiting.


「 Fuiiiiiii ♥♥♥♥ It’s coming! It’s pouring ♥♥ The semen’s filling up my pussy!! 」

「 It’s meaningless if it’s not creampie 」

Especially today

「 Then, we’re done with Nee-san, the next girl can come 」

「 Okay~! I’m next! Do it hard that you could warp the shape of my butt 」

「 No, it’s not Bloom-san! I’m the second one since I won the rock-paper-scissors game! Don’t cheat! 」

「 If possible, me too 」

The girls contend for my dick.

Isn’t this such a happy situation for men?


「 W-What the hell’s going on? 」

One woman’s staring at the scene in dismay, rather, she’s dumbfounded.

It’s the veteran adventurer, Gurkha-san.

She’s just a temporary member of the party, and the only one wearing clothes.

She’s also the only sane person here.

「 Why are you suddenly having sex in the depths of the dungeon?! Why is everyone naked? 」

「 Allow me to explain 」

If we don’t explain it, she’ll get too confused and who knows what she’ll do.

The key to this situation is the new skill I got.

Sex Charge, and Sex Boost.

Skills that affect both sides are having intercourse.

Sex Charge restores all the drained stamina, while sex boost buffs abilities.

The fact that sex is the condition for these is the decisive difference in similar skills, and there’s a detailed and strict condition that it has to be sex.

If the condition isn’t met, then it’s not considered sex, and the skill won’t activate.

First, the skill defines sex as the union of the male and female genitals.

Anything else doesn’t count.

Fellatio, hand job, anal sex, cunnilingus, and fingering, are all considered pseudo-sex performed with genital substitutes, but they’re not recognized by the skill.

As such, any physical contact between men won’t count towards sex, meaning, it’s impossible to use the skill on same-sex.

Even if that was possible, I’d rather die than do it.

The default condition for the skill is for the genitals to unite, and climax together.

It seems that both have to reach a climax with each other.

The man has to ejaculate, and the woman has to climax.

When the genitals are joined and both reach climax, then the skill considers the act as complete and activates.

For example, if one climaxes, and the other leaves without reaching climax, then it will reset and start all over again.

It’s just troublesome, but if a woman reaches multiple orgasms before the man ejaculates, then, Sex boost will give out a bonus, increasing the multiplier by that amount.

The buff rate of sex boost can be raised to 400% if the conditions are met, and this seems to be one of the specific conditions.

In short, the more you make a woman cum in one round, the better off they are.

I don’t know how many times you need to make a woman climax to reach 400%, but I guess it would be a different issue since the multiplier also depends on the amount of semen poured into their vagina.

Since the genitals aren’t allowed to separate until the intercourse is complete, it’s inevitable to finish it by cumming inside.

So it’s some sort of “If it’s not for child-making, it’s not sex” kind of argument.

Sex charges and sex boosts are triggered only when various conditions are met, but there’s one more important condition.

The quality.

It’s about how both sexes embrace each other, enhance each other’s pleasure, and how much they think of each other.

How serious they are about sex also has a big impact on its effectiveness.

If the goal is to simply have sex to gain the effects, it won’t heal or strengthen your body.

Therefore, when having sex, we take off even the bikini armor, which already has too little fabric that you’re basically naked, and we look at each other like we’re free in our own world, not letting anyone hinder us.

We’re not getting distracted from other activities while having sex.

I’m not just shoving my dick into the pussy mindlessly.

I’m aware of the woman I’m devouring.

And that’s the responsibility of someone who sexually eats women.

After the long explanation, I also finished having sex with the remaining three.

The four bodies lie crushed at the waist. Their naked asses are exposed.

「 S-So that’s why you had such armor and underwear? 」

「 If we’re wearing these, then we can take them off and put them on easily 」

Gurkha-san, a veteran adventurer, is quite understanding. Perhaps because she’s one of the best in the industry.

I’m amazed that she could swallow my over-the-top explanation without difficulty.

「 No, even so, it’s my first time seeing such an unusual skill set as yours. If you have that kind of skill, you’d be able to have sex with all the female adventurers you want 」

「 Even Gurkha-san? 」

「 Young boys are so indiscriminate 」

No, Gurkha-san’s quite attractive.

「 You just had sex with so many young and cute girls and that’s still not enough? Young men sure have an unfathomable appetite. But, unfortunately, I’m still doubtful and cautious like the veteran I am 」

Gurkha-san shows an ill-tempered smile.

「 It’s likely that you’re just making things up as you go along. All of that is just to trick women into sex. In fact, these girls are still collapsed over there. I don’t get the impression that they’ve recovered, or got buffed at all 」

Before Gurkha-san could finish, the four stood up swayingly.

Semen dripped out of their exposed pussies, and their fighting spirit is welled up.

「 It’s overflowing!!! 」

「 My Mana’s back to full! I can fire restoration magic 16 times a second with this! 」

「 I can fire off my strongest spells again 」

「 The more you do it, the more powerful you become! 」

Their tension is too high that it’s scary.

I guess that happens when your stamina’s drained, then the sex charge restores it completely, and the sex boost reinforces it.

「 Eh?! Eh?! Eeeeeeh?! 」

Gurkha-san was confused, but we moved on.

Since we have sex and resupply every time we wipe out the monsters on one level, we’re able to go all out in almost every battle.

As a result, not a single enemy was able to catch our surging waves, and our team won all battles at all levels.

Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth.

We just continued to push forward.

「 Wait! Wait! 」

Gurkha-san holds us back as we try to have another round of sex.

「 Just how far do you plan to go? At this rate, you’ll be reaching the deep ends soon! 」

「 Oh right, this dungeon was only until the 13th level 」

When it comes to that, it’s definitely not enough.

I wish there were about ten more layers.

「 So, what’s the plan? Do we just go to the end? 」

「 Haa?! What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of anyone conquering the dungeon on their first try! 」

「 But, we could just go with this momentum, I think 」

「 No! You can’t! There’s a boss monster waiting for you at the deepest level! 」

Oh right.

I recalled the trouble when the Minosunkerus played that role in the training dungeon.

「 The boss in this dungeon is a nasty opponent who spreads poison and sleeping gas. We’re going to have a tough fight on our hands if we don’t take precautions against status debuffs! 」

Gurkha-san cautiously suggested.

Two status debuffs sure are nasty.

「 I didn’t expect you to go so fast, so it’s my fault for being unprepared, but let’s retreat for now. Then, let’s take countermeasures next time 」

「 Sex boost also gives a status debuff null 」

「 Huh? 」

My rod skills are quite convenient.

「 Even if someone gets poisoned or put to sleep, it’ll be fine since I can use my recovery magic. I can instantly lift anything but curses! 」

Our cleric, Starf-ojousama, speaks confidently.

「 Besides, our bikini armor has the holy effect, repelling all status, so it’s double-safe, we got our countermeasures in place! 」

「 Eeeh… 」

And thus, we decided to take on the boss of this dungeon intentionally.

We continued to move to the deeper parts.

Then, we quickly beat the boss.

「 Yay! Day 1 Dungeon Conquer! 」

「 Eeeeeh?! 」

Everyone’s shouting in victory. Ei! Ei! Oh!

「 It’s all thanks to Gurkha-san’s advice! You’re the architect of our victory! Thank you so much!! 」

「 I don’t think so! 」

Gurkha-san’s so modest, even when responding to the handshake.

「 The royal capital’s elite school sure is outstanding. If you’re this good and you’re an adventurer, then you’d get at least a C rank. 」

「 We’re still chicks that are still learning 」

「 And that’s what’s scary. Well, I’d just say that this unprecedented and outrageous 」


Gurkha-san’s surprised and worn out, and her face looks sooty no matter what she says.

「 We’ve defeated the boss, so we have no more use for this dungeon. Let’s go back. I mean, please, just go home. Even though you guys had sex to recover your stamina, I’m kind of exhausted. More like mentally fatigued 」

「 Well, thanks for the hard work 」

I’m sure that she’s worried about our safety.

「 By the way, what will happen now that we beat the boss? 」

「 If it’s the boss, then another one will spawn soon after, so there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know how, but the boss keeps popping up endlessly unless you completely conquer the dungeon. You guys have been in the school’s training dungeon, right? 」


「 That dungeon’s core has been destroyed, and it should’ve disappeared, but they preserved the outer shell with some kind of special technology, or so they say. Anyway, think of that one as a special case.

Normally, dungeons will remain unless the nucleus hidden somewhere is found and destroyed.

It seems that when the boss monsters, the small fries, and the traps are destroyed, they’re immediately resupplied.

Knowing that mechanism, humans aren’t eager to destroy the nucleus.

As we heard in our lessons, dungeons produce things that are useful to mankind.

「 Then, that’s all we could learn in the dungeon, what else to do now? Should we go back to the capital earlier than expected? 」

「 No, we want to stay a little more to learn. I’m thinking of staying in the town tonight

「 Right… Then, just call me if you need me tomorrow. I can’t say I’ve worked enough for what Whip-san paid me 」

Gurkha-san’s so upright.

It must be her professional pride as an adventurer.

「 If so, why don’t you stay in the room with us, Gurkha-san? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 We’re going to have lots of sex tonight 」

What did Gurkha-san hear from what I said?

It seems that she got the message of my intentions, blushed, and fumed.

「 You guys are amazing! After all that sex in the dungeon, you still want to have sex with me?! But I won’t! It’s embarrassing for an older lady like me to expose my saggy body to the young girls 」

「 Gurkha-san’s still young enough 」

「 No, I’m not! I’m already an auntie, an old lady! 」

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, “Sao” has been reborn with his memories from his past life. He’s born as a son of a rural villager, but his true identity is a reincarnated person with cheat abilities and the knowledge of the modern world. With the class “Rod Master,” he received as he grows up, and the many skills that came up with it, he can defeat enemies, help people, and even for s*x.



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