Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x Vol Chp 29

Sex with a Veteran adventurer


That night.

We stayed at the most luxurious inn in town as we planned.

There was a large bed on which five or six people could sleep.

What’s the use of such a big bed?

The only other appropriate use for such a big area would be for an orgy, where several people have sex.

Fulfilling its original purpose, there’s a nude woman who is disheveled on the bed.

Gurkha-san, a veteran adventurer.

「 Ohiiiiiiiiiiii!!! ♥♥ So hot ♥♥ Your dick’s so amazing ♥♥ 」


「 Gurkha-san, you ended up having sex with me. Are veteran adventurers easy to sway? 」

「 I mean, I was so horny watching it go inside the pussy of the girls inside the dungeon so I wanted to try it inside me too ♥♥♥♥ 」

I finally got to see Gurkha-san’s raw ass.

Gurkha-san’s ass was covered and tightly concealed by her thick cargo pants, so I can’t see the hip line accurately.

Now, her ass is exposed, I see the ripple on the buttocks from the continuous shock of slamming penis inside her.

「 Gurkha-san’s got such a huge ass hidden behind the baggy pants. It’s huge. I could play drums on this 」

「 Don’t say that ♥♥ I’m always worried about my big butt!! ♥♥ It’s so big that it doesn’t fit an adventurer 」


「 What a waste. Your physique is great for giving birth, you should produce a dozen of babies at least. You seem more suited for breeding than being an adventurer? 」

「 Nhoo ♥♥ Ooooooooooooooooooo♥♥♥ 」


Gurkha-san’s adventurer ass is so thick and worth tapping.

I can’t believe she’s got such a huge ass hidden inside her pants.

「 Nonononono♥♥ I don’t want to quit adventuring! ♥♥ I don’t want to leave adventuring just to become a love-impregnation bag! I don’t want to become a mother of so many children! ♥♥ 」

「 Then, should I pull out my dick? 」

「 You can’t do that either! ♥♥ You put it in, so you should pour your semen in ♥♥ Take responsibility and impregnate me! 」

Gurkha-san whose all naked now, has a remarkably voluptuous body, her hips ripple, and her tits shake.

I’ve been recently fucking only schoolgirls of my age, so it’s been a while since I had a mature adult female body like this. So it’s refreshing.

「 It reminds me of fucking Mom 」

「 Huh? Now? 」

The other party members also enjoy watching Gurkha-san’s lewdness.

「 You’ve been watching us have sex in the dungeon so this is just payback ♥♥ 」

「 So that’s how adult women become disheveled ♥♥ The moans are so wild, like a pig screaming 」

Caliber-neesan, Starf-ojousama, Mohr-san, and Bloom creep up on Gurkha-san as she’s violated.

Then, they stick close to her.

「 Hiii ♥♥ I’m being licked. Four girls are licking my ass! ♥♥ 」



One penis and four tongues.

Gurkha-san’s ass is the only one receiving stimulation from all those.

「 Ihiiiiiiiiii♥♥ No, no, no♥♥ Don’t focus all your lewd stimulation on my butt ♥♥ You’re making my butt so lewd ♥♥ 」

「 Then why not make it a lewd ass? 」

「 I can’t ♥♥ Adventurer’s asses are for traveling dungeons and sitting on hard ground to endure it ♥♥ It can’t become a lewd peach ass ♥♥ It can’t become a lewd ass that’s pleased from a man fucking it ♥♥ 」

That said, Gurkha-san’s tempted to convert her ass to a lewd one.


I kept slamming her hips harder and harder.

「 Gurkha-sama’s been very kind to us, so we’re thanking you for that. We’ll focus on licking your anus as a token of our appreciation ♥♥ 」

「 Then, I’ll give Gurkha-san’s lips a lesbian kiss ♥♥ 」

「 Mohr, let’s go for her left and right nipples. We’re going to stimulate Gurkha-san’s whole body. That’s the happiest a woman can be. Don’t you think so, Mohr? 」

「 T-That’s right… 」

My dick’s constantly violating her precious pussy.

Gurkha-san’s disheveled on the bed, now just a female slave, losing her dignity as a seasoned adventurer.

「 Jubu ♥♥ Rero ♥♥ 」

「 Puhaa ♥♥ Hey, Gurkha-san, try saying “Pussy” it’ll feel good ♥♥ 」

「 P-Puusy! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Pussy ♥♥ My pussy feels so good ♥♥♥♥ 」

Nee-san just converted another victim to a depraved slut.

If you talk dirty like that, you’re just arousing me further.

And so, I poured the impregnation fluid while overcome with such emotion inside Gurkha-san’s pussy. She’s been so kind to us today…


「 Hiiiiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥ Iii ♥♥ Iii♥♥ Iiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥ 」

Gurkha-san’s body trembles in the climax.

The next time we enter a dungeon, we’re putting on a bikini armor on her and fuck her on every level.

Then, the next morning…

Gurkha-san came out of the inn looking glamorous.

「 Man, the sunrise feels so good! It’s so nice to stay in such a nice inn and get fucked all night look, I got paid for it too! It’s an easy job working for the nobility 」

The female adventurer who just left the inn bathed in the sun, and is ready to say that the lewd party is over.

I was horny at the sight of that carelessness.

「 Huh? What? Why are you pulling my hand? This is an empty hallway you know? 」

I pulled her pants down in the shadows, exposing her round ass, and fucked her Doggystyle.


「 Ohiiiiiiiii ♥♥ Ohoo ♥♥ Ohoooooooo♥♥♥ Nhoohoo♥♥ 」

The class A adventurer toyed around like a meat toilet, and I gave her a creampie outdoors on the street corner.

「 Gurkha-san, you’ve become a convenient woman for me 」

「 Ahii♥♥♥ 」

「 I ejaculated all over your panties and pants, so you’ll have to wear those for the rest of the day 」

「 My crotch is wet all over ♥♥♥♥♥ 」

Then, let’s get back to the story…

「 So, what will you do today? If you’re going to dive into the dungeon again, then I’d be happy to guide you? Even join the battle this time 」

「 No, we plan to go to the governor today. We need to give greetings as a noblewoman 」

Even though she’s degenerated into a lewd slut, Starf-ojousama never forgets her duties as a noblewoman.

「 While at it, we’re going to ask them about the governance of the dungeon towns, so I can learn from them in the future. It’s a valuable opportunity to get input from the field 」

「 Woah, that’s quite earnest for a child of a noble. If all lords were this serious, then the world would be a better place 」

「 Do you have something in mind? 」

「 I’d like to ask you to come if you’re going to the governor’s office, if possible, separate from the greeting 」

Hmm, what does she mean?

Gurkha-san seemed serious about it.

「 I might speak a little harshly, so I don’t want a noble to be present with me. In a sense, it’s a good time to say hello to the Governor’s office. Can someone escort me? Just one will do 」

「 Then, I’ll go with you 」

If we’re taking out one bodyguard, then Mohr-san only has Bloom, so it’s better to take one of us siblings since we’re both Starf-ojousama’s bodyguards.

And when it comes to solo escort, it’s better to have Nee-san stick with Ojou-sama since she can stay with her all the time.

And so, I’m offering myself.

「 It can’t be helped. I’ll lend you Sao-san, please be sure to return with him later, okay? 」

「 Of course, thanks Sao-kun. Let’s go 」

That’s how Gurkha-san took me.

She was really angry.

I mean, the guild receptionist lady in the adventurer’s guild.

「 Are you looking down on adventurers? 」

She speaks at max anger.

「 Uhm, what is it that you don’t like? 」

「 You don’t even get it? What did you come to learn from the dungeons for then? Gurkha, you too. How can an A-rank adventurer supervise them and not teach them the basics? 」

I don’t get what’s going on, but did we do something terrible.

「 Yesterday, you went out exploring but forgot to collect the materials from the monsters you killed 」

「 Huh? Just that? 」

Monsters, their furs, and their bones are excellent materials. Adventurers make a living by collecting them from the dungeon.

Speaking of which, we didn’t even carry a single resource back home.

We killed so many monsters but we left all of them.

「 It’s not something you can brush off! Recovering dungeon materials is a major industry, it’s the reason for living for adventurer guilds! How can we remain silent if you just discarded them all?! 」

The receptionist shouts at me and I feel my balls shrink in fear.

What’s going on here? The receptionist’s threatening aura is so amazing that even ordinary adventurers can’t match her.

It’s the same person who had been our receptionist yesterday, she looked like a woman who lost her youth, and like a mama at a Japanese snack bars

Still, is it that grave of an event?

「 Seriously, this is why I don’t get nobles! You’re just playing around the dungeon! Can you not understand the desperation of the lower class and their work? 」

「 S-Sorry 」

I apologized earnestly.

Now I get why Gurkha-san didn’t want to bring the ladies.

It’s because things are going poorly here.

「 You should keep it at that, Sis. I had no idea that these first-timers would make it to the deepest level either

Gurkha-san explains.

「 I didn’t even take a porter thinking that I should see how things went on the first and second levels. That’s my error of judgment. It’s my responsibility 」

「 Naturally, it’s your job as their supervisor. If you put the blame on the children, then we would’ve kicked you out of the guild 」

「 That was close 」

「 Then, you should teach them what it means to be an adventurer by now. Hiring a porter is the absolute basic

What are they talking about, what’s a porter?

I send a curious gaze, and Gurkha-san, who I already had heart-to-heart sex with last night, immediately figured it out.

「 You see, when you take down a monster or find a treasure in a dungeon, you take it back with you, right? But if you do that, you’ll carry more luggage. The heavier it becomes, the more energy you will use to move around, and most importantly, it’ll get in the way of the battle 」

「 True 」

「 That’s where the porter comes in. Porters specialize in carrying luggage. They don’t fight, but they carry the loot of the dungeon by themselves and bring it back out 」

「 I see, it would be a lot easier to explore the dungeon if there was someone like that. 」

「 Porters are hired through referrals from the guild. It’s for those who don’t have a dedicated porter at their party. I should’ve done that yesterday, but Sis also agreed with my decision and not recommended a porter, right? 」

Gurkha-san points out, and then the receptionist clogged up.

「 I get it already, we were at fault too. Anyway, make sure to get a porter so this won’t happen again. We’ll let this sweep under the rug by hiring porters and having them receive hands-on training on collecting materials in the dungeon

「 Okay 」

「 Then, let’s go get our porter. You can pick the one suited to your taste. Gurkha, you should get them ready to explore while you still can 」

「 Got you 」

Gurkha-san’s grinning as we part.

「 Guild receptionists are often retired adventurers. That one used to be an A-ranked adventurer too. I can’t match her when I was a rookie 」


So that’s why she was trembling earlier?

「 Don’t get careless and make her angry, you know? No touching my butt either. Do you want to be knocked off flying? 」

I left Gurkha-san while she gives off a warning, or maybe a threat.

She’s just like the horrible receptionist.

The receptionist and I cross the guild’s hallway to get to the waiting area for porters.

「 Still, she’s quite the beauty 」

She’s a retired adventurer, so she’s aged, but her luster shows no sign of decline.

Is she wearing a night dress, or is that a standard dress for receptionists?

Her body line is rather clear, and I clearly see her ass flicking as I walk behind her.

「 Are you curious about my ass? 」

「 Huh? 」

Did she notice?

Is she going to kick me off the guild now?

「 If you gaze at it so passionately, it’ll melt you know. I may have been a bit too harsh with you earlier. If so… 」

The receptionist is rolling up her skirt?

I see her underwear?

「 Eeeeh? 」

「 Here’s a token of reconciliation, you can take a good look 」

Purple embroidery panties! A bewitching attire no young girl could wear.

「 I’m not sure if you’d be happy seeing an auntie’s panty, however. If so, just let me know and I’ll cover it 」

「 That’s not the case 」

I lowered my pants and showed off my erect penis

「 Ugyaa! 」

「 I got hard from seeing your panty! I’ll show mine as thanks 」

「 You got carried away boy 」


Did I overshoot it?

「 Normally, I’d kick you in the balls, but now that you show me such a big erect cock, I got a little horny myself ♥♥ 」

The receptionist lady knelt in front of me and brought her beauty close to my glans.

「 Amu~♥♥ 」

「 Ooh?! 」

「 Hamu, jupo! Juppo! Juppo! Juppo ♥♥ Zuzozozozozo♥♥ Rerorerorero ♥♥ 」

What a violent fellatio.

Such an amazing suction force, it’s almost taking my dick out of the root.

「 Jupon ♥♥ How dare you to show me your dick and light up the fire inside this old lady ♥♥ You’re going to take responsibility. ♥♥ Using this dick ♥♥ 」

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for S*x

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, “Sao” has been reborn with his memories from his past life. He’s born as a son of a rural villager, but his true identity is a reincarnated person with cheat abilities and the knowledge of the modern world. With the class “Rod Master,” he received as he grows up, and the many skills that came up with it, he can defeat enemies, help people, and even for s*x.



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